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Pinkie is secretly a master thief. After coercing the keys to a hypercar from a drunken man at a club she proceeds to drive off with his car, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse. She meets a new friend along the way of her adventures who she can truly relate to.

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The only problem I have with this story is that it was not a Super Sport.


Grand vitesse is a convertible super sport :raritywink:

I'm talking about the world record edition with the orange at the bottom.
I love that one!


Me too, but the vitesse is more elite. Only around 100 were made, they have the same quad turbo as the SS and the same intercooler,

Literally the only difference is that the Vitesse is newer and has a convertible hard top

But yes I do love the black and orange one, the one in the story is that same scheme, just red instead of orange.

Oooo, red would look great too!:pinkiehappy:

Is this just tagged as sex for the masteurbatory levels of car description porn? Not that there would be anything wrong with that. :pinkiehappy:

Oh shit Pinkie, you stole a Veyron, and you're worried about SPEED?!


lol it was for the thigh rubbing. required by an admin :raritywink:

but yes it could be applied to that as well.


She didn't know what it was, the update will help show this :raritywink::raritywink::raritywink:

but ya, she has nothing to worry about

At least she can outrun practically everything on the road. :pinkiehappy:


except for the Hennessey Venom

but I doubt she'll see one of those :rainbowlaugh:

Why I said practically :trollestia:

Dude, this is badass. Love it.:heart:


Thank you. Update today hopefully :pinkiehappy:

I feel like Chop Shop when ever I here the name Bugatti, I'm like,
"Yes!! I love the Bugatti Veyron... but...i cant ever get one...:pinkiesad2::fluttercry::raritycry:


Careful. Pinkie might actually try to just drive it sideways.


That would most certainly be the day. :pinkiesmile:

Hmmm... go on...
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Oh, and :pinkiecrazy:



I honestly considered actually killing him because pinkie is in Pikamena mode.

But as the description would imply, the kid is important :raritywink:

Glad to finally get guns in the story though, was just itching for Pinkie to be holding that damn .600 Nitro Express Magnum: http://www.vincelewis.net/60magnum.html

Damn thing is the craziest gun ever made!

Oh god I know! I want one!
I also like the .700 nitro express rifle. Cra...zy!

4118847 A simple two word description suffices for both of these weapons:

Elephant Gun


Barrett M82A1

perfect for any ultra long range sniping

hahaha nope.

Nice chapter as always. I'm just wondering why they're preparing for what looks like a goddamn war.


You'll see. :raritywink:

Although the Barrett is an anti-materiel rifle it still is very accurate and would be good for sniping no?

I think you are living through your writing in this story, what with all the fucking awsome cars and guns in it.
Funny thing is, one of my friends has almost all of those guns... and a tank...:pinkiecrazy:

4123059 wow :rainbowlaugh:

Not necessarily although I would enjoy owning most of those guns and I do own some of them.

Next chapter will explain the armed-to-the-teeth x100 mentality :raritywink:

It's a short recoil operated firearm, kinda like a pistol. The barrel moves the with the assembly. By design, it can only be so accurate.

Wikipedia, ahoy!


I actually did go to wikipedia, it said the effective range was 1.1 miles for the M82A1 and 3 miles for the M82A2

The M82A3 was pretty much the same thing as the M82A1 just extra railing and slight weight reductions.

I suppose if Pinkie really needs high accuracy she can always just build an AR sniper right?

I can't wate for the next chapter!


Soon eough, although I have to update A Taste for Pink first because I've put two chapters on this in the past day and none on that. :twilightoops:

I was going to start reading that one too.:twilightblush::twilightsmile:


Cool. Then you'll enjoy an update most likely tonight :raritywink:

It should be noted that that story takes place on the same timeline and setting as this one.

Well at 1.1 mile, you can still hit a car with the thing, which is its primary purpose. The M82 is pretty accurate for what it is but will (almost) always be beaten in that department by gas-operated designs, which in turn are always beaten by state-of-the-art bolt action rifles.

That said, your typical engagement range for a marksman is only between 600 meters and 900 meters. Anything over this is unrealistic if you're not dealing with a super-duper trained SEAL/Spetsnaz/Para/GIGN sniper. What takes the most time over these distances is finding a suitable firing location, and accuracy is mainly up to the shooter, not the gun.

But hey, this is a work of fiction, no need to go full realism!


Thanks for the help!

I wasn't planning on her sniping just people and especially not from that far off


She will use it for anti vehicle type things, and for taking out some people in a bunker at least

At most she'll take out an entire camp from a vantage point about 50m above them and 600m out.

Glory be to the Murder Cube!

4123345 fellow /k/omrade?

I made a group for the murder cube, you should join :raritywink:

4082156 my problem is it is not a koenigsegg agera r that thing can go 290 mph. :rainbowderp:


prove it. It's not in the records.:ajsmug:

Hell the hennesy hasn't even proven that they can go faster yet, Bugatti still holds the trophy.

Holy Shit! It's a Mosin!



It's the most overstocked gun in the world! You can get one with a strap, scope, and 150 bullets for around $150 xd

Moist Nuggets are le best. :raritywink:

4232278 Ugh you just said moist nuggets not Mosin Nagant.

4232293 mhmm.

Go talk to some /k/ommandos

they love their moist nuggets :raritywink::raritywink:


in case I was unclear and in case you are unaware the Mosin Nagant has a nick name of Moist Nugget on /k/ :twilightsmile: Not to say I browse there a ton but I do enough to know the trends :raritywink:

4232310 that has got to be the weirdest nickname for a really famous weapon.


ya, /k/ loves/hates the Mosin Nagant so there are plenty of threads about it.

They refer to the ammo for the mosin as 'nugget chow' :rainbowlaugh: It's really quite hilarious spending any amount of time on /k/

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