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Rainbow Dash find's a note on her door saying to meet somepony at midnight on Christmas Eve and doesn't know if she should go, so she asks some of her friends what should she do.

Cover art by: Nineveh

Chapters (2)
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Good plot (no pun intended), bad fulfillment. It should have been longer.

I have added a new chapter! I hope everypony likes it! :pinkiehappy:
Merry Christmas!! :twilightsmile:

Braeburn! You stalker! :flutterrage: But this is really nice story. Just a little short :twilightsmile:

Remember, when a new speaker is talking, you should have a new paragraph

Er. . .I don't think ponies celebrate Christmas. :twilightblush: They have the Hearthswarming holiday which seems to be around the same time as Christmas, but that's as close as they've ever come to it. You might want to add an Alternate Universe tag.

4011025 I hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:
But is... :derpyderp1: surprising

This story felt so warm to me. I really enjoyed the plot of where this story went. I think I would freak out just as much like Rainbow if Soarin ever kissed me.

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