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New fic on the way · 1:48pm Apr 14th, 2014

Hey guys! In case anyone was wondering, I didn't abandon FimFic (again ;) ) I've actually been working on a sooper secret BDSM fic for the past few weeks, and soliciting help for said fic from a few very helpful people.

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Lost now Found completed · 7:04pm Mar 21st, 2014

I swore up and down I would get it to 15,000 words. Sadly, that didn't happen.

I ended it where I thought it should end though, and would love feedback on it.

As for a sequel, not right now. Soon maybe, but not right now. That is, if there is a sequel at all.

Thanks to all of my readers that left comments and followed the story. It's been a good run, and I appreciate all the help.

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Character Self Awareness · 3:01am Mar 13th, 2014

Not certain if this is just me or if this happens to everyone but I thought I'd make a note of it before my new story is approved.

My new story, A Taste for Pink, was supposed to be a straight fic about Pinkie, maybe have her settle down or something.

Well, she threw me a total curve ball when an incident happened at the end of a chapter. I swear to god I didn't do it, Pinkie did.

So ya, my characters are self aware and do what they want. Anyone else have this issue?

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Exciting News · 9:15pm Mar 9th, 2014

Big things going on in life right now one of them being me reconnecting with an old friend.

I haven't seen him in months but I've been hearing about and seeing his trail of work while he's been gone.

This friend of mine is in the business of making movies. He's not Hollywood or anything, but he's been doing it for a while and is going to college right now to become a director.

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The Literary Value Group · 2:26am Mar 4th, 2014

I started a group. If you're into extremely well written fanfics, check it out.

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Help Me Get Featured! · 10:12pm Mar 3rd, 2014

Hello to all of my loyal and awesome followers! I'm finally back and writing again! I noticed something though....while I was gone, I received a total of 2 more views on my story.

This was a bit discouraging and depressing and I'd love to get more views.

If you don't mind, it would be incredibly amazing if you guys featured me on your pages or promoted my work through blog posts!

Help me get a non-clop story in the featured box!

Thanks in advance-

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