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Da Bunnana King

ITT: Cancer


So this is how it all comes to an end. Suck in the harsh Australian bush, no ammo, HLF bearing down on me each and every day. And I feel like I'm on death's door.

I can only see two ways out of this, bullet to the head or ponifiaction. Only eighteen and I'm having to make a dissuasion that's going to change my life... Well as they always said, "Better get living, or get busy dying."

May as well go out with a bang.
A shameless self inset of me into the TCB universe... because I am a classy bastard like that.
Oh and the epic cover art was done by Wasteland Gunner.

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FIRST! (dances around the room)
I can imagine you running on a narrow path, not even thinking that your every step has to hit a previous footprint or else you might blow yourself up into the air.
It's the death of a stranger that reunites us with our mortality and the fact that we all have very little time in our hands. And now that time has become too expensive for us; others want their share. Be it so, we have all the time on our hooves.

311664 then prepare to be disappointed since its not edited much.

You weren't sober when you wrote this, were you? Kidding:rainbowlaugh: but, what I would have done, is make friends with the important people and then kill them when I got their trust(All in the same day), and my way of doing things when the guys in the truck showed up, hide somewhere, yell that I have no intention of becoming a pony, and failure to bugger off will result in execution(in those exact words).:twilightsmile: Guess that just goes to show how you and I are different.:pinkiehappy:
P.S. I'm not plot guessing, I'm pointing out what a person with no interest other than self preservation with minimal impact on anything else would do.:unsuresweetie: Hopefully this has annoyed you, which was my only intention.:scootangel:

318287 Hey I wasn't that drunk while writing it and your thinking about the PER (Ponification of Earth Reborn) who go around ponifiying everything, the people that attack the main character (A.K.A. Me [Its a self insert {its in the description}]) are HLF (Human Liberation Front) who are right wing extremists who go around killing ponies and anyone who has crossed them or supports ponies. Any Jesus Christ Steeny I am not so self centred and I know when shit has hit the fan and I should pull out and besides me going around killing is not how I roll because I would like to sleep at night.

I got one thing to say


And how more accurate could that pic get?

Well Bruce, me and Bruce here, and also Bruce, all agree NO POOFDAHS! Right Bruce? RIGHT! Now I'm gonna get me some tucker with Bruce here but NOT bruce but the other Bruce instead because I think Brucy here is a poofda. Also, Ponies.

General Bruce Llewellyn Gwynne Price-Davies (Bruce) Retired. (Mrs.)


I could make it much more accurate but I would need to go back out to see if that croc still exists because I think I turned it into a wallet.

Wait you mean Bruce the bloody dickhead or Bruce the sailor, but I'll think about sending you some of the lollie water but right now their is a scout in Lumbermill waiting to get shot.
Your humble assassin,
Bunnana Sniper

336531 Thats not a knife. *pulls out spoon* This is a knife.

336784*flees in terror* WHERE'S ME FORK!?:flutterrage::flutterrage:

336803.........for now:trollestia:

Cause I found me fork:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

336811 Like hell you will, otherwise I will stop writing. Forever... then I will make crappy fanfic's off of Midnight's and Chat's ones... And I will make sure they are hopples.

336815Well played good sir. Well played:pinkiehappy:

Main problems: Spelling :derpyderp1:s, and word confusion. Other than that quite good, but your personality appears to be a little inconsistent.:derpytongue2:

344662 What I said was inconsistent, not off. There is a very clear distinction.:twistnerd:
Also, I have teh skypes turned on to avoid spamming this fic.

344695 ... I sure I have them spot on and besides if you paid attention to my pattern of speech at school you could would be saying different.

344703 ...I concede. Grammar errors make arguements difficult, because I focus on them rather than what the person is saying, and lose track of stuff, and then I say something completely out of context. Wait, what did I just say?:rainbowhuh: Well, you win, whatever I said.

344853 If your going to ever comment please make it some what reliant to the story.

Can I pleaze be the pre-reader?:fluttershysad: I promise to be a grammar Nazi but not be mean about it!:pinkiecrazy:

"Can you interpretively dance your way between the spikes?"
"Ow. No."

I suppose I could edit/pre-read for you. Put it on google docs and send me the link when you want me to go through and nit-pick.

345006 oh god GoogleDocs... well it will make my stuff better. So your hired. First thing first, clean the blood off of the spikes.

:ajbemused:Liar. You have an Exam on Friday for IPT. Which I haven't studied for...:twilightblush:

"Now last time I checked the Bureau was on the western side of the bush and by the looks of the sun I would say I am heading their."


Brony... xD
When's a new chapter coming out?

383211 When its good and ready... well basically after I have finished chapter two on YAW

425159 It's from an Australian film called Mad Max and it kind of relates to Australia and the fanfic its self. E.g. There is HLF everywhere and everyone is bat shit crazy there.

425379 Yeah I need an actual cover art for this thing... Know anypony/one?

425436 Not on top of my head but if I come across anything I'll let you know.


I might be able to come up with something.

425607 you better or you will have cherries instead of grape.

aussies are not crazy well maybe a little

429665 Its obvious you haven't met me or been at the Brisbane train stations after 7 o clock PM.

no i havent but some most people in tassie a crazy

429701 well the pop of tazzie is small and Queensland is larger in pop and rednecks.

434385 Meh, but QLD does have a lot of rednecks now a days.

i say the average person in my town is geting dumber and crazier

434569 I concure because every other kid at my school is redneck (James is one but he is the exception) and then there are in general dickheads.

i agree but here there are few rednecks but stupid, dumb and just plain crazy live here

G'day mate! Oh you Aussies XD this has been awesome sauce so far, which hopefully shall continue :3

On another note: A little friend of mine informed me of your antics! i demand video evidence!

On ANOTHER note: You'd better hope that it's grape flavoured :rainbowlaugh:

thou shalt giveth me more! MOAR! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

*Slams hands on table*
And what vid and I am writing it too, so just wait for it and hold ya horses.


Ugh, stop it with the Kingfish.

Anyways, who is Kingfish?

We should find out who Kingfish really is.

Kingfish Kingfish Kingfish.

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