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To be a Hero in changing times - Sparkfire

Superman has lost faith in himself, and now the world of equestria needs him to regain that faith before it's to late to save the bearers harmony.

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Super versus Ultra Part 2

Super Versus Ultra Part Two

“For a Moment, I thought you might have forgotten me El. Seems I was wrong.

“Doesn’t matter anyway, you’re not the main reason I came here. Princess Purple is.

“So it’s going to go down like this. You two are going to fight me regardless.” As Ultraman said this, a massive energy barrier appeared over the entire city. Then with a smirk, he finished with a horrifying statement.

“Her friends’ however, most them will be trying will be trying to find and disable the 40 plus Nth metal pike bombs I’ve planted in the four tallest buildings. Have fun with that by the way.”

Clark clenched his fists and narrowed his eyes which started to glow red. Ultraman eyes widened with surprise as Clarks’ body seemed to start glowing a golden yellow color. Yet just as quickly as it appeared, the the strange glow vanished.

“Well, seems you’ve unlocked that power too. Personally, I think the price of it is too damned high myself. So what do you call it? I call it the Ultra Burst.”

Clark stood still for a few minutes, glaring at Ultraman. Then, he spoke, trying to get to the point that the situation needed to be dealt with as fast as possible.

“Twilight, I need you to listen closely to what I about to say. This man isn’t here to kill you. That a bonus for him. He want to fight you.

“The thing is, he’s an alternate version of me. Same strengths and weaknesses, but more willing to use his powers at full strength. So, that means you will have to fight at full strength too. Even if I have to be caught in the blast of whatever attack you use.

“The rest of you need to deal with those bombs. And since they’re Nth metal, direct magic is not an option due to its disruption effects on magical fields. Elemental magic, more specifically fire might be your best option to stop them. It may be magic fire, but fire is still fire no matter its source.”

The girls and princesses had no idea how to react to Clarks’ commands. He wasn’t just him telling them what to do, it was actual recommendations as to how to deal with the bombs. But something seemed off to Twilight and Fluttershy.

It was mainly the fact that he told Twilight to blast him if it meant hitting Ultraman. They couldn’t figure out why he’d let himself be hurt just so his opponent could also be hurt.

Then he made them realize why it was necessary as he caught a punch from Ultraman. The force of which nearly sent everypony flying backwards.

“His fighting style is similar to mine, and I’m the only one who can deal with him directly whose life doesn’t matter. I’ll say this once, do whatever you have to do Twilight to take him down. Even if I have to die with him.”

“Now that’s the spirit El! You heard him, no holding back against me princess. As for you El- YOU WILL DIE BEFORE THIS IS OVER!!!!” Ultraman yelled with a look of glee and a psychotic lust for battle that scared everypony who was watching him and Clark fight.

The princesses and Rainbow, Pinkie, Applejack and Rarity had to deal with the bombs and so went to try to deal with them.

Twilight didn’t know how to deal with this. To attack an ally was something she’d never had to do to defeat the bad guys. Now she was being told that it would be necessary for her to do so if Ultraman was to be defeated.

And therein laid a problem. You see, Clark and Ultraman were moving at incalculable speeds to her, which made aiming difficult for her, even with Fluttershys’ help.

Her first blast missed, and hit the shield surrounding Manehatten. The second and third hit Ultraman, but both blasts weren’t powerful enough to hurt him. The fourth was able to hurt him, but that only made him attempt to blast her with heat-vision, which was blocked by Clark.

It was made worse due to the fact that though her fifth, six and seventh blast were strong enough to hurt Ultraman, they missed due to the speed of the target. The eighth blast actually hit him hard in back hard enough and strong enough to force him to scream in agony, but not strong enough to knock him out.

Twilight was drained considerably at that point, and if Clark hadn’t restrained Ultraman, The ninth blast would have missed. It was also her strongest blast. When it hit, both Clark and Ultraman screamed in pain. Both of them fell to the ground.

However, much to Twilight and Fluttershys’ horror, Ultraman was the first to recover.

“Impressive little princess. You actually are as powerful as Thomas said. You’ve even made me bleed.” Ultraman said as he wiped some blood from the corner of his mouth.”Impressive considering so few on my world have barely any been able to cause me pain.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you have two minutes to beat or kill me before I kill you. Nothing personal against you, but the guy who showed Thomas this world said that he wanted you dead or injured to the point you couldn’t fight for 2 months or more unless I was defeated in exchange for showing us this universe. Personally if it was me, I’d keep you alive so I could fight you again. Same with El. But a deal is a deal.” He said as he started to turn the very same gold color Clark had earlier, as his glowing red eyes also seemed to crackle with lightning.

Twilight had only a minute or so to react, and looking around for Clark, noticed he was still recovering from the blast. He couldn’t reach him before Ultraman fired the blast.

At that moment, twilight made a choice. She would draw as much power as she could from as many sources as she could. She closed her eyes, and powered up her final blast of magic. She could feel the pressure as the power increased.

And then, for some strange reason she felt nothing.

Was she dead?

No, but she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t feel the pressure anymore. As she opened her eyes, she saw something saw didn’t expect.

‘What? Why is the sky crimson? and the the ground seems to be...Burgandy?’

As she looked around, she saw millions of ravens. All of the ones that she could make out seemed to have a strange feature- All of them had four eyes, and those eyes all were yellow.

It was terrifying to her, but before she could process what had happened, she heard a voice from behind.

“You are trespassing.”

As she turned around, she found herself facing an giant of a Stallion. One whose coat was blood red, with a long white mane and tail. His coat and mane color would be normal for anypony in Equestria, but his two other features were what frightened her, as well as his size.

Two Massive antlers, and the same four yellow colored eyes that the strange ravens had.

“Well, answer me. Who sent you? Why are you here, and how in the seven hells did you find me?” The massive pony questioned, his voice terrifying Twilight due to the low but subtle growl it had, as well as the shear intensity his voice seemed to project.

“Hmm….My n….n..na name is Twilight Sparkle, and I have no clue how I got here.” She said trembling with fear.

With a glare, the four yellow-eyed antlered stallion gave twilight a look over that made her feel very uncomfortable and came to a strange conclusion. At least it was strange to Twilight.

“You’re an astral projection. An accidental one at that. Impressive, but it does raise a new question: What were you doing before you appeared here?”

“I was fighting a very powerful monster that was trying to kill me and everyone in the city I was in. Please, I need to get back. I promise I’ll never do this again if you let leave.”

“Mmh, it seems you never have astral projected before today. Alright, I’ll lone you the power needed to return to the fight and finish it. On one condition.” The red stallion said, narrowing his eyes.

“And what is the condition? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“That I train you on how to prevent accidental and unwanted projection so you may never come here again. And that you tell no one about this meeting.” The giant red stallion replied with a growl. “I don’t like unwelcomed visitors”

“Deal. Now please send me back.” She said, not even think of the consequences the deal might have.

“Be warned, this might be a little… unpleasant.” He said, as a shadow like energy engulfed his hoof. As the red stallion raised his hoof, part of the energy seem to stretch toward Twilight.

Before she would be return however, twilight had a question she needed answered.

“Tell me, after I’ve returned, how will you find me to train me?”

“I will find you, don’t question the how. I will find you.”

With that, the energy he was giving her fully engulfed her as Twilights’ vision when dark again.

Twilight started to feel pressure from an immense power push her down. The same feeling she had before she found herself in that place with the strange stallion. She was about to unleash the most powerful magic blast she could against her opponent.

As Twilight felt her body being torn apart by the, she decides she has no choice but to unleash it all.

And she does.

All of the power she had, and that which the red gigantic antlered pony loned her seemed to vanish as she released it. And then she felt nothing, except exhaustion from the strain of the battle of energy blast. Nearly collapsing from the ordeal.

A sense of dread filled her mind as she started to open her eyes, and she feared that she might have failed to stop Ultraman. Yet, when she fully opened them she saw the kryptonain on his knees, and in a similar state she was in.

“Well *pant* done. Didn’t *pant* think *pant* you had*pant* it in you.” He said, just as his eyes rolled back, and he finally fell to the ground unconscious.

Twilight had Beaten Ultraman.

“Disappointing that Ultraman failed to kill her, but it just means I’ll need to make sure that the mental damage is far less easy to recover from when I focus on the bearer of honesty.

“Desaad, where is the shadow being one of the Parademon scout recovered from the last scouting mission to that universe?”

“My lord, it is waiting in my lab. The power the creature possesses is incredible, yet still minute compared to the raw fury and Strength that was Doomsday. I’ve nearly have her fully reformed, but it will take another two weeks before she would be of any use to you master.

“Good, that is exactly how long it should take to get the materials I need. Now that that universe’s Brainiac has Doomsday, I will need time to figure better way to wreak the homes and live of friends and family of the bearer.

“I would not have to focus on the other bearers of the Life Equation if I could have found the bearer of hope. Yet it seems I have triggered a game between me and something that doesn’t want me to succeed.”

“Master, what do you mean? HighFather and the New Genesis filth shouldn’t know anything about this. Even the few besides me and you, who have any clue what to your grand plan don’t understand the full scope of your magnificent plan.” Dassad said, trying to assure his master that the plan wasn’t being interfered with.

“If that were the case, then explain how Superman not only appeared just as Doomsday was heading to the crystal city, but had somehow encounted the very entities I was trying to lure out. Explain how he avoided detection, when there is no way to avoid it on his own.

“No Desaad, we are dealing with an being capable bypassing our senors and capable violations of Space-time without anyone noticing it happening. Only a hand full, including myself can do that.

“I wonder, who are we really dealing with? No matter, at least I have one of three backup plan in place should I fail to destroy the bearers. Victory will be mine, one way or the other.”

Author's Note:

Now, let's get one thing straight: The Nth Metal bombs were just to occupy the others so Ultraman could fight Superman and Twilight.

Celestia and/or Luna Loaning Twilight there powers would have made the fight very onesided. Plus Twilight was powerful enough on her own to actually be a legitimate threat, just not strong enough or fast enough to fight him. That's why Clark is there, to mitigate those two weaknesses. Plus, it would have made Grogars' first appearence meaningless.

To clarify how much power Grogar gave Twilight: He only gave her enough power to return and SURVIVE her own Magic blast. Which I will confirm is capable of outright countering the "Super Flare". Yes, that power is here. Ultrman calls' his version the "Ultra Burst" because he named after himself.

The Super Flare is What Clark used to kill Supergirls' Universes' Zod. He just wasn't aware that it was a new power, and still wasn't aware up till now. This is a Plot point, which I'll address later on.

On to Darkseid: Yep, he knows someone is helping Superman and the Mane 6. He's also not stupid enough to think his plans are fullproof, and has at least 3 backup plans just in case. Also, AppleJack is getting a Double header on the villain front since Nightmare Moon makes a cameo her. As for her other villain, let's just say he was 'born on a Monday".

Also yes, Grogar and Twilight eventually end up doing the nasty, and Twilight pops out Raven. But love takes time to happen, like 10 to 12 years in story.

Also, please post questions in the comments. Also, just don't be a douche when criticizing my spell, grammer and plot. I'm not saying to he as nice as possible, just give a good reason why you're being harsh. If I can fix it, i'll fix it.

Enjoy, and btw: Part 3 will be the next chapter so I can wrap up this arc and stroy dealing with the Scootaloo Plotline.

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Not much I can say other than once again, thanks very much for getting the next chapter up. It may have taken a while, but was well worth the wait. I really appreciate you going to the effort. As usual, very good job on the exchanges, emotional content, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I also appreciate the info in the author's notes. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

So Grogar is MLP's version of Trigon? What are they going to do to the unconscious Ultraman?

Interesting developments in this chapter. I hope Darkside leaves when he finds out who is messing with his plans because he should know better then to screw with that guy. Also great to see this story back!

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