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Blue Rune may have escaped Australia, the PER and the HLF but has he really escaped his past and the ghosts that chase his tail? Can he truly begin anew or will the past catch up to him and ruin his second chance at life? Only time will tell and the decisions he makes could change Equestria forever.
A direct sequel to The Land Downunder but things are explained early on in the story.

Contains traces of The Conversion Bureau universe... and perhaps peanuts.

-Cover art drawn by me if you care, the old one was colored by WastelandGunner-

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 68 )

Wow, I can't wait for the next one and I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO WRITE A SEQUAL!
*squees at the top of his lungs/voice*

Wanderer D

Well it isnt going to have humans in it but it does talk about the main characters history, so I may as well.

I officially award you the Jaysteeny "Line of the day" award.:pinkiehappy: It's not every day someone gets this award, y'know. Sometimes I don't hear an epic enough line to even qualify. Anyhow, a few tedious grammar errors here and there that Aegis missed, but all in all: A good story.:twilightsmile:


Ooh, Aegis is in there!


I like where this is going, do continue :moustache:

Epic country puns at the end XD

Anyway, good story... BRING BACK F-KIN ROSE.

I can't tell whats better. The story or the Author's and Editor's notes, but please write more.

More... I need more...

Also... I wonder how Remi would look R63'd.

I saw many mistakes...

Why don't you let me correct?

Great chapter. Have something from the reaction folder of Ocean Breeze:


Can I haz that folder please?

Also, nice chapt, aye mate.

This is good and why is Remi so adorable and I want a picture of Remi.

I'm liking where this is going, so far a better pace than the previous story and it's coming along nicely. Also, you're definitely an aussie, such a typical aussie line 'please don't tell me that I can make fertilizer'... are you part of the Bronies Australia forums, if so, whom are you on there?

Forums? What are you talking about. Link me to this.

Forum link is www.broniesaustralia.com ... if it's asking about referrals, just put ragnaught ... As far as I know there is a bronies facebook group for every state too, I'm one of the admins for the WA group on facebook but seeing as you set your stories in QLD, I'd say that you'd need to look up the page there, www.facebook.com/groups/qldbronies

I shouted out, "HIS NICKNAME IS RUNEY!"


As I left the small bathroom rejuvenated from the bathroom with my mane the tiniest bit damp.

Multiple bathrooms ftw.
I'm not English, so I don't know if this is a mistake or just a random thing.

1617929 I think it'd mostly be a "Changing the sentence, but only doing it to half" error.

You forgot the part where he falls in love with Spike and they have half-dragon babies that mature in a few days and have mind control powers to build an army to take over the human world and destroy the PER and HLF forever.


Dumbass, Runey's in love with Braeburn.

“Yes, he and I were close… but…” she began, “Well, it’s a long story and a bit personal. Anyhow, let’s teach you some basic magic.”

‘Well now… that came out from nowhere,’

Did you just break the fourth wall? :rainbowhuh:

No, Blue just felt that all that emotion and back story appeared from no where as prior to the actual coversation she didn't realize that Shadow Jester was still alive, in contact with civilization, other causes for ponies to be missing, ect.

1647434 Eh, double meanings, what can ya do.

And I like this, a lot :3

Nice work! :3
keep writing more!

Why do I feel shipping is ahead?

So both best pony shipping and turning into an alicorn OC. Well, this is going to be interesting

The writer has made it Bluey... dear lord, what of Remi and her adorable name making!

Also nice chapter by the way and it's good to have you back.

And he marries Twilight Sparkle as well.


I know, DBK made it Bluey. All of us in the TCB IRC call him Runey...

Which is strange, right?

Well Remi calls him Runey, and Lyra calls him Bluey. So I guess he has two nicknames or something, then again they are two different characters.



Quick question: Do ya like his cover art?

It looks alright, but Bluey looks like he has a block muzzle and is a bit pregnant. I also saw it pop up in my deviantArt watch thing when he drew it in pencil, but it still looks good either way and I like the colors of it. Gives it that cartooney feel of the show.


Oh god, the pregnancy. I found that hilarious and that's how he drew it. Hehe. :rainbowlaugh:

Heheheh, yeah. But his drawing looks like its getting better... slowly. Then again better than what I can do.


Then again better than what I can do.

Practice makes perfect.

But I don't know what to draw. Or how to draw.

The way I learned was with circles and lines connecting them. Draw ponies, duuuuh, but if you want to draw pone, I found this to help.

Shoutout to the title!
Also: inb4 Ocean.

Dream sequences: They're just there to make you question the true nature of the story, and to add an otherwise impossible to include revelation. In short, I have no idea what I'm saying, god it's hot.
I beat ocean again. :derpytongue2:

I enjoyed the slice of life-e-ness of it all.

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