• Published 19th Jul 2014
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Finding Fluttershy - RemixHero

Fluttershy has gone missing and her friends intend to find out what happened!

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"Spike! SPIKE! GET UP!" Twilight said rushing into her room. It was around 6:00 p.m. and the girls and Discord have yet to see Fluttershy all day long.

"Ugh what Twilight? What is so important that you had to interrupt my sunset afternoon nap?" Spike said as he came out with bags under his eyes.

"I need the book with the animal translation spell!" Twilight said.

"Huh why do you need that book?" Spike asked as he got out of bed.

"I need it too find out what Angel is saying it might help us find out what happened to Fluttershy!" Twilight said running around trying to find the book.

"That book oh it's over here.Here you go Twilight now can I please get some sleep?" Spike asked rubbing his eyes.

"Yes. Thank you!" Twilight said. She levitated the book with her magic and rushed down stairs. " I have a spell that will make it so Angel will be able to tell us what happen." Twilight said flipping through her books and telling her friends. None of them knew what she was talking about. "Ah ha here it is! Alright Angel are you ready?" Twilight asked him. He shook his head, no pony knows whats going on.. Twilight's horn starts to glow bright pink then get's darker and darker. everypony backs away, except for angel. He stood there with a serious face on.Then the spell hit him. Angel fell on top of some books. Everyone was scared except Discord who was cheering on the inside. Then Angel got up. " Angel? Can you hear me? Say something. "Twilight asked him.

"My head is a little shaken up but other than that i'm fine." Angel said in a clam voice. Everyone stared every Discord was surprised.

"Yes! It worked we can understand Angel now!" Twilight said. "Now Angel do you know what happened to Fluttershy?"she asked him.

"Huh OH YEAH! THE HORROR THE HORROR!"Angel screamed.

"What happened Angel!?" Twilight asked him in a worried tone.

"Here is the short version, FLUTTERSHY WAS KIDNAPPED BY STRANGE BAT LIKE PONIES!!!" Angel screamed. Everyone gasped in horror except for Rarity who fainted to the ground.


"Well you lovely ponies and Discord better get comfortable because it's a long story!"

*** Well it all started late last night when Fluttershy tucked the babies in bed then me and her when upstairs to bed.

"Good night Angel. It's been a big night with everything that happened." Fluttershy yawned. she turned out her light and then got into bed. I always sleep by her all the time. so I fell asleep too. Later that night I heard a noise and I saw that she wasn't in her bed. I got worried and ran around to find her. I did find her she was getting a glass of water, It was after we got back into bed before the really bad things happened.

" You sure this is the right place?" A shadowy figure said. he looked Around the decor of our home. " Cause you know the master will destroy us if we don't find her!"

" Relax my brother this is the place where the bat mare lives, have faith in the king he saw the vision of beauty sucking the juice of an apple! He want's to morph her to be like us so we will have a proper queen!" The other shadowy figure said. I heard them coming up saying those things about our home I got curious so I left my small bed and went out of the room to see what said that. I was scared but brave and saw them talking.***

"Them? Who's them?" Twilight asked him

"Hush! I am telling you what happened!!" Angel spat. "So where was I oh yeah........"

*** I couldn't believe what I was seeing they looked like ponies but the appearance was unlike anything I had ever seen. They had weird wings that kinda resembled...a bat.

" A bat? But they look like ponies!" I whispered

"Huh? Who's there?!" The skinny like shadowy pony said. They heard me. They were definitely not normal. I ran as fast I could to warn Fluttershy but not fast enough. "A rodent? What a pest! Cloak, give me the small bag we brought with us, and hurry this one is wild!" He told the bigger one.

"Ok Shadow! here you go!" The big pony who I think his name was Cloak said. He threw the bag at the one who was holding me who I think his name was Shadow. He threw me in the small bag and tied string around the top I could still see the bag had a hole but it was too small for me to escape from. I was trapped. I was worried what would happen to Fluttershy because I could not warn her. Shadow put me on his belt and luckily the small hole from what I can see from was facing forward. They got closer to Fluttershy's room. When they went In I screamed as loud as I could.

"FLUTTERSHY RUN, LEAVE GET OUT!!" I screamed she woke up startled but too late she saw the two and was getting ready to fly until Cloak stepped on her tail making her ruin her bed.

" ANGEL!! WHO...WHO ARE YOU TWO?!" She screamed

"The two bat's sent to get our future Queen!" Cloak said to her. She was frozen with fear. It looked like she wanted to scream but she just stood their petrified with fear. Then it happened Cloak threw a big bag over her and Shadow threw me across the room when I hit the hard floor I blacked out. When I woke up I was still in the bag. The birds found me and freed me then I saw girl's and Discord walking out of the Everfree Forest.***

"That's everything I know, Twilight. Do you have any idea about these creatures?" Angel asked her.

"No I'm sorry Angel." Twilight hung her head as did most of her friends. Then someone broke the silence.

"I know who they were."

Everyone turned their heads to see that Discord was the one who broke the silence.

"What? Discord wha.. what do you mean?" Twilight asked him.

"Their names are Cloak & Shadow Fangworth." Discord said. Everyone was shocked especially Twilight." They are like ponies as of their appearance but it's their wings that give it away."

"What are you talking about?" Twilight asked him.

"The ponies that took Fluttershy.... were bat ponies. I know who they are because I know the king. His name was Bloodworth. He has been looking for a bride for as long as I had known him. But in their kingdom there are no Bat mares only stallions. He must of had spies looking for anything and saw bat Fluttershy. Luckily for you I know where the hidden kingdom is!" Discord said.

"Well what are we waiting for invites let's get Fluttershy back!" Angel said.

"One problem bunny, I can only take two with me." Discord said. "If everyone went then it could risk Fluttershy's life."

"Well I am going!" Angel said.

"I guess I will go too Discord!" Twilight said.

"Ok then let's go!" Discord said.

"Girl's make sure the town is safe we will be back with Fluttershy!" Twilight said as she, Discord, and Angel left.

"All good? Great... Now LET'S GET FLUTTERSHY BACK!!"Angel yelled.

Author's Note:

Ok the last chapter I screwed up with alot of spelling errors! so here its the new chapter! I will try and not be this late anymore but school just started so not making a promise! Any questions? Comment below or send me a private message! Enjoy!

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