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I get that this is a fetish fic and that the hypnosis isn't going to be very in depth or realistic, but that guard looked at the watch for like two seconds before going completely under. If it's that easy then I think society would have collapsed the moment they discovered shiny metals.

I really liked this story, and I hope to see it continued sometime soon.

Sounds interesting. Let's see where this is going.

Diapers, hmmm. Not my normal fare, but anything is good with some hypnosis triggers!
This a follow from me. Interested in seeing where this'll go.

:facehoof: Why is it that hypnosis and Diapers seem to always get put together in the same setting or story?

ohhhhhh Cadence you're so bad.. We never realized.:heart:

Because magic doing heavy lifting?

...I'd say always is quite a stretch, actually. I mean, the intersection of the two on here is actually quite narrow.

*puts index fingers and thumbs together* Continue

You are quickly becoming my favorite writer around here.


There's some overlap with mind control and the regression aspect of ABDL stuff. But that's normal, lots of fetishes overlap each-other.


Yes hypnosis does seen a little bit strange
Being a world of: living, technicolor, magic, flying, talking, intelligent ponies
And: gryphons, minotaurs, dragons, AAAAND, living crystals that are a sub species of afore mentioned talking ponies

It's still a good story
Have a :moustache:

Yay, an update! :pinkiehappy:

Will read and update in a bit. :twilightsmile:

Edit: And it was great!

Okay, Im laughing really hard here :). This is just rich!! lol

I kinda feel bad for shining

Not any more though

Good as always


Cadence you fuckin' bitch. This is why mares should stay in the kitchen, am I right guys?:rainbowlaugh: jk

4716642 ignoring/more likely forgetting the fact that the concept and practice of money/monetary exchange existed long before shiny metals were used for it....

4716636 hehe i was going to make a comment similar to that , i found that scene rather funny , if only the changelings knew of this secret to immediately incapacitate ponies without resistance equestria would be a very different society lol.....

Aren't you that over-complaining jerk that fussed over minor details on my story and then whined endlessly and didn't even try to find out that the same technology in my story also existed in the show?
Yeeah. Don't talk to me about details.

Cadance well be in big trouble with other princess when they find out. lol

4730484 well.... the rate of stallions and mares are about 1/10, it makes sense of what you said.......

4732663 You understand jk means joking right? As in don't take what I'm saying seriously. Get back in the kitchen is a meme. I do memes.

Why am i enjoying this? :pinkiecrazy:
On another note, how long until the reveal and storm?

What I learned from this is that the Princess of Love becomes an autocrat through unusual means.

I can see it already. Months later all communication is lost to Crystal Empire. The worried princess Celestia sends the Elements of Harmony to investige, and behold, the Season 5 villain. Cadence and her foalified army of crystal diaper ponies.

Huh, this could be bad, for the crystal Ponies.
Turned into Candace's play things. :trollestia:
Not bad thanks for the diversion

Decadence strikes again!

I forsee Ponies finding out that something's terribly wrong.

The FUCK did I just read *shoots self in the head*

Comment posted by Freewing Alchemist P deleted Jul 26th, 2014

ugh that fucking bitch....

4757445 I couldn't have put it better myself.

Its over already?? Really? I was kinda hoping for more. :(

Even the parts which are not to everyone's taste, like the hypnosis stuff, are written in quite an intelligent and sometimes really funny way, making it thoroughly entertaining to read. And the rest is very sensual and potent. Good story, nice work.

I hope hypnosis will seep into Shining Armor's consciousness... There have to be severe consequences to playing with one's mind. :pinkiecrazy:

I want to see more chapters. I like the reverse foalplay I found this story very funny. I saw you requested ideas for future chapters how about turning shining armor into a female and female foal with a new name to boot. I think that would be funny. just an idea I look forward to your later chapters:twilightsmile:

Why is it that just about every single hypnosis story out there gos right for the *character using hypnosis immediately loses all morals and turns into a self-serving, hedonistic villain * every bucking time!?

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Funniest Mature Story I've Ever Read

Best diaper fic i've read yet! :derpytongue2:

Will there be a chance you will be writing a sequel to this? Cause I would like to see what comes next

Huh I assume chapter 3 will have this ferish material you oleoresins if cause this chapter is teen compared to other stuff

השומרים הרכינו את ראשם בנאמנות לפני שעזבו בשורה עורפית.

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Comment posted by Luneth spark deleted Oct 27th, 2014

Hackney hmm? They've had some recent flares on my radar...

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