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Please, sir make moar?:fluttershysad:

actually, i REALLY liked this! sorry to say it dude, but you'r pretty good at this. i'm hoping that even if you don't update it yourself, you'll hand it off to someone who will do it justice.

Damned freckles indeed.

I shall be reading this later Master~ =w=

I do hope there is more of this story coming soon. :pinkiehappy:

It is a nice way of a psycological way to view Rainbow's mind (aside from the crop), the conflict of mind was very good explain it and I really love to read the conclusion. But they need to talk or they will keep this little unhealty relationship.

Am I the only person who analise the psycological factors in the clop fics?

At last! Fimfiction's gotten a taste of 'Craine'-smut!

As I thought it would, your experience with writing shines through in this. But that's where my praise ends. Why? Because I fear that praising you for something you were more or less forced to do, will kill you inside. And I love you far too much to let that happen, my venerable Teacher.

So instead...

I'll just flood this story into several groups because there's NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!! Everyone will know of your smut-tastic abilities! So says FortunesFavor (the putrid ball sack, apparently)!


Even if you dont hold ot with esteem it is definetly well written and actually keeps within the bounds of what it is unlike alot of stories, you also portrayed rd and aj's characters really i think so congrats to you even if you personally dont lile this story

The only true problem I have with this is the fact that they're shemales... To think you'd actually give us a legit lesbian shipfic.

O.O god damn...

Not sure why you're upset. It's actually pretty good.

3477164 No promises.

3477209 First off, being good at erotica is the only reason I so adamantly agreed to do this, nevermind my 'never-back-down' quirk. If one's been writing for over a decade, smut comes to them one way or another. Second, I JUST might give this to someone else and let THEM be responsible for soiling Fimfiction with more garbage. I can think of one certain, god-damn, f**kin' Apprentice who would do it.

3477898 You do that... Now go fetch me a soda.

3478386 I'll try... Maybe... I don't know. This wasn't my cup o' tea.

3478847 Huh. You're actually the first reviewer EVER (including reviews from blog posts, writing prompt tags, and fiction sites) to mention the psychological aspect of my smut. I'd actually given up hope tht someone would see the work I put into that. You... You just put a smile on my face (despite the situation behind this fic).


3480391 I know, right?!

3480486 While I appreciate the praise for my writing as a whole, the praise in which it was received makes my already dwindling hope for humanity all the more nonexistent. I... I need to take a walk.

3480862 Ehhh... I lost a bet, remember? Or didn't you read the description?

3481400 That's what I said when I hit the submit button.

3481713... Please... PLEASE don't smile on this?

3482648 yes I read the description. In fact, we have the same reason for writing clopfics...

3482648 8(... ~throws you your soda~

Still cant wait to read one of your works you actually wanted to write ^.^

Meh. It wasn't good and it wasn't bad.

I will do an in-depth annotation of this and post it soon.

That is all. Equestria is ours.


We must have a Fluttershy/Rarity chapter D:

3482656 Wait, so you've also been tricked by your f**kin' Apprentice into writing clop? Or is that wishful thinking on my part?

3483771 *soda hits me in face* F**************************K!

3484299 Already constructing outline for that one. Looking forward to it. Quick spoiler alert, it's DiscoDash.

3490163 Well, I didn't put much effort into it, but I'm eager to see if it's the writing itself that threw you off. Couldn't give two shits about the story itself, really.

3490594 Ehhh.. I may request someone else to do that. I don't think I have the inclination.

3494687 Well, not my apprentice, so much as a retard that I made a stupid bet with... That I lost... I hate that child for doin this to me.

3494687 alright!
Ill be watching your page and waiting for it to come out ^.^

Just here to remind you that this exists:pinkiehappy:(reminder #1)

That is all. Equestria is ours.


3513073 *cocks 9mm and glares*



That is all. Equestria is ours.



Mmmmm, I will like to see more in the future :pinkiehappy:


Still no completed tag yet, huh?

I better not start this until it is complete...

more would be good

Why haven't you updated?! :rainbowwild::rainbowkiss:

Will this ever be completed?
I want to read it, but I don't want to be tortured with the incomplete-ness if I start it.


6829813 Ummm... Yeah, you might as well walk away from this one. In fact, I'mma go ahead and change the status of this on.


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