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Finally Realizing - xXLadyErica99Xx

Rarity finally realizes that she has the same feelings for Spike... But it's too late...

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Chapter 5: Aware Of Both Hurt & Love

As soon as the two unicorns walked into the kitchen to talk to each other, Spike assisted Sweetie Belle with the books she needed for her project. After providing the little filly with a book he quickly got from the third highest shelf titled, “Recycling: 101”, Spike let Sweetie Belle sit down while he looks for more.

“So, Sweets… How’s life treating ya?” Spike casually asks as Sweetie opens the book to a random page and tilts her head in confusion.

“Eh, it’s not that bad. I’m getting average marks that I think mom and dad are happy with. I don’t think Rarity will approve, though.” She replied, giggling at the end.

“Hehe, I suppose she’s looking for more from you because she knows how much potential you have, Sweetie.” Spike told the white filly who was still flipping through the pages. He comes down from the ladder with a stack of a few books.

“Thanks, Spike. You have lots of potential, too!” Sweetie complimented, trying to levitate the majority of the books Spike was holding but was clearly having trouble. Spike noticed this, quick to keep the books to himself until he puts them down on a table.

“Ah, I think I’m good, Sweets. I got this! I’m a big boy now!” Spike joked, laughing with the filly and sitting beside her.

“Sorry, I just wanted to show you how far I've gone in my lessons from Twilight.” Sweetie Belle explained, levitating one of the books from the pile into her hands and opening to a random page.

“Well, with enough practice, you’d be able to levitate the majority of these books like Twi during Re-shelving Day.” Spike told her with confidence and smiled.

“Gee, I hope so! I’d like to show Twilight how much I’m improving!” Sweetie Belle giggled, swaying her legs back and forth.

“It’s awesome that you believe in yourself so much, Sweets… Wish I could do that.” Spike said, flipping through one of the books from the pile.

“Well, you already do that. Don’t you still believe that Rarity will have the same feelings for you as you do for her? I mean, you still love her, right?” Sweetie Belle reminded Spike of his current situation. He stiffens up, lowering his head.

“Yeah… Yeah, I still do…” Spike said quietly, letting out a soft sigh.

“What’s wrong? Did I say something I wasn't supposed to?” Sweetie asked worryingly.

Spike shook his head, subsiding what he said that day and continued to talk to Sweetie Belle. “Hey, how’s Rare by the way? Is she doing alright, I haven’t got the chance to see her in a while.”

“Oh, I don’t think she’s alright at all… I've caught her acting strange at times, mostly being sad. Like, really sad, crying and talking to herself negatively. And I think that’s a huge problem. I-I’m worried about her, Spike.” Sweetie suddenly became quiet and seemed to be sad herself.

“H-hey, Sweets... “ Spike tried to get her attention and made her look at him. “We’ll find out what’s bothering her. Don’t worry, okay?”

Sweetie nodded and managed a small smile. She then flipped through the pages of another book and put the previous one back into the pile, actually reading some of the paragraphs. Spike, on the other hand, was losing his mind. He looked calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside, he was screaming. He wanted to break down and cry, ask himself how he could let something like that happen just because he was tired of all the nicknames and telling him he was cute in a little kid way. But he couldn't now, Sweetie was with him, as well as the two girls still in the kitchen. Most importantly, Rarity was here. She wouldn't want to see him like that, even though she’s had the dose of that herself at the boutique.

“Damn, how could I let this happen?” Spike mumbled, thankful for not catching Sweetie’s attention. She seemed too into the book that Spike interrupted her and asked if she wanted to take that out.

“Yeah, it seems like the perfect book for my project! I didn't know they recycled rainbows.” Sweetie said excitedly, making Spike tilt his head at the information randomly thrown at him.

“Alright, I’ll put the rest away, then.” Spike told Sweetie Belle, earning a nod and starts to grab the books and climb up the ladder. After doing so, he climbs down and the two unicorns finally came out from the kitchen.

“Did you and Rarity have a good talk in the kitchen, Twi? You took awfully long.” Spike asked, dusting himself off. He suddenly became nervous, seeing Rarity here again made it really awkward and dejecting.

After saying goodbye to Rarity and Sweetie Belle, Twilight asked the most confusing request Spike has ever heard from her. Inviting Clarity over might be the worst mistake he might have said yes to.

Outside of Carousel Boutique, Rarity was trying to find her keys, using her horn as a light. Sweetie Belle was behind her, waiting for her sister to get the right one while hugging the book to her chest.

“Hey, sis, you got it yet?” She impatiently asked, hearing a grunt from her sister.

“What do you think, Sweetie Belle?” Rarity asked sarcastically.

“Uhhh… no.” Sweetie answered, looking away from her big sister’s gaze.

Rarity sighs and after another try, she got the right key and opened the door to a dark living room. Deciding to light a few candles instead of turning on the lights, she took off her heels and left them beside the legs of the couch before crashing onto the couch. Sweetie Belle looked at her sister confusingly, wondering what got her so tired.

“Are you okay, Rarity?” She asked, sitting beside Rarity who wasn't sitting in a lady like position at all.

“Of course, yes…” Rarity said so simply and flatly that Sweetie was worried that someone took over her real big sister.

“You sure? Because the big sister I know would have ranted about why she isn't sitting in a proper position and being fatigued.” Sweetie explained, putting the book on the coffee table.

“I-I’m not in the mood, Sweetie Belle.” Rarity said, closing her eyes in frustration and massaging her temples.

Sweetie decided to change the subject and tell her big sister the conversation she had with Spike earlier in the library. “So, Rarity… I uh, told Spike that you've been very sad lately.”

“Mhm…” Rarity already knew that Spike knew she was sad, so that didn't really worry her.

“He told me that he still hopes that you’d return his feelings for him and that he lo-” Sweetie Belle was cut off by Rarity, covering her mouth.

“W-what did you say?!” Rarity was suddenly staring Sweetie in the eyes with her own, wide open and alert.

“Heh pihll lufs ou.” Sweetie managed to say, before Rarity realizes that she couldn't understand anything her little sister was saying and removed her hand.

“Say that again, please.” Rarity asked quickly.

“He still loves you, Rarity.” Sweetie told her. Almost immediately, Rarity had tears in her eyes and was covering her mouth to prevent her from letting out unladylike sounds while crying, but couldn't and you could hear squeals, sniffling, whimpering. She was blubbering, almost sobbing, but she was completely aware they were tears of joy. Rarity hugged Sweetie Belle tightly for a long time, trying to thank her for the information she gave her.

“Rarity, are you okay?” Sweetie Belle asked, earning a nod from the still wailing unicorn, her make-up running.

“Oh, S-Sweetie Belle! I-I love yo-you sooooo muuuuuuucchhhh!” Rarity blubbered out, obviously happy. Sweetie Belle smiled softly, closing her eyes and let her big sis hug her little sis for as long as she wanted. They stayed like that for hours, with Rarity still shedding as much tears of joy she could that night and Sweetie Belle finally making her big sister very, very happy.

Author's Note:

Edit: I fixed a few issues Spite? Yeah, Spite saw, as well as the ones I saw. I also might be adding things to this, the chapter was just a general... Topic, I supposed you could say, I'll add on as soon as I have time again. :twilightsmile:
Also, can people tell me what they seem so confused about? I can see in the comments that this wasn't my best chapter, but I wanna know why... Maybe tell me what to add to make the story make sense to ya? :applejackunsure:

Hai, hai! :twilightsmile:

Finally got this chapter up! Did it in a couple hours, in the middle of the night... :derpytongue2:

Basically, it started with Sweetie Belle and Spike having their conversation while Rare and Twi were having theirs in the kitchen, so it was a different perspective. Uhhh, and I thought that was a good opportunity to end this sadness our two lovebirds have and have a little fun with the comedy that says in the genre thingy. :twilightblush:

Anywhodles! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! :raritywink: If not, then please tell me what I need to improve or what I did wrong, as far as grammatical issues. :twilightsmile: (In the story and not in this AN. :applejackunsure:)

~Erica :heart:

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