To be a Hero in changing times

by Sparkfire

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Superman has lost faith in himself, and now the world of equestria needs him to regain that faith before it's to late to save the bearers harmony.

Hope, that is what Superman has become symbol of after years of fighting for truth and justice. Now, his own hope in himself is endanger of being lost forever.
At the same time, the Spectre has forced Clark to come to the aid of another world.

The mission, stop Darkseid from murdering this worlds heroes, known as the Elements of Harmony.

But can the ponies restore hope to its embodiment? Will Clark be able to prove he is not a threat? Or will Darkseid finally obliterate the Man of Steel, and Succeed where all Equestrian villains before him have failed: Defeat the Elements of Harmony once and for all.

Also, why is the Spectre so interested in this pariticular universe?

Notes: The Superman in this fic is very different than others, and his origins will be expand on a bit in the fic. Some Comics cannon is different for this version than other version. He also has some elements of the 1987 superman in his backstory.

Also, Thanks to Wave Blaster for helping me iron some issues.

If you see any thing that needs fixing, be it grammar, characterization, spell or the like, please feel free to say so. Just don't be a jerk about it.

Strange visitor, Lost hope

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To Be a Hero in changing times

Chapter 1: Strange Visitor, Lost Hope

It was odd for Clark Kent to find himself lost or confused, but that was what he was feeling right now. He was lost emotionally and literally, and confused on how he even got here. It looked like he was in a forest, and he was still on earth from what saw when flew up above the atmosphere. Just not his earth, as he saw fewer cities, and those he did see were strange amalgamations of Medieval, Gothic, Colonial, Victorian, and very early modern architecture. To Clark, it made no sense and made sense at the same time.

‘Where the hell am I?’ he thought, perplexed by the notion he felt that he was not in the proverbial Kansas anymore.

‘one minute I’m in my apartment, wondering if the world needs me anymore, the next I’m in some pastel colored world, possibly alternate universe, wearing my Kryptonian combat suit. Ok Clark, think! Who could do this, that knows my secret and wants to hurt me or screw with my life. I can rule out Mister Mxyzptlk, this isn’t his MO. He announces he when he does stuff like this. So, that leaves only a few who would even attempt anything like this.’ Clark sighed in defeat.

The only villains that had the power to do this were few and far between. Only two would have the power to even attempt this. One was the Galactic Destroying Entity known as Imperiex, who was destroyed along with Brainiac 13 (a future version of the original) by Clark forcing them into a Temporal Boom tube, which took the two back the big bang and and allowed the energy of the event to obliterate them both.

The other, is a being that scares Clark to the core. Sending Clark here is not his MO. No, Darkseid would never send anyone here unless he knew it would be like hell to them. The New God was more prone to do things that would make even the strongest willed being break. Oh, he would not kill you, he would do much much worse. Clark doubted he brought him here, but felt that he might have something to do with it. For now, it was only speculation that the self proclaimed ‘god of evil’ was even involved in any way.

‘Alright, I better find the nearest town. Maybe the people there can at least can direct me to someone who might can send me back. Let’s see, Ah, there’s a small town about 3 miles from here,. Now, let see where the center of the town i….. you have got to be kidding me. This is definitely not a place Darkseid would send anyone to.’ Thought the Man of Steel as he realized what this place was populated by something he didn’t think was possible: PONIES, at least 4 different kinds if the purple Unicorn with wings was not just some weird mutation.

‘This might be more difficult than I thought. There’s no telling if this earth even has humans or something that looks like humans, they might be afraid of me even if there are no humans here. I’m gonna have figure out how to approach them without seeming to be hostile and also find a way to communicate with them.’ He thought as he pondered his options.

’Could just listen to some conversations to see if I can pick-up some words I recognize and try to piece together this world’s language. It might be an invasion of privacy, but I’ve got no choice right now . Ok, now let’s hear what they speak here.’

As Clark closes his eyes to focus on his hearing, he hears a sound that he is all too familiar with: Screams of terror. At that moment, there is no hesitation for him. He flies as fast as he can into the direction of them.

At his speed, he is there in seconds, and he quickly accesses the situation. Five wolves that look like they were made of wood, and they had trapped 3 young ponies in a treehouse. Clark didn’t have much time to get them out of this. So, he dove down fast and hit the wolf farthest from the forest hard enough to send him hurtling towards the others and knocking them away from the trapped foals (at least he assume that was the term they would use for young ponies).

As this happened, the 3 ponies inside had no clue what was happening. All they knew was that something awesome and very strange had just happened..

“Uh AppleBloom, are you see what I’m seeing?”

“Yeah, ah’m seeing it, but ah don’t believe it”

“Maybe it’s a nice creature and won’t hurt us, unlike those Timberwolves?”

“Ah don’t know, …..wait a second? Why’d it pick-up a fallen limb?”

The 3 Cutie Mark Crusaders have seen strange and incredible things since they met. But until today, none of them had seen anything light a fire by looking at what it wanted to light on fire.

“Whoa, did that whatever it is, just light a fire with it’s eyes” Scootaloo asked the others, in awe of the strange visitor’s powers.

“Eyep, How’d it do that?”

“That not possible, any unicorn can light a fire with their magic, but I don’t think that even Miss Twilight can do that with her eyes. Why does it needs a fire anyway?”

As if to answer Sweetie Belle’s question, Superman walked toward the wolves and swung the the burning branch at them. The Wooden Canines ran in fear of the fiery stick, not knowing what Clark was planning to do to them with it.

‘So much for having a proper and non-danger filled first contact. Well, at least from what I heard from them, they might be able to understand me.’ Thought the Man of Steel.

“Ok, can you three understand anything I’m saying right now?” After the three nodded, indicating they did, Clark continued to question them a bit “ Alright, can you answer the following: Where am I, as in the name of the planet, continent, country, providence and city or town we’re in right now?” He asked them, like a good investigative reporter would. “Please take as long as you need to answer. I know what you three have just seen might be a bit overwhelming. If you can’t tell me because you don’t know or just don’t want to, I’ll understand. ”

The three foals look at each other, before the white/grey unicorn spoke up “Uhh, in order: We’re on the planet Earth, on the continent of equus, in the country of equestria, in the providence of Shetland, the outskirts of the town of ponyville. Uhh, what are you suppose to be?”

‘Earth, well I’m in another universe if this is earth. Still, it could be an odd planet in my own universe. It’s been known that some planets sometimes have very similar languages. I’ll have to check the sky tonight and see if I see some constellations I recognize to confirm whether or not I’m in another universe’

“Well, it’s kind of complicated, but before we talk anymore, I need to get you three someplace safe. First I want you to tell me your names so I don’t call you the wrong thing.” Clark said, trying to sound as reassuring as possible to make sure he allayed their potential fear of him.

“Well, I’m Sweetie Belle, the pegasus is Scootaloo, and that’s Applebloom.” the unicorn, now know as Sweetie Belle said. Seemingly, there fear of him looked like it had subsided, for now.

“Ok Sweetie Belle, my name is Kal-El, but you 3 can call me Kal. Now, I think it would be safer someplace else right now. Where’s the nearest house that I can drop you off at that you three will be safe at until you can get to you family?” Clark asked them, only telling them his birth name because Superman would sound very weird to the 3.

It was the yellow one that spoke up. “Well, mah Granny and brother are up at the house that way. Ah reckon Ah could ask Big Mac ta get Sweetie and Scoots home after we tell them what happened. Ah jus’ don’t know what went wrong.” She sighed, trying to figure out why they were attacked, and what the creature in front of them was.

“Ok, now that I know the direction to go. I need to ask one more question, specifically to you Scootaloo. Can you fly?”

With a nod that showed she couldn’t, Clark picked the 3 fillies up in his arms and said to them “Don’t be scared, I’m going to take you to the place AppleBloom just told me about. We’ll be there in a minute. Also, you 3 might want to hold on tight, we’re going to go pretty fast.”

The trio looked confused at that. Before they could ask what he meant, they felt a rush of wind, and when the wind stopped, they were at the house. When they realized where they were, all three fillies jaws had dropped to the ground.

‘No way, even Rainbow Dash can’t do that. It must of took him like 2 seconds to get from the clubhouse to here.’

‘What the, how’d he do that. Ah just pointed ta the houses’ direction, how’d he get us here so fast”

‘But, but, but, but...... wow. I don’t think Rarity will believe this’

“Ok, this is your stop. Now lets’ make sure someone is........ wait, someone is coming down the path” Clark said to the three, as he heard the sound of six mares taking while walking down said path.

Well, 4 walking down the path, 1 flying, and one that looked like she was ‘Bouncing?’

‘Why can’t first contacts ever go smoothly’ the man of steel face palmed.

Clarks’ hearing picked-up the musings of the six, and they seem to concern the farm they were at.

“Consarn it Pinkie, why’d ya make us come ta the farm? Ah hope it’s important, cause ah got ta get back to the stand.”

“Yeah, I mean no offense Pinkie, but we all have other things to do today.”

“We have to be at the the farm cause my Pinkie sense told me something really, really super duper important was going to happen, and we all need to be there with the princesses. Oooh, I wonder if it’s a superhero from another dimension. Or maybe a red demon with a big right hoof and two horns who become a good guy because PANCAKES. Though I hope that it isn’t that huge green troll thingy that gets bigger and meaner the angrier you make it. I mean that would be worse than the time I had to assault Spike with 40 cakes because he was being a greedy mcgreedypants, and I wasted 40 cake which was terrible.

“Say, Twilight? Since Spike still owes 456 bits to the Cakes for those cakes, can we use him to help around Sugarcube Corner for the next two weeks?”

“We’ll deal that after this. Now Pinkie, are you sure I needed to contact the princesses besides Cadance? I mean your pinkie sense has been correct on most predictions, but you might be interpreting it wrong. Also, I’d normally question you about those 3 thing you mentioned, but right now we have to deal with whatever is suppose to happen here.”

“Uh, Twilight darling, I think I see why we’re here. And what it’s wearing is hideous, also, it’s standing by the girls.”

“What in tarnation is that? Looks like a hairless monkey?”

‘It seems I was expected by the Pink one. Either she’s Psychic or able to use some form of magic to see the immediate future. So how does one say “I come in peace” to ponies?’ Clark though, but before he could do anything, he heard a faint noise behind him that start to get louder and louder. Till…..


He turned, shielding his eyes from the flash, though he could see 2 figures in the near blinding light. As the light faded, he could see that the smaller of the 2 was about his height from hoof to horn while the larger one seem to tower over him by a foot with her horn. And like the purple unicorn he now recognized as the same winged unicorn he saw earlier, they both had wings as well.

As for the two new arrivals, they are stunned at the sight and only Celestia even had a clue what they were seeing. It was the bane of a very promising paleontologist, archeologist, and theoretical evolutionist named Lyra Heartstrings. It was her discoveries of a hypothetical evolution of Yetis and Sasquatches that earned the mare her attention, doubly so when it was revealed that she was a song caster, one who cast spells through music instead of the normal way. Celestia nearly offered a professor's position in Canterlot university, only to find out that the mare was made a laughing stock by her professors by making her include humans as a part of every class she taught every single day.

Lyras’ reputation was destroyed by the very ponies she trusted, over something she really didn’t care about, as she focused more on theoretical pony evolution more than other species. by the time Celestia could find her, she had moved to ponyville. But the damage had been done, and almost every pony who knew her believed she was obsessed with humans, even her marefriend. The only silver lining was that Twilight didn’t believe that, as she had gotten to know the poor mare since her move to ponyville.

Now was a chance to prove her sane, but at the same time, she remembered that theoretical humans might be more dangerous than the savages known as yetis and sasquatches. She and everyone had to be careful, since not even Lyra knew what Humans were capable of doing.

It never occurred to her that the creature in front of everyone was an alien even to humans, and only looked like them.

Luna on the other hand, knew nothing of what was in front of her. So her first action was; attack the strange creature and subdue it. So, she flew as high as she could , then flew straight towards Clark as at near supersonic speeds with her left hoof tucked under her forearm and right hoof stretched straight out in front of her . Normally, that would have killed almost anyone else who took that kind of blow. So it surprised everypony when Clark did the impossible.

He caught Lunas’ hoof and stop her in her tracks. Then he spoke in an even tone. “You know, attacking someone who’s done nothing to you is a bad idea. What you just tried would have killed anyone else except me.”

The Mane 6, they were shocked. The crusaders jaws, for the second time today, hit the ground. As for Celestia, well this confirmed he was dangerous, but not that was evil or a savage. Luna however, well she had heard a term that fit her current situation quite well. ‘I think I just drop a load of gems’ She fearfully thought, finally understanding what it actually meant.

“Uh, I think you might need to go clean yourself up. First time I’ve ever induced that reaction in someone literally. This not how I’d planned on meeting any of you.” Clark spoke, trying to defuse the situation before it got out of hand “I’d of preferred to meet your rulers on more pleasant terms and ask them if they could help me get home in a neutral place without scarring any of you or causing a panic, but considering what has happened, and that they’re already here, I think we all might need to all take a moment a let what we seen up to this sink in.”

After hearing what it said, yet wondering how it knew their language, Celestia agreed. After an hour, in which the crusaders explain how they met him to the 8 mares that arrived right after they did and AppleBlooms’ and AppleJacks’ brother and granny who arrived 10 minutes after everyone else.

“What did you mean, that you were wanting to meet my sister and I on “more pleasant terms”? Are you saying that you were planning on taking our crowns from us?” Luna asked, unable to figure out what Clark wanted from them.

“No, I wanted to ask if you could help me get home or knew someone who could. Taking your crowns from you defeats the purpose of meeting you both for help. I am not someone who uses his power for personal gain. I don’t want anything other than help getting home.”

“What are thou, and why does thou need help?” Luna ask, weary of him.

“My species is called Kryptonian, unfortunately for me, I’m the last of my kind. I need help getting home, because I have no clue if I’m on another planet or in another universe. 1 minute I was sitting in my apartment, the next I was in that forest. Also, before you ask, I just look like a human, that is if any of you even know what a human is.”

Twilight, was interested in what Clark was saying. It filled her both with fascination and gave her a new thing to study, but it also meant that either he was an alien to humans on another planet and thus just an alien to them, or from an alternate universe. If the latter was true, it would mean that her trip to the other equestria was just the beginning of something that was just now revealing itself to her. The discovery of a Multiverse, multiple universes existing simultaneously, the ultimate impossibility under the current understanding she had of all known sciences. She had to know why he thought that.

“Sir, how do you know this might be an alternate universe, rather than just a planet you never knew of before. It’s seems to be a very unprovable fact that you are from another universe.”

“Normally, I’d flat out agree with you, but the proof is simple. This planet has the same number of continents as where I’m from, and a similar, yet cleaner eco-system. But the most telling sign is the name of the planet: Earth is also the name of the planet I live on.

"However, that proof is only proof to me Miss. The only way I could prove this to any of you if to ask how many planets are in this star system or checking the constellations in the night sky. I only know what to look for to confirm if this alternate universe though, because I have some experience with them. For all I know, this could be an alternate timeline to my own.” Seeing the confused looks on their faces, he add “You don’t want to know, it’s too confusing to explain.”

Before anymore questions could be asked. a flash of light appeared behind them. For the first time, since he was brought here, Clark knew who did it. It was not an enemy, but an ally. The ponies for the second time today, saw something that looked human. This one however, was covered in a dark green cloak.

This creature was called many things: the spirit of vengeance and justice, the right hand of God, the angel of death by some. But most just call him The Spectre.

“Hello Clark, I’m sorry i didn’t inform you that I needed to bring you here, but there is a problem the only you can help these ponies with.” The Spectre said, his voice sounding both like thunder and the calm before a storm. Just by speaking, he startled everyone there, putting everypony on edge.

“Also, I’ve noticed that you needed some time to deal with some issues that have come up, which is another reason I’ve brought you here 2 months before you need to be.”

“Spectre! Look, I appreciate that you do what you have to, to deliver justice, but you can’t just bring me to another world because you can. You could've just asked me first.”

Before anyone could say anything more, a yellow enraged blur put itself in front of the the Spectre. Yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs.

“How dare you, you brought this poor creature without his permission, here to a strange land. He doesn’t know anything about us, and you expect him to help us with a problem none of us know of. And to top off we know barely anything about him or what he can do to help anypony. How dare you just up and alter somepony’s life own your terms without EVEN ASKING IF THEY WOULD YOU….YOU….!!!” Fluttershy raved and ranted at the Spectre, having no idea that her stare can’t affect him.

The Spectre simply smirked, before speaking calmly to her “Miss Posey, though your concerns are valid, staring me won’t work. If I were made of Flesh and Blood, then yes, I would be affected by your Stare. However, I’m currently both a ghost and spirit (yes they are different things), so … well you can see why it can’t affect me.

“But right now, you need to know why I brought him here. So ask the question I know you want to ask.” The Spirit of Vengeance added.

It Celestia who asked.

“Why have you brought him here against his will. Normally, something like this would be a matter of national security, what with 'Clark?' as you called him, being a alien. However, I was informed that it was something else. So, who ever you are, please explain why you brought him here, and explain in terms that everypony here can understand.”

“I’ll start at the beginning. 5,000 years ago, your civilization was targeted by a being of incredible power. As well as wielded a weapon of terrible and devastating potential. This weapon is known to you as the Rainbow of Darkness.

"He wanted to conquer and enslave your people. However several ponies found a way to stop him, the result cost the life of one of them. He was banished back to where came. For a while.

"2 weeks ago, a being named Metron came to me. He warned me that this being was planning destroy the very thing that banished him so long ago, or in this case, the beings that are the living embodiments of what banished him. What has become known to you all as The Elements of Harmony.” He paused, waiting for the next question.

This time it was the dark orange filly pegasus called Scootaloo who spoke.

“What hay does that have to do with anything relating with him, and why are you calling him Clark? He said his name is Kal.”

“Uh, I hafta agree with Scoots here. Why do you you call him that? And what does any of that egghead stuff half to do with anything?”

“Because, he may have been banished from here, but that didn’t stop him from going to other worlds to cause his brand of destruction. He went to other universes, and eventually found Clarks’. I’ll let him explain his name after I’m finished.

“Let’s just say that Clark is the only living being capable of actually defeating who I talking about, and he has done it several times. It’s one of the the reasons I have not mention the madman's name yet, since it is a very sore subject to Clark”

At that statement, the jaws of all ponies dropped. Even Celestia and Luna were shocked, as both had figured out who the Spectre might be talking about. But to them, what was just said should be impossible. The Crusaders just realized that something big was about to go down, just not the extent of it. Granny and Big MacIntosh who were Silent since they arrived could only gasp in horror at the thought that AppleJack could be killed. The Bearers however, did not understand the stakes. All they thought about was that creatures from another world have come and told that they were useless, at least they perceive it as that.

Clark, he knew why he had the feeling Darkseid was involved with this now. He still needed confirmation, but now he was 99% sure it was him.

“Spectre, answer me this. Why wasn’t the league informed of this? Batman is a better Tactician than me, Flash is faster, GL has more power, and Diana is a much better fighter. I only have more power types and am durable. Without the team, if this is who I think it is I will need back up, no ifs, ands or buts about it. So please, tell me the other name for this so called “Rainbow of Darkness””

“It is simple, what is Life without Compassion, Smiles, Truth, Charity, Camaraderie, and Unity? What is life with hope? All those millennium ago, those seven concepts stopped HIM, at the cost of the bearer of hopes’ life. You know the answer to your question Clark, but I will unfortunately confirm your fears. Yes, the “Rainbow of Darkness” is in fact, the Anti-Life Equation.

That is why you are needed. Without the Elements of Harmony aiding you in this coming fight, you will die. The same would happen to them if you don’t help. You, whether it was your goal or not, have become more than the symbol you wear. You are the avatar of the final part of the Life equation itself, Hope. And yes, the Elements of Harmony are in fact the Life Equation

I’ve Chosen not to mention the name of HIM due to what it means to you Clark. That is, I won’t say his real name because of what he has done to you. Here, he is known by another name.

Here, He is called……..TIREK!!

The Spectres' Reasons

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The Spectres’ Reasons

“TIREK?!?!?” Everypony Screamed, even Big Mac (Scootaloo informed him that he sounded like Sweetie Belle when she screams words).

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, back the feather up! Tirek- The Lord of BUCKING TARTARUS, Devourer of foals, master of the dead- is real?!?!?!? Rainbow Dash, blurted out, not thinking about what she just said out loud, while foals, especially her #1 fan, were present.

Applejack, quickly bopped her on the head. “Mind yer mouth Rainbow, we got foals present, and Mistur Spectre ‘ere ain’t finished.”

“Actually, this the part where you can ask questions again.” Said spirit stated.

“Oh, does that mean that the readers get to find out why you can’t actually do this yourself, even though you’re like ultra-hyper-mega powerful?” the Pink one asked enthusiastically.

At that moment, ten hooves landed on the face of ten of the ponies. Luna was confused by Pinkies’ question, while Celestia just shook her head at the mares’ odd query. Clark, for his part, just cocked an eyebrow. They were all shocked by the Spectres’ answer. Well, all except Pinkie of course.

“Yes, yes they will.” He said, without even showing if he was even confused at what he was asked.*

“Uh, ...ok. Spectre, you said that the Rainbow of Darkness and the Elements of Harmony were equations. How is that possible? I mean, they’re physical objects. How can they be mathematical equations if they have form?” Twilight asked, just disregarding what Pinkie asked, simply because it just it just seemed weird. She just chalked it up to Pinkie being Pinkie.

“Simple, these two equations can be unpredictable. The Anti-Life equation uses words, doubt, fear and other negative emotions instead of numbers to reach it’s solution or what can be called it’s answer to the meaning of life. Basically, it is suppose to be proof that life is meaningless.

“The Life Equation however, uses positive emotions, the concepts you and your friends embody, as well as freedom and hope to arrive at the same conclusion. Though, it’s is their meaning. Do not however, take that statement that there is a meaning or isn’t a meaning to life. Only the Presence himself knows that answer. You must find you own interpretation of it yourself.

To finish the answer to your question however, they are physical simply because they exist. They always have and always will. You can never truly destroy them, even if you destroy the physical form.” The Spectre told her, taking care to state that no one can no what the meaning of life truly is, and that both equations are just choosing what they themselves thought was the meaning of life.

Had anypony asked how equations could come to those conclusions, the Spectre would have told them that they were sentient. If anypony had asked that is.

“Spectre, you said I was a version the “Element of Hope”. Where is this worlds’ version of it? “ Clark asked him, suspecting something was off about the Spectre’ claim that he was hope incarnate.

“Currently, this worlds’ element of hope is not active. You can’t force hope to just do what you want it to because ‘you say so’. Similar to reason I can’t deal with Tirek directly, since I do have other things to do. My attention is always divided, and I can’t force myself to focus on one thing at a time. It would be a disaster, and why I do things like this. Why I have others act as agents of mine. Hope is the same- it can’t be forced on anyone who doesn’t know it’s real potential.

“Since the bearer of hope can’t be forced to do this, I needed someone who is it’s equivalent, you Clark. You have given hope to others, but after the past week, you’ve lost what little hope you had in yourself. That is why you’re here now. You need to remember what hope is to you before you face Tirek with the Elements of Harmony.” The Spectre told him.

“Darling, I hate to point this out, but aren’t you technically forcing - Clark was it - to do what YOU want him to do? I don’t mean to be rude, but aren’t you doing the same thing you said no one can do? Forcing Hope and/or its embodiment to do what you want it/him to do?” Rarity said, pointing out what she consider a flaw in the Spectres’ Logic.

“My dear, I already know the hypocrisy of my actions. However, I am in a catch-22. Damned if I do the right thing or not. Clark has a choice to refuse, but you six will die if he does, regardless of how valiant of a fight you put up against Tirek. Sometimes, I am force to do things I don’t like. Even if I just confronted him in his world and asked, the league would have wanted come well.

“And though they are powerful, it would leave Clarks’ world defenseless from other threats. Also, his nature makes him want to help anyone who needs it, even if he expects it to be a trap. He was brought he so he could have a chance to choose your lives over his own. Is it fair, is it right? No, it isn’t, but it is the only chance you have have to survive Tireks’ wrath.

“As of now, I believe that the best course of action is to show you six just what Tirek is capable of. It is the only way you understand my motive. The rest of you can now Question Clark about himself. Getting to know the man behind the emblem will be crucial to defeating Tirek. Before I show you six what you are really going to face soon, I must ask that you be willing to see this- It will not be a pretty sight.” The Spectre grimly stated.

“Spectre, You can’t be serious? To let them see that MONSTER on his home turf is not going to endear them to you.” Clark said, voicing his concern that these ‘people’ aren’t ready to witness Darkseids’ sick world.

“Uhm, excuse me Mr. Spectre, but I still don’t like your method on how you brought Mr. Clark here. I, uhm mean you don’t seem very nice, and you don’t seem to care if he discards his own life for others. I mean, that is, I want to see what Tirek really is, but I don’t trust you. Let me see him, uhm, if that’s ok with you.” FlutterShy spoke, at her normal volume, finally calmed down from her rage at the Spectres’ disregard of others lives, though she still was angry at him.

‘Oh my, I don’t know why I got that angry. Still taking somepony from their home without their permission is wrong. But, how did he know my family name? Only Rainbow knows that name.’ She thought, forgetting for a moment that just agreed to see how bad the equestrian equivalent of Satan truly was.

The others- save the Spectre, were shocked by FlutterShys’ request, had varying reactions. The the crusaders and Granny Smith were shocked that she was being assertive as she was being now. The princesses, especially the one who only had seen her in her natural state of panic, had no idea how to react this. The other bearers, however the knew their friend on a level the others didn’t, and though they were shocked at her behavior, they knew why she was acting the way she was.

Clark on the other hand, since this was his first meeting with them, had no clue why she seemed so timid right now. He would find out the real reason later.

Then, there was Big Macs’ reaction. On the surface, he seemed like he didn’t see anything wrong. However, he did know that this was not normal for the Light-yellow mare. He had seen her more natural state as the others, but unlike the Crusaders and his Granny, he had seen her during her “assertive” moments (they just happened to get lucky and just miss them when they occur).

He did agree that they had to know what was coming, though Macintosh really didn’t know if he wanted them to know. From the way the Krypto-whatsit sounded, Tirek was far more dangerous than even the legends said he was.

“Ah think ya’ll should see what yer all gonna hafta face. Reckon that yah need ta ‘pare yer selves.” Mac stated, trying to mask his concern for them. “Ah doubt we’ll have any problems with our guest, especially since the princesses are here.”

“Mac, ah think ya been out in the sun too long. Why should we? Ah only see this here Spectre saying that we should listen because he said so, not ‘cause we’re in danger. Ah’m sorry, but ah just don’t think we are being told the whole story.” AJ told her brother, skeptical of the Spectres’ sincerity with them. It was like she couldn’t read him to see if he was being honest with them. The other, however, seemed to be telling the truth.

And that confused her. He trusted the Spectre, and at the same time he was a little angry at it. It was those facts that made her doubt the Spectre. She just felt like she was being lied to by having the lies be hidden by truth.

“Miss AppleJack, I’ll be clear with you. The Spectres’ methods are very unorthodox, and sometimes downright horrifying. However, he always tells the truth, just never the whole truth. He holds parts of it back simply because he thinks whoever he’s talking to might not be ready for it.

"The Spectre has done things like this before, and though I don’t like it, seeing what he wants you to is a choice. He isn’t lying about that. The best thing you all can do right now is at least consider all your options in this situation” Clark said to the untrusting mare, though he understood her reason not to trust the Spectre.

After a few minutes of silence , the bearers asked if they could talk this over among themselves. For half an hour they talk and debate, and finally, they come to a unanimous decision.

“Ok, before we tell you our decision, I want to know just why you have any interest in our world. You seem to only have your goals in mind while you warn of our possible deaths at Tireks’ hands.” Twilight Spoke up, wanting the real reason the Spectre was doing what he was.

“I do have a motive for my action, but I am limited in what I can tell you about it. Simply put, I am the personification of Justice and Vengeance, or more precisely, the wrath of the Presence. I am one of but a number of beings charged with keeping to multiverse from collapsing due to situations similar to this. In other words, my goal is to keep your universe from falling to Tirek.

Consequently, I have to do things that on your level of reasoning make no sense. You see, the outcome of the battle with Tirek does affect your worlds’ future. I am not allowed to tell you what is to come, as I can only see unchangeable events, but you have the choice to alter what happens when those happens.

Is that a sufficient enough of a reason for you to at least heed my warning?”

After a few seconds of thinking and checking with the other bearers, Twilight spoke. “It as good as any right now, though I still don’t trust you. Give us a few minutes to prepare ourselves. Out of curiosity, how long will this take?”

“I can’t say for sure, most likely an hour. However, it depends on how you react. Tirek is worst than anything you six have ever faced before, so you will need to realize this won’t be a pretty sight. Also, you will learn Tireks’ real name. Don’t say it around Clark, until he himself is ready to say it himself.

And before you say it is stupid to do so, Tirek has done horrible things to him, that are much worse than anything he did to your ancestors.”

And so, the six bearer mentally prepare themselves for the journey, not realizing that it will be much worse than what they expect. For they only know of a legend, not the reality of what is to come.

Before the Spectre leaves with the six however, Clark decides to ask something of him. To the ponies it seems to be a strange question, but to Clark…. Well, it will tell who this worlds’ so called ‘Element of Hope’ is.

“Spectre, I have to ask this: Is this universes’ Krypton still -” Clark is quickly cut off by the Spectre before he can finish the sentence.

“No.” Was the grim reply.

The ponies just cock the heads to the side, wondering why Clark asked that.

“Alright, we’ll be back in a hour or two, I suggest that the rest of you get to know who Superman really is. Clark, you want them to trust you, so tell them why you have three names. Tell them your origins, and most of all, tell them what you actually do for a living. Tell them everything about you. It is more important than you can possibly imagine.” The Spectre spoke, seeming to the ponies that he was detached from the severity of everything just spoken of.

And before anyone could say anything, the Spectre eyes flashed bright, blinding everyone present. When everyone recovered, the six Bearers of Harmony and the Spectre we’re gone. Leaving Clark a lone with three fillies who really had no clue what was going on. Three mares, each not really sure what just happen. Then there was MacIntosh, the only stallion, who seemed disturbingly calm about what just happen.

‘Great, this day just keeps getting better and better' Clark thought to himself sarcastically.

Apokolips, the domain of “Tirek”.

The Bearers really had no clue where they were as to the actual physical location, but they knew it had to be where Tirek lives. As soon as the saw what it looked liked, they understood why they were given a choice not to come. This place was much worse that the tartarus they knew of.

They wanted to ask questions, ranging from “who would want to live here?” to “Why this place even existed?”. They just couldn’t phrase them just right.

But the most telling sign this place was just wrong, was the way Pinkie Pie looked.

She was shivering, her ears laid flat, and the worse thing possible (at least to rainbow dash and others who’ve seen ‘Pinkamena”) had happened: Her hair was STRAIGHT.

Before any can ask her if she was alright, the Spectre Speaks.

“It is with great displeasure, that I welcome you to the hell world known to you as Tartarus. Know this, While we are here, no one else will be able to see or hear us.” As he finishes his sentence, a massive blast of fire blast up from behind him.


“Welcome to Apokolips”

The Conversation (part 1- a rough start)

View Online

The Conversation (part one)

Superman just stared at the spot the Spectre and the 6 ponies were, just moments ago. He could only hope that they would recover from the trauma of seeing the hellhole known as Apokolips.

Hope, that’s why he was here. Why the Spectre brought him to this place.

His own hope is nearly gone, yet he is suppose to be its embodiment.

His birth parents made him their hope, that he would prevent the people of earth from making the mistakes that were made on krypton.

He became Jonathan and Martha Kents’ hope for a child, when they found him after the ship that brought him to earth crashed on their farm.

And then there are the people of the USA: They now trust him enough that they’re willing to give Clark the authority to kill anyone no matter what crime is committed. To allow him to become judge, jury and executioner. Their hope that he will fix everything wrong, is now the thing that makes Clark question how far is he going to go as Superman.

How far would he go?

Would he become a well meaning, but ultimately tyrannical dictator? Or a complete monster that couldn’t give a damn has to what happened to anyone that got in his way.

Who would stop Superman before he could become like the very monsters he fights, before the the Spectre did.

‘What good am I, if I become like Lord Superman or worse, Prime Minister Superman.’ He thought, bowing his head and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Uhmm, Mister Kal? Are you alright?” Asked a soft, yet high-pitched voice.

‘Sweetie Belle, if I recall correctly.’ Clark mused, then proceeded to answer her question. “No, not really. The past few months of my life have just been taxing and stressful. My world depends on me a lot.”

‘More than it should. Maybe I do too much, but if I stop, I’d feel like I’ve abandon them.’

After a pause, and then the Larger of the two princesses spoke.

“You speak as if you have the the power of a god, yet the body of a mortal. And what of the three names we’ve been told you have? What are you exactly?”

“Fair questions. Since the Spectre thinks that me telling you who I am, and my origins, powers and weakness, will allow you to trust me a little more than you currently do. Under normal circumstances, I’d avoid talking about this, but due to who we’ll be facing, It would be safer for you to know about me more than just why I was brought here. I’ll start from the beginning.

“My birth name is Kal-El, but my legal name is Clark Kent. Superman is a name that was given to me when I first appeared in this suit in public. Before you ask how I have a birth name and a legal name, I was born on another planet. My birth parents named me Kal-El.

“However, the planet I was born on was going to be destroyed. So, my birth parents decided to save me by sending me to another planet. It worked, and I was found by a human woman and man named Martha and Jonathan Kent.

“They adopted me, though, it took years for them to tell me how they did.

“Unfortunately, they found out I wasn’t normal. I started getting stronger, faster, more perceptive. I discovered that I could do things humans can’t do. I was able to see for vast distances, survive things that would kill normal humans, and I eventually figured out that I could see through almost anything. That I was able to fire energy from my eyes.

“I had no idea what was happening to me, I just thought I was a freak. As the years past, I grew more powerful, and gain a few new abilities. Like flight, and freezing breath.

“Around what was legally my 18th birthday, I lost Pa to a Tornado that ripped through town. That was a sobering experience. Before that day, I thought I could save everyone. Now, I know better.

“After the funeral, I met the Stranger. Please don’t ask about who or what he is, no one really knows a lot about him. He said I should go to college and study journalism.

“To this day, I have no clue how he knew I was even interested in that. I didn’t want to leave Ma alone, but when I told her I was going to stay with on the farm, she was furious at me. Said I shouldn’t put her above my education.

“For awhile after I got my Masters’ Degree, I was just a freelance reporter. Just wandering, trying to write any story that came my way. I used the time I had to get to know the people that were the subject of the piece, and learned some self-defence or martial arts just to keep my powers in check or learn to focus on a specific power. I did that to make sure I didn’t use the wrong power or hurt or even kill someone unintentionally.

“After nearly three years of that, I found out that my ship had another passenger: Brainiac 5. He had been attached to the ships’ hull in his dormant form, but was separated during the ships’ entry into earths’ atmosphere. It was from him that I learn who I was and where I was from. He also told me what happened to Krypton.

“After that meeting, I gained this combat suit. Then I had a choice: to keep myself a secret, or to reveal myself to the world. I chose the latter. The emblem on my chest is my kryptonian family crest according to Brainy. It’s why people started to call me Superman.

“And that’s why I have three name.

“I guess now I’ll need to tell you my powers and my weaknesses. The reason I am tell you my weaknesses is mainly because of who we’re going to be facing. He is very dangerous and can use mind games and manipulation, as well as illusions to pit us against each other.

“I only have one primary power: Solar energy absorption. From that, I derive all of my other powers. What makes this a double edge sword, is that I can’t control how little or how much I absorb.

“As you can guess, it means that the strength of my powers vary a bit. The last time someone tried to measure my maximum strength, I broke the machine. But not before it clocked me clear lifting just over 1 octillion tons.” Clark paused for a second, letting the reality of what he said sink in.

Then questioning started, but from the one who Clark hadn’t heard anything from. The one that was introduced to him as Granny Smith.

“Sonny, yer saying that yer stronger than an earth pony? Ah don’t believe ya.”

“I don’t expect you to ma’am. I am telling the truth though, I really can’t say how strong I am. That test was a few days before I had to fight a monster that nearly killed me. I was drained, and it took a month to get back to normal. My strength level also means that I really need to be careful when I touch anything.”

“You said you absorb solar energy. Can you explain what that is?” Princess Celestia asked, now convinced that this being was very dangerous.

“Basically, it the energy from the sun. Also, as I said, the ability is passive. That said, it’s not a good idea for me to absorb too much.”

“What happens if you do?”

“I have to release it, because if I don’t, it’ll cause a power overload that overrides my normal level of restraint. It means I won’t be able to gage how much power or force I use when I use my powers. It’s very rare for me to absorb too much under normal conditions. I would have to be about 1 million miles or less from the sun itself for that to happen- why are you backing away from me princess?”

Yes, Celestia was backing away from him. Mostly because of what Clark said. When he called attention to it, she noticed that everypony was looking at her.

“Uhh, well you see I actually raise the sun. My magic is tied into it, and so is my, uh, magic aura. I radiate solar energy constantly. I kept the term out of books out of embarrassment. It sort of like passing gas is for normal ponies.” Celestia said, with a slight blush on her muzzle.

“Ok, I didn’t see that coming. You raise the sun? Not to sound rude, but you wouldn’t happen be able to Red-shift or blue-shift your aura?” Clark asked, mainly just to check if they could defend themselves against him (and hoping that they could), and a little curious if Celestia actually could “raise the sun”.

“Red-Shift? Blue Shift? Why would I want to endanger every living being on the planet? I’d drain myself of all energy, and become as weak as a foal for 10 minutes even if I did either a red or blue shift!! Why on earth would you even ask me if I could do something that dangerous? AND YES, I DO RAISE THE SUN” Celestia asked (and yelled at ) Clark angrily, upset that anyone would even suggest that she try something that would potentially devastate the world.

But, as she looked him in the eyes, she could tell that something was amiss. He seemed to be relieved about the fact she could Red/Blue shift her aura. He even seemed to be smiling at her. Was he actually just faking this entire thing? Was Tirek just a cover for something else? Why would he actually be smiling?

“Princess.” Clark said, still smiling. “I wouldn’t want you to do something like that unless you have no choice. Why I asked you if you could, was to make sure you have a way to stop me. That’s why I’m smiling, because you can stop me. You need to be able to stop me, just in-case something forces me to fight you. Tirek has turned me against my friends and allies through some very nasty mind games just for the sheer hell of it on at least one occasion. Knowing my weaknesses is necessary as a countermeasure against that tactic.” The smile Clark had then slowly dropped.

“However, first I need to explain why I asked you if you could red or blue shift your aura.

“Red Sun light or red solar energy if you prefer, is a weakness of mine. White Stars can double my power, while a Blue Star quadruples it.

“I have three other weaknesses, but one of them is rendered moot since I’m in another universe.

“The other two are a little complicated.

“Magic is the odd one. Transformation and healing magic have little to no affect on me, but offensive and Divine magic can hurt me. Demonic, black, and even necromantic magic, well the effect they have on me depends on the power of the user, the spell, and how it’s channeled. And I have no clue if Chaos magic can do anything to me at all. Passive spells also can affect me. And in-case you need to get me and others somewhere in a hurry, Magical teleportation does work on me, it just has to be really precise or portal based.

“Psionics or psychic powers really are dangerous to me. I can be mind controlled, but I can’t kill or use my powers at full strength unless it’s something I’d actually do in the situation if I was put in that same situation without being mind controlled.

“And I actually do believe you raise the sun, but not that you literally raise it. I’ll explain why, in private with you and your ‘sisters?’, later. Forgive me for saying that, but I don’t know you relationship with the other winged unicorn”

“Only Luna is my sister, the other ALICORN is my student. There is only one other, and she is mine and my sisters’ niece, and my students’ sister in-law.” Celestia seethed, trying to calm down.

“Princess, ah think it’d be best if’un ya and the others go inside. Ah want ta talk ta our guest. Reckon that since Ah’m the owner of the Farm, if’un he needs ta stay here, he better talk ta me. Might seem ‘bit selfish, but ah just think ah might be able to understand him better than ya’ll six.” Big MacIntosh said, mostly because he did think he did understand Clark a bit better than the mares and fillies.

After some arguing from Granny Smith, and Mac simply saying that he thinks that Princess Celestia need some time to calm down, the 6 others did as they were asked. Clark did think he heard the three fillies arguing about something as they, and the three Mares when inside.

“Look, Mister Apple, I didn’t mean to upset them. Seems just trying to assure I can be stopped made her upset. I’ll try to talk to her later, but it might be easier for me to just move a mountain to another planet.

“I probably did make it seem like I was antagonizing her a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to make it up to them.

“Mister MacIntosh, what do you think of me?”

Few a minute, Mac didn’t answer. Truthfully, unlike the princesses, he could tell that the Strange visitor was being entirely honest with them. Mac just said what he really thought of him.

“Ah think yer being completely honest. Ah have a question though, why tell us about your weaknesses? Seems ta me, you could have held those back till we trusted ya a bit more, and ya trusted us a bit more.”

“True, but right now, if Dar- excuse me, Tirek is targeting your world, I think giving your people as much information on me as possible will at least give you an idea of what he is capable of.” Clark responded, though he nearly slipped up and spoke Darkseids’ name.

‘Almost said his name, for now i’ll have refer to him as Tirek for now. I just don’t think I’m ready to say his real name yet. After what he’s put me through, I’m surprised I haven’t just when to Apokolips every month just to cut loose and beat him to with in an inch of his immortal life.’

“But why tell us yer weaknesses? Don’t make a lick o’ sense to me, seeing as they’re not Tireks’.” MacIntosh responded, noticing the the now sorrowful look on Clark.

“Because, as I said earlier, Tirek uses mind games and mental tactics that could make us see each other as enemies during a battle against him. He made me think a friend of mine was a really dangerous enemy of mine once, and it took the entire Justice League to restrain me. At that point none of them knew my weaknesses except one. He wasn’t there due to some injuries he had at the time. The worst part is, I nearly killed them all.

“After that, I made sure everyone had way to stop me. Tirek is beyond a monster, and this world needs every advantage it can get to stop him. Even if it kills me, I won’t let anyone die under my watch if I can help it.

“Look, I know this up eventually, so I say this now. I’ll admit that I have killed, but I was given no choice both times. And to be truthfully, I really didn’t want to. I don’t like admitting that, but if I don’t say it now, I know it can possibly destroy any trust any of you would have in me.”

His eyes closed, now thinking of the first time he had to kill. Of the universe that was lost to his adopted cousin because he didn’t get there in time and the consequences of his decision to do what he did. Thinking of how that Zod had to be stopped.

Clark was being held down by two kryptonian females, the only followers of Zod to escape the Phantom Zone with him. They were currently holding him down so Zod could beat him to death.

“Once. I. Kill. You. Son. Of. Jor-El. I. Will. Destroy. Every. Damn. Being. In. YOUR.UNIVERSE!!As every blow landed, they punctuated every word Zod spoke. All the while he laughed for no other reason than he thought that he had won.

He was wrong, as Clark was here to stop him. He had be given a weapon, locked in a box made of lead, that would stop them. He chose to not use it, as he thought he could reason with them.

Now, they have given him no choice but to use it.

He struggled to get the three off of him. Using his Strength, he slammed the two women into Zod as fast as he could before he could land another punch, dazing Zod and disorienting the girls. He then kicked Zod 10 meters back, after which, he threw Zods’ two cronies on top of him.

Clark then walked over to where he dropped the lead box, and opened it.

The three Kryptonians had no idea what the glowing green rock was or what it would do to them, until Clark threw it in front of the them. As pain filled them, they heard Clark speak.

“I wish hadn’t come this. General Dru-Zod, Faora and Ursa, the three of you were once prisoners of the Phantom Zone. When you were freed, you had a chance to atone for the crimes you committed on Krypton. Instead, you added to them.” Clark stop talking for a second, tears starting to fall from his eyes as he ready himself. He lowered his head and closed his eyes, tears still streaming down his face.

“For the crime of omnicide: the needless killing-” he paused for second as his voice breaks “of nearly every living being in this universe, the sentence is” Clark raised his head and opened his now glowing red eyes “DEATH!”

The last thing the three saw was a red flash that destroyed their bodies completely and utterly. They barely had time to scream.

“Are ya going ta be ok? Ya seem distraught about something.”, Macs’ voice snapped Clack out of his trance.

“I’m fine, just reflecting on some choices I didn’t want make but had anyway.”

“Ya said Tirek is worse than a Monster. On a scale of 1 ta 10, how bad is he? Ah want ta know just what my sister and her friends have ta face.”

“On that scale, I’d say that he’d break it ten times over.”

“Ah see. Come with me, and grab some of those baskets over by the porch.”

“Actually, do you have a wagon or anything similar? If you do, I’ll carry all of them.”

At that statement, Mac just lifted a hoof and pointed to the barn. He cocked an eyebrow when he saw why he needed to wagon. Clark had grabbed 105 baskets and used to wagon to carry them. Mac figured that the wagon just gave him away to carry the buckets so he wouldn’t drop them.

‘Mmm, Pa always did say that “ya can be the strongest pony alive, yet still be clumsier than yer aunt Apple Jam if you don’t watch what ya do”. Ah reckon, ah’d do the same thing, if’n ah was as strong as he says he is.’ The Red Stallion thought, as he lead Clark to a small field of 21 fully loaded apple trees.

“May I ask why we’re here? I don’t think you brought me here just to pick apples.”

“Yer right, ya ain’t gonna pick’em. Yer gonna buck’em. Jus’ put the baskets under the trees. Five baskets per tree.”

“Buck them? I don’t think I understand what you mean.”

“Ah mean this.” Mac spoke, as he walked right up to the closest tree and bucked it hard.

Clark was stunned that he actually meant to buck the tree like that. “That might be tricky for me to do, but I’ll try. I’ll have to try and hold back as much as I can so as not to damage the trees, but I can do it.”

Clark walked up to one of the remaining trees, closed his eyes, and focused on the image of MacIntosh hitting the trees. Clark wanted to get it right, and use the correct amount of force. When he thought he he had it figured out, he opened his eyes, pulled his right arm back, and punched. He hit every tree at once, and knocked every apple off them.

However, Clark was not happy. The the simultaneous punches left indents of his knuckles in the trees.

“Damn, used too much force. Sorry, I was hoping to save you some trouble. Didn’t want to do any damage to them.”

Big Mac could only respond one way “What the buck jus’ happened? How’d ya do that? Ya hit every single tree at once!”

“That was super-speed. Like I said earlier, I can move very fast. You just saw after-images, which are a side-effect of super-speed.”

MacIntosh said nothing else about it, but he already had his final opinion about what he thought of Clark formed.

‘He may be a powerful being, but he seems ta be ‘fraid of his full power. Control of ‘em seems to be his MO. He’s using them ta help others Fer faust sakes, he used ‘em ta save mah sister and her friends. Despite the fact he’d never met ‘em til today. So why jus’ causally explain his weaknesses like they were nothing?’

It took MacIntosh a minute, but he reasoned it was his upbringing. That he was taught to use his powers to help anyone who needed it, and thus regarded his powers as something must be limited. Seeing him do something that would damage one tree would have been no big deal, since MacIntosh did that sometimes. However, seeing him do it to 20 trees simultaneously was a sight, as it explained to him why the creature called Clark not only told them his weaknesses, but why mentioned that he has killed without needing to be asked.

“Ya want to have some control of the battle if’n everythin’ goes ta tartarus. I want ta know, what has Tirek done ta ya ta make you reluctant ta even say his real name?”

Clark, who had started loading up the now full apple baskets on to the wagon stopped what he was doing, turned to Big Mac, looked him straight in the eye and said seven words that would horrify the Stallion.

“He violated me in every way possible.” After Clark said that, he then finished loading the wagon.

“Ah think we’re all* gonna need a drink of the hard stuff after the girls get back. Come on, let go back ta the house.”

As they walked back, MacIntosh thought about something. Granny was under the impression that nothing could be as strong as an earth pony. How she got that impression, he had no idea. Yet, if this being was strong enough to stop an Alicorn with ease, where did that put them on the totem pole in the grand scheme of things.

Before either could question the other any further, they reached the house. For now, MacIntosh had to inform the princesses, Granny, and three very impressionable fillies about what he thought of Clark. He was not looking forward to this one bit.

‘Jus’ hope Princess Celestia’s Calmed down a bit. This day jus’ keeps gettin’ longer and longer.’

MacIntosh asked Clark to put the wagon down and cover it with a tarp, then wait outside till he talked with everyone in the house.


As MacIntosh entered the Farmhouse, he could immediately hear arguing coming from the kitchen. He knew what, and who was it was about.

“Sister, I know he seems dangerous, but give him some credit. I doubt he wants to hurt anypony. Maybe he didn’t realize he insulted you, or he honestly does believe you should do everything to stop him should the need arise?

“Fine, I reconsider what he said. Still, I don’t like him. It’s hard to explain, just that he seems to be hiding something. Just be weary of him Luna, and that goes to you four as well as MacIntosh and the girls when we see them again.”

‘Seems she’s calmed down a lot. Well, at least ah know what ta expect’

“Ah’m back” MacIntosh yelled, getting the attention of the girls.

“Well, Sir MacIntosh? What is your opinion of the stranger?”

“Yes, Mister Apple? What do you think of him?”

MacIntosh took a deep breath, he wasn’t sure how they would take this, but both princesses wanted the truth. But how could he tell them that Clark had been completely honest with them all the entire time. ‘Here goes nothing.’

“Yer highnesses, Ah hate to tell ya this, but he’s been completely honest with us the whole time.”

At that exact moment, both Luna and Celestias’ minds shut down. They hadn’t been lied to by the alien? It took them a few seconds to respond, and both of them spoke same thing as though their minds were in sync at that exact moment (in the canterlot voice).



“Jonathan MacIntosh Apple, don’t ya lie ta the princesses or ta me. Nothing is as strong as he says he is, and ah mean nothin.” Granny Smith stated, eyeing MacIntosh like he was in trouble for insulting Faust herself.

“Granny, he didn’t lie. Everything he said in front of ya’ll and everything he told me was 100% true. What he said about Tirek was horrifying ta say the least, and explains why he told us his weaknesses. He’s Scared of what Tirek might do to make him attack us.” MacIntosh pause for second, letting this sink in so he could finish telling them his evaluation of Clark.

“If ah didn’t know better, ah’d say he was raised as an Apple. Ya c’n tell something is bothering him, yet he feels like he can’t show it. Like he has to be this ‘Superman’ all the time, or the world will go ta tartarus. It’s like he can’t just be himself.”

“Mr. Apple, how do you know he was telling the truth. If we accept him as an ally, I want to be absolutely one hundred percent sure. What purpose would tell us his weaknesses serve him, why just tell us everything he did like it was a casual conversation?

“Look, after everything that has happened in the past year or two, I’ve realized I’ve let my guard down a lot. I won’t be caught unaware again, and I won’t let something as dangerous as Chrysalis or as powerful as Discord running around with no way to keep him in check. Even with those weaknesses of his, they require immense power or incredible strength of will to preform. There’s also the fact that those weakness might just be lies.

“So, for now I believe you. However, I will talk to him myself. I will not let anypony else deal with something I should be dealing with.

“And Luna, before you yell at me, consider this; You are still learning modern customs. He is an alien, and this is a first contact situation. Technically, since my outburst was partially unfounded, that proved that we’re both ill equipped for this. I still have more experience though, which why I have to do this.

“I sounded like a foal, even though I thought I was being insulted. I need to act like who I am: a ruler who must put the needs of her subject over her own petty grievances.

“Mr. Apple, is there anything else I should know about him?”

“Eeyep, don’t mention anything ‘bout havin’ ta kill anyone. Seems he has a thing against it, though from what he said ’bout Tirek, Ah c’n see why.”

At that statement, everypony in the room just looked at MacIntosh like he had grown a second head.

“Uh Mr. Apple, what does killing have to do with anything?”

“From the way he was talkin’, Ah’d say that he hates to kill. Probably was forced ta kill with no other alternative a few times as well. Ah reckon he sees killing as a last resort.

“‘Fore ya’ll ask, it came up when ah asked him why he told us his weaknesses. Let’s jus’ say Tirek sounds like a very bad combination of Nightmare Moon, Disord, Sombra and has the skills and power ta back up any claim that’s been made about him.”

At that Celestia nodded,and prepared herself as she stood up. Her eyes closed tight, trying to understand the actions of the self-admitted alien. And the other one, who had touted him as the bearer of the Element of Hope in his universe.

‘I guess I’ll have to resort to using a spell that will let me see if he is telling the truth. My own magic might not do anything to him, but Lunas’ might’ Celestia thought to herself, remembering he did say her magic would probably power him up since it is in essence, solar energy.

“Luna, I want you to cast a spell on our visitor- one that show me if he’s lying or not. I will tell him you’re going to cast it on him, so as to show him that it is not an attack against him. Will you do this?”

“As long as he is willing to subject himself to it, yes I will cast it.”

“Good, because it’s time I had a heart to heart with this ‘Clark Kent’. This time, I won’t let anything he says get to me. However, I want you all to remember to be on your guard. Even if he is on the up and up, his ideas of justice might not be inline with ours.

“He may become a threat, one that is well meaning, but ultimately tyrannical. There is no telling what he is willing to do to achieve his goals. Just keep that in mind when talking to him.”

With that, Celestia walked towards the door. Not knowing how to deal with this situation, nor what to expect. Opening the door to go out, one thought crossed her mind.

‘He maybe lying, but I have to hope for the best. There’s that word again. Why is the element of hope needed now, when the ones we have have worked just fine till now?

Mother, Father, if you were here now, what would you do in my place?’

And with that thought, Celestia made her way to Clark, not knowing how this would play out. As Questions raced through her mind, she knew one thing must not happen.

‘I will not fail my subjects again’

The conversation (part 2- an understanding)

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The Conversation (part 2- an understanding)

Celestia readied herself anything as she past the threshold of the door. “Clark” as the human-like creature called itself, has at least proved to be non-hostile for now.

Yet, there was still new questions in her mind. For instance, MacIntosh mentioned that he said he hates killing. There could be several reasons for that, but only two stuck out in her mind.

‘Either he is very good at lying, or in his universe, humans don’t have a death-penalty for their most dangerous criminals. That means he might see himself as morally superior to us, or see us as barbarians.

‘How should I approach this? It’s not like anyone has any real experience with things like this- even Twilight said that she was turned into a mirror world human, so she was one of them for a while, they never even saw her real form. Plus, that was not a first contact situation. I have know idea what I’m doing, nor do I know how to-’ Celestia was awoken from her thoughts, by a voice startling her.

“Are you ok Princess?” Clark asked, only to realize he spooked her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Look before you say anything, I apologize for upsetting you earlier”

“For now, I accept your apology. Just don’t think for a moment I trust you.”

“If you did, i’d say you were not a very good leader. The benefit of a doubt is all I ask for now, but I’ll earn your trust the old fashion way- by proving I deserve it through my actions.”

“There is another way I’ll trust you. My sister is going to cast a spell on you that will turn different colors depend on how truthful you are: Red if you lie, green if you tell the truth.”

“Please, tell me it won’t turn me green or red. Before you ask, it’s a very long story, and it would take a half a day to explain what happen. It only makes sense in context.”

For a few moments, Celestia just stared at Clark blankly before she said anything. “Uh no,” she stated, giving him a confused look “it just creates an aura around you that changes color.”

“How long does it last?”

“Twenty minutes.”

“Well, whenever you’re ready, do it.”

Celestia turn towards the entrance to the farmhouse, where Luna was waiting for Celestias’ signal. As she nodded to Luna, Celestia turned back to Clark, and watch as a dark blue magic aura engulfed and coated him before it vanished. Now all she had to do was calibrate it.

“Alright, these first six questions are going to be easy. Just say yes to the first three, and no to the last 3.”

“Ok, I’m ready”

“Are you a from our universe?”

“Yes.” With that, the aura that was around Clark changed to Red.

“Well, that we knew, but does help me to know the spell is working. Next: Have you have Lied to anyone?”

Celestia was prepared for it to turn green, as most beings have lied to other at one point or another. She would have been concerned if it turned red, and would of had no choice but to trust him. What she saw happen when Clark said “yes” to this question however, was a first.

For a moment, half the aura was red and the other half green. And then it seem to combine till the aura and turn yellow. She just didn’t know how to respond to it, and was even more confused when he asked her why it turn yellow and not green.

“I don’t know. This has never happened before. one last ‘yes’ question. Is my name Twilight Sparkle?”

“Yes.” With that, the aura turned red.

“Mmh, it seems that it is working on you correctly. I will find out why the aura turned yellow later.”

“I have no idea why it did that myself princess. I do lie, just only to keep my life as Clark Kent separate from Superman.” With that statement the aura turned yellow again.

That is when Celestia realized what was happening here. It wasn’t that the spell didn’t work on him, it was that he wasn’t honest with himself.

‘This just can’t possible. It’s like he has two identities that have seamlessly separate lives that are also so interconnected with each other that they yearn to be apart, and he doesn’t even realize it. For some strange reason, he has convinced himself that some truths are lies either for “Superman”, or “Clark”.’

“I seems I’ll have to skip the ‘no’ questions, since it would be kind of pointless. I’ll just ask my regular questions now”

“Alright, what do you want to know?”

And so, Celestia began her questioning. She still couldn’t figure him out, even though the aura show he was not lying to her one bit. She decided to leave the question she wanted to asked most for last: “Why he hated killing?”- the question that was brought up in her mind when MacIntosh told not to mention it.

So Celestia, asked about his world, his roles as Clark Kent and Superman. If there were others who were as powerful as him, as strong as him, as fast as …. well you get the idea here. She was surprised that he answered with a yes to those questions, and the aura stayed green as well.

But as time ticked away, she had no choice to ask her last question before the aura faded.

“Ok, this is my last question: Why do you hate killing?”

This is when she thought he would show that he believed he was superior to them. Though Celestia rarely invoked the death penalty for anypony, it was there for when there was no other way to deal with criminals or monsters. Frankly, she considered death as a last resort.

So she surprised at his reaction to the question. He seemed to just deflate at her even mentioning the word ‘kill’.

“As I told Mr Apple earlier, I don’t like killing. Mostly because I’m not the law. I have killed, and both times, it wasn’t my first option. You remember when I said that a few days after my strength was measured, that I faced a monster that nearly killed me?” After a nod from Celestia, Clark continued.

“Well, in order to stop it, I had to kill it. A fat lot of good that did, considering that it just regenerated and came back to life. The reason I killed it was simple- because before I was able to intervened, it killed millions of people in a random rampage across the country.

“Imagine if you will, a creature that has no desire other than destruction. One that just won’t care what happens due to it’s actions, One that can’t be reasoned with.

“Now this is the really terrifying part. Not only is Doomsday real, but Tirek could unleash him on you at anytime.

“Doomsday is just a bio-weapon, that can’t be put out of it’s misery since it always will regenerate. A well as become unkillable by the method that was use to kill him. However, fortunately , he is only unkillable by the method the method that was last used. It’s a form of adaptive evolution that means death only slows him down.

“Add to the fact to his Strength is well into my levels, and on top of that, in is very resistant to injuries.”

“To answer your question, I don’t like to kill because I don’t have the authority, because I’m not the law. I have to the power to end most conflicts without needlessly add to the death toll. Though, if I have no other choice, then yes I’ll kill.”

Celestia, despite seeing the aura not changing once from green, was now horrified beyond reason. She’d gotten an answer that proved he didn’t think he was better than them, but that didn’t matter anymore.

What mattered, was the fact that Tirek possibly had a living weapon that might prove unstoppable if it were unleashed on her ponies.

“H-h-how could he have gotten a hold of that thing? Such a creature might turn on him.”

“I don’t know. After I killed Doomsday, he was thrown into a black hole so no-one would try to recreate him. Tirek simply found out about him, and freed him. ”

“Your world sounds horrible, to even allow itself to be defiled without some form of protection.”

“Maybe it is, but not all planets have most of the life-equation there to defend it.

“Back to your question. The only thing I really hate more than needless killing, is being told I have to kill someone or something. Worse than that, is being force to kill someone for committing any crime because the law said I have too.” Clark stated to Celestia, who now was getting the gist of what she was being told

“Wait, you’re being forced to to become the law on your world? Who in their right mind would give one being that much legal power?”

“In a sense, yes I am. The world I was raised on tends to prefer short term solutions over long term ones. Sometimes they just don’t think of the consequences. The thing is, times change and sometime you have to change with them. But, sometimes those changes just don’t feel right. I’ve been call a hero many times. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Still, I just feel if that I am going to be a hero, well I’m just going to have try to do the right thing.

“Right now , I need to figure out what that is.

“What they want me to do, I’ve seen the consequences of it. I’ve seen what happens when I go too far in upholding the law or just stop giving a damn, and became a straight up tyrant. They may have been different versions of me, but they were still me.” The aura completely vanished as Clark finished speaking, now completely somber in his tone.

“I will consider this, but for now I believe you. I will tell you this- If you have somehow deceived us, even with the truth aura, I will be forced to remove you from the planet. Normally, my sister only enters dreams of those who need her help, but I want to make absolutely sure you are telling the truth.

“She and I will check your dreams tonight, is that acceptable?”

“I don’t see how it isn’t. I’m a stranger to you and your people, so you have every right to be suspicious of me. There is one problem you might have to face in order to enter my dreams, you might have to face the lord of the Dreaming.

“I’ve heard from those that have met him outside of it that he doesn’t like it when others intrude on his domain, unless he gives them his blessing.” Clark stated.

Cocking an eyebrow, Celestia looked at Clark like he was crazy, all the while wondering if he was pulling her foreleg. Before she could question him, Clark quickly turn his in the direction of the road that lead into Sweet Apple Acres.

“It seems someone’s calling for Twilight. give me a sec and I’ll see where it’s coming fro-” Clark paused, now confused at the the sight he was now beholding. A small bipedal purple lizard was running down the road. Yelling for the pony he had been introduced to as Twilight, and in one of his hands, it looked like s/he was carrying a rolled up letter. “Why is there a purple talking lizard running down the road?”

Before Celestia could even ask him what he meant, she heard a faint voice yelling from a far.

“TWILIGHT!” At first she could barely hear it, But as the source of the voice got voice got closer, the louder it became enough for her to recognize who was yelling.

“Spike! Its seems that something has come up. We’ll finish talking later.”

A minute later, the purple lizard reached Celestia and Clark. Though for some reason, he seem to ignore the alien creature that was nearly as tall as the princess.

“Princess! Where. Is. Twilight?” Spike said, gasping for breath and doubled over from exhaustion.

“Letter. From. Princess Cadance.” He spoke again, starting to speak normally again after thirty seconds of rest. It was then, that he spotted Clark.

Unlike the ponies, he had a more “excited” reaction.

“Holy Guacamole, you’re a human!” And with that, Spike promptly forgot why he was there in the first place. He started questioning Clark about what was happening in the human world, and the Human versions of the mane six. Specifically, how Human!Rarity was doing.

For some reason, he had gotten it in his head that a human in equestria meant that something bad was happening in there world. Spike, being Spike, jumped to conclusions faster than Pinkie Pie- and thus, assumed that the girls had to go stop the human version of Nightmare Moon or something similar. Despite the fact that he forgotten that the mirror was currently useless, and couldn’t be used by anyone.

“Slow down a minute, mirror-what?” Clark asked, confused about what spike was talking about.

“Uh, duh. The mirror that me and Twilight used to visit your world in order to stop Sunset from using the element of magic to takeover your world to conquer Equestria.” Spike stated, oblivious to the events that had happened earlier.

“I’m not sure what this mirror is suppose to be, or what you’re talking about, but it sounds like it’s just another dimension. I’m not from another dimension, I’m from another universe.”

Both Celestia and Spike just stare at him blankly, not understanding what he meant. Before they can say anything more, or get back to the subject at hand (ie: the letter), a flash of light appeared in front of them.

The Spectre and the girls had returned.

Right after the girls and the Spectre came back, everypony else came out to check on them.

When they saw the state Pinkie was in, they nearly panicked. Straight hair was definitely not normal for her. To make matters worse, she was chanting something, and seemed to be crying. It took them 30 minute to at least get her happy enough to where her hair became slightly poofy.

Rarity was ranting that she needed to make nicer clothes for those “poor unfortunate souls Tirek was tormenting”, so they at least have something to live for. She was in denial that the gesture would mean squat due to who was in torturing them. That, and the fact that those “poor unfortunate souls” had more important things to worry about, like their lives.

AppleJack and Rainbow Dash, for the most part, seem to be doing ok. However, you could tell they were very disturbed by what they saw by the way they acted. Both just seemed to not want to talk about what they experienced.

Twilight, she was just crying. Asking Celestia how any ruler could treat their subjects like they were mere tools to be disposed of. As Twilight sobbed, Celestias’ rage grew. How could the Spectre claim that he was a force for good, when he nearly broke the girls completely, just by letting them see where Tirek lived.

Before she could check on the final bearer, FlutterShys’ state of mind, however, the Spectre stopped her.

“Don’t. Just let her be.”

His voice sounded different, more normal. Steady, even. It made no sense to her.

She watched him pull his hood down, revealing a much different face than what she thought it would be. While the hood was up, his skin seemed to be grey or chalk white. Now, with hood down, she saw it was much closer to Clarks’ skin tone.

“Before you say anything, I’m sorry for the way the Spectre has seemed to treat you or your subjects. Seems even after 75 years, I can’t get him to take into count the fact that not everyone in the multiverse might not be open to the fact a being that can basically destroy them, telling them that he’s here to help. Then outright doing things that seem downright terrifying, even if it’s just to stop the bad guys.

“Before you ask, my name is Jim Corrigan, and I’m sorry that your subjects had to even glimpse that hellhole. I wish I was able to explain the Spectres’ motives better, but I doubt I’d be able to.”

Celestia wanted to yell, to scream at “Jim” or whoever he called himself. Yet, she knew it would be pointless. Then Celestia saw Clark walk over, and he seemed worried for “Jim”.

“Jim, is everything alright? I know the Spectres’ reason for bringing me here, but I am hoping you can tell me something. Do you know why the Life Equation is here in this universe?”

Just then, Luna came over. She was kind of shocked when the unhooded Spectre addressed her.

“Well, now that you’re here princess, I’ll begin. You see, the Spectre is the reason the equestrians have access to the equation. It was him who lead the original bearers to them. The ones who defeated Tirek, last time. It’s because of that battle, that the Spectre removed the Element of Hope from the rest.

“He hid the element of hope, somewhere out in the void of space till it would be safe to bring it back. Thing is, of the pieces of the equation, hope is the only one that can manifest in other ways. In some universes, it can be a source of power. In others, it is a simple trinket. In still others, it can manifest as a living being” Jim stopped speaking for a moment, watching Clarks’ eyes widen with realization of what he was speaking of.

“What are you saying? That you have been behind the events that saved Equestria? Celestia asked, wondering what he really meant.

“Only when true evil was involved. You see, the Spectre is for the most part, an aspect of justice. A manifestation of vengeance in the form of a spirit, bound to my soul. Like I said, I’ve been dead for 75 years. I was bonded with him at death.

“He’s why the elements sealed you in the moon Luna, and why they later freed you of the Nightmares’ influence. The Spectre uses them a way to insure that evil gets what they deserve. However, Discord wasn’t completely evil. He was mostly just an asshole, which why he was turned to stone. The Spectre can act through the elements, but only when something like Nightmare Moon is involved.”

“Jim, I need to know this. Why is the league not here with me? The Spectre gave his reason why they shouldn’t be here. It just seems convoluted. Like there’s more to it than just what he said.”

“You’re right, even if Tirek didn’t attack, you still would have been the only one needed to be brought to Equestria. Please, don’t ask anymore about it. That’s all I can say on the matter.

“One final thing, he has sent an agent here to test Equestrias’ Defences. An agent that you need not just the Elements of Harmony, but also a another object called the Crystal Heart to stop it.” Corrigan stated as he raised his hood, his voice sounding much more forceful as the hood covered his face.

Luna, who for the most part hadn’t spoke since she came over, finally asked a simple question about the agent.

“Where is this agent at? I will smite this evil myse-” Luna was cut off by Clark, who had a hunch who the “agent” was.

“Oh no, please tell he didn’t send him of all things. How long ago did he send him”

“A few minutes ago, and yes, It is him.” The Spectre stated, as he flipped his right hand back, summoning the Elements of Harmony to their respective bearers.

“You at least have the element of surprise on your side, and the Princesses will be accompanying you. Twilight just read the letter her assistant brought, so they at least know there is something wrong. He does expect the Agent to fail, but with you here Clark, the casualties will be minimized.”

The Girls, startled out of there respective dazed states by the appearance of the elements, walked over to the where the Spectre, Clark and the princesses were. Each wondering what was happening and why they now had the elements of harmony on them.

“Since you six now know you’re needed at the Crystal Empire, tell Princess Cadance to get the Crystal Heart ready. I’ll make this simple- A monster known as Doomsday is slowly heading towards the Crystal Empire. Make no mistake, if you try to fight him directly, you will die. That is simply a fact.

“Not only have the few who have survived a direct battle with him experienced near life threatening injuries, but almost none have fully recovered from them. Clark is the only exception, due to his powers. Also, consider this: Clark was the only member of the Justice League to confront Doomsday directly. All other fought him indirectly, or through the creative use of their powers.

“To put this in perspective, the main members of the league is as follows: A tactical genius who is the only man to actually make Tirek stop his first invasion of Clarks’ earth simply by threatening to blow up his planet, even though Tirek considers Clark more of a threat in the grand scheme of thing. A woman, who is a better fighter and nearly as strong as Clark, though not as durable.

“Another who can run fast enough to actually travel through time and to other universe and/or dimensions. Before you ask miss Dash, no he can’t perform a Sonic Rainboom, though the ability is related to his power source. Still, there are another 4 men, who have rings that can make their very thoughts reality.

“Think about this, why would the man who could have kill Doomsday simply by take to the end of time not do that exactly? Why would the fighter simply not dismember him then scatter the pieces to the four winds? Why would the men who could will themselves to be invincible, not drag him to the nearest black hole and throw him in?” The Spectre stopped talking for a moment, waiting for the ponies’ responses.

“Wait, Run fast enough to travel time? Bu.. Bu.. But that scientifically impossible! The speed needed to attempt that would be the equivalent of Rainbow doing a thousand Sonic Rainbooms at once. And furthermore, making you thoughts would require an amount of magic and power beyond anything even the Elements of Harmony can do.” Twilight ranted, her mind forcing her to forget the trauma of experiencing the horrors of Apokolips by making her focus on science.

“Sugercube, him being different universe might mean that his world has different...uh, rules than ours.” Applejack said, trying to calm Twilight down, but added “How the hay could one pony threaten Tirek just by being a genius? What we saw in his home, ah don’t want ta ‘member. But, ta me, seemed like nuthin’ could scare them save fer Tirek himself. An nuthin’ could scare Tirek.”

“MIss Apple, I’ll tell you all the full story of that after we deal with Doomsday. Just make sure you all stay faraway from the fight. Since he can’t be killed without coming back to life, I assume you want to use the Elements to seal or bind him?” Clark questioned the Spectre, knowing he was going to be in for a rough fight. The Spectre only nodded in response

“Uhm, excuse me. Why would you consider killing a living being? Can’t we just ask it nicely to not attack anypony?” Fluttershy asked softly, hoping they weren’t thinking of hurting an innocent animal.

Clark had no choice but to tell her what she was about to face, and he hated to tell her the things Doomsday would do to her. But, she needed to understand that what she was asking was impossible.

“Miss, Doomsday isn’t a living being. He doesn’t eat or sleep, or even think. He kills without rhyme nor reason. He attacks on sight, and only stops when his target is obliterated. And killing him only slows him down.” Clark could see that Twilight and AppleJack were scared of what he was saying, and that the pony that asked the question seem to be shaking from fear. Worse still, the remaining three seemed to not have completely recovered from the experience when the Spectre brought them back.

‘The Pink one still seems to be in shock from the trip to Apokolips. They all need to know what they’re about to face, though.’

“ There is something else. Doomsday can’t be killed by the method that killed him last, but the method before that can be used again. To complicate the matter, is the fact that he is nearly as durable as me. So it takes alot of effort to kill him.”

“Whoa, are you saying this thing can’t be stopped without out destroying it outright.” The rainbow maned pony asked, then she shuddered when Clark nodding in confirmation.

“That is why the Elements of Harmony are need along with Crystal Heart miss Dash. Furthermore, all six of you have a choice that is very much like Clarks’. Do you really think that the world will return to the way it was after all this is said and done? The Choice you all have is a paradox. Either choice can get you killed. First things first, laughter needs to be restored.

“Miss Pie, when Doomsday defeated, you should throw the biggest party you can think of up.”

WIth that, Pinkies’ mane and tail completely poofed back to normal. How that worked, Clark didn’t know, he just chalked it up to differ universal rules.

“Now, the nine of you must go now

“Once you get there, you’ll have 30 minutes at the most to warn the rulers of the Crystal Empire to ready the Crystal Heart and assist in starting evacuations.

“Be warned, you may not have time to help with evacuations. If that happens, just deal with Doomsday, his defeat takes priority.” The Spectre stated evenly.

Before any of the ponies or Clark could ask any more questions, the Spectres’ Eyes Glowed white. Then, they were gone.

As the Spectre stared at the spot, he had one thought ‘Good Luck, you’ll need it against Doomsday.’

Behind him, he could hear the hoof steps of an old mare, three fillies, one baby dragon and a Stallion.

“Uhm, mister Spectre? You punish bad ponies, right? Me, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were.. well, we were wondering if you could make Diamond Ti-” Sweetie Belle was cut off before she could finish the request.

“Diamond Tiara Rich will be dealt with. Though even I must admit, she might not get the hint. I will see what I can do though.

“But right now, something else requires my attention. Something that must be done” And with that, the Spectre disappeared.

DIscord had never seen anything like this creature before.

‘PeRhApS iT’s A tRoLl. nEvEr sEeN oNe LiKe this before THOUGH. I think I’ll play with it some.’

In front of Discord was a creature that stood over twice his size, and about that wide too. Bones seemed to be coming out of edge it’s face, nuckles, knees, elbow. Bone also seemed to cover parts of it’s dark grey skin like armor, including the bridge of it nose. And it seemed to have eyes of pure red. No irises or pupils, just red eyes

For some reason it seemed to be lumbering towards the Crystal Empire.

“Well friend, I don’t know what you are, but-” Discord felt a blow to his stomach, and something tear into his flesh. The next thing Discord knew, he was slammed into a large rock.

“OW, That wasn’t nice or friendly.” Discord then had a thought ‘How did that thing hurt me?! Me of all beings?’

He had to do something to get rid of it, for it might ruin his fun. Or worse, kill everything else off. The warped master of chaos decided to finish it off, in the the only manner fitting for such a brute.

Discord teleported right in front of the creature, his talon and paw holding a small sphere of energy in them to the right side of his body.

As Doomsday lumbered forward, Discord said something.

“KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAAAAA!”On the last syllable, released the sphere of energy right into the Chest of Doomsday, carving a hole right through it. Doomsday collapsed instantly.

“Sorry, whatever you were. You are just too deadly to live, and I need everyone alive to cause chaos.” Discord said, now wearing an orange martial arts gi with a blue sash around his waist.

“Now, what to do with you? Hey readers, what do you think I….with……” Discord rambling was cut off by a low growl. He had no idea where it was coming from, until he looked at the fallen monster in front him.

IT was making the noise. The creature had somehow survived having a hole in his chest.

“What the gobbly gakkin humus!? It survived that. Am I being prank by the writer?

“Hey, Piss-poor writer. Let me see the script a sec.”

OK, but you’ll be sorry you did read it. I did tried to warn you about this when I asked you to to be in this fic. Why do you think I asked you to read the contract before you signed it? I’m not stupid enough to actually put you in danger, without at least making sure you know full well what’s going to happen to you.

So the “Piss-poor writer” did what was asked of him.

As Discord read the script, the color drain from his face (literally) and his eyes widened. However, before he could skedaddle, a shadow loomed over him.

“Oh no. Heh, heh…. Listen big guy, can’t you take joke?” Discord futilely pleaded with the behemoth in front of him.

Unfortunately, for him the beast already had it’s arm pulled back. As he slammed it into Discords’ stomach at unreal speeds, Discord could feel the sharp bone spurs cut upwards until they reached his jaw. Then as he blacked out from the pain being cut open, and a broken jaw, he felt the sensation the he was flying.

Doomsday had decked Discord hard, and if Discord were mortal, he would have died. Instead he was sent sailing to the entrance to the Crystal Empire.

And the worst thing possible had happened.

Doomsday had caught a glimpse of the sun shining upon the Crystal of said empire.

As he saw the shimmering spectacle, he started to walk towards it, picking up speed as he went.

To those inhabiting that place, beware: FOR DOOMSDAY IS COMING

Omake #1: Glasses

(Set a few days after Doomsdays’ defeat, Not entirely cannon)

As Clark, looked through the suitcase of clothes that Lois had forced the Spectre to bring to him, he was trying to find the most important item he had. Other than his favorite book, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, this item was something that made him feel he was truly Clark Kent.

“Ah, here they are” Clark said as he put on the old pair of glasses.

There were few who knew why he wore them and fewer who knew their true purpose.

That purpose was to kept him from using his Heat vision at maximum power and full strength while just interacting while everyday people by accident. The glasses kept that power to around ten percent so long as clark had them on.

Some in the League had suggested that when he had them on, that they “magically” made it impossible for anyone who wasn’t outright told who he was, that he was Clark Kent. Of course, it was Hal Jordan who made the comment, and no one in the league took it seriously.

Clark never thought that anyone would be stupid enough to not see through something that ridiculous. The main reason no one suspected Superman and Clark were his mannerisms and the way he acted.

Superman, being the facade, his mannerisms were based on how first responders, Firefighters and Paramedics acted when they got to a call. His actions based on how a cop puts him or herself in the line of fire. Always making sure that the proper authorities knew what was going on and giving his opinion on what should and shouldn’t be done, and allow them to make the call on how they should proceed.

Clark was different, as he was the real personality. Humble. Determined if a little {sometimes intentionally} clumsy. Always respectful and helpful. He was witty and smart, but not condescending or jerkish. And he was very opinionated.

If you never knew he was Superman, you’d think from articles he’s written about himself as Superman, that he harbored a hatred of him that rivaled Lex Luthors’. Though he did keep them tamed compared to others, if he screwed up as Superman, he blasted himself for the mistakes he made in the papers’ editorials.

That’s why people don’t see the resemblance. Why would someone who is a hero, make it seem like he hates himself?

“Darhling, pardon me for asking this, but why are you wearing glasses? Don’t you have perfect vision.” Rarity spoke, a little confused why Clark was wearing said accessory.

“I want to know myself. You made it seem like you’re physically perfect.” Twilight inquired as they left the apple farm.

“I don’t wear them because I have poor vision. I wear them because they keep me from setting a coffee mug on fire accidentally while working at the office. Fire and a job that involves paper don’t mix. Though to hear a friend of mine tell it, they’re “magic glasses” that prevent anyone from seeing that I’m actually Superman in disguise unless they’re flat out told.” Clark said, chuckling a little at the statement.

Rarity and Twilight had heard of enchanted glasses before, but to joke about the very concept was strange.

‘Could it be possible that enchantments can’t be done on glasses in his world? I have so many question to ask, I just hope he can answer them all.’

“Clark dear, how long have you had those dirty old glasses?”

“I had the frames since my Pa died, the lenses were replaced with ones that restrain my heat, X-ray and other vision based power to a lower more manageable level while not working as Superman. I’ve gotten better at controlling them over the years, but I like the extra precaution they provide. And they’re not dirty, just aged.”

Before Rarity or Twilight could respond, a Pink blur appeared in front of the trio.

“Oh hi Rarity, hi Twilight, hi That guy with the glasses. Huh, wait a minute. Guy with the glasses, I never seen you before. I wonder why my pinkie sense says I know you. Oh well, I’ll just make Clarkies’ party for you too. BYE.” As Pinkie bounced away, the three just stood there in the middle of road in sort of a daze.

Then, in order Clark spoke first as he closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Please tell she wasn’t serious about not recognizing me while I’m wearing the glasses.”

Both Rarity and Twilight sighed, then they both spoke at the same time.

“We don’t know, it’s just Pinkie being… Well, Pinkie.”

Intermission 1: The Phantom Becomes the Stranger

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Intermission 1: The Phantom becomes the Stranger

If somepony asked you to describe King Sombra, how would you do so?

Would you say he was a monster? A Tyrant? Evil?

You’d be right if you said yes to those three questions, because that’s what history remembers him as.

Yet, we only know one side of the story. What if his reasons were much less evil than we believed. What if the truth is far more complicated than “he simply became evil because he wanted power”.

Well, what if I were to tell you that it is far more complicated that that.

‘Why didn’t kill me? I gave those idiots more chances to try than a hydra has heads’ Sombra thought, believing they were cowards for not even attempting. “Even the alicorns “pitied” me and let me live’

The dark grey unicorn stallion with the odd red horn just couldn’t wrap his head around the notion of not killing anypony or one that was evil.

“How could they not even attempt killing me? I’m as evil as the come, a monster who torchered them to near death. It makes absolutely no sense-”

“Maybe they thought they did kill you this time” a voice cut Sombra off.

The Former king was startled by the booming voice. As he searched around the frozen wasteland for where it from, he spotted what appeared to be a tall, thin creature in a dark green cloak that was a few yards away.

“Who, or what the tartarus are you?”

“I am called the Spectre. But right now, that doesn’t matter. Why I’m here is to deal with you permanently. I must say, you’re kind of hard to judge properly, especially considering you’ve tried committing a variant of ‘suicide by cop’ I’ve never seen before.

“Honestly Sombra, I can’t call you a villain. Yet you definitely aren’t good. Though I know exactly what to do with you.”

“I have not a damned clue what you’re talking about. If you’re not here to kill me, then leave.”

“Still have the death wish, I see. I wonder what Amethyst would say about your behavior?” The Spectre said, smirking at Sombras’ reaction to the name.

“Wha? How do you know that name. WHAT THE TARATUS ARE YOU!?!?” Sombra questioned, readying himself for a fight to the death, trying to think of ways he could force the strange creature in front him to kill him.

“Don’t bother Sombra. Killing you would be pointless considering that is what you want. No I’m not to kill you. It’s time for you to learn a lesson about forgiveness and compassion in a way you’ve never thought possible.”

“NO! You’ll have to beat me before I submit to anything, and I won’t go down without a fight.” Sombra snarled, full ready to die. Not even thinking that the Spectre could possibly beat him without killing him.

“I guess I’ll just have to show you what you’re really up against. This is your punishment, until you learn to forgive the one who wronged you, til you forget your anger, rage and hatred: You’ll walk among the ponies, forever more a stranger to them. A phantom of the past.

“If you wish to avoid the fate of immortality, you will help those who need it, one soul at a time. You might even find a reason to keep doing so after your punishment is over.” The Spectre spoke matter of factly.

“You sound as if I don’t have a choice. To that I say-DIE!!” Sombra Screamed, his horn charged to fire his most powerful attack.

To bad he didn’t have a chance to use it, as the Spectre had used his powers to prevent it from firing. Then, with a flick of his wrist, Sombra was thrown to the ground on his back and unable to move. Walking over to him, the Spectre grabbed Sombra by the throat, his eyes glowing brightly.

Then Sombra felt pain, unlike any he’d ever felt.

His fur/coat turned white, his eye following suit. Somehow he could feel his horn bend, to the point he thought it was about to break off.

The sides of his mane greyed, as his tail gained a streak of grey.

And then, for some strange reason- all the pain he had felt was gone.

“It is done. King Sombra is dead, only a stranger stands in his place.”

“What. is. that. suppose. to. mean?” Sombra asked, trying to catch his breath between words.

“Exactly what it sounds like. Here, use this mirror.” as the Spectre said that, a large mirror appeared in front of the stallion formerly known as Sombra.

‘What the devil? I look different. Why the tartarus do I have a black cape, and where did the hat come from? What have you done to me?” The Stranger snarled, only to find he was alone.

Unable to comprehend what just happened, he just started walking. And he no longer had the desire to die anymore, just an urge to wander and help those who need it.

An that is what he did. With no way to know where he’d end up.

“Now that Sombra has been dealt with, time deal with more pressing matters.”

Behind the Spectre sat 6 prism like objects, which floated behind: A spool of thread, a pin the looks like a lightning bolt with wings, a coin, a rubber chicken, a flower, and a tri-angular medallion.

‘Time to get these in place to the facilitate the transfer the full equation to this world true equation bearer. These may not be the equation, but they are needed to keep the balance. Better deal with the tree first.’

The Spectre focused on said tree, an ancient grey tree that was the very same tree that the Spectre lead the original bearers to five millennium ago.

In his right hand, there was a small glowing sphere. What it was for, only the Spectre knew.

And then, he plunged the sphere into the tree.

‘That takes care of the Tree of Harmony, and will destroy the Discords Plunder Vines’

“It seems as though the plan is coming to fruition. I wish that Superman didn’t have to be involved Spectre, but he is the only one that can really deal with Darkseid. I thank for helping me save my Daughters.” A voice said, though it seemed to be coming from nowhere.

“I was planning to bring him here anyway, so he could deal with his issues that have been grating him recently. Darkseid just made it imperative that I bring him. Saving the bears of the majority of the equation is my priority. Celestia and Luna, though the roles they play are minor in the grand scheme of things, are important for this plan to work. Do not think that I’m doing this just for you Dream.”

“I understand Spectre. Tell me though, do you think they will ever forgive me? I gave them everything, except the truth of their origins. I planned on telling them when they were old enough to understand, yet Star Swirl the bearded…. my mortal self in this world died before I could. Will they believe me when I see them at the gates of Clarks’ Dreams.” The voice of Dream asked, knowing he might never earn his daughters’ forgiveness.

“I do not know, but you will know the answer that when they meet you. For now, be thankful that you can speak to them again Endless one. At least you didn’t end up like Discord, bound to this universe and unaware of his true nature. I doubt he’d appreciate being the embodiment of order as well as chaos”

“True, even Destiny finds the fate of the youngest of us funny.”

“Well, for now our work is done. I must get these items in place so the bearer will find them before Darkseid attacks. We will meet again Dream. Oh, your daughters and Clark believe that Metron is the one who informed me of Darkseid.”

“Oh? and why is that?”

“Because I said he did. And he did, though he mostly just confirmed what I already knew.”

“Then I’ll waste no more of your time.” With that, dreams voice went silent.

“One last thing to do.” The Spectre said out loud.

The Spectre began to glow bright, and in a flash, he was in Twilight Sparkles’ Library.

Walking over the Kitchen, he reached behind himself and brought out a small 6 sided box with six keyholes. Setting it down on the kitchen table, he put a note in front it.

And then, as quickly as he appeared in the library, he vanished. Leaving no trace he had been there.

Save for the box and note he left on the Kitchen table.

Doomsday for the Crystal Empire (Or 20 Sonic Rainbooms to the Face)

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Doomsday for the Crystal Empire (Or 20 Sonic Rainbooms at point-blank range to the face)

The next thing anyone knew after the flash blinded them, was that they were at the gate to the Crystal Empire.

Clark was impressed with the size of it, and couldn’t help but compare it to some the biggest cities he’s seen.

‘It’s almost the size of Metropolis, at least judging by the size of those buildings in what I assume is the center. First things first evacuate everyone we can, then locate Doomsday.’

“Uhm, mister Clark? Is something wrong?” A soft voice asked.

“Only that I can’t seem to locate any places that would be safe from Doomsdays’ wrath.

“Miss….Fluttershy was it? I know it may seem brutal to kill Doomsday, but trust me when I say he is far more dangerous than Tirek. Simply because only a few thing can really stop him.

“What makes it worse is, that due to the versatility of my powers, I’m the only being that has a chance to defeat him in my world. IF someone like Captain Marvel tried, he’d render himself useless just because his powers would only work once before Doomsday would try to kill him.” Clark finished, remembering his relationship to Marvel.

‘Not that I’d ever let him anywhere near Doomsday. Hell Both Kara and Conner have my powers, and I wouldn’t let them any of them with fifty miles of him.’ Clark thought, barely suppressing a shudder at the very thought of Doomsday actually facing Billy, Kara, and Conner.

“Your world must have a lot of heroes Mister Kent.” Celestia stated, walking to them with a pink alicorn and a white unicorn walking behind her.

“So this is the being who was sent to help us auntie? May I ask you what this ‘Doomsday’ is capable of?” The pink alicorn spoke.

“Yeah, because I know my shield can take a lot of damage. I want to know what role I’ll be playing here. If you can mimic the creatures’ strongest attack, I can gauge how much of the city should be covered while we evacuate the city.” The white unicorn said with confidence in his voice.

“That would be a bad Idea. Doomsday is in my strength class, and unlike me, doesn’t hold back. And killing him would be a waste of time. Which unfortunately, means, that for all intents and purposes, I can’t use my full strength against him.”

“Wait, you have to hold back? I mean, if that thing is as strong as you say it is, why not just deck it to the moon?” A certain rainbow maned mare quipped.

“Let me make this simple, one octillion tons is what you’d call my base strength. That’s clear lifting though. When you add my speed into the mix, it get a lot more complicated. Since the closer an object gets to the speed of light-”

“The more mass it has, meaning a single punch from you could obliterate everything in a radius of at least 100 or so miles before you factor in your already insane strength. And since at lightspeed your mass would become infinite, meaning it wouldn’t matter how strong you were in the first place.

“The damage would be catastrophic, even at ninety-five percent of the speed of light.”Twilight interrupted Clark with a gasp, mostly because he just admitted he could potentially destroy the world by accident.

Needless to say, everyponies’ jaws dropped. They now were worried that the Elements and the Crystal heart would be rendered useless just due to Doomsdays’ strength.

“Tell us, Clark of Kent, are there others the can perform this ‘punch of the infinite mass’ and can it be taught?” Luna asked, not quite getting what was being said.

“Luna, it’s not that simple. The Physics violation needed to perform that maneuver is impossible. Even if it was, it would require an immense amount of power, energy and speed. And don’t get me started of the moral implications of teaching it to somepony.” Celestia said, her eyes narrowing as she looked to Clarks' general direction.

“Actually, there is another way other. Wouldn’t recommend it though. Barry did said lightning bolts still hurt even if you’re connected to the speed force. I’m just one of a few being that can actually perform it without a solid connection to it.”

“Pardon me sugarcube, but that Spectre feller mentioned something about that thar speed whatchamacallit. Said som’thin ‘bout Rainbows’ Sonic Rainboom being connected to it.” AppleJack said, remembering what the Spectre told Rainbow.

“I’ll explain later what I know of the Speed Force later, right now we need to evacuate the city. This is for you own safety: Do not engage Doomsday if you see him, just run.”

“I will not run, I will fight this Creature with all my strenght. IF necessary, I will banish it to the sun.”

“Princess, that is a bad Idea. As far as I know, nothing can kill Doomsday permanently . You’d at best, just make him mad. I don’t know the effect these elements or this crystal heart will have, but I have small hunch. For now however, let’s get the civilians out of harms way” With that, everyone did what they could.

Though it took some effort for Clark to use as much speed and strength as he was using without doing any damage, the girls were shocked at the display they were watching. To them he was moving at speeds that were only considered theoretical. The only ones who could even see him were Cadance, Celestia, Luna, Twilight and, (because they are pegasi) Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

Even then, of the two pegasi, only Rainbow could clearly see him as he moved. Fluttershy just saw a blur, but compared to what the other four were seeing, she at least knew what happening.

‘Just how fast is this guy? And HE flys? If I challenged him to a race, he’d smoke me for sure. Then the there’s his strength. One thing’s for sure, I don’t want to be on his bad side.’ Rainbow though, starting to feel like she was useless. However, she ignored the feeling, rationalizing that the evacuations would take much longer without him.

After nearly twenty minutes, the empire was evacuated. Cadance and Twilight, along with the other girls and the guards (including Shining Armor) were exhausted, but not to the point of collapse. Celestia, Luna and Clark on the other hand, though their breathing was a bit more labored than normal for them, were fine

“I understand why Celestia and I are not winded as our magic allows us that luxury. But you, have just moved Two hundred and fifty thousand ponies while flying and lifting them above your head in a span of minutes. We, barely moved half that in the same amount of time.

“How are you not tired from that?” Luna queried, confused even more by Clarks’ actions than she was when they meet hours ago.

“I have much higher stamina due to my powers. I have a limit, its just I do things like this on a weekly to monthly basis with ease because my limit is so damn high. Let’s just finish before Dooms-” Clark stopped speaking as he heard something falling.

“Princesses, I’ll be right back.” With that, Clark flew off.

In seconds, he was back, carrying the unconscious form of a very familiar spirit of chaos. Whatever wounds he had were healing, though Clark questioned to himself why his blood had the consistency pudding(chocolate) .

He was about ask if anyone knew who or what he was holding when….

“DISCORD!?!?!?!” eight voices cried out.

“Well, that answers that question” Clark deadpanned

“What happened to him? Is he alright? Please tell me he’s ok.” Fluttershy pleaded.

“I can’t tell. His insides don’t match up to anything that I’ve ever seen before. Where his heart should be, there seems to be an… accordion?” Clark asked, really beginning to wonder what he was seeing.

As the ponies all cocked their heads to the side in confusion, they all said the same thing at once.

“Discord never makes makes sense, he’s the spirit of Chaos.”

“I see, still he needs some form of medical attention.” Before Clark could make sure Discord was safe, he heard something else ‘fall’.

Clark looked up, scanning the area that the sound was coming from. As he used his telescopic vision to try to locate the source, his heart sank. He had found the source.

“Everyone, get as far back as you can from me. If you can hover or fly off the ground, do it.” Clark said, turning towards the of sound. As it got louder, Clark was able see the source without his powers.

And for the first time, the ponies knew absolute terror.

For Doomsday had arrived

As he fell, Clark looked back to see that the lavender alicorn had already levitated every non-flyer off the ground. The impact however, still startles them.

As the smoke clears, the ponies are aghast at what the see. To them, Doomsday seems like a behemoth of a monster. To call him a troll would insult every troll in Equestria, and to call him an ogre would just not do justice to the deadliness of the Doomsday.

“This isn’t possible. THAT thing just had half of it’s face blown off and it’s still moving. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?” Twilight yell, afraid of what she was seeing.

A few moments ago, Princess Luna blasted the right half of the creatures’ face off. It simply regenerated that which was destroyed, and keep fighting.

To Twilight, that seemed to violate certain laws of physics and magic. Like the creature itself was able to shrug off things that would devastate cities. And that was only the attacks it was taking from Celestia and Luna, who it currently was trying to beat to death.

If it’s weren’t for the alien that is.

He was putting himself in between them and kept hitting him hard.

“Oh man, what ever this Doomsday thing is- it lives up to it’s name. Big guy in blue seems to be using himself as shield.

“When rarity see his suit shredded up like that, she gonna hurl.” Rainbow commented, joking like nothing big was happening.

With a glare, Twilight calmly spoke.

“How can you treat this as if nothing bad is happening? Faust Rainbow, THAT thing is trying to KILL them. The worst part is- IT MIGHT ACTUALLY SUCCEED!!” Twilight started to lose some composure, with those last words.

Before Rainbow could respond, Cadance spoke up, worried about Twilight.

“Twily, please calm down. While aunty Celestia and Luna help Mister Clark with that monstrosity, we have to wait for an opening to use the Heart and Elements. At first, I thought he was bluffing. Yet seeing what’s happening to them….well I can see why he was worried about this creature.

“So please, try to distract yourself like miss Dash here has. By the why, how many hits did he just land on the creature. I lost count after fifteen.”

“About fifty, give or take a few. I mean, I am scared out of my mind right now. However, I feel like watching them fight is the best I can do. “ Rainbow casually stated, aware that she sounded like she was bored.

Yet, she was completely terrified. The Speeds at which Clark was achieving with just parts of his body that were impossible for any pegasus to reach without dying. At least that’s what everypony thought.

Before she could think on the implications of this, she heard two voices question something.

“Fifty!?” yelled both Cadance and Twilight.

“Why does it matter how fast he hits? Right now, shouldn’t all seven of us be getting into positi-” Rainbow was cut off by the sound of an explosion.

One that Princess Celestia had let loose on to the creature, blowing off the left half of its face.

They thought it was over, and everypony was about to ready to blast it.

Rainbow however, suddenly found herself uneasy when the creature got up faster than they could rally together, regrew the half luna blew off and continued to attack Clark and the Princesses without mercy.

Well, uneasy would be what Rainbow would call it. She was actually Mortified to the point she thought it was completely unstoppable.

Everypony saw Clark Hold his own, but straining to hold the beast back. It hit Clark hard enough to knock him a fair distance away, while also knocking him out for a few second.

Then the Creature broke Celestias’ jaw, not only knocking her down to the ground, but also staining her already blood stained white coat with more blood.

As the monster raised it arms high over its head, readying itself to bring them down hard.

The last thing Rainbow Dash saw before the beast brought down it’s fists was as FLASH of lightning.

Doomsday saw the rainbow blur head straight for him. He didn’t know or care what it was, but that didn’t matter to him. He would kill whatever it was.

Unfortunately for him, he missed as the blur created a shockwave as it somehow turned ninety degrees.

As the shockwave hit Doomsday, he was thrown by several feet. Getting up, he looked for what did the blast. Looking around, he spotted the Rainbow Blur heading at him again.

This time, he tried to grab it.

He failed, and was slammed to the ground again.

Again he gets up, determined to kill the rainbow blur. And fails to kill it again.

He try again, and again. Each time, The rainbow Blur got faster and faster.

By the the tenth rainbow colored shockwave, Doomsday was barely able to get to his knees before the next shockwave.

And The Rainbow Blur still got Faster. At the fifthteenth shockwave, Doomsday was pinned to the ground, unable to fight back. And his rage grew.

By the twentieth, Doomsday was not able to move.

Then, the shockwaves stopped for seemingly no reason.

He tried to get up. So he could find the thing that hurt him, and kill it.

As he started to rise, he heard a voice yell something.

“NOW! Hit him with everything you got.”

Before he could react, a rainbow colored energy blast impaled the creature, pumping all of it’s energy straight into him.

Doomsday was unable to process what was happening. Unable to understand why it was suddenly shivering. Unable to figure out why it was backing away from those it wanted to kill.

All it knew was something was wrong. It couldn’t comprehend that it was afraid. Mostly because it had never felt any emotion before.

It had no clue on how to counter emotion. So, it treated it as something else. It decided that the best course of action was to do something drastic.

As it brought both hands to it’s head, it did something no one had ever seen it do before.

It Simultaneously crushed it’s own skull while breaking it’s neck.

No one, not even Clark could believe what they saw. Mostly, because the creature that was utterly beating the princesses and himself just killed itself in front of them.

Before anyone could react, a loud BOOM was heard.

Everyone was silent, yet the ponies were terrified of the strange tunnel that had appeared and sucked in Doomsday.

“Uhm, could somepony tell me what just happened?” Shining Armor asked, wondering why the creature just killed itself.

“ I’m only making an assumption, but I believe that I might be able to explain it.” Clark spoke up, though not entirely sure he was right.

“I think what happen was this: Doomsday killed himself because he wasn’t able to develop a defense against emotions. In other words, his programing couldn’t defend itself when forced to experience fear. Basically, he panicked and the only way he felt would rid himself of the emotions was to kill himself.

“As for the tunnel, well that’s called a boom tube. It took him back to Tirek. I can’t be sure what happened when the elements hit him, but the Boom Tube does lead back to Apokolips.” Clark explained, making sure they knew he was only just guessing the effects of the elements since he had no experience with them.

“Anyway, it seems Miss Dash is completely exhausted from her stunt.”

“What was that? Ummh…... I mean Rainbow has never had a lightning type trail before.” Fluttershy asked, stunned and a little curious about what Rainbow Dash just did.

“That was her tapping into the Speed Force itself. If I’m right, she reached a maximum velocity of One Hundred Fifty-Three Thousand, Four hundred miles per hour or mach Two hundred. I’m not sure if you know what a mile or mach is, but once I learn how you measure speed, I’ll be-” Clark cut himself off when he saw a lavender hoof raise up.

“Actually, we do know what a mile is, and what a mach number is. How do you know how fast she went though? No pony can calculate any ponys’ speed that easily.” Twilight asked, curious at how any being could do the things the being in front of her has done.

“Experience and lots of practice. If you want more information from me, it’ll have to wait. I assume all of you have questions for me, and I rather answer them at a more convenient time. Right now, we need to get that Discord creature and miss Dash to a hospital.”

And to the hospital they went, unaware that they were being watched.

Apokolips - The throne room.

“I have no excuse master. The Kryptonian was not expected.” Desaad said, trembling with both anger that Doomsday failed to kill any of the ponies, and fear of his masters’ wrath.

“Indeed, there is no excuse. The kryptonian was not expected, nor was the colorful ones’ speed factor. Doomsday was not supposed to be defeated that easily, though how he was defeated was expected.

“The only thing Doomsday FAILED at was killing anything. Not what he was sent to do.” Desaads’ master spoke, his voice rough, low and even. No trace of anger or rage.

“It seems I must give these….ponies...a choice. Surrender to me, or watch everything they love and care for - BE EXTINGUISHED.

“They will soon learn.

“That Darkseid IS.”

Darkseid Cometh

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Darkseid Cometh

Crystal Empire- Main Hospital waiting room

While, waiting on rainbow to recover from the sheer exhaustion of her stun against Doomsday, everypony began trying to start a conversation with Clark.

Each attempt had varying degrees of success.

Only Twilight and Clarks’ conversation seemed to get off the metaphorical ground. Especially when he referred to Rainbow as a Flash, and followed up with saying she might be the fastest pony alive.

“Are you saying that Rainbow really is the fastest pony ever?” Twilight questioned, confused at his comment dubbing Rainbow Dash as someone called the Flash.

“Not exactly. The Flash is a Title that is bestowed on the Fastest Living being alive in that particular universe. However, there may be ponies just as fast, if not faster than her in this universe that I’m not aware of yet.

“It’s just my observation based on you and your friends’ and the other princesses reaction to her tapping into the Speed Force, that I’ve been able to conclude that calling her the Flash is appropriate. She just reminds me of the first Flash in my world.” Clark commented, noticing that every pony seemed interested everytime he mention other heroes.

“Sugarcube, ya mentioned other characters before. Who are they? An ya mentioned some sorta club?” Applejack asked, curious about why they were even mentioned.

“This will be a long story. You really sure you want to hear it?”

It was Celestia who answered.

“Yes, tell us everything you can. It sounds as though these ‘other heroes’ might have some connection to equestria. Plus, untill Rainbow Dash has recovered, we do need to pass the time.”

“Alright. I’ll start with me.

“First, I’m not the the only man who held the title ‘Superman’. There was a man back about seventy years or so named George Taylor. He was human, a meta-human to be precise.

“Basically, Meta-human means humans with abilities that deviate from the norm. His meta-powers were Super Strength, enhanced endurance, speed and not much else. By todays’ meta-human standards, he’d be outclassed by more than a few current heroes and villains.

“Back then however, he was literally the strongest man in the world. At the time, no human could lift more than eight hundred pounds. George on the other hand, could lift fifty tons.” For a moment, Clark stopped speaking. Trying to figure out how to phrase his next sentence.

“When I first made my appearance wearing my kryptonian family crest -The ‘S’ on my chest is actually a symbol or kryptonian letter that mean ‘El’, as in Kal-El. ‘Kal’ is my birth name, and ‘El’ is my kryptonian family name.”

“Darling, are you saying that you got confused as a lookalike of this past Superman because of a gaudy symbol from your home world?”

“I better get this out of the way. My ‘homeworld’ is earth. I have no memories of Krypton, since I was sent to earth a few hours after I was born. I far as I know, Krypton blew apart right afterwards.” As he finished, and about to continue his real story, more questions came up.

“Your world blew up? That doesn’t make any sense. How does a planet blow up, and how do you know it blew up?

“Princess...Twilight? It’s kind of a long story. I’ll get to it eventually, but it involves things that affect me personally.

“Back to George Taylor. When I first appeared, I was thought to be his son. I never called myself Superman out of a deep respect for him.”

“Then how did you introduced yourself?” Celestia inquired.

“I always introduced myself as a friend, or offered assistance, or just told them my Kryptonian name depending on the situation I found myself or them in .

“Six months after my introduction, George and a few of his surviving friends from that era, held a reunion to remember their fallen friends. It was there that they were attacked by an old enemy.

“Their enemy had sent a creation of his known as an android, called the Red Tornado. Tornado nearly killed all five remaining members from that group. Until I showed up that is.

“Tornado was simply following orders, and at the time, I was the only one capable of defeating him as far as I knew.”

“Why are you making excuses for this ‘Red Tornado’? He sounds like a monster at the beck and call of his master.” Luna asked, curious at the lack of animosity he seemed to have for Red Tornado.

“Because Red Tornado is an android - Artificial - made to do what he’s told. Normally, machines aren’t sentient nor sapient like you or me. Red Tornado is an exception to the rule. The only reason he even tried attacking them was Morrows’ threat to destroy him.

“George had some very powerful friends with him, and they held their own till I showed up. After that battle, I finally met George and the remaining members of the Justice Society. He basically said ‘So, you’re the the guy who stole my name. Welp, after this fight, I’d say you’ve more than earned it’.

“I didn’t know what to say. He’d basically made me his successor after meeting him once. After that, I started to meet him once a month. He’s the reason I started the Justice League”

“Mister, ya said a lot. Yet I didn’t understand a dang thang ya said. Whatsa Justice League do?”

“At the time, I had no clue. I figured if there was a group that handled the threats no one else could fight, and help augment search and rescue missions, then at least I did something help the world. The name “Justice League” was given to the team after we were forced to battle a creature called Starro the Conqueror.

“Yet it grew into something much more than that.”

“Youmeanitbecameateamofsuperfriends?Oh,i’msojustnervocitedthinkingaboutagrougofsuperpower-Mummufuu!?” Pinkie was cut off as Applejack jammed a hoof in her mouth.

“Sugarcube, Ah know you’re excited here an all about meeting new ponies and all that, but ya need ta calm down. No one here even understood what ya just said.

“Actually I did understand. I’m use to hearing people talk at that speed.” Clark said matter of factly while shrugging his shoulders.

As the ponies (besides pinkie) stared at him blankly, they all had one though.

‘What kind of world is he from’

“I can tell that you think that’s weird. Let’s just let that go for now. I’d like to ask some question myself, if you don’t mind that is.

“Princess….. Cadance. I’d like to ask you this: What does that Crystal Heart run on? I could have sworn I felt something like it in my world before.

Cadance was taken aback. Surely he couldn’t have met somepony like her, nor should he have felt the power of the Crystal before today.

“It’s powered by love, but how could you have felt anything like before today.”

“I concur with my wife. Love is one of the most powerful forces in equestria and unique only to Cadance and the Heart.”

“It just feels like something I’ve felt before. I can’t really explain it properly without taking too much time. We’d be here for at least the remainder of the day.” Clark said, remembering how long it took Hal to explain what happened to him after a certain incident.

“Also, I’m from a different universe. Different rules apply to my world.” He added.

Before anypony else could ask any more questions, the building started to shake. And Clark heard a familiar sound.

‘No! It can’t be. That sounded like another Boom Tube.‘ He thought, praying he was wrong about who just arrived. But it was the only explanation he could think of for why the building shook.

Cautiously, Clark made sure everyone in the hospital was alright. Then, using his X-ray vision, slowly looked in the direction where the the sound seem to originate. Right at the gate to the city.

And a look of horror, anger, dread, fury, and determination came over Clarks’ face.

“What’s wrong?” Twilight asked, expecting him to say it was a minor earthquake.

“Something I need to deal with. Something much worse than Doomsday.” He grimmly stated.

“Princess Celestia, Princess Luna. Normally I don’t do this, but after our battle with Doomsday, I got a good read on your powers and abilities. If you’re up to it, you might need to come with me. I don’t think I can handle HIM on my own in my current condition.

“Just be prepared. I assume that your own reserves are low as well, so we’ll need to use extreme caution.”

Both Luna and Celestia detected the hint of venom in his voice. After a few seconds, they shared a look of concern. After nodding to each other, they turned to Clark.Celestia spoke first.

“Very well. Lunas’ and my wounds are almost healed, so we will come. Twilight, you and the others stay here.”

“Alright, just be prepare for anything. Let’s go.” Clark said with a grim look.
And with that, Celestia, Luna and Clark left the hospital.

Something was wrong.

Very wrong. And Celestia could feel it.

What ever it was, she and would Luna would soon find out.

‘I just don’t understand. He took more damage from the creature than Luna or I did, yet he seems more worried about Luna and I than himself. Why? Even if his reserves recover insanely fast compared us, he should still be more worried about himself as he should have more injuries than us. And yet, he seems to have none.’ She thought, not understanding his actions nor how his powers worked. EVen with how he told them they worked.

As they flew towards the main entrance to the Crystal Empire, Celestia and Luna could see something big standing there.

Worry and panic began to set in as they thought the worst. Had the Creature known as Doomsday returned, or was it something much worst.

The Closer they got, the more of the being they saw.

First, it was humanoid in shape. Unlike Doomsday, it seemed to have smoother skin, at least comparatively. His face seem to have a neutral expression.

For some reason it’s clothing drew Celestias’ and Lunas’ attention. It was wearing a dark blue sleeveless one piece suit that had a dull metal belt, which had a strange symbol on it. To the two princesses, it looked like a warp horseshoe. The Symbol, for an unknown reason to her seemed to feel them with dread just from seeing it.

What really terrified them was the beings eyes. They were pure red, and as they got with in feet of him, they knew he was something to be feared. There was nothing but evil in his eyes.

As they landed near it, all three of them prepared for the worst.

“Ah, so you two are rulers of this… place. And the Kryptonian. I don’t know why you are here, Superman, but it doesn’t matter. My business is with these two, not you.” As the creature spoke, both Celestia and Luna both felt a chill go down their spines. Though the creature in front of them sounded calm, his rough sounding voice had a hint of anger in it.

As they glanced in Clarks’ direction, they were shock at his actions. He had already got into a more combative stance, and the red energy he was blasting out of his eyes earlier seemed to be turning his eyes red. As if he was being consumed by rage. Yet his expression was more than telling of what was really happening.

He was terrified of this creature, and he hated him with a passion unlike anything they’d ever seen. Whoever he was, he was dangerous.

“I’ll get to the point. Doomsday was meant to test the defences of this world, and although he failed to kill anyone- he did show out strong your defences are. I’ll make this simple: Surrender the the Element Bearers heads to me, and I will consider sparing your subjects the horror of a war. Just an indefinite occupation of your world.”

Celestia and Luna were horrified. Not only did this creature just admit to unleashing a monster that could have slaughtered every living being on the planet, but the way he said it implied he’d be able to do it again and again.

On top of that, he just threatened to go to war if they didn’t hand over the heads of Twilight and her friends. And even if they did, he’d still come after Equestria and the other nations. His identity was made clearer than ever just with those word.

The creature in front of them was Tirek, and he was far more terrifying than the legends said he was. He just seemed to ozoo evil from his very core. Anger filled Celestia and Luna to the point they were ready to vaporize him on the spot.

Yet they knew they had to keep calm and think.

“What if we were to refuse?” Luna asked with snarl.

“Then I will unleash hell upon this world. Your Skies will burn, your oceans will boil. Death will come slowly and painfully to you all. Doomsday is just one of many weapons I have at my disposal, yet he is efficient when unopposed. There is much more at my beck and call than just brutes that don’t think. But I am not unreasonable, I will give you some time to prepare your answer. Two months is all I’ll give you.” Darkseid said, showing no emotion.

Celestia eyes widened with shock. This creature in front of her now just made choice for Luna and Celestia easier. However, they had to play their hand right. They’d need Supermans’ opinion.

They heard a low growl come from Clark before he spoke.

“You do realized I will fight you Darkseid, regardless of their decision. You’ll have to get through me get through me to claim anything from this world.”

Luna and Celestia, shared a look. They had heard the venom in the way he said the name “Darkseid” and the conviction in his voice as he said he’d have to go through him to get to anypony.

They still were weary of Clark, but compared the the creature that they believed to be Tirek, he was the lesser of the evils.

‘We’ll have to prepare ourselves as well as the girls. I won’t let them die while I can I just have to phrase this just right.’

“Alright, we’ll consider your generous offer. Yet, you have to remember there are other rulers we will have to confer with. My sister and I’d don’t rule the entire planet, just Equestria.”

“It doesn’t matters to me, they will still suffer the same fate as your kind whatever choice you take. I expect their heads and your unconditional surrender when I return in two months’ time.

“And Superman. I will kill you only after I make you watch this world fall to me.” Darkseid said to Clark, before turning around to open a boom tube, then walking through it.

As Luna and Celestia narrowed there eyes at the fading entity, Clark could only wonder what was to come. The Spectre was right about one thing- he’d never would turn his back on those who needed his help. He would fight Darkseid regardless of their decision, no matter what it cost him personally.

“We should head back and inform the girls that they must prepare themselves for the worst. If the creature thinks he can decide the fate of the planet through an empty threat, he has another thing coming.” Clark heard Celestia say.

“Unfortunately princess, his threat isn’t that empty. This tactic is one of his signatures. He, along with Doomsday is one of the few beings I know of that can potentially kill me. He never makes threats. He meant what he said, and he has done it to other planets before.” He said, eyes narrowed at the spot Darkseid had stood. Only he knew how dangerous he really was.

“Sister, Sir Clark, I suggest we head back. We mustn't allow ourselves to get distracted.” Luna spoke, trying to get them back on track.

As they headed back, Clark thought to himself about what was to come.

‘Somehow, I will stop you Darkseid. I won’t let this world fall to you. Even if it cost me my life.’


“Master, what is the plan now that the kryptonian is involved?”

“Where is that worlds’ version of Brainiac? With Superman there, they have a chance to actually beat me.”

“I’ve already have his coordinates locked, ready for you or who you send to go whenever you’re ready master.”

“Good, have Doomsday ready within the hour. If by some miracle they beat me, I will still have the last laugh.”

Super versus Ultra Part one

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Super versus Ultra Part 1

On another earth, a few universes away from Equestria’ and Clarks’

Kal-Ul, the Ultraman was bored. There was no challenge to him, nothing to oppose him as of today. For today, he has just conquered the earth.

But as his allies celebrated the victory, Kal-Ul felt that it was a hollow one. That he could so easily have done it was the reason. To him, it was something that was done on a Tuesday before dinner.

Only one noticed the foul mood he was in.

“Kal, what’s wrong? We just conquered the damn planet, and here you are acting like we just lost a war?” The man known as Owlman stated, his voice unlike his counterpart from the “other universe”. His voice devoid of any emotion, yet his choice of words spoke volumes.

“Simple Thomas. It was too damned easy. This is something you shouldn’t have needed me for. It may have taken all of you several days to do it, but you would have done it without me holding your hands like toddlers needing their mothers.” Kal shot back, angered that they need him for something that they could have been done themselves.

Crap, I knew this was coming. Good thing I’ve been doing research on Transdimensional travel since we met those other versions of us. I just hope it can sate him.’ Thomas thought to himself.

Ultraman and Owlmans’ relationship was odd. Of the Crime Syndicate, they were the only two that actually were friends despite their differences. Though they never said it out loud of course.

“I might have a solution, though I suggest you give me a week to work on it. Just give me a type of opponent you want to fight, and I see what I can set you up with if it works.”

Cocking an eyebrow, Kal just looked at his friend and smirked. “Heh, alright Thomas. One week to work on it. Is it what I think it is?” After a nod confirmed it was indeed, Ultraman then turned to leave the area they were in.

“Oh, one more thing Thomas. Make sure the opponent is at least on my level of power. I want it to be worth my time.” And with that, Ultraman was gone.

Ponyville, Equestria- 4 days after Doomsdays’ attack on the Crystal Empire.

Ponyvilles’ residents had at first feared Clark due to what he could do. However, after being remind what happen after they last judged the proverbial book by it’s cover, the fear turn into curiosity.

Lyra was the only one who showed disdain for him. Which shocked most residents, who still viewed her as human crazy.

Clark really tried to avoid her as best he could to give her space, but his second day didn’t let him. They bumped into each other while Clark was heading to Twilights’ Library to read up on the entire history of this world. Needless to say, the conversation started off rocky. Yet, by the the end, Lyra had come to terms with his existant.

His first encounter with Ditzy Doo Hooves was interesting to say the least. Clark learned that the blond mare had been in the equestrian military, specifically E company ( also known“Easy company”). When he asked her a strange question after looking at the emblem on her mail bag, they everypony listening besides Ditzy, it sounded like he was calling her something he shouldn’t have.

“Wait, you’re a …..Loser?”

Unfortunately, her two daughters had heard, and believed he’d insulted their mom. Yet before they they could react, Ditzy smiled and spoke with pride in her voice.

“Ask my family, and they’d say that I was a loving mother and wife. Ask my friends and co-workers and they will say I’m a simple mail carrier. Ask the Princesses, and they’d tell you I am a loyal citizen of equestria. But ask my brothers and sister in Easy Company, and they’ll set you straight: That Ditzy Doo is a Loser.”

Some meetings with the ponies seemed to just happen as he walked around. Yet one meeting that had happened outside Ponyville actually resulted in a trip to the hospital for the mare.

You might know her.

Trixie really didn’t expect anyone to save her home as it was nearly destroyed when it fell off a cliff. While they were talking, Clark noticed that she seemed to be breathing heavily and seemed to be tired despite the fact strenuous exercise and work like hauling around a two ton wagon that weighed three to four times that with every thing she need to survive would be easy to her. Even with magic helping her. As he scanned her with his X-ray vision to make sure she was alright, he found out she was about two to three months pregnant. Plus, it turned out that Trixie was barely 18.

To say that Clark was trying his best to not accidentally insult everypony he meet was an understatement. Why?

Because when you live on a farm for most your life, you’re bound to learn more than a few horse base euphemisms and sayings. And he figured that some of them might be offensive to Equestrians . Especially the one about leading a horse to water.

Right now however, he was being questioned by Twilight about his world and his powers. Some of his answers fascinated her, while others confused and infuriated her her to no end.

“Let me get this straight- You actually can survive in space?”

“Yes, though not for an indefinite period. I’d say I’d could only do that for a few weeks as long as I don’t do much. It’s actually due to the fact I don’t really need to breath for a long period of time, which I found out by accident early in my career.”

“But it makes no sense. If you were discord, I’d believe it. Yet I’ve seen you in action. Your powers are physical, not metaphysical. You claim you could move the planet under your power, but that would cause catastrophic damage. Even your strength makes no sense.

“Just how are you even possible?” Twilight said, barely keeping her sanity in check.

“I don’t actually know. Maybe my world decided it needed something that could handle threats that were just too dangerous to allow unchecked. You really don’t like unknowns, do you Princess Twilight?”

“Well, how would you feel if everything you knew about science and magic basically changed in the course of a day? Your existence basically rewrites the laws of physics and how ponies thought the universe worked.

“You confirmed several theories, that were once thought of as mere fantasy as opposed to fact. Yes, I don’t like unknowns. You are impossible, and yet you exist. I don’t think I can handle the implications this implies.” Twilight said, with small hint of unhingeness in her voice.

“I actually know how that feels, believe it or not.”


“When I turned ten, my parents decided I was old enough to learn the truth of my origins.

“Imagine being ten, and finding out that everything you thought was not exactly the full truth. That day I learned that I was the ultimate answer to mankinds’ eternal question: Are we alone in the universe? Now here I am Twenty-Two years later, answering that same question again.

“Only this time, I’m also answering another question as well aren’t I?”

“What’s the other question?” Twilight asked, confused at the way he was treating this conversation.

“‘What else is out there?’ I’m basically answering the same question twice, just phrased differently.” He said, sighing as though he was exhausted.

“You’re saying that there’s more than just you that’s unexplainable? I don’t even know how to respond to that!” At this point Clark could tell she was frustrated with this entire subject.

“Look, let take a break from trying to explain everything, This is obviously driving you up the wall.”

“Ok, but I still want some answers. I still don’t like this situation.”

“Fair enough. How about we talk about some of the books we like. My wife sent some of my favorites, after she [mostly likely, knowing Lois Lane-Kent] chewed the Spectre out for sending me here without warning.”

“Wait, you’re married?”

“Yes, I am. And I have three kids. They’re adopted, but they’re still my kids.”

“Why adopted?”

“Kryptonians and humans aren’t exactly biologically compatible. And, the three we’ve adopted are connected to me in someway. Especially Kara and Connor, since they’re both kryptonians.

“And before you ask, Kara isn’t from my universe and Connor is a teenage clone of me.”

With those words, Twilights’ Jaw dropped even further than it did four days ago.

“A--a-a-a clone? How is that even possible? Cloning takes immense knowledge of cellular structures and genetic code, and even then, there’s the possibility of cellular degeneration even with knowing exactly what gene does what.

“Attempting to clone anything, even with everything in your favor is still a gamble. Then there’s the ethics you need to to consider.” Twilight rambled, beginning to feel confusion at how Clarks’ world worked when it completely defied logic.

“It works the exact same way in my world. Their been two successful attempts at cloning me, and by successful, I mean that they actually just created something similar to me.

“One attempt created a creature called Bizarro. He just as strong as me and just as powerful. The thing is, he suffers from a form of the cellular degeneration you’ve mentioned earlier and has several inverted version of my powers, Like heat breath instead of arctic breath, cold vision in place of heat vision and other similar inversions.

“He’s also more child-like, and really only has a basic comprehension of right and wrong.

“Connor on the other hand was was created using a different method. He was also artificially aged slower than Bizzaro was. Plus he also has some powers I don’t have or variants of them. And he is overall less powerful than me or even Kara due to the fact that they used human tissue to accelerate the cloning process faster.

“Lois was angry that when she found out who the human tissue was from. In a sense, that makes Connor mine and Lois’ biological son. The point is, that you’re right. Neither clone is a perfect clone of me because of shortcuts. I won’t do the ethics debate, just because that will open a new can of worms.” Clark finished , hoping that she’d drop the subject for now.

Twilight was still hungry for information about Clarks’ world, but something felt off about how he the way he referred to the two clones. It was almost as if he was was angry about their creation, not the clones themselves.

Before she could question Clark any further, the door to the library slammed open.

“Why do we have do we have to do a book report this weekend?” A rough sounding voice yelled in frustration.

“Because it due monday. And Miss Cherilee said we couldn’t use any books about Daring Do or the Elements of Harmony.” Another voice said.

“Ah think we c’n find something we can do the report on. We just have ta make sure we DON’T get a cutie mark in reading or book reports.”

Clark chuckled a little at that statement from Apple Bloom. He was still learning about the customs, biology of the ponies and history of this world, and cutie marks peaked his curiosity a bit.

To him, the concept made no sense at all, and complete sense at the same time. It seemed to brand their destiny on to them, but also seemed enslave them to it. He assumed that on first glance, but reminded himself that the rules of Destiny and Fate might not work the same as it does in his world.

As Clark and Twilight watched them argue, he notice something about Scootaloos’ wings that seemed… out of place. After they’d returned from the Crystal Empire, Clark had noticed that the timing of the wing flaps of Scootaloos’ wings seemed off compared to those of other Pegasi her age and some adults.

Clark had decided to read everything he could about pony physiology and biology to make sure something actually was wrong that couldn’t be attributed to a disease or some unknown injury that could be explained by looking at medical records. Or in this case, simply asking a few questions.

“Scootaloo, could you please come here for a second?”

“Uh oh, what did I do this time?”

“Nothing. It just I’ve noticed something about your wings that I want to check out.” Clark said, confusing the crusaders and Twilight.

As Scootaloo complied, she noticed something about Clarks’ eyes. They weren’t glowing red like when he saved her and the others from those wild timberwolves. The seemed ‘bluer’ to her, and also had a hint of silver.

“Princess, could you give me your opinion on these scars? They seem- perfectly straight and fresh.”

“Scars? What scars?” Scootaloo asked, wondering what he was talking about.

“You have two scars under your left wing, and two under right. Have you’ve had any recent surgeries for anything?”

“No. when we’re crusading for a marks, the worst thing to happen to us is getting covered in tree sap.”

‘Damn, better try to be subtle as possible with how I question her.’

“These scars…..” Twilight began “They’re not visible from as far as we were from them. I guess you used one of you vision powers?”

“Not exactly. I noticed that the way they were flapping seem to be out of synch with the way the book said they should be, and that’s after comparing them to several foals her age and a few adults. That told me I should check her wings for anomalies when I saw her again, and then I use my telescopic vision combined with X-Ray and Microscopic vision.”

“You did that- in less than a minute?”

“No, I noticed something off right after the crisis up at the Crystal Empire. After that, I started reading the books in the library just to make sure It wasn’t my imagination.”

“Whoa, you saw something wrong with me right after we met? Holy Faust, that’s awesome.”

“Not that awesome. It’s just that I’m more aware of things that others wouldn’t notice without powers, which is not a good thing most of the time. But, I want to know a few things about your family.”

“Like what?”

“Ah think he wants ta know if your Ma and Pa are Pegasi like you.”

“Don’t be silly, he want to know if Scootaloo has any hereditary diseases in her family.”

“Her-read-a-dairy? Sweetie, how could ya read a dairy? That makes no sense.”

“She means a disease that is inherited from a family member Apple Bloom. Clark isn’t asking that though, are you Mister Kent?”

“No, I’m not. I’m asking about how they treat Scootaloo and her friends. That can tell us what we’re dealing with better.”

“What do wanna know?” Scootaloo asked.

“Do your parents act differently to your friends than to you. Or do they act like your friends don’t exist sometimes?”

“No, in fact Mom give us cookies every chance she can when we have sleepovers at my house. Though, she and dad has showed Sweetie how to use magic sometimes. Thats because mom and dad are unicorns.”

“OK, two other questions. If you don’t mind, them that is.”

“I don’t mind”

“Alright, are you adopted? I’m only asking because two unicorns having a pegasus foal seems implausible.”

“Wait, why implausible and not impossible?” Scootaloo asked.

“I’ve learned over the years that nothing is impossible. Trust me on that.” Clark stated matter of factly, remembering the times he time traveled with the flash, and unfortunately, the event that brought Kara into his life.

“I’m not adopted, but I could see why you’d think that. My moms’ mom is a pegasus, and her dad is a unicorn.”

“Well, then the next question should tell me where the scars came from: Does your father seem disinterested in your desire to fly?”

“Huh? Why would that tell you where the scars came from? Scootaloo asked, puzzled by the question's phrasing.

With a sigh, Clark rubbed the bridge of nose.

‘Guess, this is going to be something I need to address before it gets any worse. Seems she doesn’t even realize what her father might be doing. I hope I can figure out what to do about this before it the week is out.’

“Scootaloo, what we just talked about needs to be kept a secret for now. Only us five can know what we’ve said today.

“And before you say anything about keeping this a secret Princess, I’d like to point out out that we’re dealing with minors here. I don’t want to put these kids in any unnecessary danger, without all the facts. If I just jump to conclusions, this could get ugly.”

“I actually see your point, and I think this needs some more investigating. Girls, why don’t you three head home for now. In a week or so, I want you to bring your mom and dad to meet me and Clark here at the library Scootaloo.”

“Uh, ok. Is something thing wrong with me?”

“Not as far as I know, but please don’t say a word about those scars till we can talk with your parents about. Maybe we can get some answers then.

As the three fillies looked at each other, they seemed uncertain as of what to do. After a minute, they agreed to keep silent and headed home.

Yet, before Clark or Twilight could decide on a game plan on how to deal with Scootaloos’ situation, five ponies and a dragon busted through the door.

“Twilight, something bad’s happened in Manehattan. Princess Celestia said she’d meet us here and teleport you six and Clark there so we’ll have the elements ready just encase we need them

“Excuse me, but where is ‘Manehattan’?”

“To the northeast. It’s the second biggest city in Equestria after Canterlot.” Spike answered.
Clark, hesitant to say anything more faced the direction Spike said and used a combination of X-ray vision and Telescopic vision to see what was happening in Manehatten.

“Let me see what’s happening. if Manehatten is the counterpart city to the one I’m thinking of, it should be simple to find. Ok, I’ve think I found - Oh no!”

“Uhm’ Mister Kent, what’s wrong?”

“I’ve got to go. The longer I stay, the more lives could be endangered.” Clark said firmly, though the girls and spike could tell something was wrong.

Before he could leave however, Celestia and Luna were at the the door.

“Well, it looks like everyone is here. Then I’ll teleport us to Manehatten immediately. Well, everyone except Spike of course. It might be too dangerous for him, and we have no idea what’s happened. To-”

“How fast can you get us there through teleporting?” Clark cut Celestia off, showing the ponies something bad was happening in Manehatten.

“Five seconds.” Celestia stated, though she masked her emotions to hide the shock of someone interrupting her. Mostly because no one had ever done so, save Discord*.

“Please, teleport us then. The longer we stay here, the more live could be lost.”

Celestia did comply, but only after the girls and Twilight armed themselves with the elements. As soon as they were back in her sight, she teleported them. Yet when they arrived, what they saw horrified them.

“What in tarnation?”

“Holy Faust, are those Dead bodies?”

“The creature that did this will pay with its life. I will see to it.” Luna added.

Fluttershy was the most frightened by the scene they were seeing.

“Finally! I was wondering if I needed to kill everyone in the city to get you here.

“Seems Thomas was right that you were here El. This fight is going to be much more fun than I thought it would- Especially if miss purple there is as powerful as I’ve been told.” The voice seemed to be echoing through the city, right before the source appeared in front of everyone.

The ponies could only gasp in confusion and horror at what the saw. The man that hovered in front of them not only looked exactly like Clark himself, but he was also dressed in an all blue body suit that looked similar in design to the suit that Clark wore when he first met them.

The only differences being this suit had no belt, and the emblem was upside down with a ‘U’ replacing the ‘S’.

“Mister Kent, ya know this varmint?” Applejack queried.

“Unfortunately, we’ve met. His name is Kal-Ul and he also goes by Clark Kent. He’s a less moral version of me from another universe.

“He’s Also known as Ultraman.”

Super versus Ultra Part 2

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Super Versus Ultra Part Two

“For a Moment, I thought you might have forgotten me El. Seems I was wrong.

“Doesn’t matter anyway, you’re not the main reason I came here. Princess Purple is.

“So it’s going to go down like this. You two are going to fight me regardless.” As Ultraman said this, a massive energy barrier appeared over the entire city. Then with a smirk, he finished with a horrifying statement.

“Her friends’ however, most them will be trying will be trying to find and disable the 40 plus Nth metal pike bombs I’ve planted in the four tallest buildings. Have fun with that by the way.”

Clark clenched his fists and narrowed his eyes which started to glow red. Ultraman eyes widened with surprise as Clarks’ body seemed to start glowing a golden yellow color. Yet just as quickly as it appeared, the the strange glow vanished.

“Well, seems you’ve unlocked that power too. Personally, I think the price of it is too damned high myself. So what do you call it? I call it the Ultra Burst.”

Clark stood still for a few minutes, glaring at Ultraman. Then, he spoke, trying to get to the point that the situation needed to be dealt with as fast as possible.

“Twilight, I need you to listen closely to what I about to say. This man isn’t here to kill you. That a bonus for him. He want to fight you.

“The thing is, he’s an alternate version of me. Same strengths and weaknesses, but more willing to use his powers at full strength. So, that means you will have to fight at full strength too. Even if I have to be caught in the blast of whatever attack you use.

“The rest of you need to deal with those bombs. And since they’re Nth metal, direct magic is not an option due to its disruption effects on magical fields. Elemental magic, more specifically fire might be your best option to stop them. It may be magic fire, but fire is still fire no matter its source.”

The girls and princesses had no idea how to react to Clarks’ commands. He wasn’t just him telling them what to do, it was actual recommendations as to how to deal with the bombs. But something seemed off to Twilight and Fluttershy.

It was mainly the fact that he told Twilight to blast him if it meant hitting Ultraman. They couldn’t figure out why he’d let himself be hurt just so his opponent could also be hurt.

Then he made them realize why it was necessary as he caught a punch from Ultraman. The force of which nearly sent everypony flying backwards.

“His fighting style is similar to mine, and I’m the only one who can deal with him directly whose life doesn’t matter. I’ll say this once, do whatever you have to do Twilight to take him down. Even if I have to die with him.”

“Now that’s the spirit El! You heard him, no holding back against me princess. As for you El- YOU WILL DIE BEFORE THIS IS OVER!!!!” Ultraman yelled with a look of glee and a psychotic lust for battle that scared everypony who was watching him and Clark fight.

The princesses and Rainbow, Pinkie, Applejack and Rarity had to deal with the bombs and so went to try to deal with them.

Twilight didn’t know how to deal with this. To attack an ally was something she’d never had to do to defeat the bad guys. Now she was being told that it would be necessary for her to do so if Ultraman was to be defeated.

And therein laid a problem. You see, Clark and Ultraman were moving at incalculable speeds to her, which made aiming difficult for her, even with Fluttershys’ help.

Her first blast missed, and hit the shield surrounding Manehatten. The second and third hit Ultraman, but both blasts weren’t powerful enough to hurt him. The fourth was able to hurt him, but that only made him attempt to blast her with heat-vision, which was blocked by Clark.

It was made worse due to the fact that though her fifth, six and seventh blast were strong enough to hurt Ultraman, they missed due to the speed of the target. The eighth blast actually hit him hard in back hard enough and strong enough to force him to scream in agony, but not strong enough to knock him out.

Twilight was drained considerably at that point, and if Clark hadn’t restrained Ultraman, The ninth blast would have missed. It was also her strongest blast. When it hit, both Clark and Ultraman screamed in pain. Both of them fell to the ground.

However, much to Twilight and Fluttershys’ horror, Ultraman was the first to recover.

“Impressive little princess. You actually are as powerful as Thomas said. You’ve even made me bleed.” Ultraman said as he wiped some blood from the corner of his mouth.”Impressive considering so few on my world have barely any been able to cause me pain.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you have two minutes to beat or kill me before I kill you. Nothing personal against you, but the guy who showed Thomas this world said that he wanted you dead or injured to the point you couldn’t fight for 2 months or more unless I was defeated in exchange for showing us this universe. Personally if it was me, I’d keep you alive so I could fight you again. Same with El. But a deal is a deal.” He said as he started to turn the very same gold color Clark had earlier, as his glowing red eyes also seemed to crackle with lightning.

Twilight had only a minute or so to react, and looking around for Clark, noticed he was still recovering from the blast. He couldn’t reach him before Ultraman fired the blast.

At that moment, twilight made a choice. She would draw as much power as she could from as many sources as she could. She closed her eyes, and powered up her final blast of magic. She could feel the pressure as the power increased.

And then, for some strange reason she felt nothing.

Was she dead?

No, but she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t feel the pressure anymore. As she opened her eyes, she saw something saw didn’t expect.

‘What? Why is the sky crimson? and the the ground seems to be...Burgandy?’

As she looked around, she saw millions of ravens. All of the ones that she could make out seemed to have a strange feature- All of them had four eyes, and those eyes all were yellow.

It was terrifying to her, but before she could process what had happened, she heard a voice from behind.

“You are trespassing.”

As she turned around, she found herself facing an giant of a Stallion. One whose coat was blood red, with a long white mane and tail. His coat and mane color would be normal for anypony in Equestria, but his two other features were what frightened her, as well as his size.

Two Massive antlers, and the same four yellow colored eyes that the strange ravens had.

“Well, answer me. Who sent you? Why are you here, and how in the seven hells did you find me?” The massive pony questioned, his voice terrifying Twilight due to the low but subtle growl it had, as well as the shear intensity his voice seemed to project.

“Hmm….My n… name is Twilight Sparkle, and I have no clue how I got here.” She said trembling with fear.

With a glare, the four yellow-eyed antlered stallion gave twilight a look over that made her feel very uncomfortable and came to a strange conclusion. At least it was strange to Twilight.

“You’re an astral projection. An accidental one at that. Impressive, but it does raise a new question: What were you doing before you appeared here?”

“I was fighting a very powerful monster that was trying to kill me and everyone in the city I was in. Please, I need to get back. I promise I’ll never do this again if you let leave.”

“Mmh, it seems you never have astral projected before today. Alright, I’ll lone you the power needed to return to the fight and finish it. On one condition.” The red stallion said, narrowing his eyes.

“And what is the condition? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“That I train you on how to prevent accidental and unwanted projection so you may never come here again. And that you tell no one about this meeting.” The giant red stallion replied with a growl. “I don’t like unwelcomed visitors”

“Deal. Now please send me back.” She said, not even think of the consequences the deal might have.

“Be warned, this might be a little… unpleasant.” He said, as a shadow like energy engulfed his hoof. As the red stallion raised his hoof, part of the energy seem to stretch toward Twilight.

Before she would be return however, twilight had a question she needed answered.

“Tell me, after I’ve returned, how will you find me to train me?”

“I will find you, don’t question the how. I will find you.”

With that, the energy he was giving her fully engulfed her as Twilights’ vision when dark again.

Twilight started to feel pressure from an immense power push her down. The same feeling she had before she found herself in that place with the strange stallion. She was about to unleash the most powerful magic blast she could against her opponent.

As Twilight felt her body being torn apart by the, she decides she has no choice but to unleash it all.

And she does.

All of the power she had, and that which the red gigantic antlered pony loned her seemed to vanish as she released it. And then she felt nothing, except exhaustion from the strain of the battle of energy blast. Nearly collapsing from the ordeal.

A sense of dread filled her mind as she started to open her eyes, and she feared that she might have failed to stop Ultraman. Yet, when she fully opened them she saw the kryptonain on his knees, and in a similar state she was in.

“Well *pant* done. Didn’t *pant* think *pant* you had*pant* it in you.” He said, just as his eyes rolled back, and he finally fell to the ground unconscious.

Twilight had Beaten Ultraman.

“Disappointing that Ultraman failed to kill her, but it just means I’ll need to make sure that the mental damage is far less easy to recover from when I focus on the bearer of honesty.

“Desaad, where is the shadow being one of the Parademon scout recovered from the last scouting mission to that universe?”

“My lord, it is waiting in my lab. The power the creature possesses is incredible, yet still minute compared to the raw fury and Strength that was Doomsday. I’ve nearly have her fully reformed, but it will take another two weeks before she would be of any use to you master.

“Good, that is exactly how long it should take to get the materials I need. Now that that universe’s Brainiac has Doomsday, I will need time to figure better way to wreak the homes and live of friends and family of the bearer.

“I would not have to focus on the other bearers of the Life Equation if I could have found the bearer of hope. Yet it seems I have triggered a game between me and something that doesn’t want me to succeed.”

“Master, what do you mean? HighFather and the New Genesis filth shouldn’t know anything about this. Even the few besides me and you, who have any clue what to your grand plan don’t understand the full scope of your magnificent plan.” Dassad said, trying to assure his master that the plan wasn’t being interfered with.

“If that were the case, then explain how Superman not only appeared just as Doomsday was heading to the crystal city, but had somehow encounted the very entities I was trying to lure out. Explain how he avoided detection, when there is no way to avoid it on his own.

“No Desaad, we are dealing with an being capable bypassing our senors and capable violations of Space-time without anyone noticing it happening. Only a hand full, including myself can do that.

“I wonder, who are we really dealing with? No matter, at least I have one of three backup plan in place should I fail to destroy the bearers. Victory will be mine, one way or the other.”