Pinkie Steals a Bugatti

by redoran77


Leaves were pulled off Twilight's tree by the suction created from a red-black object that zipped by. It decelerated quickly to distinguish itself as a car only long enough to make a hard left turn onto a road that headed out of town.
Pinkie was smiling from ear to ear as she slammed the gas again, sinking into the seat as the incredible acceleration took over. She slapped a paddle, and shifted the car into third gear. She was traveling at 165 miles an hour down a straight stretch of road that brought her out of town. As she went by, lights in houses came on and people walked out to see if jets were flying overhead.
She giggled helplessly as she shifted even higher, heading out into countryside where the turns were wide and banked. The speedometer read 215 as she pushed the car even harder, turning the wheel lightly as she went around her first curve. Everything outside the windows was a complete blur as she hurtled past at speeds the road had never seen before. The speedometer touched 240 and Pinkie melted in her seat from the adrenaline. She was having trouble keeping up with the car's pure and undeniable speed as she pushed past another curve, riding on the outer edge of the embankment.
She gripped the steering wheel and looked ambitiously at the straight road in front of her. She had always hit the cars max speed by the time she had reached this road, but obviously this one was different. It had the acceleration to have been at it's top speed ages ago, but Pinkie hadn't pushed it there yet for fear of running off the road or somehow miraculously gaining lift and flinging herself into orbit. She laid the gas pedal on the floor and the speedometer immediately began to climb rapidly.
"245...250...255......", the acceleration had stopped. She looked quizzically at the speedometer. She could feel the engine behind her itching to go faster, the car dying to reach it's full potential. Pinkie looked back at the road and realized she was mere feet away from the next turn already. Doing her best not to panic she lightly drew the wheel over as she entered the turn, her giddiness somewhat depleted at the letdown of the car. It was travelling at incredible speeds, but she knew it could do much, much more. It left her wondering why an ubercar like this had a limiter set so low compared to the engine's power.
The dash made a noise and she looked down as she pulled the car into another straightaway, accelerating back to 255 mph. The gas light was on and the tank was showing only about 1/16 left.
"What great gas mileage!" she said sarcastically as she pulled into a station only 30 miles outside of Ponyville. The car decelerated quickly, jerking her forward as she slowed down. She pulled it over to a pump and got out of the car. She looked around to ensure there were no police following her out of town, but, as she suspected, she was the only one on the road at this time of night.
"He's probably still looking around for me back at the club." Pinkie smirked as she pulled the nozzle out of the pump and put it in the tank's opening. She resumed her normal eccentricity as she filled the car, skipping around and balancing on a parking space line as if it were a balance beam. She heard a noise from near the car, so she headed back over to it, assuming it was done pumping. As she approached the car, she heard another noise, this one being the pump itself actually finishing. She stopped in her tracks, and listened intently.
Another sound like scuffling sounded from in front of the car, and she saw a figure appear moving toward her quickly. The station was dimly lit, so it was impossible for her to make out the person moving towards her, but she assumed they weren't interested in making friends.
Pinkie slid a concealed combat knife from it's sheath in her boot. She wore the boots and knife at all times, itching for an excuse to cut someone up. The figure came within grappling distance as she pulled the knife out. She threw it in the air, dodging a hit from the assailant. She pulled her body behind the person, catching her knife and bringing it's butt onto the person's head forcefully. They fell to their knees, stunned by the blow and Pinkie brought the knife to their throat and taking hold of their left arm and forcing it behind them.
She couldn't bring herself to kill the person, besides, that would leave her with a bloody mess to clean up and not enough time to do it. She brought her knife back behind them and hit them in the base of their skull, knocking them unconscious. She drug them to the Bugatti and headed to the gas station.
A random teenager was on duty behind the counter, playing with a handheld device. Pinkie threw him a happy grin as she entered and retrieved duct tape and zip ties from their respective isles. After her rather suspicious purchase, she left the kid a hundred dollar bill, instructing him that she had never entered the station that night.
She walked out to the car where the unconscious person was laying. As she tied them up and put duct tape over their mouth, she identified them as a teenage boy. He looked about 16 and too clean to be a street rat. She shoved him in the passenger seat and put a seat belt on him before shutting the door and sliding over the hood to the drivers side.
She got in, started the car, and peeled out of the parking lot, the tires complaining as she drifted back onto the street. The car's LED headlights lit the path before her as the horizon turned pink and the sun began to show it's face to her left.
She slammed the gas, accelerating to an easier to drive at 165 as she headed for the shop.


Leaves and trash blew around the parking lot as Pinkie drove in. A garage door opened at the site of the car and a man appeared from within, guiding Pinkie as she drove the car onto a hydraulic lift. She got out of the car and headed to the passenger side, where her still unconscious assailant was sitting.
It was early morning, around 7 am. The sun had risen just a few centimeters over the horizon, and it shone through the windows, casting curtains of gold through the dust clouds that flitted here and there. Pinkie dragged her prisoner to a back room, where she duct taped him to a chair for safe keeping. She came back out to find the man who guided her in admiring the piece of work she had brought to him.
"Damn Pinkie!" he said as he looked up at her. "Do you realize what this is?" his eyes were wide and he had a very serious look on his face. "I mean seriously, do you realize what you stole?!?" he asked at her pointing to the vehicle. His slightly protruding gut jiggled a little as he walked from the car toward her.
"Spit it out Chop" Pinkie said irritably. Chop Shop chuckled a bit, causing his gut to dance in a circle.
"This is a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse!", he said excitedly. "This car sells for $3.5 million new!", his excitement dulled a bit as he said this, his mind seemingly hitting a sudden realization. "There were only 150 made..." his look had turned to that of a let-down child, and he sat down in a chair near by as he said this. Pinkie reeled, nearly fainting at hearing this.

She had stolen a one-of-a-kind, an unstealable that could be tracked to the gates of hell. The car couldn't be sold or parted, it was just a federal sentence waiting to happen.