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Da Bunnana King

ITT: Cancer


A night of drinking shouldn't have ended with me waking up as a female, let alone a mare of all things! Well this is going to be weird... for a while.

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Well this is going to be weird for a while.

[...] for a while.


I like where this is going.
Also, 1 in 4 chance of becoming a mare. Those seem like some bad odds (or good for some ponies).

Bannered Mare? Skyrim.
John, Jacob? Jingleheimerschmidt!
Human Liberation Force? It's Human Liberation Front.

I have one big issue:

You had a story with cherries and didn't put Breezy in it?

>Human Liberation Front
Fuck da police I'm doing my way.

Pretty good odds if you ask me.

These people seem strangely okay with being randomly turned into ponies. :unsuresweetie: Is it because they think they can be turned back?

Shhhhh, stop plot predicting and getting it near on right.



The steam sale is beginning, let the rape of my wallet begin.

Always when I'm flat broke.

gaben would not be a problem if you were broke. like me.cant spend it if you dont have it.

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