Pinkie Steals a Bugatti

by redoran77


Pinkie breathed deeply to calm herself, she sat in shock of the sudden realization. All of the cars she had stolen before were mass produced, easy-to-replace pieces of machinery. This, on the other hand, this was a Mona Lisa, a David, a Starry Night. It was a unique multi-million dollar piece of art. She looked over at the red and black Bugatti sitting in its eminence on the base of the hydraulic lift. A thud sounded from the room behind her, and she turned around to see the boy had woken up and panicked, knocking the chair over in the process.
"I need a bit to think about this" Pinkie said to Chop Shop. Her normal demeanor had vanished again, but this time it wasn't a guise.
The boy made some noises from behind the duct tape on his mouth and began to writhe instinctively against his bonds. Pinkie looked at him smirking at how pitiful he was. She walked over to him and tore the tape off his face violently, trying to exude an air of dominance. She knelt down beside him while he was on the floor and grabbed his mouth. She pulled his face towards hers and scrunched it into an angry look.
"So what exactly were you doing around my car last night?" she asked in a no nonsense tone. She was fairly certain he was just a simple thief looking for a quick buck but she couldn't be certain.
"Sounds to me like that isn't your car", the kid's stupidity was unmatched. Pinkie slugged him in the face hard enough to roll the chair over onto its back. She drew her knife and brought it to the boy's throat, sitting on top of his chest as she did. He seethed in pain as his nose began to bleed, rolling his head back and forth as the shockwave seared through his cheek.
"Dumbass. What were you doing?", Pinkie was beginning to take the stress of the situation and use it to her advantage.
"Same thing you were, looking for a free ride!", he said between winces and gritted teeth. Pinkie noted how much of a baby he was about the pain, knowing she could make use of it. Her suspicion confirmed, she got off of him and smiled broadly as she took off his blindfold.
"Great! No hard feelings", she said as she turned to leave the confused boy. She shouted back at him as she left the doorway to head after Chop Shop, "If you're lying I'll gut you!" She said it in such a happy tone that she couldn't possibly be making it up.
Pinkie found Chop Shop admiring the car, lightly running his hands over the frame as he walked from front to back.
"It really is a beautiful car...", he said wistfully, "if only....", he had a grim expression at this, knowing just how bad it was that the car sat in his garage. Pinkie watched him while she thought. There were no buts about it, the situation was bad and the metaphorical shit would hit the fan fairly soon. There was absolutely no fencing the car, and it couldn't be chopped either. Hiding it would be difficult, for little to no reward as well. There was really no way to climb out of the shit hole she had dug.
Pinkie could feel one of her mood swings coming on and she began to feel panicky. She walked back to sit down in the doorway of where her prisoner was being held. She sat and tried to calm herself unsuccessfully and began to cry. She was hyperventilating slightly as a voice came from the floor.
"Having trouble dealing with a catch that big?", Pinkie turned to look at him.

He smiled at her smugly as he spoke.

"I think I can help you with that."