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To be a Hero in changing times - Sparkfire

Superman has lost faith in himself, and now the world of equestria needs him to regain that faith before it's to late to save the bearers harmony.

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Super versus Ultra Part one

Author's Note:

Warring: This chapter is where things might turn you off a bit.

First up, Scootaloos' wing situation: Yeah, it's being introduced early so I can deal with it in Rainbow Dashs' chapters later on with out it seeming forced. It's apart of her backstory from 'Last Day of the Deadmare', and Superman is mentioned being the one who figured something was up.

*Also, Discord is still out of commission due to Doomsday decking him.

Now for the Main events: Superman mention Kara, Conner and Billy being his kids. Yes, Lois and Clark ARE MARRIED in his verse. Cloning is brought up for a reason- Bizarro is planned for Fluttershys' Chapters'. Warring Spoiler: The Cellular Degeneration thing is a PLOT POINT. If you've seen Old Yeller', you know what's going to happen to Bizarro. That's all I'm saying on that.

Billy Batsons' power set isn't mentioned because twilight becomes the adopted mother of this Worlds' Billy (an earth pony who actually does become Captain Marvel. As in, he'd would look like Classic Captain Marvel when he says Shazam and transforms).

And Finally, we reach the villain. Unlike other DC Ultramen, this one gets his powers from the same source as Clark- The Sun. This version is more of someone who wants a challenge in his life, a worthy opponent if will. And if he believes you to be powerful enough, he well doing almost anything to fight you (Clark being there makes fighting Twilight all the more challenging to him). Darkseid is the one who actually showed Owlman this universe existed, but Owlman is the one sent Ultraman. And it's not going to be an easy fight for Clark [Twilight is Ultramans' target, but Superman will do most of the fighting].

Super versus Ultra Part 1

On another earth, a few universes away from Equestria’ and Clarks’

Kal-Ul, the Ultraman was bored. There was no challenge to him, nothing to oppose him as of today. For today, he has just conquered the earth.

But as his allies celebrated the victory, Kal-Ul felt that it was a hollow one. That he could so easily have done it was the reason. To him, it was something that was done on a Tuesday before dinner.

Only one noticed the foul mood he was in.

“Kal, what’s wrong? We just conquered the damn planet, and here you are acting like we just lost a war?” The man known as Owlman stated, his voice unlike his counterpart from the “other universe”. His voice devoid of any emotion, yet his choice of words spoke volumes.

“Simple Thomas. It was too damned easy. This is something you shouldn’t have needed me for. It may have taken all of you several days to do it, but you would have done it without me holding your hands like toddlers needing their mothers.” Kal shot back, angered that they need him for something that they could have been done themselves.

Crap, I knew this was coming. Good thing I’ve been doing research on Transdimensional travel since we met those other versions of us. I just hope it can sate him.’ Thomas thought to himself.

Ultraman and Owlmans’ relationship was odd. Of the Crime Syndicate, they were the only two that actually were friends despite their differences. Though they never said it out loud of course.

“I might have a solution, though I suggest you give me a week to work on it. Just give me a type of opponent you want to fight, and I see what I can set you up with if it works.”

Cocking an eyebrow, Kal just looked at his friend and smirked. “Heh, alright Thomas. One week to work on it. Is it what I think it is?” After a nod confirmed it was indeed, Ultraman then turned to leave the area they were in.

“Oh, one more thing Thomas. Make sure the opponent is at least on my level of power. I want it to be worth my time.” And with that, Ultraman was gone.

Ponyville, Equestria- 4 days after Doomsdays’ attack on the Crystal Empire.

Ponyvilles’ residents had at first feared Clark due to what he could do. However, after being remind what happen after they last judged the proverbial book by it’s cover, the fear turn into curiosity.

Lyra was the only one who showed disdain for him. Which shocked most residents, who still viewed her as human crazy.

Clark really tried to avoid her as best he could to give her space, but his second day didn’t let him. They bumped into each other while Clark was heading to Twilights’ Library to read up on the entire history of this world. Needless to say, the conversation started off rocky. Yet, by the the end, Lyra had come to terms with his existant.

His first encounter with Ditzy Doo Hooves was interesting to say the least. Clark learned that the blond mare had been in the equestrian military, specifically E company ( also known“Easy company”). When he asked her a strange question after looking at the emblem on her mail bag, they everypony listening besides Ditzy, it sounded like he was calling her something he shouldn’t have.

“Wait, you’re a …..Loser?”

Unfortunately, her two daughters had heard, and believed he’d insulted their mom. Yet before they they could react, Ditzy smiled and spoke with pride in her voice.

“Ask my family, and they’d say that I was a loving mother and wife. Ask my friends and co-workers and they will say I’m a simple mail carrier. Ask the Princesses, and they’d tell you I am a loyal citizen of equestria. But ask my brothers and sister in Easy Company, and they’ll set you straight: That Ditzy Doo is a Loser.”

Some meetings with the ponies seemed to just happen as he walked around. Yet one meeting that had happened outside Ponyville actually resulted in a trip to the hospital for the mare.

You might know her.

Trixie really didn’t expect anyone to save her home as it was nearly destroyed when it fell off a cliff. While they were talking, Clark noticed that she seemed to be breathing heavily and seemed to be tired despite the fact strenuous exercise and work like hauling around a two ton wagon that weighed three to four times that with every thing she need to survive would be easy to her. Even with magic helping her. As he scanned her with his X-ray vision to make sure she was alright, he found out she was about two to three months pregnant. Plus, it turned out that Trixie was barely 18.

To say that Clark was trying his best to not accidentally insult everypony he meet was an understatement. Why?

Because when you live on a farm for most your life, you’re bound to learn more than a few horse base euphemisms and sayings. And he figured that some of them might be offensive to Equestrians . Especially the one about leading a horse to water.

Right now however, he was being questioned by Twilight about his world and his powers. Some of his answers fascinated her, while others confused and infuriated her her to no end.

“Let me get this straight- You actually can survive in space?”

“Yes, though not for an indefinite period. I’d say I’d could only do that for a few weeks as long as I don’t do much. It’s actually due to the fact I don’t really need to breath for a long period of time, which I found out by accident early in my career.”

“But it makes no sense. If you were discord, I’d believe it. Yet I’ve seen you in action. Your powers are physical, not metaphysical. You claim you could move the planet under your power, but that would cause catastrophic damage. Even your strength makes no sense.

“Just how are you even possible?” Twilight said, barely keeping her sanity in check.

“I don’t actually know. Maybe my world decided it needed something that could handle threats that were just too dangerous to allow unchecked. You really don’t like unknowns, do you Princess Twilight?”

“Well, how would you feel if everything you knew about science and magic basically changed in the course of a day? Your existence basically rewrites the laws of physics and how ponies thought the universe worked.

“You confirmed several theories, that were once thought of as mere fantasy as opposed to fact. Yes, I don’t like unknowns. You are impossible, and yet you exist. I don’t think I can handle the implications this implies.” Twilight said, with small hint of unhingeness in her voice.

“I actually know how that feels, believe it or not.”


“When I turned ten, my parents decided I was old enough to learn the truth of my origins.

“Imagine being ten, and finding out that everything you thought was not exactly the full truth. That day I learned that I was the ultimate answer to mankinds’ eternal question: Are we alone in the universe? Now here I am Twenty-Two years later, answering that same question again.

“Only this time, I’m also answering another question as well aren’t I?”

“What’s the other question?” Twilight asked, confused at the way he was treating this conversation.

“‘What else is out there?’ I’m basically answering the same question twice, just phrased differently.” He said, sighing as though he was exhausted.

“You’re saying that there’s more than just you that’s unexplainable? I don’t even know how to respond to that!” At this point Clark could tell she was frustrated with this entire subject.

“Look, let take a break from trying to explain everything, This is obviously driving you up the wall.”

“Ok, but I still want some answers. I still don’t like this situation.”

“Fair enough. How about we talk about some of the books we like. My wife sent some of my favorites, after she [mostly likely, knowing Lois Lane-Kent] chewed the Spectre out for sending me here without warning.”

“Wait, you’re married?”

“Yes, I am. And I have three kids. They’re adopted, but they’re still my kids.”

“Why adopted?”

“Kryptonians and humans aren’t exactly biologically compatible. And, the three we’ve adopted are connected to me in someway. Especially Kara and Connor, since they’re both kryptonians.

“And before you ask, Kara isn’t from my universe and Connor is a teenage clone of me.”

With those words, Twilights’ Jaw dropped even further than it did four days ago.

“A--a-a-a clone? How is that even possible? Cloning takes immense knowledge of cellular structures and genetic code, and even then, there’s the possibility of cellular degeneration even with knowing exactly what gene does what.

“Attempting to clone anything, even with everything in your favor is still a gamble. Then there’s the ethics you need to to consider.” Twilight rambled, beginning to feel confusion at how Clarks’ world worked when it completely defied logic.

“It works the exact same way in my world. Their been two successful attempts at cloning me, and by successful, I mean that they actually just created something similar to me.

“One attempt created a creature called Bizarro. He just as strong as me and just as powerful. The thing is, he suffers from a form of the cellular degeneration you’ve mentioned earlier and has several inverted version of my powers, Like heat breath instead of arctic breath, cold vision in place of heat vision and other similar inversions.

“He’s also more child-like, and really only has a basic comprehension of right and wrong.

“Connor on the other hand was was created using a different method. He was also artificially aged slower than Bizzaro was. Plus he also has some powers I don’t have or variants of them. And he is overall less powerful than me or even Kara due to the fact that they used human tissue to accelerate the cloning process faster.

“Lois was angry that when she found out who the human tissue was from. In a sense, that makes Connor mine and Lois’ biological son. The point is, that you’re right. Neither clone is a perfect clone of me because of shortcuts. I won’t do the ethics debate, just because that will open a new can of worms.” Clark finished , hoping that she’d drop the subject for now.

Twilight was still hungry for information about Clarks’ world, but something felt off about how he the way he referred to the two clones. It was almost as if he was was angry about their creation, not the clones themselves.

Before she could question Clark any further, the door to the library slammed open.

“Why do we have do we have to do a book report this weekend?” A rough sounding voice yelled in frustration.

“Because it due monday. And Miss Cherilee said we couldn’t use any books about Daring Do or the Elements of Harmony.” Another voice said.

“Ah think we c’n find something we can do the report on. We just have ta make sure we DON’T get a cutie mark in reading or book reports.”

Clark chuckled a little at that statement from Apple Bloom. He was still learning about the customs, biology of the ponies and history of this world, and cutie marks peaked his curiosity a bit.

To him, the concept made no sense at all, and complete sense at the same time. It seemed to brand their destiny on to them, but also seemed enslave them to it. He assumed that on first glance, but reminded himself that the rules of Destiny and Fate might not work the same as it does in his world.

As Clark and Twilight watched them argue, he notice something about Scootaloos’ wings that seemed… out of place. After they’d returned from the Crystal Empire, Clark had noticed that the timing of the wing flaps of Scootaloos’ wings seemed off compared to those of other Pegasi her age and some adults.

Clark had decided to read everything he could about pony physiology and biology to make sure something actually was wrong that couldn’t be attributed to a disease or some unknown injury that could be explained by looking at medical records. Or in this case, simply asking a few questions.

“Scootaloo, could you please come here for a second?”

“Uh oh, what did I do this time?”

“Nothing. It just I’ve noticed something about your wings that I want to check out.” Clark said, confusing the crusaders and Twilight.

As Scootaloo complied, she noticed something about Clarks’ eyes. They weren’t glowing red like when he saved her and the others from those wild timberwolves. The seemed ‘bluer’ to her, and also had a hint of silver.

“Princess, could you give me your opinion on these scars? They seem- perfectly straight and fresh.”

“Scars? What scars?” Scootaloo asked, wondering what he was talking about.

“You have two scars under your left wing, and two under right. Have you’ve had any recent surgeries for anything?”

“No. when we’re crusading for a marks, the worst thing to happen to us is getting covered in tree sap.”

‘Damn, better try to be subtle as possible with how I question her.’

“These scars…..” Twilight began “They’re not visible from as far as we were from them. I guess you used one of you vision powers?”

“Not exactly. I noticed that the way they were flapping seem to be out of synch with the way the book said they should be, and that’s after comparing them to several foals her age and a few adults. That told me I should check her wings for anomalies when I saw her again, and then I use my telescopic vision combined with X-Ray and Microscopic vision.”

“You did that- in less than a minute?”

“No, I noticed something off right after the crisis up at the Crystal Empire. After that, I started reading the books in the library just to make sure It wasn’t my imagination.”

“Whoa, you saw something wrong with me right after we met? Holy Faust, that’s awesome.”

“Not that awesome. It’s just that I’m more aware of things that others wouldn’t notice without powers, which is not a good thing most of the time. But, I want to know a few things about your family.”

“Like what?”

“Ah think he wants ta know if your Ma and Pa are Pegasi like you.”

“Don’t be silly, he want to know if Scootaloo has any hereditary diseases in her family.”

“Her-read-a-dairy? Sweetie, how could ya read a dairy? That makes no sense.”

“She means a disease that is inherited from a family member Apple Bloom. Clark isn’t asking that though, are you Mister Kent?”

“No, I’m not. I’m asking about how they treat Scootaloo and her friends. That can tell us what we’re dealing with better.”

“What do wanna know?” Scootaloo asked.

“Do your parents act differently to your friends than to you. Or do they act like your friends don’t exist sometimes?”

“No, in fact Mom give us cookies every chance she can when we have sleepovers at my house. Though, she and dad has showed Sweetie how to use magic sometimes. Thats because mom and dad are unicorns.”

“OK, two other questions. If you don’t mind, them that is.”

“I don’t mind”

“Alright, are you adopted? I’m only asking because two unicorns having a pegasus foal seems implausible.”

“Wait, why implausible and not impossible?” Scootaloo asked.

“I’ve learned over the years that nothing is impossible. Trust me on that.” Clark stated matter of factly, remembering the times he time traveled with the flash, and unfortunately, the event that brought Kara into his life.

“I’m not adopted, but I could see why you’d think that. My moms’ mom is a pegasus, and her dad is a unicorn.”

“Well, then the next question should tell me where the scars came from: Does your father seem disinterested in your desire to fly?”

“Huh? Why would that tell you where the scars came from? Scootaloo asked, puzzled by the question's phrasing.

With a sigh, Clark rubbed the bridge of nose.

‘Guess, this is going to be something I need to address before it gets any worse. Seems she doesn’t even realize what her father might be doing. I hope I can figure out what to do about this before it the week is out.’

“Scootaloo, what we just talked about needs to be kept a secret for now. Only us five can know what we’ve said today.

“And before you say anything about keeping this a secret Princess, I’d like to point out out that we’re dealing with minors here. I don’t want to put these kids in any unnecessary danger, without all the facts. If I just jump to conclusions, this could get ugly.”

“I actually see your point, and I think this needs some more investigating. Girls, why don’t you three head home for now. In a week or so, I want you to bring your mom and dad to meet me and Clark here at the library Scootaloo.”

“Uh, ok. Is something thing wrong with me?”

“Not as far as I know, but please don’t say a word about those scars till we can talk with your parents about. Maybe we can get some answers then.

As the three fillies looked at each other, they seemed uncertain as of what to do. After a minute, they agreed to keep silent and headed home.

Yet, before Clark or Twilight could decide on a game plan on how to deal with Scootaloos’ situation, five ponies and a dragon busted through the door.

“Twilight, something bad’s happened in Manehattan. Princess Celestia said she’d meet us here and teleport you six and Clark there so we’ll have the elements ready just encase we need them

“Excuse me, but where is ‘Manehattan’?”

“To the northeast. It’s the second biggest city in Equestria after Canterlot.” Spike answered.
Clark, hesitant to say anything more faced the direction Spike said and used a combination of X-ray vision and Telescopic vision to see what was happening in Manehatten.

“Let me see what’s happening. if Manehatten is the counterpart city to the one I’m thinking of, it should be simple to find. Ok, I’ve think I found - Oh no!”

“Uhm’ Mister Kent, what’s wrong?”

“I’ve got to go. The longer I stay, the more lives could be endangered.” Clark said firmly, though the girls and spike could tell something was wrong.

Before he could leave however, Celestia and Luna were at the the door.

“Well, it looks like everyone is here. Then I’ll teleport us to Manehatten immediately. Well, everyone except Spike of course. It might be too dangerous for him, and we have no idea what’s happened. To-”

“How fast can you get us there through teleporting?” Clark cut Celestia off, showing the ponies something bad was happening in Manehatten.

“Five seconds.” Celestia stated, though she masked her emotions to hide the shock of someone interrupting her. Mostly because no one had ever done so, save Discord*.

“Please, teleport us then. The longer we stay here, the more live could be lost.”

Celestia did comply, but only after the girls and Twilight armed themselves with the elements. As soon as they were back in her sight, she teleported them. Yet when they arrived, what they saw horrified them.

“What in tarnation?”

“Holy Faust, are those Dead bodies?”

“The creature that did this will pay with its life. I will see to it.” Luna added.

Fluttershy was the most frightened by the scene they were seeing.

“Finally! I was wondering if I needed to kill everyone in the city to get you here.

“Seems Thomas was right that you were here El. This fight is going to be much more fun than I thought it would- Especially if miss purple there is as powerful as I’ve been told.” The voice seemed to be echoing through the city, right before the source appeared in front of everyone.

The ponies could only gasp in confusion and horror at what the saw. The man that hovered in front of them not only looked exactly like Clark himself, but he was also dressed in an all blue body suit that looked similar in design to the suit that Clark wore when he first met them.

The only differences being this suit had no belt, and the emblem was upside down with a ‘U’ replacing the ‘S’.

“Mister Kent, ya know this varmint?” Applejack queried.

“Unfortunately, we’ve met. His name is Kal-Ul and he also goes by Clark Kent. He’s a less moral version of me from another universe.

“He’s Also known as Ultraman.”

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