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Ghost Cobbraaa

hi, Im simple =D

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Oh no... I'm so fucking sorry! I got banned from my netbook and I was gone for three years and this happened? I... I'm literally sobbing at the moment. I missed him so much. *moment of silence and crying*
I'll miss you Ghost Cobbraaa... I've always :heart:ed you... I still do. You will be very dearly missed...

*respectful moment of silence*

For those who may find themselves tempted to ask for more stories or updates, I regret to inform you that Ghost Cobbra has passed away from severe heart failure. I do not know the specific time it occured but it was today, Sunday, June 10th, 2012 before 3PM -7GMT. He was a close, personal friend of mine that I sadly barely had the time to truly get to know, but what I do know, is that he was a strong, upstanding man who's life was cut too short.

is it too late now? :twilightoops: sorry, di I see that you posted that 5 hours ago. Ill go on and see if Ican find your name.

and I liked your name :pinkiesmile:

Its me, Doctress_Whooves,Everyonehated my nick, so I changed it. Meet me on the chat today. I'll be Marceline on there.

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