Let's Gather Around the Campfire....

by RemixHero

Metal Mouth: A Maze of Scare

"Ok so my story is called "A Maze of Scare" Metal Mouth said.

"Yeah yeah yeah START ALREADY!" Sweet Spells said.

"Hmph!" he said he threw his red yellow dust into the fire and (You get the idea)


In the small town there lived 6 ponies named Dune, Swift,Wisp, Shatter, Wonder,Diamond. They called themselves "The Double DSW" . They did everything together. But what happens when Life as they know it could change and only 1 can survive? It all started at an abandoned corn maze. Many said that if a big group goes in only one will get out. So of course they go.

"Dude this place is creepy!" Diamond said. She whined when she touched the dirt.

"Yeah but that's what makes this place cool Di." Wisp said. She touched the dirt and just to make her scream she threw some at her.

"OK girl's break it up!" Dune said. He was kinda like the leader of the team.

"So Dune? What's the plan to get in?" Swift asked him. She looked at the locked gate.

"Simply my pegasi friend. You, Shatter and Wonder will fly over and then open the gate!"

"I hate when you use me in your stupid plans!" Shatter said.

"Yeah yeah yeah Fly the sooner we prove this legend to be just a legend the better!" Dune said

"Ugh!" He whined. He was a weak flyer unlike the others. The flew overhead and opened the door. They rushed in then the gate suddenly closed and a sign was visible to them.

"To those who enter be warned do not cheat and you will be fine if you do you will pay the price...."

"Alright so remember your partner!" Dune said as he ran in with diamond.

"Shatter?" Swift said "Let's go!" She ran in while Wonder and Wisp went in another way.

"So these foolish ponies thought they could be in my maze well they've all got another thing coming to them..." A voice said he ran into the maze as well.

It was later nopony had gotten out yet but still the night was young. Then the moon was raised high in the sky.

"Huh? Must be late. Maybe we could fly above to get out or at least to know how to get out." Swift said. She nudged her brother for an answer.

"YES! I WANT TO LEAVE NOW!!!" He screeched.

"Ok. You stay I will fly up." She said. She flew up and saw something strange. "Huh? Wha.. THERE'S NO END!" She Yelled to Shatter.


"Yeah! There is no en..AHH...." Was the last thing she said. Before she could fly down a wire wrapped around her hoof then her wings suddenly she was gone.

"SWIFT?!?!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........." Shatter said. he ran while continuing to yell Ah.

Meanwhile with Wisp and Wonder.

"Why can't we find a way out we are the smartest ones of the group!" Wonder said.

"Don't know Maybe if I use my magic I could get us out of here in no time flat!" Wisp said. Her horn started to glow yellow then they heard a voice.

"NO CHEATING!!!!" It yelled soon the portal out of thier became a black hole and sucked her up. No pony heard the voice.

"AHHHH....." She yelled as the portal sucked her up and closed.

"Only 4 remain how will break the rules next....." It said.

"OH MY GOD!!! AHHHHH....." Wonder ran for his life.

Diamond and Dune were walking around looking for the way out until they heard screaming. "Huh? Is that Shatter and Wonder?" Diamond said.

The two ponies ran right into each other.


"Whoa guy's take a breather? And Wheres Wisp and Swift?" Dune said to them. They stopped screaming and started to cry.

"Swift flew out of them maze to see where the exit is but then these wires came to life and pulled her away!" Shatter said.

"Wisp was making a portal for us to leave then the portal out turned into a black hole and she was sucked in!" Wonder said.

"Oh Dear!" This is bad I...I'm leaving!" Diamond said.

"Umm how we still need to get out." Dune said.

"Umm hello unicorn" She snapped. Her horn started to glow. " I will use magic to find our way out!" She stated.

"DIAMOND NOOOO!!!"Wonder yelled but he was too late the spell was casted.

"NO CHEATING!!!!" The voice said this time the boy's heard it. The spell she used was a pathfinder spell and now the arrows leading out started to swirl around her. When they disappeared she was nothing but a skeleton."3 Down 3 to go...Better be careful boy's HAHAHA!!" The voice laughed. The three boys ran for dear life.

"OK so our sisters are gone we're probably gonna die and OH YEAH WERE GONNA DIE!" Shatter said.

"No if we don't do anything disapproving we can escape with our lives!" Dune said they reached a dead end.

"UGH. We will never get out if we keep reaching dead ends that's it im going through it!" Wonder said.

"NO!" Shatter and Dune shouted but they were too late they heard screaming then nothing all they heard was the laughter of the man stallion.


The two boy's ran.

"Ok I think we can rest nOOOOOWWW!" Dune said. He fell into a deadly pitfall but luckily Shatter saved him but that would be his downfall. He had flown over the walls of the maze and set him down.

"I SAID NO CHEATING YOU PESTY PEGASI! NOW YOU WILL PAY!!!" The stallion screamed. For some reason Shatter was flying once again.Thunder came down from the mysterious clouds that just appeared. And electrocuted him to death.

"NO SHATTER!" Dune yelled he ran as far away as possible then a miracle happened. The exit. "OH YES FREEDOM.....Huh?" Dune said he saw the Stallion. He was just a unicorn farmer!

"Well Well Well Dune Congrats my boy you have beat my maze now you're reward....You will be my new SCAREPONY!!" He yelled.

"NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...................." Was the last thing Dune said. Soon he hung in the Corn Fields as a lifeless bag of sand hanging in a field.

"That's it!" He said. The fire turned normal.

"I like it kept me guessing til the end. 3 out of 5." Remix said.

"Ok So it's a three way tie but that is gonna change!" Sweet Spells said.

"Oh Yeah? BRING IT SWEETS!!" Torch said.

Until tomorrow dear ones.....