Finding Fluttershy

by RemixHero


"This is an absolutely beautiful day here in Ponyville don't you think Opal?" Rarity said as she was walking towards Fluttershy's cottage.the day before was a little crazy, as in Fluttershy being turned into a vampire bat pony and eating all of applejacks crops until the girls found out. "Fluttershy darling? I came over to see if your feeling better after the bat incident last night." Rarity said as she knocked on the door, nopony answered "Fluttershy? Fluttershy are you home?" Rarity said. there was still no reply. "Well maybe she went to see AppleJack so i will go back to Carousel Boutique and finish the dresses i'm making for the girls." Rarity said as she trotted home.

"Well you low down varmints if i knew where Fluttershy when you'll be sorry!" AppleJack said as she chased down some beavers, they made another dam and now the crops that are left are getting soaked

"Whoa AppleJack what happened here?" Twilight said as she flew down from the sky still struggling with flying.

"It's these darn beavers they made another dam and my apples are getting soaked! Applebucking season is coming to a close and with that Vampire fruit bat incident last night i need to work my hooves off now!"AppleJack said. considering how many she had left and that her family is still at the contest.

"Why not get Fluttershy to talk to them?" Twilight said

"I would but no pony has any idea where she in the hay is!" AppleJack said.

"Well I will see if anypony knows where she is and bring her here to talk to the beavers." Twilight said as she flew away.

"Rainbow Dash have you seen Fluttershy?" Rarity said. Rarity need Fluttershy's help to get rid of the squirrels eating her latest designs in the boutique.

" Nope Nopony has seen her all day!" Rainbow Dash Said.

" Well this is horrible and all the animals are running wild so we really need her!" Rarity said.

" So i Guess you girls don't know what happened to Fluttershy either huh?" Twilight said.

" Hey TWILIGHT!!!" Pinkie Pie said as she walked out off SugarCube Corner with frosting on her face.

"Yes Pinkie Pie?" Twilight said looking at her frosting face and rolling her eyes

"I wanted to know if you had seen Fluttershy the Cakes need her because mice are eating all the baked goods! IT'S HORRIBLE! But I saved a cupcake!" Pinkie said

"Where is it?" RainbowDash said chasing a squirrel.

"In my stomach!" Pinkie said as she licked the frosting off her face

" FOCUS! Nopony knows where fluttershy is and her animals are running amuck!" twilight said.

" Well did she go and see the Harmony Tree?" Pinkie asked Twilight.

"why would she go to the Harmony Tree?" Rarity said

"I don't know just a hunch!" Pinkie said with a big smile

"I don't know! Lets go and see if she's there!" Twilight said. "Rainbow, Rarity can you stay here and keep the animals from hurting anypony?"

"Can do!" Rainbow said.

" Absolutely!" Rarity said as Pinkie & Twilight when to see if Fluttershy is by the tree.They ran as quick as they could to the Everfree forest coming across Star Spiders and other dangers as always in the Everfree forest. Until they came upon the beautiful crystal blue tree with the Elements of Harmony in the five trunks and twilights charm in the center of the tree. the two girls looked around.

Nothing the tree was deserted and no pony was anywhere

"UGH! where is she? she not here not at her cottage or well ANYWHERE!" Twilight said.
"Oh ho ho you're looking for Fluttershy too I presume?" A familiar voice said

" Oh no not.... DISCORD?!" Twilight said. with a white flash Discord was in the Harmony Tree."What were you doing in the Harmony Tree Discord?" Twilight asked him.

"Well just hanging out!" he said hanging upside down from the branch that has Fluttershy's Element of Harmony. " but i am mainly looking for Fluttershy we had plans for tea today."

" You have tea with Fluttershy?" Pinkie Pie asked as Discord flashed out of the tree.

"Yes she loves my cucumber sandwiches here try one!"Discord said as he flashes a plate of cucumber sandwiches tossing a one of them into pinkie's mouth

"MMM good what's your secret? Pinkie asked with food still in her mouth.

"Between you and me i add a little oats to give it more flavor." Discord whispered. Pinkie and Discord started to talk about cake until Twilight looked mad.


"Oh right so discord you haven't heard from flutters at all?" Pinkie pie asked him

"No I was going to see if any of you had seen her but then I saw all the animals around and thought you were busy so..." Discord said before Twilight interrupted him

" YOU COULD HAVE HELPED US YOU KNOW!" Twilight said as she got closer to her breaking point.

"Well sorry 'Princess' Twilight!" Discord said with attitude

"Ok i'm sorry Discord it's just last night there was a problem and all of us are really worried about her." Twilight said after she calmed down.

"Problem with Fluttershy what happened?" Discord asked Twilight.

" Well it's a long story." Twilight said. Twilight started to tell the story about Flutterbat and applebucking season.


"...And then I used a spell to change her back to flutter.... HEY ARE YOU SLEEPING?!" Twilight said looking at Discord sleeping on the branch of the Harmony Tree and Pinkie sleeping on the ground mumbling about frosting. Twilight levitated them as they woke up, Discord looking guilty.

"Huh oh umm....... No?" Discord said with a sheepish smile.

"Discord! you wanted to know what part did you fall asleep on?"Twilight said looking annoyed thinking he is doing this on purpose.

" That part about applejack ringing the bell to get you there!" Discord said.

"UGH THAT WAS THE BEGINNING!!" Twilight screamed.

"Well it's not my fault your bad at telling stories!" Discord said. Twilight's mane and tail lit on fire.

"Hang on I got this." Pinkie pie said.

" No allow me to put her out Pinkie." Discord said as a fire extinguisher appeared in his paw, he put her out.

" OK i might as well tell you the whole.." Twilight said with her burned mane and tail until Pinkie interrupted her.

" Vampire fruit bats were eating applejacks crops so she wanted them gone But fluttershy thought they could help her crops so we sang a song and all of us except for Fluttershy agreed to get rid of them so Twilight used a spell to make them not want the apples but it reflects on to Fluttershy because she was pressured into using her stare power to get them to pay attention to Twilight and then there was something else eating her crops so we all go one a stake out and find out that fluttershy was now a bat so applejack sacrificed her prized apple to lure Flutterbat and then Twilight used the spell again to turn her and the bats back to normal and then made a special place for them in the farm the end!" Pinkie Pie said with one breath.

"Pinkie that was .. absolutely right?" Twilight questioned.

"Ok then now I know the story but the question remains wheres fluttershy?" Discord said.