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The Grand Galloping Gala. The place everypony wanted to be, but so few outside of Canterlot ever went. But, every year the Elements of Harmony are personally invited by Twilight's mentor, Princess Celestia, to come and enjoy themselves. This, is where we find them going. Who knows what could happen?

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It's a never before seen pairing and I don't hate it. Your Fluttershy characterization is pretty good.

This is a very uncommon pairing, yes, but hey - I can [strike]love[/strike] like this!
(At least, better than PinkieDash ... xD)
So. Cute. :raritywink:

Thankies! Fluttershy is actually my top character, so I was hoping I'd be able to get her down to a T. :yay:
Fleur de Lis is also in my top three (Princess Luna and Fluttershy pass her) and I never saw anybody ever give Fleur any love/mane characterization so I figured I'd give it a go. Glad to see people like this shipping :rainbowkiss:.

Thankies :scootangel:.
Also, PinkieDash isn't THAT bad... it's just overused like AppleDash. I think it's because of the whole Rainbow-is-a-lesbian stereotype. People need more TwiLestia/FlutterLuna/RariShy.

I'm coining this shipping Flutter de Lis.

People need more Flutter de Lis.

I'm going to write another chapter if this gets enough praise, and if that one gets enough I'll actually extend it from my original two-chapter idea and make it longer -- people need to see the cuteness in this pairing.

Oh, no, I simply dislike PinkieDash - don't see how it's realistic (that's just me though, I have to have a solid foundation for my preferred ships ... generally ^^;) but I think it's more to do with how Flutterdash is pretty much one of my OTPs.
However, I like any well-written shipping fic, of course.

And I think this'll be interesting!
Flutterlis gooo~! :twilightsmile:


Personally PinkieDash isn't in my top, either. It's too similar with little backstory.
My favorites are..

Flutter de Lis

As you see they all involve Fluttershy as she is best pony.
And hopefully I won't bomb this story like I did my last one. :scootangel:

Sweet and so relaxing... Hopefully, that just means all the more trouble to come! :rainbowlaugh: Keep it up, can't wait to see how the date goes!

Cute! Although, I'm surprised Fleur is making such generalizations before they've even ordered food. I feel like I missed a beat in the story. :rainbowhuh:


I just tried to tie Chapter One and Three together; Fluttershy was acting extremely nervous and overall unresponsive without coursing(?) when she first met her, and after all. First impressions often last the longest.

I see... It's just not as realistic on an actual date, IMO. Especially a unicorn as seasoned as Fleur would know better than to reveal all her opinions right at the start of a date. It's better to hint at how things are going as the date goes along, But I guess she could be trying to put Fluttershy at ease.


Yeah, this is actually my first time trying Fleur (no excuses though) so I wasn't completely sure where to take it, since they have completely different lifestyles and personalities as well as occupations. :derpyderp2: Hopefully it isn't too jarring of the story, though. :unsuresweetie:


Nahh. You might just study some confident, pretty girls and see how they act, because Fleur certainly seems the type to know when she's got control of a situation, as well as a pony; And it's quite obvious that she's got Fluttershy under her thumb.

Just throwing this out there, a mare like Fleur constantly has ponies telling her how beautiful, graceful, and downright pretty she is, and probably is over the flattery. While flattery will will win you points, to be special to her means you have to see past all that, otherwise you're just another drooling fan who sees her pretty face and pretty flank and doesn't care to see anything else. That's the only reason I think this ship could work, because Fluttershy is not a shallow pony.

As fleur put it Fluttershy is adorable. Now I read chapter two :fluttershyouch::rainbowwild::raritystarry:

Wow you'll do a great job of showing the ponies character and personality. That's totally what they'd order! :fluttershyouch::twilightsheepish:

Your writing ability is nothing short of very good, even great. A fourth chapter must be written! :flutterrage:


Haha, thank yah. I'm debating on doing the fourth (and possibly last!) chapter soon. Perhaps tonight. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Fluttershy_lolface.png

That comment is 37 weeks old.

You've gone past trolling.

You've reached torture.


Yeah... I don't know what happened, but I've drifted away from the site and writing in general ever since I tried writing that chapter. :ajsleepy: Sorry guys. Maybe someday? :unsuresweetie:

2196285 It's perfectly fine, mate. I can completely understand how the urge to do something can fade over time. If you ever feel like you can come back, then do so then. We'll wait for you, no matter how long. That's what true friends do, after all. :pinkiesmile:


Thanks, just logged in for the first time in a while due to picking up reading again as a hobby. Whenever I get a break from daily life I'm thinking of reviewing what I have so far and picking it back up, but I don't know when that'll be. Feel like I lost my touch. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Fluttershy.png

2508180 It's all right, mate. Many of my projects lay unfinished in the dregs of my Google Drive.

My only complaint is the lack of description of Fluer's dancing. That aside this is a very good and very cute opening chapter.

One glaring error: Fluttershy ordered apple juice, but she receives hot chocolate.

It is a very good story I have no doubt the other chapters will be very good too

I'm enjoying it so far friend, you should definitely keep on writing. I can see the bright (or dark whatever you prefer) talent in you. :rainbowkiss:

This left me wanting more which is quite rare for me, thank you for the good read. Perhaps we will see more eventually, you're very talented, friend. :heart:

mmaybemaking fluer could ask Fluttershy what she does and about her life and things, then maybe a jealous stallion fancy pants or some other stallion because fluer is a top notch pony in canterlot. Then maybe If your story still got the elements of harmony. Maybe a villian shows up and Fluttershy possibly a Herd of possessest envious stallions and envious mares that are envious of fluer becayse she attracts most the stallions, with the mane pony with some sort of power thing and Fluttershy has to protect Fluer. Or maybe a rampaging animal and Fluttershy has to be assertive and use the stare on it and impresses fluer, or Goes for a walk and shows fluer how she is with animals. But seeing its a bad situation. Someone might interupt their date like a rampaging animal. Or paparazzi for fluer, a drunk pony? Or some being rude about Fluttershy being too 'common' to be there? And Fluttershy can either be assertive or becomes really small in herself when the rude pony goes away. Maybe Fleur apologises and Flutters says there is no reason for Fleur to apologise and Fleurs offers them to go and find a place that Flutters feels comfortable in and they go to a place with animals upon flutters request to go to on and flutter shows her animal element with Fleur not trying to show of at first since shes not that kind of pony and finds some open happiness with the animals forgetting she was on a date witj Fleur even forgets about Fleur all together until Fleur comments how amazing it was and goes on. They're the only ideas that i can come up with. ^~^°

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