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Finally Realizing - xXLadyErica99Xx

Rarity finally realizes that she has the same feelings for Spike... But it's too late...

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Chapter 4: A New Day, A New Excuse

Beems of sunlight shone through the window, lighting up the queen sized bed inside the bedroom. In the bed was Rarity, sleeping soundly with her eye mask still covering her eyes. She snores quietly as she turns from her position, making her uncomfortable and causing her to slowly sit up. She gives out a long sigh and stretches her arms up, letting out a slight moan.

"So much to do," she mumbles to herself, lifting up her eye mask and accepting the sunlight. Rarity then lifted the covers and made her way to the washroom, getting ready for the day. Levitating two of her multiple makeup boxes, she opens one to reveal a variety of colourful eyeshadow. Opening the other one, there were little slots for make up brushes and eyeliner and such. She goes for her usual, everyday makeup, light blue eyeshadow and eyeliner. Rarity added a cat eye effect today, just for fun, while levitating a mascara brush to her eyelashes. Then, simultaneously, she puffs a hint of blush and left her lips a natural rose colour. Taking a last look of herself in the mirror, she smiles and puts away the makeup boxes, then going downstairs.

Rarity begins to prepare breakfast, hearing footsteps upstairs, and soon on the stairs. She takes a moment to look over her shoulder to see her little sister rubbing her eyes, still looking sleepy.

"Good morning, Sweetie," Rarity greeted, earning a soft smile from her.

"Morning, sis," she replies and takes in a deep breath. "What's for breakfast?"

"Well, since you're here, I decided to make us your favourite breakfast," Rarity said, flipping a few pancakes in the pan while levitating two plates and chocolate syrup to the dining table. A wide smile crept into Sweetie's lips, suddenly looking as awake as ever.

"No... You don't mean," Sweetie was broken off with steaming stacks of chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on the top appearing on her plate. She looks up, seeing Rarity put on a sweet smile, handing her the chocolate syrup.

"Now, not too much syrup, darling... We don't want you too energized for the day," Rarity said, putting the remaining pancakes on her plate and only a small amount of whipped cream. The two siblings ate their breakfast in silence for a short while before Sweetie spoke up with a full mouth.

"So, Wawity... I fought we were fuppofed to call mom anf dad firft fing in fah mowing?" Sweetie reminded, causing Rarity to roll her eyes.

"Please, Sweetie Belle, don't talk with your mouth full," Rarity said, taking a small portion from her pancake and popping it into her mouth, chewing ever so elegantly. Sweetie swallowed and apologized, before munching more.

"To answer your question, darling... I highly doubt you wanted to start the weekend without breakfast. After eating, surely we'll call mother and father to tell them about what you did, I suppose they would already know you left because it's," Rarity paused to take a look at the clock. "Quarter to nine, and they're usually awake at exactly nine, if my instincts are correct and they haven't changed even after I moved out."

"I guess so..." Sweetie said, eating more of the pancakes, being down to her last one after being served three.

Rarity finished first, followed by Sweetie taking her last piece before pushing her plate to the middle of the table. Rarity levitated the plates and utensils to the sink and filled it up with water and suds, letting them soak in there for a while. The sisters went into the living room, Sweetie taking a seat on the couch and Rarity grabbing the phone then sitting beside her little sister.

"Can I talk to them, Rarity?" Sweetie Belle asked as Rarity nodded, dialing the number and handing Sweetie the phone. Sweetie smiles as she hears someone pick up the phone on the other end.

"Yep... I know, I know... No, she's here, she was in her room... Yeah, I have all of my suitcases. No, I didn't forget any, and it's only for the weekend, mom..." Rarity hears loud laughter through the phone, surprised the Sweetie Belle didn't even flinch.

Rarity couldn't help but think about what was happening in her life. How could he? No... How could she... She was the one that took way too long to return back his feelings, now he's over her and she couldn't handle the fact. Why was I oblivious to all of the things he was doing for me? Rarity thought, cursing in her head about how she could be such an idiot. Then there was that day, where she just broke and couldn't handle it. She remembers it more than she wanted to. Her heart pounding when she took the seductive approach, her head practically spinning when she told her those three words. The pain she felt when he told her off, that pain that she still feels until now... What in Equestria can I do to prove that I actually and seriously love him? Rarity thought, but her thoughts were broken off by something poking her arm. She looks to see Sweetie Belle poking her with the source of the phone.

"Eeyup, she's right here beside me." Sweetie said, handing Rarity the phone. She puts it up to her ear and hears her father over the other side.

"Rarity, sweetheart! Why didn't you call us sooner, hun'? You could have called us last night, ya know?" He said, chuckling.

"I'm sorry, father... I was a bit occupied before I knew Sweetie Belle was here." Rarity said, looking at her sister.

"Occupied, huh? You mean that occupied?" He asks, chuckling over the phone, another voice telling him to stop humiliating his daughter. Rarity blushed at what her father said, knowing that there were a lot of possibilities as to what he was referring. He knew way too much, since he was the only one she could talk to during the weekends when she was a teen, her mother being too busy with work to look after her.

"F-father, please! N-no, I was not any of that occupied." Rarity closed her eyes and sighed. "No, I was... I was w-working."

"No you weren't," Sweetie butted in, grabbing a red throw pillow and resting it on her crossed legs, hugging it. "I saw you crying in your room, with the jewel Spike gave to you on his birthday."

Rarity silently cursed, she really thought that she was quick enough to hide both her feelings and tears. Apparently, Sweetie Belle stood in the doorway a bit longer before speaking. "N-no, no! I wasn't crying, Sweetie Belle, what in Equestria are you talking about?" Rarity stuttered before looking to Sweetie Belle and drawing an invisible zigzagging line across her neck with her free hand. Sweetie lowered her muzzle into the throw pillow, squeaking.

"Now, father, I apologize... Like I said, I was a bit occupied with work before I knew she walked into my boutique. I didn't hear her walk in, despite the bell hovering on top of my door." Rarity said, narrowing her eyebrows on how she couldn't hear the bell.

"Alright, alright, I believe ya. Well, other than that, is she alright? Is she sick or anything, because last night was cold!" Magnum asked, Sweetie agreeing with him with a nod. Apparently it was loud enough for Sweetie to hear.

"You know what, why don't you ask Sweetie Belle? I'm sure she has more answers..." Rarity said as politely as she could and handed the phone to her sister. Rarity told Sweetie Belle that they were going to take a visit to the library soon, and went up to her room to change.

After waking up just a few minutes earlier, Spike was already sweeping the floor in the kitchen. Twilight was still in her room upstairs, Spike guessing that she was reading that new book she got from the Princess. When he reached the fridge, the doorbell rang and Spike heard Twilight screaming at him to get it because she was too busy.

Spike sighed and dropped the broom and dustpan on the floor carefully before going to the door and opening it to reveal someone he wasn't expecting to see.

"Rarity? What are you doing here?" He asked, as he sees Sweetie Belle just beside her, smiling nervously. He wondered why she seemed nervous, but let both of them in anyway. What's Rarity planning? He thought before offering them a drink. Rarity seemed surprised about something, but he shook it off a got her water and Sweetie Belle some orange juice.

"Uhh, what's up?" Spike said, leaning on the nearest wall, accidentally having eye contact with Rarity as a force of being nice and habit, making her blush and look away. He looked away as well as soon as he realized what he was doing. Don't like her anymore, don't like her anymore... Spike kept saying to himself. He lowered his head in sadness as his head filled with the hurtful memories of that day.

"Um, we were just wondering if we could borrow a book for Sweetie Belle's project for school? Miss Cheerilee wants the crusaders to make a poster for the class about..." She looks to Sweetie and asks her what it was about, as if it was planned. "Recycling."

Spike raised his head up. "Yeah, of course you can. I'll just ask Twilight where the books about it are." He zooms upstairs, not even startling the reading unicorn. "Twilight!"

"What is it now, Spike?" Twilight said with no feeling and without looking up from her book.

"R-Rarity is here! Along with Sweetie Belle, but Rarity's here!" Spike panicked, but suddenly a small slap from a magic source snapped him out of it.

"Calm down, Spike... You won't get to impress her--" Twilight stopped, remembering his issue. "Nevermind, just, stay calm. I'll talk to her, you go help Sweetie Belle." They both walked downstairs to the living room, seeing the two unicorns whispering to each other.

"Twilight!" Rarity greeted, standing up and giving her a hug.

"Hey, Rare. Uh, can I talk to you for a minute, in the kitchen?" Twilight asked, already making her way there.

"Of course," Rarity said, then looked back at Sweetie Belle, "Sweetie, help Spike find those recycling books." The two unicorns entered the kitchen, taking a seat on the dining table. Twilight spoke first.

"Rarity, I am fully aware of what Spike and you are dealing with," Rarity nodded as Twilight continues. "I'm sorry for what he said, I don't even know what happened in full detail but that's for you two to only know. I just..."

"What has he been saying about me, Twilight?" Rarity asked, cutting off Twilight. She narrowed her eyebrows, looking for one that didn't involve him being an ass and/or crying a river. Suddenly, she thought of one, but that wasn't something to tell Rarity.

"Well?" Rarity was waiting, tapping her violet manicured fingers on the table.

"Uh," It was now or never, she'll find out anyway. "Spike has been hanging out with this other mare named Clarity who is basically a spitting image of you!" Twilight blurted out, shutting her eyes tightly for Rarity's reaction.

"I see, have you seen this 'Clarity' you speak of?" Rarity asked, not even showing any pain from what Twilight just said.

"N-no, she hasn't been over yet." Twilight cleared her throat. "I wouldn't let her in anyway."

"Why's that?" Rarity asked curiously, making Twilight wonder if Rarity really did have feelings for the teenage dragon she keeps in the library.

"Well, because... You do love Spike, don't you?!" Twilight finally asked, Rarity was taken aback, putting a hand on her chest.

"Why, of course I do!" Rarity protested. "What makes you think I don't?"

"Well, the way you're acting at the moment. I was sorta expecting a bit of jealousy when I said that Clarity was hanging out with Spike, you know?" Twilight explained.

"It's because of Spikey being in the other room and I don't want to burst out crying here... Back at the boutique, perhaps." Rarity said honestly, looking at the push in door that seperated the kitchen and the main room.

"Right, right... But, still... Just a tad bit of jealousy? I mean, you're getting way to good at hiding you're feelings, Rarity." Twilight reminded her, exaggerating a few words for Rarity to understand.

"Yes, well..." Rarity cleared her throat, hinting that she wanted this talk to be over before things get out of hand. Suddenly, as if on cue, Sweetie Belle took a peak inside the kitchen.

"Uhh, Spike and I found a few books we could borrow, sis." She said, causing the unicorns to stand up and make their way to the door.

"Some other time, Twilight... Here's the jealousy part: try and find this Clarity and tell me what Spikey and her have been doing. Is that better?" Rarity smiled sarcastically at Twilight who threw back the same smile and nodded.

Inside the main room, Spike was descending the wooden ladder after putting a few books back into the shelves.

"Did you and Rarity have a good talk in the kitchen, Twi? You took awfully long." Spike asked, dusting himself off.

"Yeah, yeah... We did, um..." Twilight took a look at the clock, reading that it was almost nine. "Rarity, you and Sweetie Belle should go home, it's getting late."

"You're right, Twilight." Rarity said, levitating the books Sweetie seemed to have trouble holding and made their way towards the door. She looked over her shoulder, giving a quick wink to Twilight before saying farewell. "We'll return these books as soon as Sweetie's done with her project!" With that, she closed the door.

Twilight looked to Spike who was looking back at her. "Did she just wink at you?"

"No, I think it was for you." Spike corrected, blushing.

"Hey, Spike."


"You should invite Clarity for dinner tomorrow..."

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