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Ha~~ Oh, yeah. That was pretty great. Short, odd and sweet.
Great to see you're still writing!


Yeah, I've got 9500 words done of another (watersports) story I'm writing [title card], as well as 5000 words of a different one which is a more serious romance and won't have watersports until the end (bonus chapter). Hopefully I can get them done seeing as I'm hoping to be motivated enough participate in the 50k word challenge this month. I seem to be more motivated if I don't release stories until I'm completely finished.

1020316 Oh, did you draw that titlecard? Makes the story look pretty fun, at least.
Will be interesting to see what romance you write too, even if you've mainly written fetish so far, it seems to me that you have a grip on that sort of writing. I can see why that would be more motivating for some, I like (under my..cleever pseudonym) posting it to remind myself to update, as I'm a terribly slow writer. I can definitely see some benefits to only publishing it when it is done, though. More freedom to change things if it's needed and such- anyway, good luck on the 50k challenge, and I'll be looking forward to your new stories!


Thanks, and no I didn't draw the titlecard. I edited a bunch of vectors from deviantart (don't worry, I credit them on the actual story description).

Well, the end result is pretty good! Looks cute. And yes, credit given where credit is due.

Why can't I hold all these fetishes!?

I'm just going to whistle quietly and walk away like I didn't click on this now.

How is this supposed to help her... IT DOESN'T :facehoof:

well then...

at least that was an interesting twist :facehoof:


On a technical level, no errors could be found.

HighLevelTeen, I love you!:rainbowkiss:

What the fuck did I just read? :pinkiecrazy:
I have the weirdest boner right now.

I... I... Uh- I'm kinda at a loss for words. On one hand EWWW!!!

But in the other, from one writer to another, I will admit you did a great job writing this, as I physically began to feel sick near the end! Now pardon as I go clear my thoughts O.o

Look at what you caused!:raritydespair:


Saw the original and your comment.
took me way longer than it should to connect what HLT meant and you username :facehoof:

Alright, not sure what I read but I liked it...not sure why...second chapter?

1021732 your comment is the only redeeming part about clicking on this page...:scootangel:


Is that arousal or shock?

Well that was...interesting?

You know you're a completely secure person when you read this. :rainbowkiss:


*puts on raincoat* ok.... *opens umbrella* I'm going in! :flutterrage: <(FORWARD UNTO THE BRINK!!!)

Congratulations! You've become the first author to ever successfully make me ill from a story.

From where I'm seated, this was great! Only problem is that i'm soaked... and smell weird...

Well, I'm not into watersports...
But that was still pretty damn good.
Any writer who can write a sensual story based upon an uncommon fetish has my respect.

I felt a rush of excitement when I saw you posted a new fic...then I read the description...I'm not into vore, BUT...I am a fan of your writing, so I figured I'd read it. Plus after checking out the original and reading your fic's summary, I was hoping Twilight would be rescued. Didn't expect that twist at the end. :facehoof: I think Spike had better lay low...it's dragon hunting season! :pinkiehappy::flutterrage::twilightangry2:

I'm thrilled to hear about your other two stories in the works! I'll be looking forward to them! Glad to see you're still writing. :twilightsmile:


Thanks, sorry to disappoint, this was more of a product of an injoke in the comments of the actual "Love is in the Air" story, and not something I planned as a real clopfic. I'm not into vore either (if you can tell by the story), it was simply required to make the joke work (and I didn't mean the vore to be in a sexual way, it's more of vore humor (I'm deeper inside her than a stallion!) rather than talk of ponies orgasming as they thought about being consumed by their loved ones, feeling themselves being painfully burned by stomach acid as they are turned into nutrients.)


Sorry, I don't want to take the liberty of continuing Blueshift's story to the point where it has closure. I wrote this fic in the style in which it ended in a similar manner to his and barely advanced the plot, if at all. I simply don't want to spend the time on writing a large fic that isn't my original idea, and as I said above was simply a joke, which I seriously wrote from 2am-4am the night after I read his story.

Hahahahahahahaha, mission successful!

Blueshift's story along with this one gives me an idea. What if Dash shoves Fluttershy into a cloud and pees on top of it so Fluttershy is trapped in a cloud filled with piss. Too bad I'm not much of a writer. :fluttercry:


Woah, that would be awesome. You should totally write it! I'll even help edit it if you actually do it.


Nah, I have no experience with story writing and I would not be able to give it justice.

Perfectly understandable, when explained that well anything is:twilightsmile: ,
lastly it was well written considering the circumstances(time, lack of time)-Nice job dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png

First, :rainbowhuh:
Then, :rainbowlaugh:
I'm gonna give you a :rainbowkiss: for writing such dark humor, author! :twilightsmile:

What... the fuck...
What... THE FUCK.

Dammit, Spike!:facehoof:

It's okay. Like I said, I mainly read it in support as a fan of your writing. This story was true to your writing style. And I will be looking forward to your other fics! Oh yeah, I like your new avatar! :yay:

Oh nice job Spike now look what you did to poor Twilight! :facehoof:

I love you so much :rainbowkiss:

:raritydespair:Why did I read this:raritycry:

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