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Hope, that is what Superman has become symbol of after years of fighting for truth and justice. Now, his own hope in himself is endanger of being lost forever.
At the same time, the Spectre has forced Clark to come to the aid of another world.

The mission, stop Darkseid from murdering this worlds heroes, known as the Elements of Harmony.

But can the ponies restore hope to its embodiment? Will Clark be able to prove he is not a threat? Or will Darkseid finally obliterate the Man of Steel, and Succeed where all Equestrian villains before him have failed: Defeat the Elements of Harmony once and for all.

Also, why is the Spectre so interested in this pariticular universe?

Notes: The Superman in this fic is very different than others, and his origins will be expand on a bit in the fic. Some Comics cannon is different for this version than other version. He also has some elements of the 1987 superman in his backstory.

Also, Thanks to Wave Blaster for helping me iron some issues.

If you see any thing that needs fixing, be it grammar, characterization, spell or the like, please feel free to say so. Just don't be a jerk about it.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 45 )

*Takes out a pencil and changes the title*
To be a Hero in changeling times.
Your welcome.:pinkiehappy:

Dude you... just this:ajbemused:
It was still funy.:rainbowlaugh:

And for the story, well, the author already knows what I think about it so, for the sake of the joke, I'm gonna say this:
And now is time for a Bum Review with Wesker B. Bum.
Oh my god, this is the greatest fanfiction I've ever read in my life!
But seriously, this is a good introduction, just need a little work on the grammar department.

But now I'm gonna go into fanboy mode:
Are we gonna see the rest of the New Gods?
This Superman already knows Ambush Bug (the guy who has been doing the same that Pinkie does in the DCU since 1982)
Will Lyra have a more relevant part or just the cameo?
If Superman is the DC version of the Element of Hope, then who is the MLP's universe Element of Hope?
This Spectre is just a third person observer or we're gonna see some Ax-Crazy Ironic Deaths?
Speaking of. What version of the Spectre is this? (Corrigan, Jordan or Allen?)
Will Discord have a part in this? (The spirit of chaos vs the embodiment of tyranny maybe?)

And that's all I got. Looking forward for the next chapter.


Well, I Still need to figure Lyras' part out. As for the rest of the New Gods, well the girls will see them when the Spectre (old Jim Corrigan) shows them who they are actually up against. Only Dessad plays any real role though other than Darkseid.

No deaths, but a certain version of Celestia is gonna wet her when she sees what old Jimmy has in store for her (it involves raising the dead to "combat". Hint: Star Swirl is going to be pissed), I'll let you guess whats going to happen.

Discord is this equestrias' version of Mxyz, Though I thought of of, no, for the fact that it won't be a pretty sight (that, and I can't decide who is more powerful).

As for who the equestrian version of hope is, well, The Au tag and Big Mac is going to play a major role along with FlutterShy should point to who it is. I though it would obvious who it was (**** ***-** appears in the epilogue)

And the levels of WMG just went trough the ceiling!:pinkiegasp:
Wait, how that "certain version of Celestia"? Like an evil version? The Conversion Bureau Celestia?:rainbowderp:
Now I REALLY want to see what's next.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


You guessed correctly with that, yes it is TCB!Celestia. It's going to be a part of a scene that implies the real reason the Spectre is interested in the Equestria, and a cameo of a certain "passing through Kamen Rider" to create a back door link to another fic I plan on creating later on after this one is done.

So let me get this straight.
TCB!Celestia, one of the mos hated fancharacters in history, is gonna be in the receiver ending on a Spectre's trademark punishment?

Ok, I'm working on chapter 2 right now (currently about a 1/3rd of it is done). I warn you now that this story is not going to be about Superman being Superman in Equestria. It's about Superman needing to remember why he fights and the impact he has on everyone around, and ultimately staying true to his morals. It focuses on more on the Clark Kent aspect of the character than most fics I've seen.

Yes, their is going to be a real fight against Darkseid. Yes, Luna, Celestia and the mane six will do some damage and get some good hits against him. THIS is the ONLY fight in this story that is planned.

The Spectre will do his thing around Equestria (with a cameo of TCB!Celestia getting owned by him, very easily). There is no death happening in this fic (Though that may change when I figure out who in this verse deserves the Spectres' wrath, and even then, only one death will be allowed), so the Spectre is going to get a bit creative with his punishments (so am I, I don't want this to need a gore tag).

So vote now: Who in MLP:FiM cannon deserves a visit from the Spectre? And remember, only one will actually die, so choose carefully. I need 4 victims (Their punishments will happen later on in the story) apart from TCB!Celestia.

I'm almost finished with chapter 2, but here's a question for you.

This is suppose to be an Alternate version of the main MLP:FIM cannon, so I thought I'd introduce the changes earlier than just the change in the epilogue. So What if I made one of the Princesses the Captain Atom equivalent and the other the wizard Shazam equivalent (when they become them is the final fight, since I want the princesses to not be considered completely useless in this fic)? I mean, I want this crossover to mean more than just 'Superman goes to equestria and beat the bad guy because for some reason' other than "it's a badass concept".

I said this before, and I'll say it again: Superman is the hardest superhero to write stories about or use in a crossover, mostly due to his powers. When most writers even touch his code of no killing, they tend to forget that he does it for a reason (reasons like fear or becoming a tyrant or setting him above the law) other than it's the right thing to do.

Not that those stories are bad, I just don't think the writers of those are as invested in Supermans' history as I am.

Ok, first of all. Where is the "super like" button?

Now seriously. This is a nice chapter, like those old "Secret Files & Origins" issues.
The good:
An actual explanation about why the Spectre can't intercede. (the second best I've ever read I must add).
The characterizations, especially to the Spectre's nature.
The story is marching on a decent pace.
The scene when the Mane-Six and the Spectre arrive to Apokolips.

The bad:
Superman being too much sensitive about Darkseid's name.
Part of the narration feels a little meta in some parts.
Just the typical grammar errors, nothing serious.


Looking forward for the next chapter.


The main reason he's sensitive to Darkseid name is because three months prior to the story, well, do you remember the last episode of Superman:TAS?

Well, this version of superman experienced something similar. Darkseid, tried to brainwash him, and did some pretty horrible things to him (like restrain him to something similar to a rack from middle ages, and told Granny Goodness AND the Female Furies to rape him while Darkseid watched, showed him mental images of every SINGLE being he failed to save dieing right in front of him). and other things to break him. Tried to make him do thing he wouldn't normally do. It didn't work, and the JLA saved him from that situation so it didn't end with the world sort of Distrustful of him. He needed hell of a lot of therapy after that though, and he is still recovering from that event.

Saying Darkseids' name around him triggers memories of those events, like war vets with PTSD.

PS: Who in the main MLP:FiM cannon should I have the Spectre deal with?

Wow, that's very dark, I mean this is Vertigo level of dark. Now it makes sense (and very accurate with Darkseid).

Canon villains that deserve the Spectre, hhmm, difficult. I mean most of the canon antagonist are more in the "jerk" side of the spectrum (no pun intended) than in the "evil" one but obviously Discord, Sombra and Chrysalis are the first to jump to my mind maybe Nightmare Moon if you're gonna use her as a separate entity from Luna. I haven't seen EG but for what I've heard Sunset Shimmer is a more "evil" character.

Keep the good writing.

Edit: Waitaminuteortwo. The Spectre can break the fourth wall? WE'RE DOOMED! DOOMED!


First, good catch on the Spectre being able to break the 4th.

Second, Depending on how tomorrows' FiM season 4 premiere goes, I might have Superman himself deal with Nightmare Moon Directly (this fic is set after EQ, but I haven't decided if It is set before or after tomorrows' episode.

Discord, well, Drocisd should tell you how he will be dealt with if I bring him into the fic.

Also, I still haven't decided if anypony will die by the Spectres' hand indirectly or directly. Sombra, Sunset, and even Chrysalis have been dealt with by the main six. Jerks and antagonist are what the Spectre can deal without actually needing to use his full power.

One last thing, I'm on the fence about actually writing the Mane 6 tour Apokolips chapter (mainly, I know they will be horrified by what see, I just don't think I can show how horrified they'd be. They'll show back up at the end of the 3rd chapter, mainly because I wanted to have both Chapter 3 and that chapter be concurrent with each other. I'll need a lot help with Apokolips Chapter if I write it.)

Tomorrow is the premiere? I have been very distracted these days.

Whit your comment about Dscrd I think that I will need to read my "Superman's guide to cheating pentadimensional beings to say their names backwards in order to send them to their proper place." I'm sure it's somewhere here.

You could put the Spectre about to deliver one of his trademark punishments on somepony who doesn't really deserve it (Diamond Tiara for example) and then the pony wronged by said somepony (Applebloom in this case) saving said antagonist by forgiving him/her leaving vengeance useless in precense of mercy (like in Final Crisis: Revelations)

If you have problems in how to describe Apokolips you can always read the entry in TV Tropes about a Crapsack World, Apokolips is one after all.

Okay, this was a good chapter, the actions and sequence are good but the dialogue sound a little rushed or too much exposition, try to make it more natural than just the characters explaining something.
The explanation of Superman recent backstory is nice too, it seems hard to amalgamate the different versions but this is well done.
Also the orignis of Superman now include the Phantom Stranger? Makes full sense actually, it looks like something that Byrne could have written.
I still think that Celesletia should be more rational than that but at least she's still on character.
Big Mac is being too much the "Obi Wan", is not a bad thing but talking to front to the Princesses seems too much, but the parallelism between the Apples and the Kents is more than good.
Zod tried to kill the UNIVERSE? I mean yeah, he's as powerful as Supes but from that to the whole universe is ouc f scale, didn't you mean world?
And Darkseid is scary by just mentioning him, you did well on that.

Score: 7 of 10. It's good but I know that you can do it better, good luck with that (man I really want to see that conversation between Celestia and Clark).


Nope, I meant universe. There was nothing that could stop him, and Zod was much more insane in Karas' Universe (plus, do really expect an, at the time, 12 year old to save the world? Kara was not strong enough to do squat against them). Also, he had help from two other insane kryptonians . Zod would of probably got his ass handed to him if he tried doing that in Clarks' Universe.

*a note: Zod just used bombs to blow up most planets that didn't have yellow, white or blue stars, and he killed the GL corps with a yellow energy bomb he planted on Oa. Yeah, Zod was an omnicidal maniac.

Well, I wanted to Mac to get the point accross in as few words as possible, and I think I could have done better with that.

Also, I really think I could made things flow a bit better, but at least I did some justice to the characters overall. Not the best Chapter I've done, but at least it is passable a something others can understand.

Wow, I knew that Zod was an ax crazy but this is basically an upgrade to chainsaw flying brick crazy (I never expected to use that combination of words) when you say Kara do you talk about the Matrix-Supergirl or the classic-modern version?

With Mac I would only say that he's not Batman who looks at the New Gods in the eye and tells them that they suck, it would fit more if he was like Alfred Pennyworth or Jonathan Kent, respectful but undeterred.

Well, the important thing is that you learn, I bet that further chapters are gonna be awesome.

3926019 Origin wise (but only due being from another universe), the Matrix-Supergirl. However Kara is still Kara Zor-El, just younger. Her universes' Kal-El was killed by Zod before he made it to earth. So she got raised by the Kents in his place (Kara was only three when Krypton blew, so she has a few memories of it. This, unfortunately, makes Kara the last living being from her universe. Clark and Lois are her legal guardians now (Yes, Lois and Clark are married, and yes, she will be pissed at the Spectre)

Another thing that will come up, is Billy Batsons' origin in Clarks' universe. 1. He was 8 when Clark met him (around the same time Billy got his powers) so it has most of his pre-New52 personality (and optimism) and hero worships Clark, 2. Clark and Lois, talked about adopting him before Billy got his powers when Clark first found out about him, Billy becoming Captain Marvel just made it where billy needed more than just family. (currently, as of the time frame of this fic, Billy is 10 and Kara is 15)

Basically, everything here in the fic that is about the DCU is How I think they should of done the New52.

Interesting, you actually followed Didio's original plan of using the most iconic versions of the characters but also taking elements from every previous version, making amalgams characters that respect their previous history.

By placing Billy so close to the Kents also you made a much more cohesive universe, but it doesn't conflict with Marvel operating in Fawcett City?

Also, Kara sounds like a composite character of Matrix, Zor-El and with some bits from Power Girl (the pre-crisis version), maybe some day DC will make something similar and we will find this massively hilarious in hindsight.

You know? This post reminds me why I encouraged you to publish this that first time in the DC forum, you not only follows DC, you know it and its history, please never lose that enthusiasm, this fic has a lot of potential and you surely can exploit that potential.
Keep the good writing.

The Woman who is as strong as Super I'm think Wonder Woman

And is the Tactical genius the Batman or the Martian Manhunter

And the fast man is the Flash

4330203 Those aren't that subtle. The Spectre described the following. Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and the Four Green Lanterns (Hal, John, Guy and Kyle).

Really wish I didn't have to release this before it was edited, but I gave myself 4 to 5 day to try before release. Giving my word sometimes bites me in the ass.

"At least you gave them the perfect name for them to call you"

Shut up Discord, or everytime you appear in any fic (not just mine), your only words will be Drocsid.

"I'll shut up"

Nice chapter. I enjoyed the interactions between characters. A little interpretative but not straight ooc (special mention to the Spectre of all people talking about parties to Pinkie).

Drawing a line between what is Doomsday and what will he do was a good setting too. I remember being completely scared of him when I first read about him (looooooong ago) and now you managed to make him terrifying again.

And finally the action. It was a little slow in this one but still managed to hold itself. Maybe now that most of explanations are done you can go and accelerate things a little bit? Anyways, it was good enough.

Being 'John Henry Irons' level of hones I will give you a seven point five out of ten. Better than its predecessor but still need to improve to be a ten.

4340291 Yeah, I'm starting to switch to a more dialogue heavy style, that is less descriptive than in these first four chapters of the main fic (chapter five is the first that won't explain things, though this doesn't include the intermission chapters. I just want to make sure I get across somethings crystal clear. Hopefully, The Intermission will finally be the point I get and actual editor/proofreader.

Doomsday, I have plans for him after this. I really had a hard time writing that scene. Doomsdays' "Fight" with Discord is very one sided (I really had to reduce Discords' silliness to what is in here. Mostly because Doomsday isn't Bizarro and doesn't even get the point of things beyond kill everything in sight, then kill it again to make sure it's dead).

I got to make sure I don't screw up the first Intermission chapter though, That's Sombras' first appearance in the fic. Then comes the hard part: The battle with Doomsday in chapter five and fitting it in one chapter *shudders* while trying to make it awesome. As you can see Chapter five scares me.

Not bad. Not bad at all.
This is a new King Sombra for me, and it's surprisingly good.
The Spectre is becoming what he was on Kingdom Come, that's very fitting considering his history.
And Dream being Starswilr? Priceless.

Keep going.

It was, good. Yeah, it was actually good.

The set could use more detail and the fight could be longer, also the ending felt anti-climatic for Doomsday, but at the end, it works.
Just a little thought. I believe you and the narration when it says that Darkseid was all calm and tranquil fury, but the all caps just make it seem like he's shouting. You could change the all caps to something different like italics or another color.

4853354 Yeah, I know I should change Darkseids' dialogue from caps. It's just used to give him a different style of speaking. He's suppose to sound like he does when Michael Ironside voices him in the DCAU. I figured Caps was the best way to emulate it till I found a better way. I say away from Itallics for speak and because I try to use it for thoughts. I would of used Bold, but I use that for yelling and the ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE. I might just use underline for him though.

By the way, I don't know how you feel about putting a soundtrack, but thee two songs could really be in Doomsday's fight:
Look here to have them in context:

Destiny -

Clark looked up, scanning the area that the sound was coming from. As he used his telescopic vision to try to locate the source, his heart sank. He had found the source.

Fate -

The last thing Rainbow Dash saw before the beast brought down it’s fists was as FLASH of lightning.

I know you don't like Evangelion, but at least those two are Crowning Moments of AWESOME!

4855586 Oh I don't "hate" Evangelion. My problem with it is basically this: We're watching the creator of it slowly go crazy during the first half. Then in the second half, he's gone completely insane and taking it out on his characters, specifically the one who doesn't deserve it as much as the others.

I just can't watch someone show just how far gone they are (trust me on this, I have seen someone drive themself to the looney bin [metaphorically speaking of course]. For the record, she needs to be a permanent resident there).

Also, I have thought about music. I just want to save that for the final battle (and I'll need help figuring out what music to use, and when to use it.).


specifically the one who doesn't deserve it as much as the others.

When you say that, which character are you talking about?

Anyways. If you're going to ad MUSIC!, then the mixed theme from the 75th anniversary could be a good idea:

Shinji (I'm not gonna say why. Just that he was the least jerkish character in the entire series)

Also, I'll probably use that.

Do you remember, before starting this, how I made an offhanded comparison between you and Grant Morrison?
Well, the concepts are definitely on his height. The Golden Age Superman being someone else is something I would expect from the next issue of Multiversity, or in a TPB of Animal Man.

Although it feels a little out of place how the exposition came, and I would have used Iron Munro to be the Golden Age Supes, it was interesting.

The narrative has become more fluid, just a little heavy on the explanations. I feel like Supes only speaks in explanations by this point.

Darkseid is definitely on character here. Sadistic, tranquil fury, ready to use world breaking weapons. Just the ultimatum didn't felt like an ultimatum. Two months is way too much time, I mean, even Mongul would've given them less time.

Over all, good quality. If you want a change to be made, try to cut down the explanations and give more space to actions.

5432322 First, thank for the feed back on that. The exposition is something that I wish I really could cut down on. Hopefully, the next arcs' villain will help with that (plus it gives me the excuse I need to debut the meta-pony concept, as I need to way to have have them established as existing in Equestria).

Darkseid is basically toying with them. First, he actually is setting up a back up plan for "just in case". As well as bringing 3 DC villains to really try to destroy there moral (It real had a hard time justifying the 2 months time limit without having Darkseids presence felt throughout. Thus, I came up with a small solution: Bring Ultraman, Bizarro, and the Joker as villain for the key arcs of Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie. I really couldn't think of any good villain to use for the others', since that would make the fic long than it should be).

I've been altering what I originally had plan on the fly, and thats' really making things hard. I said this before, and I'll say it again: Superman is one of the hardest characters to write.

Also,Yeah it was longer than I intended. I needed to give some reason for Clark to have told the CMC his kryptonian name. It's just came out long winded. I'll eventually fix it, if I can find a way to make flow better.

PS: DON"T PAINIC ABOUT THE JOKER OR BIZARRO MEETING THE PONIES. I have a half of plan. Bizarro isn't really going to be a villain, he's just going to Die punching out an Ursa Major. And the Joker Will be THE JOKER (Crazy, terrifying, creepy, and random. Expect him to sing three songs just because). And no, Batman won't be there to help. Superman is on his own, and kryptonite with be involved

Hey there. First time review, longer-time reader. I'm sorry I don't long in on this story earlier. I have to admit I am a HUGE DC Comics fan. Anyway, I read a few of your blogs and I know the Mane 6 are basically going to be the Justice Society in this story, and I have a few possible ideas in addition to the ideas you already listed:

Spike as the Al Pratt Atom (smallest of the group, yet stronger than he looks; plus it would give him some actual hero experience before he gets Zeta Beamed to Rann)

Pinkie Pie as Johnny Thunder (mostly the team comic relief, plus she has abilities truly only limited by her imagination)

Twilight as a mixture of Hawkman (most frequent leader of the group, wings she wasn't born with, technical experience with reincarnation) and Starman (most scientific minded of the team plus she already knows enough spells to mimic the best tricks of Starman's gravity/cosmic rod [large scale levitation, force field generation, energy blast firing and heat and cold generation] pretty well, plus Starman was the first Justice Society member Ultraman fought in the Silver Age)

Applejack as the Greg Saunders Vigilante (I know the Vigilante is more Seven Soldiers of Victory than Justice Society, but it's still Golden Age and it would fit with her western stuff pretty well)

Rarity as a mixture of the Golden Age Sandman and the Golden Age Black Canary (with Sweetie Belle being a mixture of Elasti-Girl [as you aforementioned] and the Silver Age Black Canary [i.e. she gains a sonic scream power as well as size-shifting abilities]).

Plus I have a couple of ideas for Silver Age character casting:

Babs Seed as Rocky Davis (from the Challengers of the Unknown)

Button Mash as Robby Reed (Dial H For Hero)

and Pipsqueak as Captain Comet.

Anyway, I hope this helps. If not, I DO profusely apologize for wasting your time.

Even if you DON'T like the ideas, though, I still think this is pretty darn good so far and eagerly await more. :-D

When will the next chapter come?

6180850 As soon as I get over some writers block (as in with in the next 2 months, barring some unforeseen event. I want it to be perfect as I can as it sets up the reason Scootaloo can't currently fly in this verse, as well as the fact that it's needs to focus on Twilight more than the others of the mane six as she's the first to get her key in this version).

Hopefully, I can get it done earlier and get someone to proofread it a couple of times before I release it.

As for everyone else waiting: once It's finished, I'll post a Blog with a link to the chapter so you can help proofread it. I will not release a Chapter till about five days have past and it's not been proofread (If someone offers to proofread it, I will delay releasing the chapter till they can. However, I will only give them a seven day delay. If they can't do it within that time limit, I will release it release without it being proofread).

Hope this clears up some confusion.

Is Pinkie going to confront Joker and learn the full potential of Laughter from that experience instead of with Cheese Sandwich?

6312554 I wouldn't say it's learning the Full potential of laughter. It's more that the Joker represents the Dark side of laughter. Knowing when to laugh is a vital part of life. The Joker takes his laughter to the extreme end, and is brutal as fighter. Pinkie basically learns that there is a time and a place for laughter (currently, she can be inappropriate with her desire to get ponies to Smile/Laugh. The Joker encounter shows her just how dangerous it can be if left unchecked and without someone to reign her in)

And Cheese Sandwich is cannon to this continuity, and will appear in those chapters. Major Spoiler: Pinkie and Cheese get married 5 years after this story ends.

I wonder how Twilight would react to Batman. I mean he is the most dangerous person on Earth for a very good reason. Great chapter and I am looking forward to the next chapter!

Glad this is back. Are you suggesting Scootaloo's father is abusive?

6483035 He's not exactly abusive, just really insane when it comes to his cause). He want his little girl to be perfect, and is actually trying to turn into her "correct" form. I'll give a sledge hammer of a hint at what he thinks she should be. He's a Unicorn Supremacist.. His plan is stupid and will never work even if he were successful in getting Scootaloos' mom to agree to his idiotic plan (She wouldn't).

6488518 Not sure even Trixie knows. Drunken one night stand is to blame.

Sorry I took so long getting around to this. Nothing to blame except self-admitted laziness. Still, excellent job on the exchanges, emotional content, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

Not much I can say other than once again, thanks very much for getting the next chapter up. It may have taken a while, but was well worth the wait. I really appreciate you going to the effort. As usual, very good job on the exchanges, emotional content, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I also appreciate the info in the author's notes. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

So Grogar is MLP's version of Trigon? What are they going to do to the unconscious Ultraman?

Interesting developments in this chapter. I hope Darkside leaves when he finds out who is messing with his plans because he should know better then to screw with that guy. Also great to see this story back!

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