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dear lord..what the fuck did I just read...I don't even know man...not going to dislike but really?

WHAT THE BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:rainbowderp: Huh... What the hell is with Rainbow Dash and urine fetishes!? This is the second I've seen so far... and that one was just as strange.


Sorry if you find the cover image weird, it was HLT's idea as I could find nothing =P


What do you mean by this exactly?

Some of you will be like...


I am not one of them.

God, the things I get used to thanks to this fandom...:facehoof:

i'm not sure what to say this... this is the first urine fetish thing i have ever read so... yeah well written and all but i just don't get what the buck i just read

The cover image is gold...

But I don't think I want to read any word of this fanfic... :twilightoops:

479023 Well it is a porn flic, sure you can make waterspots that make a lot more sense and takes a bigger story.
But I had no problems with this, it was lighthearted and cute, in its own way.

I wouldn't mind seeing a long winded emotional struggle around a watersports thing though,

Im going to go and try to get my inocencc back through a bottle of whisky. I feel violated and virtualy raped after reasding this.

why I decided to click to read the story in the first place.... I will never know.

I don't really get why they just peed at each other but decided not to have sex. They seemed pretty horny, but then they just seperated. I don't know...

I mean, I'm just about mild on this foreplay kink in the first place, not too much my thing... but it's a foreplay kink.

Also, the whole "I like piss" -> "Let's piss" -> "The end" thing is really on the medicore side, writing wise.

I won't downvote this, but I'll back away slowly...



Hey thanks!

479375 lol best pic ever.

(Even though I noticed 3 typos :derpyderp1: ,) I like it very much, and gave it a thumbs up vote. :yay:

(GRW, let me know if you want me to tell you what the typos I noticed are.)

479375 love that picture!

This was so stupidly funny.

I've read a few pony watersports fics, but this is the first one I've seen with actual drinking, so that alone warrants a favorite. It was a pretty good little story, although I thought it was a little silly how Rainbow's urine seemed to be candy and honey flavored. =P


It had not said that her urine tasted like honey, but it was supposed to say rainbow flavored candy actually. :pinkiehappy:

Hope you guys liked this one because now I am working on a new one.

Sorry about that, I went back and checked and honey was only used as a euphemism. Still, I can only imagine how much more popular this fetish would be if urine tasted like candy. Does that mean they all taste different? Like Rainbow's tastes like Skittles, Pinkie's tastes like cotton candy, Applejack's tastes like apples, etc., or is Rainbow Dash the only one special enough to get candy-flavored urine? I know I'm putting entirely too much thought into this, I'm just having fun imagining it.

Looking forward to the new fic, by the way!


It read a little rough in spots, but overall a very cute idea. I'm sure this kind of thing isn't for everyone, but kudos for writing it. I found it rather enjoyable. Oh and interesting touch having Rainbow Dash pee while in the air. :rainbowlaugh: It's interesting to discover that there is an audience for this type of clopfic. Hmmm I just may have to leave my comfort zone and write one of my own. :moustache:



Thanks, can't wait to see what you creat for that story. :twilightsmile:

Haha this was awesome, dude, kudos. :pinkiehappy:


Hey thanks :yay:

I...i dont even know


Very nice story, i loved it! I find it difficult to find even decently written watersport fanfics, but this was great!
Keep up the work


what the fuck did i just read :facehoof:

but it was a a good story i give it that :pinkiehappy:



I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. *Sighs* Sorry for the thumbs down. I'd normally just give it a 'neutral' thumbs, but I already clicked on the thumbs-up/thumbs-down thing when faving it to read later.

It's not a bad story. Just has a VERY specific fanbase.

This is good.
I'm not really a fetish kind of guy, nor am i a clopper, but i love the kind of clopfics.
And it's not a clopfic either, kinda a light ship/clopfic.
Anyhow, it's awesome.
Keep writing.:derpytongue2:

478837 Its a watersports story, what do you think you read? Not for you? Dont read it.

I never understand all of those "What did I just read" or "What the buck" comments. This is a watersports story, so expect piss play! If your not into it, then dont be downvoting the story just because it involves a specific fetish. Jeez... :trixieshiftright:

:twilightoops::rainbowhuh::applejackunsure: What the Fuck I just read....:twilightblush:

Comment posted by MIKEANTHONY321 deleted Mar 10th, 2013

And yet, at the same time...

Nice! :yay:

Don't let the other children discourage you this is sooo aweessssome:rainbowkiss:
You need to write more I've already exhausted all the pee clop on this site and...
:pinkiecrazy:NEED MOAR NOW:rainbowwild:

This is the first FIM I've ever read and as such, I have NO PROBLEM with the subject matter. There were typos but the entire story is written with such cute dialogue and channeling into their unique personalities. As my bio states, I am completely new to pony fiction. But I am no stranger to watersports. This story was written in good taste, considering the naivete of Fluttershy. Perhaps Rainbow Dash's motive in rushing Fluttershy was that her friend might indeed forget to pee before leaving home, although the inclusion of beverages may have hastened urination.


continue it! it is a great story! :rainbowwild::fluttershyouch::twilightblush::twilightblush:

This story is so good man I have to put this a thumbs up:rainbowlaugh:


Great job. My favorite part was Rainbow Dash peeing from the air.

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