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A short story:
Leaving home means leaving all your memories, your tangible possessions, and all the love and hate behind. Time has come for Twilight to do just this. She is scared of the world and all that lays ahead, but she has one special somepony to comfort her as she leaves the world she knew behind.

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This story, while short, really tugged at my heart strings. Do you need a proofreader? I spotted quite a few typos :twilightsmile:

Well... I'm not much of a fan of oneshots (even more so when this short), but I've seen worse even though this story felt a little pointless to me, anyway congratz for ur twiluna ship :P

:unsuresweetie: Not bad.

I have one thatnkyou :twilightsheepish:

thankyou =) and your avatar pic is marvolus
thankyou :twilightblush:

Awesome~! :rainbowkiss:
Think you can write a future fic about the war and such? You got me interested in how the story would play out and I really would like to see how you viewed the war ( if you thought about it), also kind of wondering how Twlight and Luna's relationship started. So yeah~ Great story and hope to see more TwiLuna fics from you.

thankyou for liking it :twilightblush:
Well, im not going to expand on this fic in particular. It was more of a one-shot thing. But I'm working on other stories right now. I have a few ideas for some twiluna fictions that I will publish soon. :scootangel:

damn...there should really be some more backstory explanation to this, but it was still pretty good. seems a bit...unfinished but I can deal with that

thats sort of my 'short story' style. I make both long and short stories and in my short stories I usualy have it in the state where things are unexplained and left up to the reader. Im making a long story called 'show me the flowers' with an indirect ship between luna and twilight if your interested.

This is nothing short of brilliant. ROBCakeran53's My Little Dashie pales in comparison to this short, witty story. :raritystarry:

What... :rainbowderp:

thank you. thats... one hell of a complement!
Im a little speechless right now,
but uhm, thank you.

A like and favorite from me!

it sounds as though they lost celestia in the war as well. I don't see her mentioned in this story. is canterlot destroyed as well? it sounds like they're leaving a dying community. I hope they find happiness in this new adventure.

5712124 they ARE leaving a dying community they are leaving a ponyville devoid of the ponies that made it exciting and full of life

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