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Green Hills

The name's Green Hills (AKA VDH95), and welcome to my account~


For over a week, the east coast of Equestria has been haunted by something lurking in the waters. There have been reports by merchant ships, coastal cities and towns, even pirates, that there is a beast hiding under the waves. Those who have witness the dark beast, say it appears when Luna's moon is high, then disappears beneath the waves when Celestia's sun rises with complete silence.

When Twilight Sparkle and her friends are tasked by Princess Celestia to search for the monster, and hopefully, ask it to leave, they will soon find out that the beast hiding in the shadows is not what they expected, nor is it a beast at all.

*Rated for some violence and some language
*My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro Studios & Lauren Faust
*"The Ghost of the Coast" is a nickname for Los Angeles-class USS Asheville (SSN-758)

(November 13, 2014) Made it to the popular box!! Amazing!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 97 )

I guess you could say this is a.... Shipfic.


I regret nothing.

Submarine fic? Yes!

* reads first chapter*
Yes! Another fic I have been waiting for for so long.

On the 1-5 anthro scale, how anthro are they?

1 being pony and 5 being human

5267230 Alright, so almost like EQG? just without hooves instead of feet?

They have hooves and hands (four fingers).

5267254 Normalish faces or do they have muzzle things

They have muzzles, horns, wings, the perky ears, and tails.

5266345 Motherfucker, you better hope we don't see you on this part of the internet again, or there will be trouble. Like the fun, it may even be doubled. If that happens, you'll be up shit creek without a paddle.

While I usually HATE anthro stories, this might be the exception.

So what kind of submarine do you guys think it is? I hope it is a Typhoon-Class Submarine.:twilightsmile:


5268550 it's just the picture. We won't know for sure until the author reveals it.


Look at the title screen and point your curser over the black line, then read.

There are some strange spaces here. Some paragraphs have a line between and some don't.

No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy is a story I've been meaning to read for a while. A story like this from the same author might mean I should get to it faster.

USS Houston (CA-30) was nicknamed the "Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast"

5267367 Talk about getting your beauty sleep... :duck:


It seems were knee deep in water aren't we? Anybody? no okay.....

are we turning the comments into a pun section?

Comment posted by Opfor deleted Nov 15th, 2014


You like my submarine? It's long, hard, and full of seamen.


Why did I take the time to make this?

Well damn, why didn't I see this till now?

5273591 hey were not out of the water just yet.........

I regret nothing......

I sense great promise in this story...


My comment section is now turning into a pun contest :facehoof:


Yeah, this boat ain't gonna float.

I am so sorry. :pinkiecrazy:

You get a medal.

Man, I am simply DROWNING in puns.

fumbling his four-fingered hands over the helm

guess ponies now have four fingered hands instead of hooves:rainbowwild:

sersly tho fix dat:ajbemused:

(edit: sorry didnt see anthro tag)

I wonder what nation the Sub belongs to.
Or if it has nuclear tipped missiles.

I was expecting it to be an Ekranoplan, a Soviet Ground Effect Vehicle that was known as the Caspian Sea Monster.


Hope to see the next chapter soon!

I like Aegis interaction with RD and AJ.

Yaaaaaayyyyy the story is back!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Surprise anthro

Doesn't matter, I'm glad this is back. Not enough sub stories around here.

Considering the spoiler in the description and the name of the story, the sub is a US Navy Submarine (Nuclear). That's what SSN stands for in Navy terminology IIRC.

I hope the Navy Submarine does a Emergency Blow. if don't know what is a Emergency Blow.


5281737 You're complaining of reponies in your comments' section because you wrote a horsefic about a show that was built on the bleached white puns of long-dead ponies beaten into the ground...?:facehoof:

Quit horsing around :pinkiecrazy:

God, I wish it was just the Mane 6. These OCs are getting annoying. Why were Aegis and Applejack fighting? There was nothing leading up to that moment. It just came out of nowhere and did nothing but bring the pace to a halt.

And why did Rainbow Dash get so angry near the end? Honestly, there were several points in this chapter that just felt really OOC.

Is it a Boomer ( Ballistic Missile Sub) or an Attacker ( Attack Class )?

“Oh, don’t be so shy, White Flag,”

Must be Prench and surrenders easy.

5267302 why write them as anthro though? Is it important they be anthro for the story?


early morning of September 25 just off of Manehattan.

Aren't these two different cities? Why terror in Fillydelphia if the sub appeared in Manehattan?

I think it is supposed to be the USS Asheville which is a fast attack sub.

So, I just finished the chapter and then I see an advertisement. It says "Salti bracelet for boat lovers"
What does it mean!!??:pinkiegasp:

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