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A short story:
Leaving home means leaving all your memories, your tangible possessions, and all the love and hate behind. Time has come for Twilight to do just this. She is scared of the world and all that lays ahead, but she has one special somepony to comfort her as she leaves the world she knew behind.

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A short story.
An abstract and poetic look at Fluttershy's loneliness, and how she dreams of one pony in particular.

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It started out as a simple assignment from the top of the mafia--remix this classical song. But when bullets start flying left and right in an all out mob war, Vinyl finds herself caught in the middle of the conflict. Her only desire is to protect a mare that she is beginning to fall in love with, a mare that may or may not share her affections, however fate has other less romantic plans for her. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash, a hit mare for the Apple Family, is falling deeper into depression as she tries to deal with the reality that she is a murder for a living, while desperately trying to hold onto the relationship she has with a mare that is next in line as the head of the criminal organization.

so don't forget to 'favorite' or something if you want more of the story each day.

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(dedicated to Ion-sturm: I know you go on this web site)

Pinkie and Rainbow Dash get captured in a strange country by two mysterious slave merchants.

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