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A Special Thanks to Magic Man for his input and suggestions for this trilogy. Some of the chapters and characters would not have been possible without him. Thanks, buddy!

Much of Equestria's past is shrouded in mystery. Even the truths known in general are surrounded by a certain mystique. None know of a past war, forgotten by even the co-rulers of Equestria, the Princesses Celestia and Luna. One such monster from the past rises, proving that even the most powerful Alicorns can have their seeming aura of invincibility shattered. In the wake of this battle, a certain changeling queen is given a dubious gift.


His name is Silent Wing. This is his story.

Prince of the Changelings Trilogy
Book 1 "Rise of the Dragonking" (complete)
Book 2 "The Chimera" (complete)
Book 3 "Nightmares of Oblivion" (started)

MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro.
MLP:FiM was created by Lauren Faust.
OCs are mine unless specified.

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Yes! First comment! Love the story so far. Keep it up.

3002653 Thank you! I'll be putting up the next chapter tomorrow.

this is pretty good but you might want to get an editor or at least give it a once over.

OK. Now you have my attention good sir. I shall be watching this one.


Thanks! The first book is done. I'm still editing the chapters as I go (even the ones I publish...still finding mistakes). I write quickly, so that's bound to happen.

I understand. I myself suffer from the same problem. I can write faster than I can decide on proper wording so that next thing I know a whole paragraph is all jumbled up. And the other fella is right it never hurts to have an editor. Or at least another set of eyes to give another opinion.
Personally if I find a spot I'm not terribly shure about I just write it as is. Then I'll sleep on it and decide on a correct version on a fresh mind.
That said I like what I've seen thus far. I look forward to more of your work.

Great chapter! I'm looking forward to more!:pinkiehappy:

Still nodding my approval from the sidelines.

One such monster from the past rises, proving that even the most powerful Alicorns can have their seeming aura of invincibility shattered.

Not sure why but I keep thinking of Saxton Hale here.:rainbowlaugh:

Also interesting so far. I look forward to future chapters.:twilightsmile:

3058091 Hmm...I'll have to look up the name. Thank you for the favorite!

OK. Now you are just toying with me. Bugger.
Good job I'm noticing less and less errors keep up the good work.

3065967 Thanks! I do try (still need to go over the earlier chapters and fix them).

So...by 'toying', how do you mean?:trixieshiftright:

I sure hope that Silent makes up with his mother soon. Also, I can't wait to see how Trixie reacts when she discovers who his mother is.

Speaking of Trixie. Will she and her son have a significant role to play later on, or will we not be seeing them again after Silent is found?

3066147 Not in this book. Perhaps in book 2 which I am currently writing. You never know.

Why are there no comments for this chapter!? Why are there not a million-billion likes!? What is the world coming to!? In a seriousness, not a story that I would usually read, but the info made me curious, and I do not regret it one bit! Five stars for chapter one.

Thank you for your kind words! :)

I still need to do some editing, but I certainly appreciate you enjoying the first chapter! (I hope you read some of the other chapters).

This is a wonderful story. Please keep the updates coming

Didnt see that coming!!!!:twilightoops: Great story so far!:pinkiehappy:

I gotta ask, mainly because I've been meaning to ask this question to a lot of author's I've seen in this group so far, why do you have this story posted in this group in the first place? You have a mass amounts of views, plenty of likes, and tons of comments. Why post it in this group if you're already pretty well off? I'm not trying to be hostile with this question, and in no way is it personal, but I've seen a lot of stories that seem to get pretty favorable reviews but they're in this group. I'm just curious I guess.

3078940 To be honest, I'm new to this site and this is the first book I've ever completed. So if you feel I posted this in the wrong group, keep in mind it was not my intent to draw that sort of criticism. I've joined several groups in the hopes of having as much exposure as possible for my work. I do take what you say as a positive review, so thank you. :twilightsmile:

Also: To which group do you refer to? I'm in several.

3080706 Well, Silent doesn't know Luna can go into the dreams of others, so he's not aware he just kissed the real thing. Kids do the darnedest things. :rainbowlaugh:

3081069 Sorry, I didn't mean to be vague. I meant the "Authors Helping Authors" group

3085612 Hmm..interesting...I don't seem to have that group on the list of those I joined.:rainbowhuh:

Way to go Silent Wing. It takes guts to do something like that

Yay Silent Wing Vs. Diamond Dogs The winner is Silent Wing and his new girlfriend Luna who continues to deny that they are clearly soulmates. Poor Silent Wing:moustache::pinkiehappy:

3087201 The main thing that's just been bothering me is actually the mass amounts of popularity a lot of the other stories in this group have. I can't help but get jealous when somebody is able to garner so much acclaim to their stories, were as I have practically none. I thought this would be a big self-promotion group were everyone would be helping one another with their works (that's at what it says in the description). But instead there's these giant behemoths of popularity who more then likely made the featured list at some point who are here to receive even more promotion and reviews. It really does get to me at times.

Excellent story Scarheart it has a lot of potential

3090954 Thank you! The first book is completed. It just needs a little editing (there are a couple of chapters I intend to go over with a fine comb after the third book of the trilogy is complete).


Greetings, purveyor of awesome and epic!

I've just recently come across this fic, and while I typically am rather tight-lipped and prefer to keep my opinions to myself as far as comments go, I must say that I've felt a pressing need to make an exception in this case.

Admittedly, when I first came across the main story page and saw the sort of reception you'd received thus far, I was un-impressed. I read quite a lot, and in addition to my own writing responsibilities I have out of necessity developed a rather strict quality-control of what I will and will not add to my ever-growing list of favorites, simply because of the fact that there is not enough time in the day for all of it. As a consequence, I tend to judge a story by what other's have already had to say about it. That said however, something about the way you presented the story in such an earnest and serious way, made me decide to give it a chance anyways, despite what would typically be my better judgement, half-expecting it to simply another OC-insert self-empowerment, pandering, circle-jerking fan-fest, simply based on likes and view-count alone.

I was inarguable, unequivocally, undeniably proved wrong. Delightfully so.

This story has, in short order, gone from something I would prospectively use to scrape gum off my shoe, to my Top Ten List of Stories of Which I Eagerly Await Updates. You have a gem on your hands, a diamond in the rough, a true rarity. I believe you have struck literary gold with this, even as abysmally received as it is.

Your world building is amazing. The whole of Equestria and the lands surrounding it have a sense of rich history the likes of which I haven't seen since The Ambassador's Son and King of Diamonds. Your character's are real and have depth and feel organic, with honest and flowing interactions that feel natural and dynamic, as well as a true sense of personal development, instead of the haphazard and ham-hand tripe I am so used to seeing nowadays. Flamespyre actually feels dark and hateful, despite the kinder light we first see him in. Chrysalis comes off as conflicted, and as somewhat of a tiger-mom; on the one hoof she is harsh and stern, brooking no argument and dealing with everything with a tyrannical hoof, and yet her heart is slowly being softened and opened as she comes to truly understand love through her children, and all of this combined with her helplessness and sorrow as her kingdom falls apart around her gives her a true depth of character and emotional complexity that I absolutely love seeing in my favorite changeling queen. Atalanta is simply adorable, and her sweet naivety and playful nature add some much needed levity. Silent Wing is an amazing and satisfying protagonist, with his conflicts, history and indomitable nature combining to create a character I gladly hope to follow.

Consider this comment a preview of the Review and Recommendation I will now inevitably write next time I post a chapter of my own prodigal work. You've definitely earned it.

~Signed, InfiniteBrony

And now that I've said my piece, I think I'll comment on the chapter itself.

I'm liking this (as I'm sure you noticed) thus far. I can't wait to see the further interactions between Silent Wing and Princess Luna. Honestly, I'm kind of rooting for him, because obviously Luna is Best Pony. It'll be nice to see what happens with the diamond dogs as well, I'm kind of wondering just exactly what a bunch of kung-fu changelings will look like in action. It was also rather nice to see Silent Wing's magic resistance actually quantified in some manner, instead of just passed around in a bunch of exposition, as necessary as it was.

My favorite part of this chapter though would have to be Feidole and Frakas. To me, they just seem hilarious. They remind me strongly of Fred and George Weasley. I can't wait for more twin changeling tomfoolery.

~Signed, InfiniteBrony

3097602 My humble thanks, sir. I enjoy getting reviews like this, even from those who don't care for the writing (they're out there, I'm sure). My only constant I need to stick with is consistency. And I'll be doing some heavy editing later on as the second book goes into detail the reader might find confusing, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

In the meantime, thank you for enjoying the story. More is certain to come!:scootangel:

Yay another chapter you update like twice a week and I look forward to each chapter with anticipation. You've written a very good story

Excellent chapter i like how you brought Zekk back into the story

She threw a pear at him. Harsh.

Excellent chapter and thanks for the explanation of how Changling society works and what the hell happened at the pond

3108067 Eh, she's not a mindless killing machine slaughtering for pleasure. Besides, she views him as a good adviser (at this point of the story). :raritywink:

Kind of hard to think straight when your mind is still recovering from being invaded! Besides, I need Phil for the plot.

3108696 I go full explanation in book two. :moustache:

3108723 Book One is done. I'm currently twelve chapters into the next book. I'm writing a trilogy.

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