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Like most convicted felons from London, Daniel Wickerham is sent of to a convict colony in Australia to mine for gold and coal. But he drew the shortest stick and wound up helping at the local Conversion Bureau for the rest of his four year sentence. So how will he fend for himself in this ever changing world? Only time will tell, for he is in for a wild ride.

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I say old bean! While my cooperation with this dastardly series has come to it's brink, do not devoid yourself of hope for you have a ravishing story to intertwine!


It looks like this is going to be a serious fic, so *read later* and *Up-thumb*:twilightsmile:

Well this is different.

Wait, wait, wait...A serious fic with a bunch o' historically accurate references(Not too surprising), very few spelling errors(Vial, not veil) and it's by DBK?:twilightoops::rainbowhuh::rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::raritystarry: *Takes out wallet* "God must hate me..." Take a star.

“Why did I have to burn down that orphanage?”

It's a question every right thinking man must ask himself at least once in his wretched, damnable life.

And the answer will always be the same: "Because."

735521 No because it was in self defense, those orphans are vicious man. I lost my arm in the Great Orphan War of 1963, and one day we shall finally destroy all the orphanages and we shall be safe.

Why did I put this on "read later" again? I could have read this one week ago... Oh why? Why? :raritydespair:
Ok, enough melodrama, nicely done, this one.
I liked the "scoop out the brains" thing. Nothing like a bit of terror and urban myth to keep the riffraff out of the shiny new bureau at the end of the world.

773379 So they don't scoop out your brains? Sweeet, anyway thanks for complement... now excuse me I must see if this is true about the scooping of the brains.

Da Bunnana King isn't kidding about the Great Orphan War of 1963. I lost the upper half of my body to that conflict, which is why I have to write with my toes by feel. Painting is even harder - I have to run my toes over the canvas just in order to feel where all the 'blue' is. Those orphans are evil, just evil!

If more orphanages were burned, there would be fewer crippled artists writing TCB stories. Just sayin'.

Ok jokes about Orphans aside, I like the story for what it is... the TCB in a diffrent era...

Well, I can't wait to see how one convicted guy copes with good old Australia, filled with Ponies and stuff...

Like what most Australians he'll probably drink and rob everything.

No, you grow down and be silly with us.


But if I was silly, then the world would end. I can't be silly. I'm supposed to be crazy! :rainbowlaugh:

No seriously, though, this fic was kinda funny. Though that may be due to a number of spelling and grammatical errors. Luckily, they appear to be minor since they don't affect the overall story, since it's supposed to be a comedy anyway. ...But what does Uganda have to do with anything?

Well good sir, I'm going to call 'Merica and tell them to throw money at it, and it's good to see you noticed the comedy tag.

I LOVE this premise! :pinkiehappy: I am fascinated by how many different ways people interpret TCB and setting it in a time prior to the future and even before the present day is a great way to do it. I enjoy alternate history and this is just putting two things I love in one package. To see the antiquated notions and period politics react to something as radical as Equestria is, for lack of a better term, AWESOME! :moustache:

Well I got some good news and bad for you.
Good news: Yes its all going to play like an old timey picture show and there is going to be a lot more of in the comming few months.
Bad News: Well if you knew about the first fleet and the first Administration of Australias goverment and the whole shebang... look to put it easily if I wrote about the politics of a brand new Australia it would be sad and it would make you run away screaming in horror from the stuff that actually did happen back then. To say the lest the story would loss the comedy tag and gain the sad and gore tag... God dammit Australia, why you so backwards and racist.

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