To be a Hero in changing times

by Sparkfire

Doomsday for the Crystal Empire (Or 20 Sonic Rainbooms to the Face)

Doomsday for the Crystal Empire (Or 20 Sonic Rainbooms at point-blank range to the face)

The next thing anyone knew after the flash blinded them, was that they were at the gate to the Crystal Empire.

Clark was impressed with the size of it, and couldn’t help but compare it to some the biggest cities he’s seen.

‘It’s almost the size of Metropolis, at least judging by the size of those buildings in what I assume is the center. First things first evacuate everyone we can, then locate Doomsday.’

“Uhm, mister Clark? Is something wrong?” A soft voice asked.

“Only that I can’t seem to locate any places that would be safe from Doomsdays’ wrath.

“Miss….Fluttershy was it? I know it may seem brutal to kill Doomsday, but trust me when I say he is far more dangerous than Tirek. Simply because only a few thing can really stop him.

“What makes it worse is, that due to the versatility of my powers, I’m the only being that has a chance to defeat him in my world. IF someone like Captain Marvel tried, he’d render himself useless just because his powers would only work once before Doomsday would try to kill him.” Clark finished, remembering his relationship to Marvel.

‘Not that I’d ever let him anywhere near Doomsday. Hell Both Kara and Conner have my powers, and I wouldn’t let them any of them with fifty miles of him.’ Clark thought, barely suppressing a shudder at the very thought of Doomsday actually facing Billy, Kara, and Conner.

“Your world must have a lot of heroes Mister Kent.” Celestia stated, walking to them with a pink alicorn and a white unicorn walking behind her.

“So this is the being who was sent to help us auntie? May I ask you what this ‘Doomsday’ is capable of?” The pink alicorn spoke.

“Yeah, because I know my shield can take a lot of damage. I want to know what role I’ll be playing here. If you can mimic the creatures’ strongest attack, I can gauge how much of the city should be covered while we evacuate the city.” The white unicorn said with confidence in his voice.

“That would be a bad Idea. Doomsday is in my strength class, and unlike me, doesn’t hold back. And killing him would be a waste of time. Which unfortunately, means, that for all intents and purposes, I can’t use my full strength against him.”

“Wait, you have to hold back? I mean, if that thing is as strong as you say it is, why not just deck it to the moon?” A certain rainbow maned mare quipped.

“Let me make this simple, one octillion tons is what you’d call my base strength. That’s clear lifting though. When you add my speed into the mix, it get a lot more complicated. Since the closer an object gets to the speed of light-”

“The more mass it has, meaning a single punch from you could obliterate everything in a radius of at least 100 or so miles before you factor in your already insane strength. And since at lightspeed your mass would become infinite, meaning it wouldn’t matter how strong you were in the first place.

“The damage would be catastrophic, even at ninety-five percent of the speed of light.”Twilight interrupted Clark with a gasp, mostly because he just admitted he could potentially destroy the world by accident.

Needless to say, everyponies’ jaws dropped. They now were worried that the Elements and the Crystal heart would be rendered useless just due to Doomsdays’ strength.

“Tell us, Clark of Kent, are there others the can perform this ‘punch of the infinite mass’ and can it be taught?” Luna asked, not quite getting what was being said.

“Luna, it’s not that simple. The Physics violation needed to perform that maneuver is impossible. Even if it was, it would require an immense amount of power, energy and speed. And don’t get me started of the moral implications of teaching it to somepony.” Celestia said, her eyes narrowing as she looked to Clarks' general direction.

“Actually, there is another way other. Wouldn’t recommend it though. Barry did said lightning bolts still hurt even if you’re connected to the speed force. I’m just one of a few being that can actually perform it without a solid connection to it.”

“Pardon me sugarcube, but that Spectre feller mentioned something about that thar speed whatchamacallit. Said som’thin ‘bout Rainbows’ Sonic Rainboom being connected to it.” AppleJack said, remembering what the Spectre told Rainbow.

“I’ll explain later what I know of the Speed Force later, right now we need to evacuate the city. This is for you own safety: Do not engage Doomsday if you see him, just run.”

“I will not run, I will fight this Creature with all my strenght. IF necessary, I will banish it to the sun.”

“Princess, that is a bad Idea. As far as I know, nothing can kill Doomsday permanently . You’d at best, just make him mad. I don’t know the effect these elements or this crystal heart will have, but I have small hunch. For now however, let’s get the civilians out of harms way” With that, everyone did what they could.

Though it took some effort for Clark to use as much speed and strength as he was using without doing any damage, the girls were shocked at the display they were watching. To them he was moving at speeds that were only considered theoretical. The only ones who could even see him were Cadance, Celestia, Luna, Twilight and, (because they are pegasi) Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

Even then, of the two pegasi, only Rainbow could clearly see him as he moved. Fluttershy just saw a blur, but compared to what the other four were seeing, she at least knew what happening.

‘Just how fast is this guy? And HE flys? If I challenged him to a race, he’d smoke me for sure. Then the there’s his strength. One thing’s for sure, I don’t want to be on his bad side.’ Rainbow though, starting to feel like she was useless. However, she ignored the feeling, rationalizing that the evacuations would take much longer without him.

After nearly twenty minutes, the empire  was evacuated. Cadance and Twilight, along with the other girls and the guards (including Shining Armor) were exhausted, but not to the point of collapse. Celestia, Luna and Clark on the other hand, though their breathing was a bit more labored than normal for them, were fine

“I understand why Celestia and I are not winded as our magic allows us that luxury. But you, have just moved Two hundred and fifty thousand ponies while flying and lifting them above your head in a span of minutes. We, barely moved half that in the same amount of time.

“How are you not tired from that?” Luna queried, confused even more by Clarks’ actions than she was when they meet hours ago.

“I have much higher stamina due to my powers. I have a limit, its just I do things like this on a weekly to monthly basis with ease because my limit is so damn high. Let’s just finish before Dooms-” Clark stopped speaking as he heard something falling.

“Princesses, I’ll be right back.” With that, Clark flew off.

In seconds, he was back, carrying the unconscious form of a very familiar spirit of chaos. Whatever wounds he had were healing, though Clark questioned to himself why his blood had the consistency pudding(chocolate) .

He was about ask if anyone knew who or what he was holding when….

“DISCORD!?!?!?!” eight voices cried out.

“Well, that answers that question” Clark deadpanned

“What happened to him? Is he alright? Please tell me he’s ok.” Fluttershy pleaded.

“I can’t tell. His insides don’t match up to anything that I’ve ever seen before. Where his heart should be, there seems to be an… accordion?” Clark asked, really beginning to wonder what he was seeing.

As the ponies all cocked their heads to the side in confusion, they all said the same thing at once.

“Discord never makes makes sense, he’s the spirit of Chaos.”

“I see, still he needs some form of medical attention.” Before Clark could make sure Discord was safe, he heard something else ‘fall’.

Clark looked up, scanning the area that the sound was coming from. As he used his telescopic vision to try to locate the source, his heart sank. He had found the source.

“Everyone, get as far back as you can from me. If you can hover or fly off the ground, do it.” Clark said, turning towards the of sound. As it got louder, Clark was able see the source without his powers.

And for the first time, the ponies knew absolute terror.

For Doomsday had arrived

As he fell, Clark looked back to see that the lavender alicorn had already levitated every non-flyer off the ground. The impact however, still startles them.

As the smoke clears, the ponies are aghast at what the see. To them, Doomsday seems like a behemoth  of a monster. To call him a troll would insult every troll in Equestria, and to call him an ogre would just not do justice to the deadliness of the Doomsday.

“This isn’t possible. THAT thing just had half of it’s face blown off and it’s still moving. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?” Twilight yell, afraid of what she was seeing.

A few moments ago, Princess Luna blasted the right half of the creatures’ face off. It simply regenerated that which was destroyed, and keep fighting.

To Twilight, that seemed to violate certain laws of physics and magic. Like the creature itself was able to shrug off things that would devastate cities. And that was only the attacks it was taking from Celestia and Luna, who it currently was trying to beat to death.

If it’s weren’t for the alien that is.

He was putting himself in between them and kept hitting him hard.

“Oh man, what ever this Doomsday thing is- it lives up to it’s name. Big guy in blue seems to be using himself as shield.

“When rarity see his suit shredded up like that, she gonna hurl.” Rainbow commented, joking like nothing big was happening.

With a glare, Twilight calmly spoke.

“How can you treat this as if nothing bad is happening? Faust Rainbow, THAT thing is trying to KILL them. The worst part is- IT MIGHT ACTUALLY SUCCEED!!” Twilight started to lose some composure, with those last words.

Before Rainbow could respond, Cadance spoke up, worried about Twilight.

“Twily, please calm down. While aunty Celestia and Luna help Mister Clark with that monstrosity, we have to wait for an opening to use the Heart and Elements. At first, I thought he was bluffing. Yet seeing what’s happening to them….well I can see why he was worried about this creature.

“So please, try to distract yourself like miss Dash here has. By the why, how many hits did he just land on the creature. I lost count after fifteen.”

“About fifty, give or take a few. I mean, I am scared out of my mind right now. However, I feel like watching them fight is the best I can do. “ Rainbow casually stated, aware that she sounded like she was bored.

Yet, she was completely terrified. The Speeds at which Clark was achieving with just parts of his body that were impossible for any pegasus to reach without dying. At least that’s what everypony thought.

Before she could think on the implications of this, she heard two voices question something.

“Fifty!?”  yelled both Cadance and Twilight.

“Why does it matter how fast he hits? Right now, shouldn’t all seven of us be getting into positi-” Rainbow was cut off by the sound of an explosion.

One that Princess Celestia had let loose on to the creature, blowing off the left half of its face.

They thought it was over, and everypony was about to ready to blast it.

Rainbow however, suddenly found herself uneasy when the creature got up faster than they could rally together, regrew the half luna blew off and continued to attack Clark and the Princesses without mercy.

Well, uneasy would be what Rainbow  would call it. She was actually Mortified to the point she thought it was completely unstoppable.

Everypony saw Clark Hold his own, but straining to hold the beast back. It hit Clark hard enough to knock him a fair distance away, while also knocking him out for a few second.

Then the Creature broke Celestias’ jaw, not only knocking her down to the ground, but also staining her already blood stained white coat with more blood.

As the monster raised it arms high over its head, readying itself to bring them down hard.

The last thing Rainbow Dash saw before the beast brought down it’s fists was as FLASH of lightning.

Doomsday saw the rainbow blur head straight for him. He didn’t know or care what it was, but that didn’t matter to him. He would kill whatever it was.

Unfortunately for him, he missed as the blur created a shockwave as it somehow turned ninety degrees.

As the shockwave hit Doomsday, he was thrown by several feet. Getting up, he looked for what did the blast. Looking around, he spotted the Rainbow Blur heading at him again.

This time, he tried to grab it.

He failed, and was slammed to the ground again.

Again he gets up, determined to kill the rainbow blur. And fails to kill it again.

He try again, and again. Each time, The rainbow Blur got faster and faster.

By the the tenth rainbow colored shockwave, Doomsday was barely able to get to his knees before the next shockwave.

And The Rainbow Blur still got Faster. At the fifthteenth shockwave, Doomsday was pinned to the ground, unable to fight back. And his rage grew.

By the twentieth, Doomsday was not able to move.

Then, the shockwaves stopped for seemingly no reason.

He tried to get up. So he could find the thing that hurt him, and kill it.

As he started to rise, he heard a voice yell something.

“NOW! Hit him with everything you got.”

Before he could react, a rainbow colored energy blast impaled the creature, pumping all of it’s energy straight into him.

Doomsday was unable to process what was happening. Unable to understand why it was suddenly shivering. Unable to figure out why it was backing away from those it wanted to kill.

All it knew was something was wrong. It couldn’t comprehend that it was afraid. Mostly because it had never felt any emotion before.

It had no clue on how to counter emotion. So, it treated it as something else. It decided that the best course of action was to do something drastic.

As it brought both hands to it’s head, it did something no one had ever seen it do before.

It Simultaneously crushed it’s own skull while breaking it’s neck.

No one, not even Clark could believe what they saw. Mostly, because the creature that was utterly beating the princesses and himself just killed itself in front of them.

Before anyone could react, a loud BOOM was heard.

Everyone was silent, yet the ponies were terrified of the strange tunnel that had appeared and sucked in Doomsday.

“Uhm, could somepony tell me what just happened?” Shining Armor asked, wondering why the creature just killed itself.

“ I’m only making an assumption, but I believe that I might be able to explain it.” Clark spoke up, though not entirely sure he was right.

“I think what happen was this: Doomsday killed himself because he wasn’t able to develop a defense against emotions. In other words, his programing couldn’t defend itself when forced to experience fear. Basically, he panicked and the only way he felt would rid himself of the emotions was to kill himself.

“As for the tunnel, well that’s called a boom tube. It took him back to Tirek. I can’t be sure what happened when the elements hit him, but the Boom Tube does lead back to Apokolips.” Clark explained, making sure they knew he was only just guessing the effects of the elements since he had no experience with them.

“Anyway, it seems Miss Dash is completely exhausted from her stunt.”

“What was that? Ummh…... I mean Rainbow has never had a lightning type trail before.” Fluttershy asked, stunned and a little curious about what Rainbow Dash just did.

“That was her tapping into the Speed Force itself. If I’m right, she reached a maximum velocity of One Hundred Fifty-Three Thousand, Four hundred miles per hour or mach Two hundred. I’m not sure if you know what a mile or mach is, but once I learn how you measure speed, I’ll be-” Clark cut himself off when he saw a lavender hoof raise up.

“Actually, we do know what a mile is, and what a mach number is. How do you know how fast she went though? No pony can calculate any ponys’ speed that easily.” Twilight asked, curious at how any being could do the things the being in front of her has done.

“Experience and lots of practice. If you want more information from me, it’ll have to wait. I assume all of you have questions for me, and I rather answer them at a more convenient time. Right now, we need to get that Discord creature and miss Dash to a hospital.”

And to the hospital they went, unaware that they were being watched.

Apokolips - The throne room.

“I have no excuse master. The Kryptonian was not expected.” Desaad said, trembling with both anger that Doomsday failed to kill any of the ponies, and fear of his masters’ wrath.

“Indeed, there is no excuse. The kryptonian was not expected, nor was the colorful ones’ speed factor. Doomsday was not supposed to be defeated that easily, though how he was defeated was expected.

“The only thing Doomsday FAILED at was killing anything. Not what he was sent to do.” Desaads’ master spoke, his voice rough, low and even. No trace of anger or rage.

“It seems I must give these….ponies...a choice. Surrender to me, or watch everything they love and care for - BE EXTINGUISHED.

“They will soon learn.

“That Darkseid IS.”