In the aftermath of her battle against Tirek, Twilight Sparkle is unwell. She wants more. She needs more. And she is afraid of what others might think of her.

But even in the midst of her growing despair that she has betrayed everything she stood for, she learns something about friendship and what it means to be an alicorn.

Chapters (12)

For one thousand years, Nightmare Moon wandered the moon, seeking perfection.

She found only dust.

Now on Equestria Daily!

Now in Russian! ...Twice!

Entry for The Writeoff Association's first writeoff: Lonely Happiness.
Special thanks to Cassius Littner and SpaceCommie for their proofreading/editing assistance.

Chapters (1)

Speak no evil, only breathe. Hear no evil, only listen. See no evil, only darkness... or so the tale goes.
Twilight Sparkle retires an old tome to the shelves one final time, having more than enough spooks for one night. Now with Spike away at Applebloom's, she can relax, because after all, a story is just a story... right?

Read this in the dark.
Fanfic Reading
Artwork here.

Chapters (1)

Celestia pays a social call.

Written for The Most Dangerous Group - Contest. Cover art from the gallery of Crystal-Ice9201.

Has a French translation, courtesy of the in-all-ways excellent monokeras.

Has a reading, courtesy of Scribbler Productions.

Chapters (1)

The village had been perfect, free from the inequality and misery rampant throughout the rest of Equestria. Then Twilight Sparkle and her so-called friends arrived and ruined everything.

But all hope is not lost. Starlight Glimmer has a plan to restore her lost utopia on a much vaster scale.

After all, it's not like that purple princess was friends with anything worse.

Story contains spoilers for the Season 5 premiere, nonspecific allusions to torture, and nuts. Story does not contain Nikita Khruschev or shoes.

Chapters (1)

"Our life is a journey
through winter and night
we search for our way
in a sky without light..."

The old stories tell of the Mask of Lies, that entraps its wearer as certainly as it entraps everything around it. The worst lies of all are the ones we tell ourselves.

Disclaimer: This is less a fanfiction and more a piece of experimental psychology. Don't expect to enjoy it; it is not designed to be enjoyable. It also does not necessarily have any connection to anything. I'm only uploading it here for posterity.

Chapters (1)

Caught in the middle of a struggle between Equestria and a neighboring country, Blueblood finds himself alone in unfriendly territory. Through trials and hardships he finds himself under the wing of a veteran soldier, and the arrogant, spoiled stallion begins a slow metamorphosis into the prince his country needs.

Chapters (16)

Canterlot... For centuries, Canterlot was the shining gem of Equestria, the pinnacle of pony society. Now, it’s a reminder, a bleak and monolithic warning to the world. 

Changed by the chemical and technological poisons that plague the mountain, an abomination of nature, I wander the greatest disaster Equestria has ever seen. 

... I will escape eventually, and when I do, I hope my friends still see me as Twilight Sparkle, and not the monster that hides among the ruins. 

Chapters (10)

Night One

"Why is she standing out there? What does she want?"

Night Two

"There's something off about her...."

Night Three

"That's not Fluttershy..."

Chapters (1)
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