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To be a Hero in changing times - Sparkfire

Superman has lost faith in himself, and now the world of equestria needs him to regain that faith before it's to late to save the bearers harmony.

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The Spectres' Reasons

The Spectres’ Reasons

“TIREK?!?!?” Everypony Screamed, even Big Mac (Scootaloo informed him that he sounded like Sweetie Belle when she screams words).

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, back the feather up! Tirek- The Lord of BUCKING TARTARUS, Devourer of foals, master of the dead- is real?!?!?!? Rainbow Dash, blurted out, not thinking about what she just said out loud, while foals, especially her #1 fan, were present.

Applejack, quickly bopped her on the head. “Mind yer mouth Rainbow, we got foals present, and Mistur Spectre ‘ere ain’t finished.”

“Actually, this the part where you can ask questions again.” Said spirit stated.

“Oh, does that mean that the readers get to find out why you can’t actually do this yourself, even though you’re like ultra-hyper-mega powerful?” the Pink one asked enthusiastically.

At that moment, ten hooves landed on the face of ten of the ponies. Luna was confused by Pinkies’ question, while Celestia just shook her head at the mares’ odd query. Clark, for his part, just cocked an eyebrow. They were all shocked by the Spectres’ answer. Well, all except Pinkie of course.

“Yes, yes they will.” He said, without even showing if he was even confused at what he was asked.*

“Uh, ...ok. Spectre, you said that the Rainbow of Darkness and the Elements of Harmony were equations. How is that possible? I mean, they’re physical objects. How can they be mathematical equations if they have form?” Twilight asked, just disregarding what Pinkie asked, simply because it just it just seemed weird. She just chalked it up to Pinkie being Pinkie.

“Simple, these two equations can be unpredictable. The Anti-Life equation uses words, doubt, fear and other negative emotions instead of numbers to reach it’s solution or what can be called it’s answer to the meaning of life. Basically, it is suppose to be proof that life is meaningless.

“The Life Equation however, uses positive emotions, the concepts you and your friends embody, as well as freedom and hope to arrive at the same conclusion. Though, it’s is their meaning. Do not however, take that statement that there is a meaning or isn’t a meaning to life. Only the Presence himself knows that answer. You must find you own interpretation of it yourself.

To finish the answer to your question however, they are physical simply because they exist. They always have and always will. You can never truly destroy them, even if you destroy the physical form.” The Spectre told her, taking care to state that no one can no what the meaning of life truly is, and that both equations are just choosing what they themselves thought was the meaning of life.

Had anypony asked how equations could come to those conclusions, the Spectre would have told them that they were sentient. If anypony had asked that is.

“Spectre, you said I was a version the “Element of Hope”. Where is this worlds’ version of it? “ Clark asked him, suspecting something was off about the Spectre’ claim that he was hope incarnate.

“Currently, this worlds’ element of hope is not active. You can’t force hope to just do what you want it to because ‘you say so’. Similar to reason I can’t deal with Tirek directly, since I do have other things to do. My attention is always divided, and I can’t force myself to focus on one thing at a time. It would be a disaster, and why I do things like this. Why I have others act as agents of mine. Hope is the same- it can’t be forced on anyone who doesn’t know it’s real potential.

“Since the bearer of hope can’t be forced to do this, I needed someone who is it’s equivalent, you Clark. You have given hope to others, but after the past week, you’ve lost what little hope you had in yourself. That is why you’re here now. You need to remember what hope is to you before you face Tirek with the Elements of Harmony.” The Spectre told him.

“Darling, I hate to point this out, but aren’t you technically forcing - Clark was it - to do what YOU want him to do? I don’t mean to be rude, but aren’t you doing the same thing you said no one can do? Forcing Hope and/or its embodiment to do what you want it/him to do?” Rarity said, pointing out what she consider a flaw in the Spectres’ Logic.

“My dear, I already know the hypocrisy of my actions. However, I am in a catch-22. Damned if I do the right thing or not. Clark has a choice to refuse, but you six will die if he does, regardless of how valiant of a fight you put up against Tirek. Sometimes, I am force to do things I don’t like. Even if I just confronted him in his world and asked, the league would have wanted come well.

“And though they are powerful, it would leave Clarks’ world defenseless from other threats. Also, his nature makes him want to help anyone who needs it, even if he expects it to be a trap. He was brought he so he could have a chance to choose your lives over his own. Is it fair, is it right? No, it isn’t, but it is the only chance you have have to survive Tireks’ wrath.

“As of now, I believe that the best course of action is to show you six just what Tirek is capable of. It is the only way you understand my motive. The rest of you can now Question Clark about himself. Getting to know the man behind the emblem will be crucial to defeating Tirek. Before I show you six what you are really going to face soon, I must ask that you be willing to see this- It will not be a pretty sight.” The Spectre grimly stated.

“Spectre, You can’t be serious? To let them see that MONSTER on his home turf is not going to endear them to you.” Clark said, voicing his concern that these ‘people’ aren’t ready to witness Darkseids’ sick world.

“Uhm, excuse me Mr. Spectre, but I still don’t like your method on how you brought Mr. Clark here. I, uhm mean you don’t seem very nice, and you don’t seem to care if he discards his own life for others. I mean, that is, I want to see what Tirek really is, but I don’t trust you. Let me see him, uhm, if that’s ok with you.” FlutterShy spoke, at her normal volume, finally calmed down from her rage at the Spectres’ disregard of others lives, though she still was angry at him.

‘Oh my, I don’t know why I got that angry. Still taking somepony from their home without their permission is wrong. But, how did he know my family name? Only Rainbow knows that name.’ She thought, forgetting for a moment that just agreed to see how bad the equestrian equivalent of Satan truly was.

The others- save the Spectre, were shocked by FlutterShys’ request, had varying reactions. The the crusaders and Granny Smith were shocked that she was being assertive as she was being now. The princesses, especially the one who only had seen her in her natural state of panic, had no idea how to react this. The other bearers, however the knew their friend on a level the others didn’t, and though they were shocked at her behavior, they knew why she was acting the way she was.

Clark on the other hand, since this was his first meeting with them, had no clue why she seemed so timid right now. He would find out the real reason later.

Then, there was Big Macs’ reaction. On the surface, he seemed like he didn’t see anything wrong. However, he did know that this was not normal for the Light-yellow mare. He had seen her more natural state as the others, but unlike the Crusaders and his Granny, he had seen her during her “assertive” moments (they just happened to get lucky and just miss them when they occur).

He did agree that they had to know what was coming, though Macintosh really didn’t know if he wanted them to know. From the way the Krypto-whatsit sounded, Tirek was far more dangerous than even the legends said he was.

“Ah think ya’ll should see what yer all gonna hafta face. Reckon that yah need ta ‘pare yer selves.” Mac stated, trying to mask his concern for them. “Ah doubt we’ll have any problems with our guest, especially since the princesses are here.”

“Mac, ah think ya been out in the sun too long. Why should we? Ah only see this here Spectre saying that we should listen because he said so, not ‘cause we’re in danger. Ah’m sorry, but ah just don’t think we are being told the whole story.” AJ told her brother, skeptical of the Spectres’ sincerity with them. It was like she couldn’t read him to see if he was being honest with them. The other, however, seemed to be telling the truth.

And that confused her. He trusted the Spectre, and at the same time he was a little angry at it. It was those facts that made her doubt the Spectre. She just felt like she was being lied to by having the lies be hidden by truth.

“Miss AppleJack, I’ll be clear with you. The Spectres’ methods are very unorthodox, and sometimes downright horrifying. However, he always tells the truth, just never the whole truth. He holds parts of it back simply because he thinks whoever he’s talking to might not be ready for it.

"The Spectre has done things like this before, and though I don’t like it, seeing what he wants you to is a choice. He isn’t lying about that. The best thing you all can do right now is at least consider all your options in this situation” Clark said to the untrusting mare, though he understood her reason not to trust the Spectre.

After a few minutes of silence , the bearers asked if they could talk this over among themselves. For half an hour they talk and debate, and finally, they come to a unanimous decision.

“Ok, before we tell you our decision, I want to know just why you have any interest in our world. You seem to only have your goals in mind while you warn of our possible deaths at Tireks’ hands.” Twilight Spoke up, wanting the real reason the Spectre was doing what he was.

“I do have a motive for my action, but I am limited in what I can tell you about it. Simply put, I am the personification of Justice and Vengeance, or more precisely, the wrath of the Presence. I am one of but a number of beings charged with keeping to multiverse from collapsing due to situations similar to this. In other words, my goal is to keep your universe from falling to Tirek.

Consequently, I have to do things that on your level of reasoning make no sense. You see, the outcome of the battle with Tirek does affect your worlds’ future. I am not allowed to tell you what is to come, as I can only see unchangeable events, but you have the choice to alter what happens when those happens.

Is that a sufficient enough of a reason for you to at least heed my warning?”

After a few seconds of thinking and checking with the other bearers, Twilight spoke. “It as good as any right now, though I still don’t trust you. Give us a few minutes to prepare ourselves. Out of curiosity, how long will this take?”

“I can’t say for sure, most likely an hour. However, it depends on how you react. Tirek is worst than anything you six have ever faced before, so you will need to realize this won’t be a pretty sight. Also, you will learn Tireks’ real name. Don’t say it around Clark, until he himself is ready to say it himself.

And before you say it is stupid to do so, Tirek has done horrible things to him, that are much worse than anything he did to your ancestors.”

And so, the six bearer mentally prepare themselves for the journey, not realizing that it will be much worse than what they expect. For they only know of a legend, not the reality of what is to come.

Before the Spectre leaves with the six however, Clark decides to ask something of him. To the ponies it seems to be a strange question, but to Clark…. Well, it will tell who this worlds’ so called ‘Element of Hope’ is.

“Spectre, I have to ask this: Is this universes’ Krypton still -” Clark is quickly cut off by the Spectre before he can finish the sentence.

“No.” Was the grim reply.

The ponies just cock the heads to the side, wondering why Clark asked that.

“Alright, we’ll be back in a hour or two, I suggest that the rest of you get to know who Superman really is. Clark, you want them to trust you, so tell them why you have three names. Tell them your origins, and most of all, tell them what you actually do for a living. Tell them everything about you. It is more important than you can possibly imagine.” The Spectre spoke, seeming to the ponies that he was detached from the severity of everything just spoken of.

And before anyone could say anything, the Spectre eyes flashed bright, blinding everyone present. When everyone recovered, the six Bearers of Harmony and the Spectre we’re gone. Leaving Clark a lone with three fillies who really had no clue what was going on. Three mares, each not really sure what just happen. Then there was MacIntosh, the only stallion, who seemed disturbingly calm about what just happen.

‘Great, this day just keeps getting better and better' Clark thought to himself sarcastically.

Apokolips, the domain of “Tirek”.

The Bearers really had no clue where they were as to the actual physical location, but they knew it had to be where Tirek lives. As soon as the saw what it looked liked, they understood why they were given a choice not to come. This place was much worse that the tartarus they knew of.

They wanted to ask questions, ranging from “who would want to live here?” to “Why this place even existed?”. They just couldn’t phrase them just right.

But the most telling sign this place was just wrong, was the way Pinkie Pie looked.

She was shivering, her ears laid flat, and the worse thing possible (at least to rainbow dash and others who’ve seen ‘Pinkamena”) had happened: Her hair was STRAIGHT.

Before any can ask her if she was alright, the Spectre Speaks.

“It is with great displeasure, that I welcome you to the hell world known to you as Tartarus. Know this, While we are here, no one else will be able to see or hear us.” As he finishes his sentence, a massive blast of fire blast up from behind him.


“Welcome to Apokolips”

Author's Note:

OK, The next Chapter will deal with Clarks' interactions with the Princesses, MacIntosh, Granny, and the CMC. As well as give some background on the Superman of this fic.

Fun facts: Though this Superman is actually much, much, much Stronger, Faster, and more Durable than than Celestia and Luna physically, actual power wise, Celestia is just as powerful (though, due to how her magic works in this universe, Clark would beat in a straight one on one fight. Here, Tias' Magic is pure solar energy. However, this only applies to this Celestia only).

Also, Clarks' Universe is 1938, and this pony universe is numbered at Universe 2010: Variant 1938DC-83D

PS: Just as hint of whats to come, the Spectres' no to his Question about krypton is a clue on what this fic will end with.

Also, Remember to comment on what you like about the story, what you hate about it. What you think can be improved. I Also know I need an editor and proof-readers. One other thing is this fic won't totally ignore season 4, just parts that won't fit into this story.

*Yes, the Spectre knows of the 4th wall. He just never breaks it (though he can do it, just be thankful that the very reason he doesn't do is also the same reason he can't deal with Darkseid Directly)

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