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Great story. Loved it. Very well done, and only one moment I had to read a few times to understand. Hopefully you make more cause this was grade A in my book.

Just a thought but...Maybe you could have gone a little more into detail on the epilogue, just seemed short and quick, I understand epilogues ARE quick but detailed adds to it. Like add the fight they had in detail. It adds that extra emotional flare/tug.

Just tossing my thought out there though, take it as you will but I mean NO/NONE/ZIP/ZILCH/NADA offense of ANY kind. I am faving this story.

Good luck with future stories you write.

The Feels. Very Feely

We here at the Torgue corporation believe that this... WAS F*CKING AWESOME! Great characters, well written and hilarious dialogue, humanoid characters, and some very hot sexy times with the ever lovely Vinyl Scrath. Great job.

5256741 Thanks, I'm glad you liked my story, and yes, there will be more. In fact, I already have a sequel for this one in the works.

As for the epilogue, I agree that it certainly is shorter, and a bit less detailed than I'd originally hoped it to be. When I was writing it, I just couldn't find the right angle to approach it from (I was also anxious to post the story), so I just went with the quick, and easy approach. I might go back to it in a couple of days and add some more details.

5257731 I'm a sucker for stories with feels; they're my favorite ones to write.

I can understand that. Don't strain for perfection, nothing can be perfect after all :P
Also can't wait to see the sequel also. :eeyup:

5259081 I don't know if you've read it yet, but this story is actually a spinoff of another fic of mine called The First Duet, which focuses on the Stratocaster/Octavia relationship (and Vinyl makes a couple of cameos). If you'd like, you should give it a look.

5258980 Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:

I just might...well I will actually just unsure when XD so many fan fic's have been read I have to search up all the new inquisition info I missed now for the past 2 weeks. It's actually in my read later right now :derpytongue2:

As expected this story was as exiting & engaging a read as The First Duet!
:flutterrage:KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!:flutterrage:

5260032 I'm glad you think so. Thanks, I will keep it up.

I would like to see more of this couple. Like there marriage years or something I dont know

5264501 That will definitely be a fic. Actually, the first chapter of this one was going to be a flash back scene in the middle of a fic I was going to do about Vinyl and Zander as a married couple (sort of like the flash back I did for The First Duet), but I didn't want it to make the story too long, so I decided to make a separate origin story before getting to to their married life.

*is the border guard for Favoritstan*

Hmmm.... *stamps story 'Approved'* Cause no trouble.

five out of five :moustache: awesome ending

5273063 Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:

oh god, the bartenders name is peppermint shnaaps, isnt it?:rainbowlaugh:

wow, this was on my 'read it later' list for waaay too long! Awesome story! Its refreshing to find a story that flows so well after stumbling upon several rushed, crappy stories with hundreds of word crimes that make me cringe. Great job, dude! :pinkiehappy:

5461215 YOU FUCKER I MISSED THIS STORY! Well done by the way.

-Your Artifical Alicorn, SilentStorm

Ps. Ive been after this story (and you....kinda) since the Archive. Not sure if ya remember me.


Ive been after this story (and you....kinda) since the Archive. Not sure if ya remember me.

Sure, I remember you; you're one of the few people who commented on this story over on the Archive (back when it was still just the first chapter if I remember correctly). I'm glad you were able to find me and this story on fimfiction. :pinkiehappy:

5956680 *gasp* You do! Hay, amazing job on the other chapters as well!

5957530 Thanks, I'm glad you liked them :twilightsmile:

The is a great story but it has like all things is has flaws. now I am not a person to to give a dam about flaws but in this fic one flaw rely stud out to me the most and that is some of the clop sense felt like they were put in at the last minuet and in some spots the clop ruined the flow of the romance part.

In my opinion this fic would be beater with less sex and more of the romance part but that is only in the first and third chapters.

that is pity much my only gripe with this fic and this you need to make a sequel on this about what hapins after they get marred but you probably get tired of hearing that so I will shut and leave you with this.

Amazing job with this fic and keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

folk music + guitar. This is what I hear.

Sounds like me and my girl

Wow this story is great and I loved every moment of it. I would of have like to see what would happen if the father figure out what really happened to his son Zander and if the brother do a surprise visit to see how Zander is doing and apologize to him for what there mother did to him. Also if the mother came to visit her brother just to see if Zander is a big failure to the family like she thought but to her surprise he is a very successful Pony and Vinyl Scratch chews her out for what she did to her own son just because he has a cutie mark that is poison joke flower.:pinkiehappy:

Still one of my favorite stories on here. Perfect 5/7 from me.

The bitch mother deserves to get her ass kicked for what she did to him.

I'm Surprised nobodies commented on the first chapter yet. This is honestly amazing so far!

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