• Published 19th Jul 2014
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Finding Fluttershy - RemixHero

Fluttershy has gone missing and her friends intend to find out what happened!

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"Discord I've been meaning to ask how do you know about bat ponies?"Twilight asked him. Discord, Angel, & Twilight were going through a new part of the Everfree forest nopony had ever seen before. It was later night had fallen Fluttershy was still missing.

"Well before it took over Equestria I lived in the Kingdom of the Everfree Forest."

"Everfree Kingdom?"

"Yes There is a kingdom unknown to you ponies far away from the Everfree forest but not too far away from the Harmony Tree."

"Really? Huh. So why did you leave?"

"Well that brings back memories. I was young about two years younger than I am today but still. I Was in the Bat kingdom of everfree with my Old Best friend the Newly crowned king Bloodworth. He was a mean rotten bat pony. Just like his father.

"So Why is he looking for a bride?" Angel asked him.

"Because it's a tradition."

"A tradition?"

"Yes a tradition. Every Bat king must find a Bat queen."

"But Discord didn't you say there are no bat mare's?" Twilight asked him.

"Well there was. Until I came there. "

"What do you mean Discord?"

"Well let's just say Blood said something very offensive to me and I got revenge by turning every mare into a stallion, FOREVER!" Discords said.

"Woah, Drama." Angel smirked.

"Well we're here." Discord said. It was two tree's near each other.

"Discord? Theres nothing there." Twilight stated with a little irritation.

"What are you talking about Twilight? It's a big village!" Angel said.

"What are you both talking about?!" Twilight said.

"Oops I forgot only Everfree beings, animals, & Me can see the kingdom. It's to keep ponies such as yourself from seeing the kingdom." Discord said.

"Well how can I see the kingdom?" Twilight asked him.

"I have an Idea but you have to trust me."

"Ummm Ok?" Twilight said a little scared.

"OK HERE I GOOOOO!!!!!" Discord yelled. He snapped his fingers and just like that Twilight was a stone statue. Angel's mouth was wide open.


"Relax Carrot Breath she's fine the spell takes a few minutes to work." Discord stated. The statue of twilight began to move.

"Ugh my head. Discord what did you do to mEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Twilight screamed looking at her hoofs. They were stone. She also had a dress on. Her horn was missing as well but her wing's were still there. "Discord a few thing's 1. Why am I stone? 2. Where is my horn? 3. Why am I wearing a dress? 4. WHY AM I STONE?!"

"To answer your questions. 1. I turned you stone because there is no bat mares and you would hate being an everfree pony. 2. Stone mare's have wings not horns. 3. Your wearing a dress because like your Canterlot everyone wears clothing of elegance." Discord stated.

"Ok that makes sense. Sorta." Twilight said. She looked at the trees and saw the huge village. "Wow that is a big village and is that the castle?" Twilight asked him then she turned to see him in a strange looking pony form. "Umm Discord why do you look like that?"

"I am a Everfree pony Twilight which reminds me." Discord started to say he transformed one hoof and snapped his claw and a saddle bag appeared. "Angel you need to get in the bag. It's a tradition for a Stone Mare to have a small pet in their bags."

"Umm I hate to bring this up but I'm claustrophobic." Angel stated.

"Get in the bag Carrot Breath!" Discord said.

"Make me Dipcord!"

"Mama's boy!"

"Statute But!"

"Baby Face!"

"Umm ummm DANG IT!" Angel said in defeat. He hopped into Twilight's saddlebag.

"Ok. Let's go and save fluttershy!"Discord said. Discord and Twilight ran into the town. It was somewhat deserted.

"Where are the Bat's?" Twilight asked Discord.

"I don't know usually they are every......WAIT! I Can hear them they're in there!" He pointed his 'hoof' at a small punch place. They walked in to many bat stallions gathered around two of them. Twilight and Discord couldn't see who they were they could only hear them.

"Tell us how you fought of the Ursa major again!" A bat said.

"Well that was quite the story wasn't it my brother?" One of the two stallions said.

"Oh Yeah brother! It was a Big one!" The other one said.

"Wait a second..." Angel whispered.

"Huh? Angel what is it?" Twilight asked him.

"GASP IT'S THEM! tHE TWO THAT TOOK FLUTTERSHY!" Angel said in a hushed but still loud voice.

"What?!" Discord said. He extended his neck to see that it was them. Cloak and Shadow Fangworth. "Yeah it's them alright. I have a plan to get them to get us to Fluttershy. But Twilight you have to do it."


"Because I can't!" Discord said. He whispered into Twilight's ear the plan.

"WHAT?!" Twilight hissed. "You want me to act like..like.."

"Rarity?" Angel said.

"Yeah! Why?" Twilight said.

"Those two are dogs if you act like her and get them outside then we can get them to tell us what happened to Fluttershy!" Discord said.
(I Am So sorry for any Rarity fan if this is offensive in any way I needed a character who can make stallions do whatever she want's and I thought of "The Best Night Ever" During the part when rarity got her neighbors to pull their carriage. Again Sorry if this is offensive!)

"Oh Fine!" Twilight said. Discord ran out of the place to where he and Twilight would meet.

".....And then We came up behind him and threw him down thus defeating the Ursa Major!" Shadow said.

"Ohh Boys...." Twilight said. Coak and Shadow turned their head's to see a beautiful Stone mare in a dark indigo dress.

"Sweet Celestia!" Cloak said.

"Would you please come outside with me I want to ask you big strong bat Stallions to do me a huge favor." Twilight said.

"Of Course my dear, Cloak come!" Shadow said. Cloak, Shadow, & Twilight left the place and went around to the back where discord was. "So Little Mare what is it that you need us to do?"

"Sure I need you...... TO TELL US WHAT HAPPENED TO FLUTTERSHY!" She screamed. The two of them backed away from her.

"Umm Well who's Fluttershy?" Cloak said in a worried voice.It was too obvious that he was lying. The two of them started to sweat then made a run for it but smashed into Discord.

"D..D...Discord?!" Shadow said he backed away from him. "But We thought you were a stone statue!"

"Well I'm not anymore I'm reformed, But THAT DOESN'T MEAN I WILL HURT YOU UNLESS YOU TELL US WHERE SHE IS!!!" He yelled.

"YEAH YOU JERKS!" Angel said coming out of Twilight's bag.

"Wait aren't you that rodent from last night..Yeah you are!" Cloak said.

"TELL US WHERE SHE IS AND MAYBE I WON'T HAVE CELESTIA BANISH YOU TOW TO THE MOON!!" Twilight said. Discord snapped his fingers revealing that she was an Alicorn.

"Oh Celestia she's a princess!"Shadow said. "Fine! We will take you to Fluttershy. Just don't hurt us!"

"Yeah!" Cloak said.

"Good now, Take. Us. To. FLUTTERSHY!!!" Discord yelled.

"ALRIGHT SHEESH!" Shadow said. "But you might want to change her back into the stone pony just so we don't want to draw attention to ourselves."

"Good point" Discord snapped his fingers and Twilight looked the same as she did moments ago. The he snapped them again and turned into an Everfree pony.

"Let's go!" Twilight said.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Also I will try (Not making a promise) To get two chapters out of this story in december BUT I am also writing a christmas love story so that might not happen. I have a few Questions for you guy's that are reading today.

What are You Thankful for?
What is your favorite thing to do today?
What is a tradition you like to do today if you have one.
Post in the comments below!

To answer my own question's it would be
1. I am Thankful for a good home health and a family that loves me.
2. I love relaxing and looking outside while my mom makes dinner.
3. Every year my family get's these adorable mini chocolate turkey's to put on our plate before dinner.

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