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DO WANT MOAR! I love this fic more than I love parsnips, and I am someone who likes their parsnips.
Cant wait for chapter 2!

This...this changes everything:rainbowderp:

[old]If anyone desires to see the original cover image to this story with Twilight soaking in a big puddle of pee please click here. (I self censored it as a courtesy to people browsing the mature section who don't think pony pee is delicious)[old]

122964>>122965>>122966>>122967>>122968 Please fellow brony, don't go spamming other people's stories simply because the content doesn't suit your personal likes. My story is hidden under the mature filter and the title of the piece obliquely states what the content contained inside is. If you feel that my piece of fiction had literary issues please explain them in the comments. If you feel that my story deserves a low score, please provide some constructive criticism with your rating. I always feel that a low score with a detailed comment containing issues you have with the story are infinitely more helpful than a positive score. I simply write this story in order to improve my creative writing skills and appeal to my personal sexual desires. Just remember that we all have our personal likes and dislikes, if we kindle an atmosphere of respect and tolerance life will simply be better for all :twilightsmile:. edit: deleted your excess comments (I will not delete anybody's comments unless they are repeated spam)

The only other explanation I can think of for your comment is that through the emoticons you were trying to commentate throughout the story and you accidently pressed submit too many times. Here I'll interpret your comments for others: :ajbemused:Hmm this story sounds way overdone. :ajsleepy: Yes spike we know you are too much of a child to get up on your own, you would think you would have grown up after all these years! :applecry: Poor Twilight working so hard she has to stand in her own urine. :flutterrage: HOW COULD YOU EMBARRASS FLUTTERSHY TWILIGHT? :fluttercry: Poor twilight can't catch a break can she? :pinkiecrazy: Oh my Celestia she really is going to make him pee isnt she? :pinkiesick: you know thinking about dragon urine pushes me the wrong way, :rainbowwild: but man would I like to feel that purple mare's steamy liquid flowing down my throat. :raritycry:Spike y u no have sex with twilight? :raritydespair: If youre not going to do anything to her give her some privacy for fuck's sakes! :twilightangry2: oh god Twilight I dont think that cucumber will slide in very easily. :twilightoops: I came buckets.:facehoof:goddammit spike you are an idiot sometimes.

I would absolutely love to see some commentary on what is happening in the story in the comments, quoting certain scenes or sentances that you felt strongly about and giving a little insight would be nice. It would also be great if you pointed out anything you disliked about a chapter

Ahh the curse of sexuality, it allows you to feign quality simply by appealing to certain parts of the human psyche. I'll try my best to keep my plot interesting and hopefully have some meaningful exchanges between characters :derpytongue2:.

Excellent insight into the deep literary recesses of my work coming from the person who probably caused me to write this in the first place.

T.W.I - Twilight's Watersports Inclination: My Little Pony pee porn will never be the same :pinkiegasp:!

I feel so sheltered from the world of vegetables, I seriously had to do a google image search to know what parsnip looked like. The factory farming of cash crops is completely killing off any variety in the diet of Americans :applecry:. Anyway thanks for reading my fic :raritystarry:.

Funny story. Some guy posted a sarcastic comment about "piss freaks" on my edited picture of Fluttershy urinating on the floor and apparently "maretorrent" was part of his vernacular. Of course I adopted it because it sounded cool :rainbowdetermined2:.

Thanks =p. You know I never really know with comments like this if a person genuinely enjoys urine play or not. I would find it amazing if someone neutral or even grossed out by the idea of their favorite colorful sentient alien equines emitting torrents of bodily fluids on each other enjoyed reading my fic :pinkiecrazy:.

So is this going to turn into a Spike X Twilight ship fic?

124099 It is going to focus on a more friendly relationship between Twi and Spike. Their friendly relationship will of course eventually involve sex though =p... The universe I feel I am crafting is more open about sexuality and feels that casual sex is alright between friends even if one is in a relationship. I have somepony else in mind for who I'm shipping Twilight with, you'll find out who it is when I post chapter two either later today or tommorow :yay:.

And thank you good sir for commenting on my story.

Is it Rainbow or Pinkie Pie?

124123 Is it Rainbow or Pinkie Pie?

Where did you get Rainbow or Pinkie from? I left some hints as to who it could be inside chapter one, you just had to make the connection. The first thing you have to do is take in the scene found on the cover and realize Twilight is profusely apologizing to a certain pony on it. While in chapter one you could have picked up on the sentance "the closest she got to a horniness of this magnitude was when she used her hoof to rub her privates while urinating on one of her friend’s socks." What does the title image show? Twilight is in tears, sitting in a puddle of urine with a wet sock next to her. Why would simply urinating on an object produce such a significant amount of libido? Maybe it was because that object belongs to a pony that Twilight has strong feelings toward, eh? Cheers :twilightsmile:


Don't forget to leave a comment ^_^

Twilight Sparkle: has the brain of a genius, but lacks common sense. Seriously she's going to get into trouble for this.

Twilight is such an idiot. :facehoof:

Damn fine work, damn fine. Glad to have helped.

>Hippos are the most dangerous animals on Earth
>Says they're gentle


Thanks =p. The guy who gave me a 0.5 star kinda killed my average.


:fluttershysad: :raritydespair: :twilightoops:




Thanks again for prereading!



>reading a My Little Pony fanfic
>expects author to portray animals in same way they act in real life

Well, it was a bad joke. I'M certainly not laughing.

126744 Let's see what happens to Twilight. I got a feeling she's going to do this spell of transferring her pee to ALL her friends.


"It tasted as nature herself was orgasming inside of Twilight’s mouth."
made me laugh so hard:rainbowlaugh:

But in all seriousness...good work. Ive never been so happy about Fluttershy wetting herself...that sounded better in my head huh?

Was more of just a play with the irony of the universe, not something to laugh at.


Twilight sure has a funny way of bonding with her friends.


DAT TWILIGHT. I simply had to edit it into a bonus scene (takes place before this fic of course): too bad Twilight never sent the letter

Fluttershy might feel better in time, after all it was just caused by a particularly scary nightmare. Let's just hope Twilight doesn't find out about it.


Don't sweat it, the thing that got me into Pony Rule 34 was actually the idea of Fluttershy wetting the bed. The first time I tried clopping I felt kinda weird thinking about colorful ponies, but then a week later I was wondering if there was any material based on my fetish, silly me couldn't resist searching for pony pee and I came across this fantastic gem: Fluttershy Bedwetting Anonymous Without this short fic from an anonymous brony, I wouldn't be writing this today. Hell, you could think of this chapter (2) as a letter of admiration to the writer of this delicious fic. It is pure wingboner.

Also, I'm glad that my fic is living up to its "comedy" tag.

... ... ... *silently hits the tracking checkbox* :moustache:

In only 10 hours my second chapter has 45.8% of the views the first has, you guys are amazing! Thank you to all my returning readers :rainbowderp:

Thanks for watching, knowing I have at least 35 people anticipating the next chapter really pushes me to write :twilightblush:. This is my first attempt at writing anything long or with any type of plot. Admittedly this fanfiction is the longest thing I have ever written in my life. Imagine bringing it up front of a casual group of friends, "I once wrote a 24 page thesis paper on rock formations," "Well I wrote a 10,000 word, sexually explicit My Little Pony romance story in which the main character wants to drink her friend's pee."

Heh, so much for being noble with her new found spell.
Also, poor fluttershy :fluttershysad:

This is like... really well written.


My eyes weren't watering when I wrote Fluttershy's nightmare. Nope.


Thanks, I'll try my best to keep the writing quality up :twilightsmile:

I don't think it was very wonderful for poor Fluttershy :fluttercry: Twilight on the other hand...

I sude hope (propably in vain) that Twi goes on to 'unlock' the sex-theme with at least some of her friends before causing irrepairible damage.
It also would do her some good to find out that she is causing (to put it mildly) discomfort for her friend (even crush) by her 'gift'.
Even if so, Flutters must not know that Twi knows. I guess she only did not die on the spot from shame and embarassement during the flashback because she was physically unable to do so willingly. I'd hate to see her have to put up with that again more than nessecary.. :pinkiesad2:

Jup, feedback and information is in dire need here since left on her own she is obviously on a dangerous path here (and not just at the beginning of it too..)
*sigh* I'm a Twi-fan but even in the original series she has a tendency to just ..miss hugely significant variables in her considerations sometimes.. :facehoof: Given the possibilities of fiction, you don't even need to go far off the char to wreak major diseaster..
Still- tracked and keep them coming. Well written, described in loving detail. 5 / 5 from me

6000 words can't believe I wrote that much on such a simple chapter, kind of a resting chapter for Twilight, no drama, just lots of sex.

Grab a mug of apple-juice, microwave it, sprinkle in some salt, and enjoy while you read this chapter! *is not joking

Don't forget to comment when you are done =p.

At first i was all like :pinkiegasp:
then I was all like :rainbowhuh:
But then I lol'd :rainbowlaugh:

I'm in your unpublished chapter, woot.
Yeah I can see why you took it back down, there's a couple bits that could have been worded better, but apart from that, there aren't any spelling or grammar problems, so it looks pretty good.
Also, content-wise, awesome chapter :ajsmug:

Hold on a minute. If everyone in ponyville apparently bucks like funnies, then how is Twilight going to "hurt the dragon and ponies she calls friends?" Besides Fluttershy, that is.


>Twilight's relationship is all patched up with Spike right?
>She got away like a sly dog as she did things to her sleeping friend
>She is finally opening up to her friends

Everything is going great for Twi, nothing possibly could go wrong.


Next chapter has a tentative title "White Wine" iunno if you can deduce anything out of that.

Alanthewhite, you sure are a encrypted-tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRnPsjjnNgGcx-Qt29J7sKvAtIWgHtSJhpBh1jkTCEVc1X6s3uJOQ logist



Yeah I think that my weakest point in the story is going to be the dialogue between characters because this is my first fanfiction in which I depict the characters exchanging meaningful conversation. Hopefully as I go along, it will start to improve

As my editor and I say, ponies pee fuckin' is quite fascinating.

:pinkiecrazy: Once u clop u cant stop
:moustache: Excellent job my good sir please keep up the epic work.

"bounces in" hey this kinky pie here! I want to say that this was a super awesome story. I mean at the first part when they twi had her flashback i was like awww poor flutters now i wanna huggle her! But when twi was stealing fluttershy's urine i was like "gadp" that big meanie! Everypony likes to pee when they wake up! But the n when she clopped with it i had to clop yo cuz it was sexy! And then! When twi gave flutters her own urine i was like "awww such a good friend :) but then when flutterahy had the nightmare i was alll daww i wanna hug her again!! But overall it was a sexy awesome story!!! You should definetly write more stories and maybe if you want we can do a story trade! I mean that would be so awesome!! (as dashie would say) Anyway imma read part three later! Talk to you then! "bounces off" la la la la

This is amazing and awesome. And this may sound weird at first, but I find it adorable, too. Reason: The mane 6 all love each other, and even though this sex scene is out of lust, sexual relations (in my opinion) are saved for the ones you love the most. I think you should write a group orgy scene some point; havin it be sexy and hot, but loving and passionate, too.


Whats worse. The fact that I'm considering reading this (odds are I will). Or that I know what watersports are?

(Taps foot and points at the typos he corrected that are somehow still in here...)

:pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

There were 2 >.>, got them fixed (pretty minor, Didn't capitalize Rainbow and said Twilight instead of she which isnt really that much of a big deal)


If you do end up reading it, I'd love some feedback coming from a skeptical person who isn't into urine in a sexual way.


We'll see, orgy scenes are quite tough to write well and I doubt it would be any hotter than a threesome.


Yeah first you see if you can clop to ponies, then you are like "wtf am I doing" don't do it again, week later you say screw it, three months later you need to have your personal fetishes fueled so you write short clopfics, a month after that you are writing 16,000 word stories about ponies having extreme piss sex :rainbowlaugh:.

It's hard to read this story on my phone when I'm holding the phone in one hand and furiously rubbing diiiiiiiiiiiiiiining room table with a washcloth in the other. :rainbowwild:

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