• Published 24th Oct 2013
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To be a Hero in changing times - Sparkfire

Superman has lost faith in himself, and now the world of equestria needs him to regain that faith before it's to late to save the bearers harmony.

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Intermission 1: The Phantom Becomes the Stranger

Intermission 1: The Phantom becomes the Stranger

If somepony asked you to describe King Sombra, how would you do so?

Would you say he was a monster? A Tyrant? Evil?

You’d be right if you said yes to those three questions, because that’s what history remembers him as.

Yet, we only know one side of the story. What if his reasons were much less evil than we believed. What if the truth is far more complicated than “he simply became evil because he wanted power”.

Well, what if I were to tell you that it is far more complicated that that.

‘Why didn’t kill me? I gave those idiots more chances to try than a hydra has heads’ Sombra thought, believing they were cowards for not even attempting. “Even the alicorns “pitied” me and let me live’

The dark grey unicorn stallion with the odd red horn just couldn’t wrap his head around the notion of not killing anypony or one that was evil.

“How could they not even attempt killing me? I’m as evil as the come, a monster who torchered them to near death. It makes absolutely no sense-”

“Maybe they thought they did kill you this time” a voice cut Sombra off.

The Former king was startled by the booming voice. As he searched around the frozen wasteland for where it from, he spotted what appeared to be a tall, thin creature in a dark green cloak that was a few yards away.

“Who, or what the tartarus are you?”

“I am called the Spectre. But right now, that doesn’t matter. Why I’m here is to deal with you permanently. I must say, you’re kind of hard to judge properly, especially considering you’ve tried committing a variant of ‘suicide by cop’ I’ve never seen before.

“Honestly Sombra, I can’t call you a villain. Yet you definitely aren’t good. Though I know exactly what to do with you.”

“I have not a damned clue what you’re talking about. If you’re not here to kill me, then leave.”

“Still have the death wish, I see. I wonder what Amethyst would say about your behavior?” The Spectre said, smirking at Sombras’ reaction to the name.

“Wha? How do you know that name. WHAT THE TARATUS ARE YOU!?!?” Sombra questioned, readying himself for a fight to the death, trying to think of ways he could force the strange creature in front him to kill him.

“Don’t bother Sombra. Killing you would be pointless considering that is what you want. No I’m not to kill you. It’s time for you to learn a lesson about forgiveness and compassion in a way you’ve never thought possible.”

“NO! You’ll have to beat me before I submit to anything, and I won’t go down without a fight.” Sombra snarled, full ready to die. Not even thinking that the Spectre could possibly beat him without killing him.

“I guess I’ll just have to show you what you’re really up against. This is your punishment, until you learn to forgive the one who wronged you, til you forget your anger, rage and hatred: You’ll walk among the ponies, forever more a stranger to them. A phantom of the past.

“If you wish to avoid the fate of immortality, you will help those who need it, one soul at a time. You might even find a reason to keep doing so after your punishment is over.” The Spectre spoke matter of factly.

“You sound as if I don’t have a choice. To that I say-DIE!!” Sombra Screamed, his horn charged to fire his most powerful attack.

To bad he didn’t have a chance to use it, as the Spectre had used his powers to prevent it from firing. Then, with a flick of his wrist, Sombra was thrown to the ground on his back and unable to move. Walking over to him, the Spectre grabbed Sombra by the throat, his eyes glowing brightly.

Then Sombra felt pain, unlike any he’d ever felt.

His fur/coat turned white, his eye following suit. Somehow he could feel his horn bend, to the point he thought it was about to break off.

The sides of his mane greyed, as his tail gained a streak of grey.

And then, for some strange reason- all the pain he had felt was gone.

“It is done. King Sombra is dead, only a stranger stands in his place.”

“What. is. that. suppose. to. mean?” Sombra asked, trying to catch his breath between words.

“Exactly what it sounds like. Here, use this mirror.” as the Spectre said that, a large mirror appeared in front of the stallion formerly known as Sombra.

‘What the devil? I look different. Why the tartarus do I have a black cape, and where did the hat come from? What have you done to me?” The Stranger snarled, only to find he was alone.

Unable to comprehend what just happened, he just started walking. And he no longer had the desire to die anymore, just an urge to wander and help those who need it.

An that is what he did. With no way to know where he’d end up.

“Now that Sombra has been dealt with, time deal with more pressing matters.”

Behind the Spectre sat 6 prism like objects, which floated behind: A spool of thread, a pin the looks like a lightning bolt with wings, a coin, a rubber chicken, a flower, and a tri-angular medallion.

‘Time to get these in place to the facilitate the transfer the full equation to this world true equation bearer. These may not be the equation, but they are needed to keep the balance. Better deal with the tree first.’

The Spectre focused on said tree, an ancient grey tree that was the very same tree that the Spectre lead the original bearers to five millennium ago.

In his right hand, there was a small glowing sphere. What it was for, only the Spectre knew.

And then, he plunged the sphere into the tree.

‘That takes care of the Tree of Harmony, and will destroy the Discords Plunder Vines’

“It seems as though the plan is coming to fruition. I wish that Superman didn’t have to be involved Spectre, but he is the only one that can really deal with Darkseid. I thank for helping me save my Daughters.” A voice said, though it seemed to be coming from nowhere.

“I was planning to bring him here anyway, so he could deal with his issues that have been grating him recently. Darkseid just made it imperative that I bring him. Saving the bears of the majority of the equation is my priority. Celestia and Luna, though the roles they play are minor in the grand scheme of things, are important for this plan to work. Do not think that I’m doing this just for you Dream.”

“I understand Spectre. Tell me though, do you think they will ever forgive me? I gave them everything, except the truth of their origins. I planned on telling them when they were old enough to understand, yet Star Swirl the bearded…. my mortal self in this world died before I could. Will they believe me when I see them at the gates of Clarks’ Dreams.” The voice of Dream asked, knowing he might never earn his daughters’ forgiveness.

“I do not know, but you will know the answer that when they meet you. For now, be thankful that you can speak to them again Endless one. At least you didn’t end up like Discord, bound to this universe and unaware of his true nature. I doubt he’d appreciate being the embodiment of order as well as chaos”

“True, even Destiny finds the fate of the youngest of us funny.”

“Well, for now our work is done. I must get these items in place so the bearer will find them before Darkseid attacks. We will meet again Dream. Oh, your daughters and Clark believe that Metron is the one who informed me of Darkseid.”

“Oh? and why is that?”

“Because I said he did. And he did, though he mostly just confirmed what I already knew.”

“Then I’ll waste no more of your time.” With that, dreams voice went silent.

“One last thing to do.” The Spectre said out loud.

The Spectre began to glow bright, and in a flash, he was in Twilight Sparkles’ Library.

Walking over the Kitchen, he reached behind himself and brought out a small 6 sided box with six keyholes. Setting it down on the kitchen table, he put a note in front it.

And then, as quickly as he appeared in the library, he vanished. Leaving no trace he had been there.

Save for the box and note he left on the Kitchen table.

Author's Note:

Now you know why the Spectre is doing this.

As this is set before season 4, I figured I'd change a few things to be more in line with the fics' cannon than the shows'

Which means, the Elements and "Rainbow Power" will be use in the fight against Darkseid/Tirek(not that I didn't like how it turn in out Twilights' Kingdom, it's just Darkseid takes Tireks place). Also, Discords' plunder vines plot is skipped over here due to the Spectre intervening. So I had the Spectre be the reason things turn out like this: the girl will have modified versions of how the get their keys, and the main plot keeps the focus on Clark and his doubts about the law and how to deal with Darkseid.

This chapter also shows Sombra as a deathseeker. might not be the best explanation for his behavior, but it is the only way that makes him becoming the Phantom Stranger make sense. Basically, his wife dies and he believe he isn't good enough rule. He then decides that he wants to be with her, but can't leave the empire with out ruler. So he concocts a hair-brained scheme to make himself become a tyrant to force his subjects to kill him. Turns out, he did too good of a job of being a tyrant, and Celestia and Luna were his last hope as the Crystal Heart doesn't kill (at least in this fic).

That's why he was afraid of it, he knew it wouldn't kill him. Yeah, it's the only way to at least get him to be the Stranger and still keep him in character as The Stranger. Stupid reason to make him "a good guy", but in my defence, Sombras' motives were never clear to begin with.

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