A normal day was all it took.
A simple failed prototype, a missed experiment.
There was an explosion, and I woke up. I don't really know what happened between those two events, but I'm fairly certain I shouldn't have awoken in a small, dark box.

I'm scared.

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Twilight's relentless study of Pinkie's strange abilities leads to a horrifying revelation.

This site really needs an existential horror tag.

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All Fluttershy needs is a little bit of help, and everything will be fine. She can always count on her friends to help her in her time of need. They're such good friends. But... where are they?

Fan Art by Madness-With-Reason (Spoilers!)

A special thanks to Breath of Plagues, Cola Bubble Gum, Death the Kid, and Jaestring.

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This story is a sequel to School of Hard Knocks

Note: This is a sequel to School of Hard Knocks, and contains many spoilers for that story

Nightmare Night comes to Hoofington. Kids go door to door, looking for fun and candy. A fog rises, adding to the ambiance and bringing with it an otherworldly chill.

My heart is pounding, and it's not because of the sugar. What do these mists conceal in the dark, cold night?

A new adventure for Plum Pudding and Cinnamon Swirl!

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Necromancers. Sickly ponies bathed in cloaks of darkness, bringing ruin to all who fall under their shadow, terror to those who meet their gaze. Ripping the dead from the grave and conscripting them to their army of evil and conquest. Woe to the towns that dare draw their interest.

Such are the legends.

This is a story about one of the kindest ponies I know.


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Now with a sequel, From Dusk to Night.

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After the Battle of the Bands fiasco, Adagio has to live with the shame of losing all of the sirens' powers.

The problem is... she's not sure that she can.

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The war has gone on for far too long. To end it, Celestia just has to sign the treaty.

Go read the comments. They're way more interesting than the story itself.

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Speak no evil, only breathe. Hear no evil, only listen. See no evil, only darkness... or so the tale goes.
Twilight Sparkle retires an old tome to the shelves one final time, having more than enough spooks for one night. Now with Spike away at Applebloom's, she can relax, because after all, a story is just a story... right?

Read this in the dark.
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I have always been alone in this forest. I have always feasted in this forest. I call this forest home and those ponies that travel through it are my prey. I devour all those who fear me, all who come to face me. They fear me for I am Fear incarnate. But now...I have met one who does not fear...and I am unsure of what do with her...

Image by the very awesome thewraithofwolf

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