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Side stories of Twilight Sparkle: Green Lantern of Sector 2812.

Set in the same universe where he explore origins of other heroes of this DC Comics version of Equestria as well as adventures they have had. Also exploring things about the characters

Inspired by the Adventures of Supermare: Side Stories to Mare of Steel.

Picture was made by me.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 22 )

Liking the way you are taking the world that I began with and really giving it depth.

Thanks and I hope yo keep reading and commenting

this chapter not bad, i like the back story on Stolen March and Slade, gives more to their characters plus a little more insight to their motives

3532531 hope to hear what you think of huge other chapters
Also you might be the first users to mention slade and march in their comments

mix of Batman Begins, Dark Knight Rises, and Batman Year One, bravo bravo bravo, but what is with the green text at times?

one question: how for 5 YEARS did Pinkie avoid detection by the Amazons, you think they notice a pink pie throwing earth pony mare on their island

Actually click on the green text and it takes you to a video of these music to go with the scene
I guess pinkie just decided to explore and the island was large
Hope you continue readin the chapters of tips is one as well when I write them

is it Kryptonite or Coltronite? I ask because you interchange the two at one point in this story

3536733 sorry it's coltronite
Other than that mistake what did you think

3536772 i thought it was very good, i sorta get the sense that either in this story or the GL Twilight story all six are going to team up at some point

Love all of this so, so much. I am just skimming now but I hope, over the week, to really dedicate some time to a super-detailed reading of this, as this story deserves it.

Rainbow as The Dash, I see what you did there, very clever.

Very nice, very nice, so while doing a Sonic Rainboom she was struck by lightning, interesting

...must resist...the urge...to make...reference to...Kevin Conroy...

hmm: looks like Pinkie Pie has become somepony else; looks like she become someTHING else...

Rainbow recently came up with a new name, and something tells me: it's going to catch on...

6748808 thanks for the references to the live action shows as I like those

Hey there. :-D Maybe the next story you do in this series could be Trixie Gold's origin (i.e. her first adventure in the future) followed by her last adventure before time-travelling to the present.

On the other hand, I readily acknowledge and respect that this is your story series and, thus, your call.

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