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Rise of the Dragonking - Scarheart

The era for peace is over. Despite the best efforts of the Alicorns, an ancient enemy has returned to resume a war forgotten by even Princess Celestia. A world is plunged into darkness. Old foes must become allies if they are to survive.

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RotDK Chapter 24: To Break a Family

"You're dead meat," Rainbow Dash told the dragon with a wicked grin.

"You still can't move," the dragon pointed out to her plainly. He began to inhale deeply...

...and suddenly had a yellow pony with pink hair standing on his snout and staring at him eye to eye. "You will stop being such a mean bully. You should be ashamed of yourself. What would your mother think of you if she saw you behaving like this?"

This shook the dragon visibly, though not in the way expected. Fluttershy had hoped to appeal to his sense of right and wrong, but the dragon's eyes rolled back in their sockets, inhaling deeper still.

Fluttershy squeaked in surprise and fear, and literally froze over in terror when his eyes reopened, swirling golden orbs. He exhaled, flipping the yellow Pegasus off his snout and into the air. Dreadful intent showed in his focus as he shifted his attention from Rainbow Dash to Fluttershy. Arrows bounced off his armored hide unnoticed as the castle's protectors had recovered enough from his sudden awakening to mount a feeble defense.

They were trained to fight almost any threat to Canterlot. The alarms blared with renewed vigor as Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth ponies scrambled to bolster the defenses and get the dragon under control. They were not prepared for Scarheart.

He exhaled. It was not fire that issued from his gaping maw. The world went silent, save for a high pitched ping, freezing a moment of time for a moment in an instant. The air rippled in a ring from his mouth, extending as a bubble, going through ponies, stone, and anything else within a one mile radius. Everything magical ceased to work, including active spells quite suddenly.

Luna jolted, her eyes going wide when the strange force struck her. It felt as though the magic had been blasted from her, as if she had just been bucked in the chest and her air forced from her lungs. It was apparently a side affect as she was suddenly wheezing for air, her wings clawing to keep her aloft. There was something else riding the wave. Suddenly she was feeling nausea, unable to tell up from down. Her head began to spin, yet she closed her eyes and grit her teeth. She was helpless even as she wondered what Scarheart was doing.

Luna felt claws wrap around her body.

"They're small fry." She realized the dragon was speaking to her. "Little fun playthings." Scarheart was speaking of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash and her colt. "But you," he sounded like a giddy child who just got the toy he had always wanted. "You're so pretty! I always thought Alicorns were really neat."

"Unhand me, beast," she managed, fighting to regain her breath. Where was Tia?

Rainbow Dash found she was free and was even a tad insulted to be cast aside like an uninteresting toy. Suffering through the vertigo was not that bad, really. Wonderbolts trained to fight against it as a lot of their aerial displays required performing dizzying and dangerous maneuvers.

"Father wants you dead. All Alicorns dead." Scarheart scrutinized her, running a free claw through her starred mane with wonder. "You're very strong. Stronger than me, but I know how to fight Alicorns. I can take your magic away. I'm sure you've noticed." His claws began to make stroking motions.

He's petting me! Luna realized with disgust. "I am not to be petted!" she protested, her focus finally regained. Already she could feel her magic returning to her. So it was a temporary banishment. "So kill me and be done with it, dragon or let me go."

Scarheart stopped what he was doing, his eyes going wide. Claws on his free forelimb flexed with uncertainty, indecision wracking his mind. Part of him wanted to do as Flamespyre commanded, indicated when he squeezed Luna hard enough to make her gasp. She thought he was going to go through with her challenge. Then the grip relaxed. The other part of him wanted to just let the Alicorn go. There was a presence around here he wanted to find.

Something familiar.

The dragon made up his mind.

He released the Alicorn as one might release a captive bird. Snaking his head down and behind, he sought out the feeling he had sensed since he was awakened. Rumbling with uncertainty, his eyes scanned the area in vast sweeps, hovering as he ignored everything else around him. Two blue forms bearing rainbow trails in their wake zipped past him, giving him a healthy amount of space between them and the dragon.

Scarheart ignored them.

Fluttershy had fluttered to the ground on the verge of tears, cowering in the shadow of the monster hovering above her. Rarity trotted over along with Pinkie Pie to comfort the shy little Pegasus.

Clawed legs touched the ground behind her. With surprising and unintended stealth, Scarheart landed, still searching out the odd source he could not quite identify. He noted Fluttershy in the corner of his eye. She in turn noticed him, cringed, and let out a little squeak of fear. The Stare had not worked.

"For the record," he told her softly. "My mother is dead. She's been dead a very, very long time." He folded his wings against his body, sniffing the air with flaring nostrils. Some pony fired an arrow at him.

It bounced off and away.

"Stupid," the dragon muttered.

Pinkie Pie stood in front of him now, staring up until she found herself plopping on her rear. Her blue eyes were huge. "What happened?" she asked curiously.

Scarheart stared down at the ridiculously pink pony. "My father killed her." The statement seemed to jar something within the giant. A sad rumble vibrated from deep within his chest.


Fluttershy's ears perked up when she heard. Luna landed next to her, perplexed at the dragon and trying to figure him out. The yellow pony flinched when she saw the shadow land next to her. The Princess of the Moon smiled at her reassuringly. "Stay close," she said.

Fluttershy nodded.

"Father is gone now," Scarheart rumbled to himself. It felt like a weighted shadow had lifted. It was not what he was looking for. The nagging sensation was still there. It was not exactly something he was drawn to, but more like a familiarity.

"What are you looking for?" Pinkie asked him, having decided just sitting there and watching the indecisive dragon was simply too boring.

"I don't know. I don't have much time," Scarheart threw a golden glance momentarily at Luna, who was returning his eye with cool anger. "She'll have her magic soon. I can sense the other one. She's watching."

"Oh! Oh! I know!" Pinkie waved a hoof at him vigorously. Her mouth was open in a wide grin. "You're waiting for that right special dragon, aren't you? No, you're going to hold a princess hostage and wait for a brave knight to come down and vanquish you!" She followed after him as the dragon stepped over her, oblivious to the danger she was placing herself by bouncing around his clawed feet. "No, it's your twin!"

Having decided the little pink pony was insane, Scarheart ignored her, following his nose back to the cave from when he had emerged just minutes ago. Rarity had managed, along with Applejack to get a hold of Pinkie Pie and drag her back to where Luna stood, curiously watching the monster. Rainbow and Lightning Dash landed with the group.

"Twi's in there, isn't she?" Applejack noted with concern. She tilted her Stetson hat back, her mind trying to imagine what was going on. "Ah heard changeling's. Nopony told me about old Scar here wakin' up." She was glad she sent the kids away, glowering a bit at Rainbow for putting her son in this sort of danger. Then again, it wasn't her fault the dragon decided to wake up after so many years.

"What did he do?" Rarity asked generally. "I mean, he did that thing with his mouth and I suddenly could not use my magic and felt so dreadfully ill."

"Ah didn't feel a thing," AJ said, eyeing the fashionista oddly.

"He can blast magic from any who can use it, I think," surmised Luna. "I would imagine if you cannot use magic, then this formidable ability this dragon has does not affect you." She started forward. "I would advise all of you to remain here as none of you have your Elements with you. We'll discuss Scarheart's new ability later."

"But," Rainbow Dash started, but was cut off when the Alicorn gave her a stern glare.

"He might very well decide to start harming ponies," warned Luna. "Besides," she smiled and looked up. The air was filled with armored guards. "The cavalry has arrived. Spike appears to have come with them."

He bounded up to them on foot, having started his journey to Canterlot as soon as the the night's battle between Luna and Chrysalis had awoken him (along with everypony on the planet, it seemed), bypassing the trouble of finding somepony to give him a lift (he was too big for a Pegasus to carry). Bringing up the rear behind a battalion of armored Unicorns, the fifteen foot purple dragon was difficult to miss.

Spike had been eyeing the red dragon with nervous apprehension. Though he was a dragon himself, Spike was afraid of becoming a savage monster due to his greed. Seeing Scarheart reminded him a little of a rather painful episode of his life nearly costing him Rarity's life. A small army was fanning out in a semi circle behind Scarheart, who was apparently oblivious to them.

"He woke up grumpy, didn't he?" he said nervously, his green eyes round.

"Spike!" Rarity was happy to see him, yet assumed a cross expression. "How come you didn't come to the party last night? My daughter was simply distraught when you didn't show up."

"I, uh," he stammered before poking a claw at Scarheart. "What is he doing?"

All eyes went to the red dragon. He had stopped moving, becoming as still as a statue. Had he gone comatose again? Scarheart's eyes were closed, but movement could be seen beneath the armored lids. His eyes were moving frantically in all directions. Slowly, he turned on a hind foot, his claws tearing easily into the cobbled ground, kicking up stones. All the ponies gathered held their collective breath as they wondered what Scarheart was going to do.

Luna stepped forward, steeling her resolve as she feared she might have to make a decision she would mostly likely regret. "Will you yield? You have superior numbers arrayed against you, dragon." Behind her armed guards were quietly escorted the members of the Mane Six (plus one colt and one young dragon) to the rear.

Scarheart opened his eyes.

They were blood red.

"Death," he rumbled with a hiss. The dragon's personality had made a drastic switch. "I am death!" He began to inhale deeply.

Rainbow Dash noticed it was just like it was before. The playfulness was gone. "Make up your mind!" she yelled at the dragon furiously, shaking a hoof at him.

"This will not end well," Spike noted, wishing he had stayed in bed.

"Barriers!" Luna commanded crisply and in her Canterlot Voice. A thousand Unicorn horn tips flared with magic. A great mystical shield went up, all joined together.

Dragonfire bathed it, doing little harm as the combined energies of the ponies easily defeated the efforts of one dragon.

"Why doesn't he use that anti-magic thingy again?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Scarheart seemed to hear her as he was taking in another deep breath. He blinked, as though remembering it. Shifting, he altered how he inhaled, his eyes focused on the cyan Pegasus. She clamped both her front hooves over her mouth as her friends glared at her.


A white form appeared out of nowhere, landing on Scarheart's snout and whacking him soundly with a gnarled staff. Feathers were everywhere, white-tipped with aged gray. Griffon claws raked with precision despite milky white eyes no longer able to take in the world around them.

Tseng Tzu had arrived.

"Stop that," he snapped irritably. "Stop letting your father run your life. Truth be told, you've never liked doing his bidding. Why give yourself a reason to despise yourself more?"

Scarheart recoiled from the old master hovering in front of him (not exactly facing him head on) and snorted (which corrected the misalignment). The red faded from his eyes as his claws rubbed his head where he had just been thumped. It was just a mere stick, but there was something to the bearer of that stick who knew how much force to use and exactly where on the dragon's skull the nerves were bundled.

"Ow!" complained Scarheart with indignity.

He was whacked again, this time on the nose. "Apologize to the ponies."


A third smack, again on the snout. "I told you to apologize. There are more important things going on right now requiring your attention. Truth be told, your brother needs you."


"Take a smaller form than this one, Scarheart," Tseng Tzu ordered calmly. "Apologize to the ponies for giving them trouble, and we'll introduce you to your brother. Truth be told, I've waited a very long time for this moment."

"Who's this guy?" Rainbow Dash asked loudly. "What does he mean by 'waiting for a very long time'? Is he some sort of spy?"

Luna squinted at the strange griffon. "I do not know," she admitted.

Scarheart flinched as he seemed to be indecisive about something.

"What is it?" sighed the griffon.

The dragon just sat there and looked pitifully miserable. "I forgot how to shape shift."

Pinkie Pie was suddenly bouncing up and down in front of the newcomer. "Oh! Oh! I know who you are! You're using Griffon-do jujitsu, aren't you? I can feel your chi. It's amazing and so calm."

"Almost as calm as yours," he said in awe of her. Tseng Tzu introduced himself. "I have never felt such a natural talent. Your connection to the Life Force is impressive! Have you ever had a master?"

"Nope! I got kids." She hugged him. "Welcome to Canterlot!"

"What's going on?" Rainbow wailed. "I'm so confused!"

Luna smiled at her. "Patience, friend Rainbow Dash. I shall see if I can find answers to the questions you voice for all of us."

"Please do," pleaded Rainbow.

Luna strode forward, a serious air coming over her as she waved off the guards to standby. Their officers barked out orders to the other troops. Now almost the entire garrison was focused on Scarheart. Flights of Pegasi flew in formations overhead. Rank upon rank of Unicorns and Earth ponies arrayed themselves for a mass strike upon the dragon if it was needed.

Applejack and the others by now had noticed the military display growing around them. The farmpony let out a low sliding whistle, visibly impressed by the show of force. "Ah reckon' we've got our flanks covered but good," she remarked with a nervous laugh. "That's a lotta hardware."

"What are you, Tseng Tzu?" she asked the blind griffon. "A tamer of dragons?"

"Forgive my lack of sight, madame," he replied, blinking ruefully, "But it is rare when I can associate beauty with a voice. The two must make pleasant companions upon your person. Truth be told, by the authority and command in your aura, you must be none other than the Alicorn Luna, Mare of the Moon and Princess of the Night." He bowed low. "I am honored to feel your presence."

Luna flushed at the compliment. "Thank you, but you still have not answered my question."

"I don't know him," offered Scarheart. He fell silent when the dark mare glared at him. Scarheart suddenly found his feet to be very interesting to stare at in depth.

"Dragon tamer, I would and could never claim to be, my fair princess," Tseng said to her, stroking his long and thin white feather beard. "We do share a common acquaintance in Prince Silent Wing. I am his teacher. Come with me, time is short. I can barely sense the prince and I have wasted enough time dealing with that." He jabbed his staff at Scarheart.

The dragon snorted, shuffling a little further from the stern and horrible old griffon.

"I do not have time for this," sighed Tseng. "You have until I return from the caverns to apologize to every pony you see here - and I mean every pony - for destroying the harmony of their lives and of their capital. If you do not do as I ask, I will not be responsible for the carnage awaiting you as you spend the last remaining minutes of your miserable little life praying for your death to come quicker."

"Them?" asked the dragon, flicking a claw at the gathered host.

"No. Me."

"Come along, child," he said to Luna, tapping her on her flank with his staff. "Let's go fetch a prince. Truth be told, his misfortunes have just begun. We must be pillars upon which he can lean upon. His journey to find his purpose has begun."

"Who are you?" demanded a bewildered Alicorn, swishing her tail over the spot he had just swatted. She was trying to ignore his familiarity as she trotted after him.

"I am just a teacher come to save his student. Come. Truth be told, we have wasted time already. He may very well die if we do not get to him quickly." With that, the old griffon took to wing and darted into the gaping hole in the side of the mountain where a great steel door had once stood (it was in several twisted pieces all over Canterlot).

"I'm going with them," snorted Rainbow Dash. "The military has this covered. If something's happened to Silent Wing...okay, I really don't know the kid, but I'd rather go looking for him than staring at that loser dragon." She chased after Luna and Tseng, throwing her cerise glare of contempt at Scarheart as she passed him. "You're a loser and a bully! You'll get what's coming to you," she promised.

"I'm sorry," she heard him mumble, looking at her.

"Mom, wait for me!" Lighting Dash called out. He and Silent had established a fast friendship in the brief time he had spent with the colt so far. They were as alike as they were different and got along like old souls.

"I'm sorry," the dragon mumbled again, this time at the passing colt.

"What the hay, let's go, girls!" Applejack trotted after them, flicking her tail and eyeing the sad dragon distrustfully. "Twilight might be down there, too."

"I'm sorry," he said to her quietly.

"Are you?" she asked him pointedly as she went by. Not waiting for an answer, she kept on going.

Pinkie Pie was next, bouncing by without a care in the world. At the last moment, just before the dragon could utter his apology, she stopped, plopped on her rump and glared up at him. "I'll only take your apology if you make a Pinkie Promise to never, never, NEVER do something scary like that again!"

Scarheart blinked. "A what?"

"Pinkie Pie promise. You do this;" She lifted her hooves and crossed her heart. "Cross my heart and hope to fly" - she flapped her arms mimicking flying - "stick a cupcake in my eye!" Pinkie finished the promise by putting her own hoof in her eye - cupcake included.

"Are you serious?" he asked her, perplexed.

"I'd do it, darling," said Rarity with her flank in the air and nose up. "I'd personally would feel better if you extended the promise to everypony, for that matter. Once you make a Pinkie Promise, you cannot take it back. It has serious consequences for those who do not abide by it." She glowered at the dragon meaningfully. "Very. Serious. Consequences."

"That's the only way my apology would be accepted is if I make a...Pinkie Pie promise to never do bad stuff again?"

"Exactamundo!" Pinkie grinned up at him. She waited expectantly. As did Rarity. Fluttershy had joined them by now, staring up at Scarheart curiously now as he was now more afraid than she was. "Oh, Fluttershy gets a Pinkie Promise from you, too!"

"Oh...he doesn't have to apolo-" she was cut off when Rarity put a hoof over her mouth. Pinkie gave her a hard blue eye. "Well, maybe just a nice one would be all right, if it's not too much trouble," the little shy Pegasus noted after being corrected by her friends. She smiled up at the dragon nervously.

"I will never do bad things to anypony -"

"And anywhere in Equestria," Pinkie prompted happily, adding icy daggers for emphasis.

"- and anywhere in Equestria ever again. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a... -" Scarheart became confused. "What's a cupcake?"

"Finish the Promise!" demanded Pinkie Pie. She threw something at the dragon's head.

Scarheart suddenly had something stuck to his eye. He scraped it off and stared at the tip of his claw. "What's this?" he asked the terrible pink nightmare staring up at him. "I think I am afraid of you. No, scratch that. I'm terrified of you!"

"Eat it," she commanded.

"But - "

"I SAID EAT IT!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. "Please?" she added with a wide smile."It's a cupcake!"

He did as he was told. It was very sweet with tastes he had never had before. "Stick a cupcake in my eye!" he finally finished the promise.

She started to hug one of his forelegs. "There. That wasn't so bad now, was it? I accept your apology. Come on, everypony! Twilight needs us!" Pinkie Pie bounced off after the others already long gone into the cave.

Rarity hurried after her. "There's been no confirmation if Twilight's down there, darling," she said. "Do you think she came this way? How dreadful!"

"Something really big happened down there. What do you think?" Pinkie offered as she bounced along.

"Oh dear."

Spike finally moved past the dragon. Scarheart opened his mouth, but the smaller dragon held up a claw. "Dude. Nah, don't worry about it. I'm not a pony. But if you've had any part in hurting Twilight, I'll personally make sure you feel sorry about it."

It was clear he did not have the same effect on Scarheart as Pinkie Pie did on him. The red dragon snorted, setting his jaw firmly and turned his back on the purple dragon.

"Gee. Thanks," muttered the smaller dragon. He hurried on after the others, leaving Scarheart under the watchful eye of the entire Royal Guard.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Spike stopped and looked over his shoulder one more time, his eyes round. Scarheart intended to apologize to each and every individual pony he saw. "He took it literally? What an idiot."

They found the weak Silent Wing lying on the ground, doused in his own sweat and barely coherent. Tseng Tzu threw his staff aside and scooped up the colt once his senses pin pointed the ragged form. There was barely life remaining in him, but he clung stubbornly to it.

"Just like your mother," whispered the griffon as he gently checked for a pulse. "Princess Luna, please come here. I need your help."

The Alicorn was the only one who needed light, but she flared the tip of her horn brightly, knowing the others were not far behind. She knew this cavern, but had not been down here in over a thousand years. Scarheart had been the only reason to come down to this place. She then saw Silent and gave out a little gasp. "What would you have me do?" she asked.

"He needs body heat. Let him lay between us. I'm also going to give him some of my life force. He's been drained of his life. Death beckons him. Truth be told, I would not wish to be the one to tell his mother he is dead."

The colt's eyes shot open and he began to struggle feebly. "Gone! They're gone! Have to get them back!"

Rainbow Dash and her colt were right behind them. The cyan mare saw the sorry condition the changeling prince was in. "What kicked his flank all over?" she asked.

"Lay down next to him," Luna ordered as she was positioning him. "He's very cold and close to death. He needs body heat. Lightning, go back up and find a physician! We'll need a stretcher. Go! Now!"

"Yes ma'am!" cried out the Pegasus colt, spinning on his heels and leaving as fast as his wings allowed.

Tseng Tzu moved to allow Rainbow to take his place. "I'm going to ask the stones what happened here," he said when Luna gave him a questioning look.

"How do you do that?" she asked him.

"Later," he promised. "Concentrate on the colt. He needs to stay alive. I sense lingering evil here. Very old. Very powerful. It is almost a stink in here. Can you feel it?"


Rainbow Dash tried to help make Silent Wing comfortable. He was moaning, crying. His eyes fluttered, unable to focus. "Twilight. Star. Gone. Can't stay here," he rasped, then broke into a fit of coughing. His body shuddered with each painful hacking of his lungs.

"What happened to him?" Applejack's voice called out as she arrived just ahead of Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Spike.

"Where is the crystal?" Tseng Tzu asked, hovering a claw over the area, talons spread and curved towards the ground. "It is broken., everywhere." Sucking in a sharp breath, he let it drop, drooping his head. "By the Immortals, he is awake." His ancient voice wavered down to soft disbelief. With a heavy sigh and shake of his head, he lamented, "It could not be stopped after all."

"What are you talking about?" Applejack asked as she trotted up to Luna, Rainbow, and the quivering colt. "He looks like five miles of bad road, poor little guy."

With a sudden burst of energy, Silent Wing erupted from where he lay, his eyes suddenly wide with fear, but searching, his lips curled back in a snarl. "I'll kill him! I'll kill him! Momma! Ata! Don't let him take them, too!"

It took the three mares to restrain him, each one sharing worried looks as they tried to keep Silent from harming himself. Rainbow rubbed her flank where he had kicked her.

"I'd hate to see him at full strength," she commented as she put a wing over him. "Lay down, kid. We're here. Tell us what happened."

As that went on, Tseng Tzu tapped into the earth, asking the stones politely to show him what happened. Visions appeared in his mind as he threw a strange dust into the air. Muttering ancient words even Luna did not know, the earth spoke to him. He could not hear what had been spoken as the earth did not have ears, but he could feel what had happened through the vibrations recorded as memory by the rocks.

Finally, he turned to Luna, his beak set unhappily. "Flamespyre is again whole. He has taken a mother and her son. His daughter went hunting for another," Tseng said heavily, weakened from communing with the earth. "I'm getting too old for this."

"What do you mean?" Luna asked, baffled and worried. By now the other mares had shown up. "Who are you?"

"I told you, I am a teacher. His teacher, at the present." The blind griffon hobbled over, feeling his years. "The very embodiment of evil once again walks among us, my ladies. Truth be told, I had hoped I would pass before this would happen. But, the spirits apparently have use for an old fool such as myself." He was upon Silent Wing now, reaching down with a claw and feeling out for the colt's head.

"What are you doing?" Applejack asked. "And what do you mean by sayin' Flamespoke, or whatever got Twi and Star?" By now the rest of the party had arrived, brought up by Spike who stared at what looked like a shadow of a pony in the form of Silent Wing.

"Giving him some of my energy. He needs it or else he won't be able to hold his body temperature, no matter how may lovely mares are around him," he chuckled, despite the severity of the situation. "Flamespyre stole Silent's energy and kidnapped - I mean ponynapped - Princess Twilight Sparkle and her son Star Journey." His claw glowed a soft golden light, transferring from him and into the colt. "Princess Luna, if you could offer your magic, please."

He ignored the uproar as the mares began babbling over the news Twilight Sparkle and Star Journey had been taken by Flamespyre.

Luna understood perfectly what he was asking of her. "My friends, you can all help now, if you so choose. Please gather around and help me heal this colt."

"Oh! Oh! Group hug!" Pinkie Pie called out. "That'll make him feel better really quick!" She shoved her way through and promptly gave the colt a warm and gentle hug, pulling Rainbow Dash and Luna into it. "Everypony in! You too, Spike!"

The ladies all looked at her, looked at Rainbow and Luna already huddling around the colt and then at each other. With a collective shrug, they gathered in, wondering if Silent Wing knew what had happened. He had to know.

"Couldn't stop them. Couldn't stop..." He cried softly, melting every female heart there with him.

"Yeah," Spike spoke up for everypony present. "He saw what happened. It did not end well." He crossed his arms over his chest with a worried frown. "I wish we could have been here to stop him."

Tseng Tzu barked out a short laugh. "No, you don't. Truth be told, you'd either be dead right now or simply more prisoners for that black devil to dangle in front of the colt. He left him be for a reason. Truth be told, Silent Wing is the only one who knows what game Flamespyre has for us. No doubt you are all involved."

"I can't heal broken bones," Luna said to him with tears in her eyes. "I've probed his body and easily half of his bones are cracked. Something squeezed him."

The girls pulled back in fright for Silent Wing.

"No," corrected the griffon absently. "his bones cracked when Flamespyre tore the magic from him. It was an outward force, not inward. The pain would have been unimaginable. The shock alone should have killed him. It was a sort of test. Truth be told, if Silent Wing had died, then his father would not have cared, either way."

Rarity perked up, as did the others. "Father?" Her voice was at first shocked, then she became outraged. "Father!?"

"Flamespyre's his dad?" Spike added incredulously. "He's a dragon?"

"Chimera, actually." Luna found herself wondering about Silent Wing, how such a good colt could have such an evil father and be raised by such a questionable mother. "I'm going to teleport us all to the surface."

"How is his mind?" Tseng Tzu asked her. "He's blocking me."

"He's terrified and in shock. I'm an Alicorn, not a miracle worker. He needs a doctor."

"Take him, your Highness," he said gruffly. "Back away, ladies. You've done all you can for now. Truth be told, you have done more than I could have. Go now. The young one is just now starting down the tunnel with medical help. Go there, princess."

Luna took up the prince with her magic and stood, her eyes intently upon him. "Thank you, everypony." Her horn glowed for a moment, adding to the light she was already giving off. Then, in a flash, she and Silent Wing were gone, leaving the others in darkness.

There was stunned silence as the room was overcome with pitch darkness.

"Um, Rarity?" Applejack called out weakly.

"Yes, yes. I forgot to turn the light on when I came down here."

Tseng Tzu could not see what the problem was. Which was why he started laughing.

End of Book One

Book Two begins with Chapter One of "The Chimera"

Author's Note:

I was not sure if this chapter was even necessary, but I decided to go ahead an throw it in there, as I had already gone through the trouble of writing it. It's a good transition to the next book.

See you there!

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(thanks for pointing that out...it does look odd, doesn't it?)

Update: Changed the passage to "I fear there will be little room for compromise, but I would at like to assure you ponies my son and I mean your kind no harm."

3342519War has always been the course taken by those who think it is the only way to resolve a perceived threat, imagined or otherwise. See Imperial Japan and WW 2 for details.


Because they want to write a war fic. It's an enjoyable genre.

This fic deserves way more likes than it has. WAY more. :pinkiesmile:
I applaud thee good sir, for writing this amazing pile of 26 assorted letters in different combinations. On to the next book!


I get the sense you read from beginning to end. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy the second part as much as the first.:twilightblush:

Whooooo boy. This story got a shout out from an author I respect, so I'll be reading the whole thing, but holy Celestia that's a lot of story. If I hope to write an epic of my own, I've got my work cut out for me x.x

Edit: Good lord, you finished this in august to september?

3665008 Actually, I wrote it over the summer and simply released each chapter every few days once I discovered FiMfiction through a friend.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Overall, it took a month and a half to write. I had a lot of free time over the summer.

3665432 That makes me feel a lot better about my own story pacing. *laughs* Still, it's always an inspiration to see such an epic.

3880352 I'm glad you've enjoyed it and thanks for reading! :pinkiesmile:

3880618 Yeah, both finished books need to be redone. Keep in mind, this is the first story I've ever completed, so naturally it's going to look like it was done in crayon (imho). :twilightblush:

3883046 Huh...good catch. I'll fix that. :twilightblush:

4351605 It's a quirk in the speech of our favorite master griffon. I was trying to put his personality into something...Yoda-ish.

4562467 Thank you for your thoughts! This was at the time it was completed the longest story I had ever completed (the first part, anyways). I took it as a chance to do writing exercises. I'm happy with it overall.:twilightsmile:

Truth be told, I enjoyed reading this.

onto book 2 it is.

4604154 It still needs an editor... lol

Glad you enjoyed it.

Well that was a pretty good story. Especially with the cliffhanger. Onward to book 2!:pinkiehappy:

6453755 the story was never edited...:twilightsheepish:

Nice halo refrence and you get a like

6657862 This was my first story on fimfiction. I've progressed since, I think.

Aww yeah, Scarheart will join them. :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, Tseng Tzu is the single most bahasa character in this fic.

I hope Chryssie is okay.


7283168 This was the first story I had ever published on FimFiction. I had no editor at the time. I left it as is to compare it to my later stories as sort of a marker for my progress as a writer.

8058114 It's an old story, rife with typos.

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