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Like 2nd-person sensual and cute fun? Well, there's about five or six other authors you should probably go to first. If you've read all their works, however, then I'm your go-to guy. Also, watersports

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*also reads description*


Fuck it's got my waifu, though. And by timebomb.

Alright, boner. Brace yourself, were going in.

If it helps any, the second part of this story (which is currently in the works) will not contain any watersports. It'll be vanilla sensual sex stuff, the kind you'd read in one of Crowley's fics. I'm not totally depraved. :twilightblush:

328733 I'll read it, and I never said all clop is bad. The clop isn't what gave me the No reaction. It's the piss. Sorry if that's not really my kind of thing, but I'll give the story the benifit of the doubt.

i clicked this while writing the desc for a twilight fanfic



Yep, as expected. Strange fetish (but tame on the scale of strange fetishes), but this was great. I love how Vinyl always ends up being some sagely pony and the dj/party-filly

I've enjoyed all of your work so far, keep up the good job.

Also, this deserves some Vinylception.

"Clop scene to come"

:trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

I see what u did thar


Not my fetish and a bit weird, but I can't say it wasn't written pretty well. Good job, I'm sure those who are into that kind of thing will enjoy it.

NOt really sure what to say here, but I liked the writing. Tracking this one. I look forward to more

This fic made me feel sexy:trollestia:

That is a rather strange fetish and you dedicated a chapter to it? ah well. still tracking.

whoa. Whoa. WHOA WHOA WHOA!
I suppose this is some wierd-ass fetish I'll never understand.

I'm going to leave now.

I'll admit this is one of my fetishes, and you wrote it beautifully. Very well done, tracking for sure. :rainbowwild:

328731 "Alright, boner. Brace yourself, we're going in" This is, by far, the best comment I have ever read :rainbowlaugh:

Get to right after she starts to piss, read the sentence "like what you see?"
... nope, exit story.

Sorry, im just really not into the whole peeing thing. Didnt think it would be the main bullet point of the story.

*reads description*
Awwww yeah, watersports. :pinkiehappy:

A soft laugh from Vinyl brings your head to a stop. “I knew it,” she declares with a grin, “You like seeing a mare going to the bathroom, don’t you?”

No. No I do not :ajbemused:

Good writing as usual but it's not really my thing. Then again, I've seen worse, my troll friend who I converted to brony status has forwarded me some really disturbing stuff from some clopfic site because he's an asshole :applecry:

I have no objections about trying something new, even if this is really WEIRD!
...but yeah. Not used to this.

Weird, but I have high hopes for the next chapter
Technically spot on, just something that I don't particularly enjoy (to put it mildly)

Obligatory "are you taking the piss"
Plus woo water-sports.

330296 Be thankful to god there's no need for "are you shitting me" pun.


*reads nick of the poster*


365760 Lol,just my username? I would think that my profile picture would elicit a no more so than the username.


Trying to, but college keeps getting in the way. I'm off class for Good Friday, though, so I'll see if I can wrap it up by Easter weekend.

Great, another terrible clopfic... [Sigh]

*Grabs my wabbajack and my ancient nord helmet*



Now that's some seriously hot stuff.:moustache:

Only thing that seems a bit odd is that the protagonist would dislike the smell of urine if he's into it.
Or is Vinyl Scratch supposed to suffer from some weird disease (or diet) that makes her pee smell bad?

It's possible to have a urine kink and not like the smell, just as it's possible to like wetting desperation without enjoying the actual urine. Or you could just go with Vinyl's particular brand being that odorous. Either way works.

Anyways, Part 2 will be done by the end of this week, barring any more distractions.

>It's possible to have a urine kink and not like the smell
Is this based on personal experience?
'Cause I'm into it, and it seems odd to me.


So, where's chapter 2? Post it pls!

But I do have a urine fetish.
I had it long before I found your fic.

Aw, man, now I DO have a watersports fet--no, wait, I already had one. :ajsleepy:

What more could I want.. :pinkiehappy:

No but seriously, I HUngER FOR MOOOOOAAAAAAR :rainbowwild:

I liked Vinyl Scratch before this, but NOW I AM A HOPELESS ADDICT.

How does her pee story end? What was she really thinking when she took her shades off? Why is she so awesome?

I have to knoooooooooooooooooow :pinkiegasp:

A honest pony told me this
That is the reaction of this fic and let it stay that way.

You can thank HighLevelTeen for bringing me here:pinkiesmile:
On another note, this is pure fuckin Hot-Sauce!:raritywink:
Hope to see more like this in the future:twilightsmile:

:eeyup: Eeyup.
VS is best background pony.
And clopfics are awesome, I approve.

Yay watersports. Somehow less gross than scat, probably because liquid is easier to clean up. Anywho, this was good and it fed my love for Vinyl and fetishes. And if I was in his situation, I probably woulda done a a little hoof worship, just for honesty and TMI's sake. :derpytongue2:

I'm gonna have to agree with Agarwaen. Not my fetish, but I'll read it because my waifu is in it.

Love it!
This can be considered as the best clop I ever read.

You used the 2nd person very well, and I simply can't get enough of how you describe all the emotions.
I also really liked how you added some kind of condom-spell.
I dont quite understand whats so exiting about urine, but we all have some fetishes, i guess.

Make sure to keep feeding the mouthwatering crowd of Bronies with these great stories!

>white-coated mares tend to significantly out-pee their brethren


Otherwise, this was very well written, despite the theme. I think a thumbs-up is in order. :yay:

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