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To be a Hero in changing times - Sparkfire

Superman has lost faith in himself, and now the world of equestria needs him to regain that faith before it's to late to save the bearers harmony.

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The conversation (part 2- an understanding)

The Conversation (part 2- an understanding)

Celestia readied herself anything as she past the threshold of the door. “Clark” as the human-like creature called itself, has at least proved to be non-hostile for now.

Yet, there was still new questions in her mind. For instance, MacIntosh mentioned that he said he hates killing. There could be several reasons for that, but only two stuck out in her mind.

‘Either he is very good at lying, or in his universe, humans don’t have a death-penalty for their most dangerous criminals. That means he might see himself as morally superior to us, or see us as barbarians.

‘How should I approach this? It’s not like anyone has any real experience with things like this- even Twilight said that she was turned into a mirror world human, so she was one of them for a while, they never even saw her real form. Plus, that was not a first contact situation. I have know idea what I’m doing, nor do I know how to-’ Celestia was awoken from her thoughts, by a voice startling her.

“Are you ok Princess?” Clark asked, only to realize he spooked her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Look before you say anything, I apologize for upsetting you earlier”

“For now, I accept your apology. Just don’t think for a moment I trust you.”

“If you did, i’d say you were not a very good leader. The benefit of a doubt is all I ask for now, but I’ll earn your trust the old fashion way- by proving I deserve it through my actions.”

“There is another way I’ll trust you. My sister is going to cast a spell on you that will turn different colors depend on how truthful you are: Red if you lie, green if you tell the truth.”

“Please, tell me it won’t turn me green or red. Before you ask, it’s a very long story, and it would take a half a day to explain what happen. It only makes sense in context.”

For a few moments, Celestia just stared at Clark blankly before she said anything. “Uh no,” she stated, giving him a confused look “it just creates an aura around you that changes color.”

“How long does it last?”

“Twenty minutes.”

“Well, whenever you’re ready, do it.”

Celestia turn towards the entrance to the farmhouse, where Luna was waiting for Celestias’ signal. As she nodded to Luna, Celestia turned back to Clark, and watch as a dark blue magic aura engulfed and coated him before it vanished. Now all she had to do was calibrate it.

“Alright, these first six questions are going to be easy. Just say yes to the first three, and no to the last 3.”

“Ok, I’m ready”

“Are you a from our universe?”

“Yes.” With that, the aura that was around Clark changed to Red.

“Well, that we knew, but does help me to know the spell is working. Next: Have you have Lied to anyone?”

Celestia was prepared for it to turn green, as most beings have lied to other at one point or another. She would have been concerned if it turned red, and would of had no choice but to trust him. What she saw happen when Clark said “yes” to this question however, was a first.

For a moment, half the aura was red and the other half green. And then it seem to combine till the aura and turn yellow. She just didn’t know how to respond to it, and was even more confused when he asked her why it turn yellow and not green.

“I don’t know. This has never happened before. one last ‘yes’ question. Is my name Twilight Sparkle?”

“Yes.” With that, the aura turned red.

“Mmh, it seems that it is working on you correctly. I will find out why the aura turned yellow later.”

“I have no idea why it did that myself princess. I do lie, just only to keep my life as Clark Kent separate from Superman.” With that statement the aura turned yellow again.

That is when Celestia realized what was happening here. It wasn’t that the spell didn’t work on him, it was that he wasn’t honest with himself.

‘This just can’t possible. It’s like he has two identities that have seamlessly separate lives that are also so interconnected with each other that they yearn to be apart, and he doesn’t even realize it. For some strange reason, he has convinced himself that some truths are lies either for “Superman”, or “Clark”.’

“I seems I’ll have to skip the ‘no’ questions, since it would be kind of pointless. I’ll just ask my regular questions now”

“Alright, what do you want to know?”

And so, Celestia began her questioning. She still couldn’t figure him out, even though the aura show he was not lying to her one bit. She decided to leave the question she wanted to asked most for last: “Why he hated killing?”- the question that was brought up in her mind when MacIntosh told not to mention it.

So Celestia, asked about his world, his roles as Clark Kent and Superman. If there were others who were as powerful as him, as strong as him, as fast as …. well you get the idea here. She was surprised that he answered with a yes to those questions, and the aura stayed green as well.

But as time ticked away, she had no choice to ask her last question before the aura faded.

“Ok, this is my last question: Why do you hate killing?”

This is when she thought he would show that he believed he was superior to them. Though Celestia rarely invoked the death penalty for anypony, it was there for when there was no other way to deal with criminals or monsters. Frankly, she considered death as a last resort.

So she surprised at his reaction to the question. He seemed to just deflate at her even mentioning the word ‘kill’.

“As I told Mr Apple earlier, I don’t like killing. Mostly because I’m not the law. I have killed, and both times, it wasn’t my first option. You remember when I said that a few days after my strength was measured, that I faced a monster that nearly killed me?” After a nod from Celestia, Clark continued.

“Well, in order to stop it, I had to kill it. A fat lot of good that did, considering that it just regenerated and came back to life. The reason I killed it was simple- because before I was able to intervened, it killed millions of people in a random rampage across the country.

“Imagine if you will, a creature that has no desire other than destruction. One that just won’t care what happens due to it’s actions, One that can’t be reasoned with.

“Now this is the really terrifying part. Not only is Doomsday real, but Tirek could unleash him on you at anytime.

“Doomsday is just a bio-weapon, that can’t be put out of it’s misery since it always will regenerate. A well as become unkillable by the method that was use to kill him. However, fortunately , he is only unkillable by the method the method that was last used. It’s a form of adaptive evolution that means death only slows him down.

“Add to the fact to his Strength is well into my levels, and on top of that, in is very resistant to injuries.”

“To answer your question, I don’t like to kill because I don’t have the authority, because I’m not the law. I have to the power to end most conflicts without needlessly add to the death toll. Though, if I have no other choice, then yes I’ll kill.”

Celestia, despite seeing the aura not changing once from green, was now horrified beyond reason. She’d gotten an answer that proved he didn’t think he was better than them, but that didn’t matter anymore.

What mattered, was the fact that Tirek possibly had a living weapon that might prove unstoppable if it were unleashed on her ponies.

“H-h-how could he have gotten a hold of that thing? Such a creature might turn on him.”

“I don’t know. After I killed Doomsday, he was thrown into a black hole so no-one would try to recreate him. Tirek simply found out about him, and freed him. ”

“Your world sounds horrible, to even allow itself to be defiled without some form of protection.”

“Maybe it is, but not all planets have most of the life-equation there to defend it.

“Back to your question. The only thing I really hate more than needless killing, is being told I have to kill someone or something. Worse than that, is being force to kill someone for committing any crime because the law said I have too.” Clark stated to Celestia, who now was getting the gist of what she was being told

“Wait, you’re being forced to to become the law on your world? Who in their right mind would give one being that much legal power?”

“In a sense, yes I am. The world I was raised on tends to prefer short term solutions over long term ones. Sometimes they just don’t think of the consequences. The thing is, times change and sometime you have to change with them. But, sometimes those changes just don’t feel right. I’ve been call a hero many times. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Still, I just feel if that I am going to be a hero, well I’m just going to have try to do the right thing.

“Right now , I need to figure out what that is.

“What they want me to do, I’ve seen the consequences of it. I’ve seen what happens when I go too far in upholding the law or just stop giving a damn, and became a straight up tyrant. They may have been different versions of me, but they were still me.” The aura completely vanished as Clark finished speaking, now completely somber in his tone.

“I will consider this, but for now I believe you. I will tell you this- If you have somehow deceived us, even with the truth aura, I will be forced to remove you from the planet. Normally, my sister only enters dreams of those who need her help, but I want to make absolutely sure you are telling the truth.

“She and I will check your dreams tonight, is that acceptable?”

“I don’t see how it isn’t. I’m a stranger to you and your people, so you have every right to be suspicious of me. There is one problem you might have to face in order to enter my dreams, you might have to face the lord of the Dreaming.

“I’ve heard from those that have met him outside of it that he doesn’t like it when others intrude on his domain, unless he gives them his blessing.” Clark stated.

Cocking an eyebrow, Celestia looked at Clark like he was crazy, all the while wondering if he was pulling her foreleg. Before she could question him, Clark quickly turn his in the direction of the road that lead into Sweet Apple Acres.

“It seems someone’s calling for Twilight. give me a sec and I’ll see where it’s coming fro-” Clark paused, now confused at the the sight he was now beholding. A small bipedal purple lizard was running down the road. Yelling for the pony he had been introduced to as Twilight, and in one of his hands, it looked like s/he was carrying a rolled up letter. “Why is there a purple talking lizard running down the road?”

Before Celestia could even ask him what he meant, she heard a faint voice yelling from a far.

“TWILIGHT!” At first she could barely hear it, But as the source of the voice got voice got closer, the louder it became enough for her to recognize who was yelling.

“Spike! Its seems that something has come up. We’ll finish talking later.”

A minute later, the purple lizard reached Celestia and Clark. Though for some reason, he seem to ignore the alien creature that was nearly as tall as the princess.

“Princess! Where. Is. Twilight?” Spike said, gasping for breath and doubled over from exhaustion.

“Letter. From. Princess Cadance.” He spoke again, starting to speak normally again after thirty seconds of rest. It was then, that he spotted Clark.

Unlike the ponies, he had a more “excited” reaction.

“Holy Guacamole, you’re a human!” And with that, Spike promptly forgot why he was there in the first place. He started questioning Clark about what was happening in the human world, and the Human versions of the mane six. Specifically, how Human!Rarity was doing.

For some reason, he had gotten it in his head that a human in equestria meant that something bad was happening in there world. Spike, being Spike, jumped to conclusions faster than Pinkie Pie- and thus, assumed that the girls had to go stop the human version of Nightmare Moon or something similar. Despite the fact that he forgotten that the mirror was currently useless, and couldn’t be used by anyone.

“Slow down a minute, mirror-what?” Clark asked, confused about what spike was talking about.

“Uh, duh. The mirror that me and Twilight used to visit your world in order to stop Sunset from using the element of magic to takeover your world to conquer Equestria.” Spike stated, oblivious to the events that had happened earlier.

“I’m not sure what this mirror is suppose to be, or what you’re talking about, but it sounds like it’s just another dimension. I’m not from another dimension, I’m from another universe.”

Both Celestia and Spike just stare at him blankly, not understanding what he meant. Before they can say anything more, or get back to the subject at hand (ie: the letter), a flash of light appeared in front of them.

The Spectre and the girls had returned.

Right after the girls and the Spectre came back, everypony else came out to check on them.

When they saw the state Pinkie was in, they nearly panicked. Straight hair was definitely not normal for her. To make matters worse, she was chanting something, and seemed to be crying. It took them 30 minute to at least get her happy enough to where her hair became slightly poofy.

Rarity was ranting that she needed to make nicer clothes for those “poor unfortunate souls Tirek was tormenting”, so they at least have something to live for. She was in denial that the gesture would mean squat due to who was in torturing them. That, and the fact that those “poor unfortunate souls” had more important things to worry about, like their lives.

AppleJack and Rainbow Dash, for the most part, seem to be doing ok. However, you could tell they were very disturbed by what they saw by the way they acted. Both just seemed to not want to talk about what they experienced.

Twilight, she was just crying. Asking Celestia how any ruler could treat their subjects like they were mere tools to be disposed of. As Twilight sobbed, Celestias’ rage grew. How could the Spectre claim that he was a force for good, when he nearly broke the girls completely, just by letting them see where Tirek lived.

Before she could check on the final bearer, FlutterShys’ state of mind, however, the Spectre stopped her.

“Don’t. Just let her be.”

His voice sounded different, more normal. Steady, even. It made no sense to her.

She watched him pull his hood down, revealing a much different face than what she thought it would be. While the hood was up, his skin seemed to be grey or chalk white. Now, with hood down, she saw it was much closer to Clarks’ skin tone.

“Before you say anything, I’m sorry for the way the Spectre has seemed to treat you or your subjects. Seems even after 75 years, I can’t get him to take into count the fact that not everyone in the multiverse might not be open to the fact a being that can basically destroy them, telling them that he’s here to help. Then outright doing things that seem downright terrifying, even if it’s just to stop the bad guys.

“Before you ask, my name is Jim Corrigan, and I’m sorry that your subjects had to even glimpse that hellhole. I wish I was able to explain the Spectres’ motives better, but I doubt I’d be able to.”

Celestia wanted to yell, to scream at “Jim” or whoever he called himself. Yet, she knew it would be pointless. Then Celestia saw Clark walk over, and he seemed worried for “Jim”.

“Jim, is everything alright? I know the Spectres’ reason for bringing me here, but I am hoping you can tell me something. Do you know why the Life Equation is here in this universe?”

Just then, Luna came over. She was kind of shocked when the unhooded Spectre addressed her.

“Well, now that you’re here princess, I’ll begin. You see, the Spectre is the reason the equestrians have access to the equation. It was him who lead the original bearers to them. The ones who defeated Tirek, last time. It’s because of that battle, that the Spectre removed the Element of Hope from the rest.

“He hid the element of hope, somewhere out in the void of space till it would be safe to bring it back. Thing is, of the pieces of the equation, hope is the only one that can manifest in other ways. In some universes, it can be a source of power. In others, it is a simple trinket. In still others, it can manifest as a living being” Jim stopped speaking for a moment, watching Clarks’ eyes widen with realization of what he was speaking of.

“What are you saying? That you have been behind the events that saved Equestria? Celestia asked, wondering what he really meant.

“Only when true evil was involved. You see, the Spectre is for the most part, an aspect of justice. A manifestation of vengeance in the form of a spirit, bound to my soul. Like I said, I’ve been dead for 75 years. I was bonded with him at death.

“He’s why the elements sealed you in the moon Luna, and why they later freed you of the Nightmares’ influence. The Spectre uses them a way to insure that evil gets what they deserve. However, Discord wasn’t completely evil. He was mostly just an asshole, which why he was turned to stone. The Spectre can act through the elements, but only when something like Nightmare Moon is involved.”

“Jim, I need to know this. Why is the league not here with me? The Spectre gave his reason why they shouldn’t be here. It just seems convoluted. Like there’s more to it than just what he said.”

“You’re right, even if Tirek didn’t attack, you still would have been the only one needed to be brought to Equestria. Please, don’t ask anymore about it. That’s all I can say on the matter.

“One final thing, he has sent an agent here to test Equestrias’ Defences. An agent that you need not just the Elements of Harmony, but also a another object called the Crystal Heart to stop it.” Corrigan stated as he raised his hood, his voice sounding much more forceful as the hood covered his face.

Luna, who for the most part hadn’t spoke since she came over, finally asked a simple question about the agent.

“Where is this agent at? I will smite this evil myse-” Luna was cut off by Clark, who had a hunch who the “agent” was.

“Oh no, please tell he didn’t send him of all things. How long ago did he send him”

“A few minutes ago, and yes, It is him.” The Spectre stated, as he flipped his right hand back, summoning the Elements of Harmony to their respective bearers.

“You at least have the element of surprise on your side, and the Princesses will be accompanying you. Twilight just read the letter her assistant brought, so they at least know there is something wrong. He does expect the Agent to fail, but with you here Clark, the casualties will be minimized.”

The Girls, startled out of there respective dazed states by the appearance of the elements, walked over to the where the Spectre, Clark and the princesses were. Each wondering what was happening and why they now had the elements of harmony on them.

“Since you six now know you’re needed at the Crystal Empire, tell Princess Cadance to get the Crystal Heart ready. I’ll make this simple- A monster known as Doomsday is slowly heading towards the Crystal Empire. Make no mistake, if you try to fight him directly, you will die. That is simply a fact.

“Not only have the few who have survived a direct battle with him experienced near life threatening injuries, but almost none have fully recovered from them. Clark is the only exception, due to his powers. Also, consider this: Clark was the only member of the Justice League to confront Doomsday directly. All other fought him indirectly, or through the creative use of their powers.

“To put this in perspective, the main members of the league is as follows: A tactical genius who is the only man to actually make Tirek stop his first invasion of Clarks’ earth simply by threatening to blow up his planet, even though Tirek considers Clark more of a threat in the grand scheme of thing. A woman, who is a better fighter and nearly as strong as Clark, though not as durable.

“Another who can run fast enough to actually travel through time and to other universe and/or dimensions. Before you ask miss Dash, no he can’t perform a Sonic Rainboom, though the ability is related to his power source. Still, there are another 4 men, who have rings that can make their very thoughts reality.

“Think about this, why would the man who could have kill Doomsday simply by take to the end of time not do that exactly? Why would the fighter simply not dismember him then scatter the pieces to the four winds? Why would the men who could will themselves to be invincible, not drag him to the nearest black hole and throw him in?” The Spectre stopped talking for a moment, waiting for the ponies’ responses.

“Wait, Run fast enough to travel time? Bu.. Bu.. But that scientifically impossible! The speed needed to attempt that would be the equivalent of Rainbow doing a thousand Sonic Rainbooms at once. And furthermore, making you thoughts would require an amount of magic and power beyond anything even the Elements of Harmony can do.” Twilight ranted, her mind forcing her to forget the trauma of experiencing the horrors of Apokolips by making her focus on science.

“Sugercube, him being different universe might mean that his world has different...uh, rules than ours.” Applejack said, trying to calm Twilight down, but added “How the hay could one pony threaten Tirek just by being a genius? What we saw in his home, ah don’t want ta ‘member. But, ta me, seemed like nuthin’ could scare them save fer Tirek himself. An nuthin’ could scare Tirek.”

“MIss Apple, I’ll tell you all the full story of that after we deal with Doomsday. Just make sure you all stay faraway from the fight. Since he can’t be killed without coming back to life, I assume you want to use the Elements to seal or bind him?” Clark questioned the Spectre, knowing he was going to be in for a rough fight. The Spectre only nodded in response

“Uhm, excuse me. Why would you consider killing a living being? Can’t we just ask it nicely to not attack anypony?” Fluttershy asked softly, hoping they weren’t thinking of hurting an innocent animal.

Clark had no choice but to tell her what she was about to face, and he hated to tell her the things Doomsday would do to her. But, she needed to understand that what she was asking was impossible.

“Miss, Doomsday isn’t a living being. He doesn’t eat or sleep, or even think. He kills without rhyme nor reason. He attacks on sight, and only stops when his target is obliterated. And killing him only slows him down.” Clark could see that Twilight and AppleJack were scared of what he was saying, and that the pony that asked the question seem to be shaking from fear. Worse still, the remaining three seemed to not have completely recovered from the experience when the Spectre brought them back.

‘The Pink one still seems to be in shock from the trip to Apokolips. They all need to know what they’re about to face, though.’

“ There is something else. Doomsday can’t be killed by the method that killed him last, but the method before that can be used again. To complicate the matter, is the fact that he is nearly as durable as me. So it takes alot of effort to kill him.”

“Whoa, are you saying this thing can’t be stopped without out destroying it outright.” The rainbow maned pony asked, then she shuddered when Clark nodding in confirmation.

“That is why the Elements of Harmony are need along with Crystal Heart miss Dash. Furthermore, all six of you have a choice that is very much like Clarks’. Do you really think that the world will return to the way it was after all this is said and done? The Choice you all have is a paradox. Either choice can get you killed. First things first, laughter needs to be restored.

“Miss Pie, when Doomsday defeated, you should throw the biggest party you can think of up.”

WIth that, Pinkies’ mane and tail completely poofed back to normal. How that worked, Clark didn’t know, he just chalked it up to differ universal rules.

“Now, the nine of you must go now

“Once you get there, you’ll have 30 minutes at the most to warn the rulers of the Crystal Empire to ready the Crystal Heart and assist in starting evacuations.

“Be warned, you may not have time to help with evacuations. If that happens, just deal with Doomsday, his defeat takes priority.” The Spectre stated evenly.

Before any of the ponies or Clark could ask any more questions, the Spectres’ Eyes Glowed white. Then, they were gone.

As the Spectre stared at the spot, he had one thought ‘Good Luck, you’ll need it against Doomsday.’

Behind him, he could hear the hoof steps of an old mare, three fillies, one baby dragon and a Stallion.

“Uhm, mister Spectre? You punish bad ponies, right? Me, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were.. well, we were wondering if you could make Diamond Ti-” Sweetie Belle was cut off before she could finish the request.

“Diamond Tiara Rich will be dealt with. Though even I must admit, she might not get the hint. I will see what I can do though.

“But right now, something else requires my attention. Something that must be done” And with that, the Spectre disappeared.

DIscord had never seen anything like this creature before.

‘PeRhApS iT’s A tRoLl. nEvEr sEeN oNe LiKe this before THOUGH. I think I’ll play with it some.’

In front of Discord was a creature that stood over twice his size, and about that wide too. Bones seemed to be coming out of edge it’s face, nuckles, knees, elbow. Bone also seemed to cover parts of it’s dark grey skin like armor, including the bridge of it nose. And it seemed to have eyes of pure red. No irises or pupils, just red eyes

For some reason it seemed to be lumbering towards the Crystal Empire.

“Well friend, I don’t know what you are, but-” Discord felt a blow to his stomach, and something tear into his flesh. The next thing Discord knew, he was slammed into a large rock.

“OW, That wasn’t nice or friendly.” Discord then had a thought ‘How did that thing hurt me?! Me of all beings?’

He had to do something to get rid of it, for it might ruin his fun. Or worse, kill everything else off. The warped master of chaos decided to finish it off, in the the only manner fitting for such a brute.

Discord teleported right in front of the creature, his talon and paw holding a small sphere of energy in them to the right side of his body.

As Doomsday lumbered forward, Discord said something.

“KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAAAAA!”On the last syllable, released the sphere of energy right into the Chest of Doomsday, carving a hole right through it. Doomsday collapsed instantly.

“Sorry, whatever you were. You are just too deadly to live, and I need everyone alive to cause chaos.” Discord said, now wearing an orange martial arts gi with a blue sash around his waist.

“Now, what to do with you? Hey readers, what do you think I should..do….with……” Discord rambling was cut off by a low growl. He had no idea where it was coming from, until he looked at the fallen monster in front him.

IT was making the noise. The creature had somehow survived having a hole in his chest.

“What the gobbly gakkin humus!? It survived that. Am I being prank by the writer?

“Hey, Piss-poor writer. Let me see the script a sec.”

OK, but you’ll be sorry you did read it. I did tried to warn you about this when I asked you to to be in this fic. Why do you think I asked you to read the contract before you signed it? I’m not stupid enough to actually put you in danger, without at least making sure you know full well what’s going to happen to you.

So the “Piss-poor writer” did what was asked of him.

As Discord read the script, the color drain from his face (literally) and his eyes widened. However, before he could skedaddle, a shadow loomed over him.

“Oh no. Heh, heh…. Listen big guy, can’t you take joke?” Discord futilely pleaded with the behemoth in front of him.

Unfortunately, for him the beast already had it’s arm pulled back. As he slammed it into Discords’ stomach at unreal speeds, Discord could feel the sharp bone spurs cut upwards until they reached his jaw. Then as he blacked out from the pain being cut open, and a broken jaw, he felt the sensation the he was flying.

Doomsday had decked Discord hard, and if Discord were mortal, he would have died. Instead he was sent sailing to the entrance to the Crystal Empire.

And the worst thing possible had happened.

Doomsday had caught a glimpse of the sun shining upon the Crystal of said empire.

As he saw the shimmering spectacle, he started to walk towards it, picking up speed as he went.

To those inhabiting that place, beware: FOR DOOMSDAY IS COMING

Omake #1: Glasses

(Set a few days after Doomsdays’ defeat, Not entirely cannon)

As Clark, looked through the suitcase of clothes that Lois had forced the Spectre to bring to him, he was trying to find the most important item he had. Other than his favorite book, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, this item was something that made him feel he was truly Clark Kent.

“Ah, here they are” Clark said as he put on the old pair of glasses.

There were few who knew why he wore them and fewer who knew their true purpose.

That purpose was to kept him from using his Heat vision at maximum power and full strength while just interacting while everyday people by accident. The glasses kept that power to around ten percent so long as clark had them on.

Some in the League had suggested that when he had them on, that they “magically” made it impossible for anyone who wasn’t outright told who he was, that he was Clark Kent. Of course, it was Hal Jordan who made the comment, and no one in the league took it seriously.

Clark never thought that anyone would be stupid enough to not see through something that ridiculous. The main reason no one suspected Superman and Clark were his mannerisms and the way he acted.

Superman, being the facade, his mannerisms were based on how first responders, Firefighters and Paramedics acted when they got to a call. His actions based on how a cop puts him or herself in the line of fire. Always making sure that the proper authorities knew what was going on and giving his opinion on what should and shouldn’t be done, and allow them to make the call on how they should proceed.

Clark was different, as he was the real personality. Humble. Determined if a little {sometimes intentionally} clumsy. Always respectful and helpful. He was witty and smart, but not condescending or jerkish. And he was very opinionated.

If you never knew he was Superman, you’d think from articles he’s written about himself as Superman, that he harbored a hatred of him that rivaled Lex Luthors’. Though he did keep them tamed compared to others, if he screwed up as Superman, he blasted himself for the mistakes he made in the papers’ editorials.

That’s why people don’t see the resemblance. Why would someone who is a hero, make it seem like he hates himself?

“Darhling, pardon me for asking this, but why are you wearing glasses? Don’t you have perfect vision.” Rarity spoke, a little confused why Clark was wearing said accessory.

“I want to know myself. You made it seem like you’re physically perfect.” Twilight inquired as they left the apple farm.

“I don’t wear them because I have poor vision. I wear them because they keep me from setting a coffee mug on fire accidentally while working at the office. Fire and a job that involves paper don’t mix. Though to hear a friend of mine tell it, they’re “magic glasses” that prevent anyone from seeing that I’m actually Superman in disguise unless they’re flat out told.” Clark said, chuckling a little at the statement.

Rarity and Twilight had heard of enchanted glasses before, but to joke about the very concept was strange.

‘Could it be possible that enchantments can’t be done on glasses in his world? I have so many question to ask, I just hope he can answer them all.’

“Clark dear, how long have you had those dirty old glasses?”

“I had the frames since my Pa died, the lenses were replaced with ones that restrain my heat, X-ray and other vision based power to a lower more manageable level while not working as Superman. I’ve gotten better at controlling them over the years, but I like the extra precaution they provide. And they’re not dirty, just aged.”

Before Rarity or Twilight could respond, a Pink blur appeared in front of the trio.

“Oh hi Rarity, hi Twilight, hi That guy with the glasses. Huh, wait a minute. Guy with the glasses, I never seen you before. I wonder why my pinkie sense says I know you. Oh well, I’ll just make Clarkies’ party for you too. BYE.” As Pinkie bounced away, the three just stood there in the middle of road in sort of a daze.

Then, in order Clark spoke first as he closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Please tell she wasn’t serious about not recognizing me while I’m wearing the glasses.”

Both Rarity and Twilight sighed, then they both spoke at the same time.

“We don’t know, it’s just Pinkie being… Well, Pinkie.”

Author's Note:

Before you ask, Yes, Discords' thoughts are portrayed like they are intentionally. Also, The reason "Jim Corrigans Dialogue is green because I want you to know which is in control. The Spectre is Bold, and Jim is Green.

Now about the the Chapter: This took as long as it did due to me needing to figure out how powerful Doomsday actually is compared to the Princesses (including Twilight and Cadence) and Discord. That, and to make the Omake short and funny (I think I failed with the funny part).

Also, Discord isn't dead. Just injured really badly (because he isn't very durable, though he out classes everything in this universe in raw power, except for the elements because He is the youngest of the endless. BTW: the reason why him saying drocsiD/Discord backwards will work on him is the elements gave it him as another weakness, just in case after they were used to release him. This means he can't travel to other universes under his own power like his Brothers and Sisters can, as the first time they were used on him, they locked him to this Equestrias' universe. In other words, he's stuck).

So How bad is this chapter? Scale of one to ten, and be honest and critical. Don't be a jerk (And no saying I need an Editor, I know that, I'm still looking for one).

PM me if you think you can help with editing this and/or The Fastest Stallion Alive - The Origin of the Flash.

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