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I've survived The Princess Promenade. Multiple times. Beat that.


When Pinkie asks Twilight to make her a portal to another world for no apparent reason and goes through it, she finds herself in Ponyville, but not the Ponyville she knows. All of the ponies are freakish and stupid and girly and shallow, and there are no talented unicorns to reopen the portal for her. How will she get back to her Ponyville before she goes insane from all of the creepy ponies here?

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yeah Pinkie Pie feels scary and i love it

The only G3 episode I've seen was on a VHS tape, a birthday present for my little sister. The episode was "Pinkie Pie throws a Party" or something like that. There was this bullshit hopscotch rhyme right at the beginning and it got stuck in my head for a month. I still remember it now...:pinkiesick:

okay, so I was just doing Chapter 2. I had like 500 words, and then it went and deleted it all for no reason! And I didn't even leave the page! Now I'll have to start all over again... :ajbemused::ajbemused::ajbemused::ajbemused::ajbemused:

3337415 Good. I call the third incarnation of them "newborn creepies" for a reason! :pinkiecrazy:

Rarity is the new Rainbow Dash, oh dear god...

3338550 Honestly, it was fun to play with her excessive use of 'darling' in the animation. :rainbowhuh:She also says "Simply dashing" a lot too.:rainbowderp: I think I'll do something with that in the next chapter.

There are only going to be five chapters.:twilightsheepish: This is too long to do it in one chapter, and too short to do one of those crazy-long ones with two hundred chapters.

Only one chapter left! :pinkiehappy:


Nice job, I laughed.

3343094 :pinkiehappy:

You just wait. The worst is yet to come... :raritywink:

I remember my teacher showed me that after reading Fellowship. My friend decided to stay as far away from the screen as possible.

Someone follows them back, I'm calling it right now.

Caught the Gollum thing right away. Maybe she should speak in the third person and as if the person she's talking about isn't there... :pinkiecrazy:

3354873 Yes, poor Sweetie Belle was really freaking out when she saw that.:pinkiecrazy: It was really fun to write as a reference to the video at the bottom. :twilightsmile:

This was funny, but went way too quick. The last chapter should have been cut into several chapters, because the concept is great. I hope you do more. Great job.

FYI, the youtube embed caused the html download of this story to fail to be readable n some phones when it fails to be able to handle the embed in the file viewer. :facehoof:

Guess I'll try TXT

Would it happen to be "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, don't be late!"?
I know my G3 :raritywink:

3497847 That's a relief. Now I don't have to explain stuff to you. I'm partially glad this is over, because I had to watch some G3 episodes to get it all right. It burned my eyes. :raritydespair:

Glad you like it. :twilightsmile:

I grew up with G3, so rewatching it now is a bit less painful, but it was still pretty difficult rewatching The Runaway Rainbow multiple times to get my story to work :rainbowlaugh:

This one right here :twilightsmile:
It was my first story on the site, but it got featured :pinkiehappy:
...Looking back on it, I really need to update the description...

I'm liking this so far, but you have a couple of your/you're errors in this chapter...

All in all, this was an interesting story, not too long, but at the same time, not too short. :pinkiehappy:

This is definitely a concept you should consider revisiting. :rainbowkiss:

I've got that "Rainbow Dash always dresses in style..." part of the g1 theme song stuck in my head don't know why i decided to listen to it:pinkiesick:

:rainbowhuh: I don't dress in style, i barely dress at all!!

I... have to be honest here, this story needs some serious reworking in order to reach it's full potential. As it is, it's not bad but it could stand to be much more improved. I could tell from reading the story that you weren't terrible fond of the past generations, which is fine for something like a blog post comparison, but when writing fiction it's considered a general good rule of thumb to not make your views quite so... obvious.

it be one thing if Equestria Pinkie just noted how the G3 verse just felt and looked different then Equestria, and maybe a comment along the lines of "Wow I never seen ponies as funny looking as you guys before." But actively referring to them as " deformed and ugly" is just poor show and doesn't at all seem like something PInkie would think, let alone about a pony that just saved her.

Then there's the very slop shod, rushed ending. I love the idea behind it, having G4 characters meet up with members of past generations and NOT treating them as if they all take place in the same world. the problem here is that it's so rushed that we barely spend ANY time in any of these worlds to get know them well enough. Hell, if anything the whole multi generational crossover idea is something that would need to be a full novel to pull off, but I digress.

So bottom line, the idea isn't bad but the execution needs some serious work here and there.

This could have been a really interesting story, but you made it far too short. I estimate that such a story could end up with at least 20 chapters, detailing Twilight and Pinkie slowly discovering what its like in those worlds and having adventures while Twilight waits for her horn to recharge (you barely kept to the idea that her horn takes a while to do so and didn't add on to or develop that idea, making it kind pointless in the storyline that you created). You could even include a plot twist at the end, for a bit of a "Wow, I didn't expect that" factor that readers adore. More suspense is also required to keep the readers on the edge of their seats and it is currently way too predictable for me to properly enjoy.
I think you should consider rewriting. Make it longer and work on describing the settings of each "world" with more detail. Such a story would most likely end up in the featured box.
However, I would like to congratulate you on surviving through those awful, AWFUL previous generations. G1 was only intended to sell toys, and the plot was rather boring, G2 was stereotypically girly, and I don't even want to say anything else about G3 but that I feel like I'm slowly dying inside just by watching the opening. So well done on watching them (especially G3) and living to tell the tale. :yay:

Best Wishes,


4293069 Me, too. I'll admit it: I actually started watching G3 after this story was finished. I based this solely off of one Core Seven special; Pinkie Pie's Special Day. :twilightblush: I actually think I could have enjoyed some of the G3 specials if a little more effort were put into them. My all time favorite pony is (and I'm not joking here) Star Catcher!

Dashie is a Fashionista! But really, that's creepy.

She shuddered at the thought at what had almost happened to Applejack.

should be

She shuddered at the thought of what had almost happened to Applejack.

how could g3 pinkie think g4 pinkie is the annoying one?! g3 pinkie's voice sounds like shirley temple on steroids!!!!!:fluttershbad:

Okay, the story was well written and funny, but there are just some things that make it fall entirely flat for me. The Ponyville Pinkie Visited here wasn't the G3 ponyville, but rather a caricature of it;

-G3 Ponyville is presented here as totally crazy and warped- what about Kimono? Storybelle? Starcatcher? Puzzlemint? They couldn't even get their head out of a paper bag if they were as dumb as most people think the G3's are.

-G3 Pinkie Pie has one point over G4 Pinkie Pie; SHE'S SANE! Yeah, her voice sounds nasally, but she doesn't jump around acting like a random lunatic. G3 Pinkie actually acts like a leader sometimes to her ponies, and I'd rather be friends with her than a hyperactive five year old on too much sugar!

-Dash? The whole argument against G3 Dash is how different she is from G4. Yet all those personality traits are present in G4 Rarity. Except guess what? G3 Dash in the G3 Storybooks loves sports, is athletic, and loves going on adventures while STILL being her girly 'darling' self. So all we're left with as an argument against G3 Dash, is she's not G4 Dash -_-

-G4 Ponyville is better? HAHAHAHA! G4 Ponyville has it's share of sugary and girly exteriors, insane and stupid ponies, gets destroyed and rebuilt by comedic threats on a weekly basis, and can't make up it's mind wither the town's inhabitants are rude jerks (putting your hoof down) or nice and sweet friends (the 'smile smile smile' song the very next episode). I'd rather live in the G3 one, thanks.

-This story does present a good parody of what bronies think G3 is like, So good job on this awesome story! ^^

5768096 I would like you to know that I am currently working on a new story about G3, that I personally think is much better. It's going to be a three-story series called Generations, where different groups of G3 ponies end up in G4 and have to adjust to it. If you want to know more, I have posted several blog posts on the matter. :twilightsmile:


Hmmmm, interesting! As the writer of two G3 fics myself (and a third on the way) I'm eager to see what you come up with! :twilightsmile:


I can't believe how much you and i are actually fully and utterly AGREEING HERE!

It's not that surprising. We are in total agreement on the merit and value of previous generations, and their equal in quality (if not superior) to g4. We just disagree on how those gens should be presented, and we both extremely dislike each others fanfic on previous generations.


Recently in the Pony POV Series fic BIGGER SPOILERS triggered a cosmic retcon when she BIGGER SPOILERS, making her a temporarily goddess, allowing her to lessen or erase a lot of the greater and minor wrongs, she did as many as she could before she had to stop from exhaustion.

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