• Published 19th Jul 2014
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Finding Fluttershy - RemixHero

Fluttershy has gone missing and her friends intend to find out what happened!

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"I wish there was something ANYTHING to tell us where Fluttershy is can't you track her or something?"Twilight asked Discord. It was later that day in Sweet Apple Acres and the problem with all the animals has mostly been solved thanks to Discord's magic. The animals eating everything are now home and the beavers are gone but the animals running wild are still at a high. Fluttershy has been missing since 9:30 that morning it's now 4:27 PM and the five ponies and Discord were in the barn.

"I can track magical imbalances not ponies!" Discord said "But if I were a detective I would go to the scene OF THE CRIME!" Discord yelled. he flashed on a trench coat and fedora with a pipe blowing bubbles out.

"Umm Discord you're not smoking are you?!" Rarity asked him with a worried look on her face.

"Hmm oh why I would never this is made out of chocolate." Discord said.He ate his pipe.

"Do you have another one?!" Pinkie pie said as it looks likes she's gonna burst.Discord poofed another chocolate pipe and tossed it to pinkie pie. She ate it with one gulp."MMM that was amaz..HICCUP" pinkie said before she started to hiccup. bubbles came out every time she hiccuped. "COOL! HICCUP HICCUP HICCUP HICCUP!' Pinkie said as she forced hiccups out of herself. Applejack dragged her away while Twilight and Discord continued to talk.

"Well does Zecora know I mean I do know Fluttershy go's there for some herbal teas?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Yeah I guess she does sometimes." Twilight said.

"Well then thats it THE ZEBRA DID IT!"Discord yelled.Twilight hit her head with her hoof.

"So does that mean Fluttershy has been with Zecora all day?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Well if she was why would she spend so much time there?" Applejack said jumping into the conversation.

"I don't know but maybe Zecora knows where she is." Twilight said. "Let's go everypony! Oh and Discord." Twilight said. the 5 ponies and Discord left the barn.

Later at Zecora's Hut

Twilight approached Zecora's door and knocked. they all waited for the reply.

"Is she even home?" Discord said.

"She could be doing something, lets be patient." Twilight said.

"Well I Am done waiting. ZEBRA LET US IN!!" Discord said repeatedly banging on her door she finally answered.

"Who is knocking on my door? Zecora said when opening it. "Oh my it's Discord!" she said in shock.Twilight came behind him. "Ah Twilight sparkle come in come in, how long has it been?" zecora said.

"Hi Zecora, we were wondering if Fluttershy was here."Twilight said. Zecora shook her head no. "Aw well have you seen her we are all very worried about what happened to her."Twilight said.

"Yes or... you're not telling us everything 'Zecora' IF THATS YOUR REAL NAME!" Discord yelled. he was in his detective outfit again with a magnifying glass in his claw.

"Why did I let him come along with us?" Twilight thought

"Zecora is my real name,If i do claim." she said in her rhymes.

"UGH WHY MUST YOU RHYME?! ITS SO ANNOYING!!" Discord yelled pulling off his ears.Zecora chuckled.

"I rhyme with please, to me it's a breeze." Zecora said.

"Well then TRY AND RHYME NOW MISSY!" Discord said. He snapped his claw,nothing happened.

"Ha you spell did nothing to me Discord!" Zecora said. Then she realized what he did. "AHH what did you do to me?! I can't rhyme anymore!" Zecora said in a worried voice.

"You can rhyme again when we get Fluttershy back!" Discord said.Zecora looked mad then she took a deep breath and started to talk again.

"Well i am sorry to say but I have not seen Fluttershy, Not since 4 days ago when she was going to the Harmony tree." Zecora said to Twilight and Friends.

"Wait why was she at the Harmony Tree?" Rainbow Dash jumping into the conversation said.

"Well she told me she wanted some tea for a picnic with discord, she told me they have there picnics there a lot." Zecora said.

"Thats why I was there in the tree, Fluttershy was going to meet me there." Discord said.

"I cannot help you anymore my friends I wish you all the best of luck to finding your friend Fluttershy." Zecora told them all as they left her hut.

The main 5 and Discord were leaving the everfree forest when Angel bunny came by them.

"Oh You what do you want rodent?" Discord said. He and Angel has had a bit of a rivalry since Fluttershy became friends with him. Angel looked worried making a chatter.

"Angel what is it?" Twilight asked him. He made the motion for them to follow him. "Huh ok come on girls!" Twilight said.They entered Fluttershy's Cottage. "Well angel what is it?" She asked him.Angel showed her to fluttershy's room and started to chatter even more. Twilight gave a confused face. Angel slapped his forehead and got on Fluttershy's messy bed."Angel! Get off Fluttershy bed!" Twilight said. Angel stared at Twilight till she finally understood why he was on her bed. she gasped in horror. "She would never leave her bed messy under any conditions! Something horrible must have happened is that what you were trying to tell me?!"she said. Angel shook his head yes.Twilight took angel and ran down stairs to her friends and Discord. "SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAPPENED TO FLUTTERSHY!"Twilight screamed

"Oh dear!" Rarity said she fainted on Fluttershy's couch.

"What do you mean Twilight?"Pinkie Pie said. Twilight told them.

"Well then where in Equestria would she be?" Rarity said.

"I don't know. Angel do you know what happened?" Twilight asked him. He shook his head yes. "I guess asking you wouldn't make sense you can't talk...But I think I have a spell that can!" All the ponies had a confused look. "Come on everypony we need to get to my library to find something! Let's go!" Twilight said she grabbed Angel and ran out of Fluttershy's Cottage. The others followed her to the house.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone sorry for the long wait I couldn't find good dialogue for Zecora so some of her first lines might not rhyme. My plan is to put up a chapter each month or sooner, but with my first year of High school starting that is going to be tuff. so I hope I can atleast get chapter 3 up by September 12th or 13th? maybe I don't know. So if you have any questions please comment below. Oh yeah and thanks for all the positive feedback on chapter one Thank you all so much.

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