Once a year, the Night Guards of Canterlot receive a very important shipment, much to the distress of their peers. Flash Sentry has no idea what the fuss is all about.

(Submission for EqD's Friend Off event.)

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Princess Twilight sets up a war game for the Royal Canterlot and Crystal Empire guards. By kidnapping Luna and Cadance.

The guards thought she knew the rules. They thought she knew the guard manual backwards and forwards.

Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom re-write the manual... and conquer Equestria.

Edited by Noble Thought.

Cover art: Princess Predicament by radiantrealm

One hundred percent approved by Twilight's Library (also approved by Discord).

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Sunset Shimmer isn't like the other Freshman in Canterlot High School. While so many others explain away the strange things that happen in their town, she knows better. There's an entire world out there, a world of magic and incredible creatures, one that she's determined to reach.

Careful study and preparation brings her to the portal in front of her school, at the last moment of its opening. Sunset doesn't have a clue what might be waiting on the other side, but she's sure it will lead her to the magic she's always wanted.

No matter what it costs.

Updates Tuesdays.

This story was sponsored by my glorious enablers Bitera and Sparktail, who also did the editing. I know I don't deserve it. Want one of your own? Drop me a PM. Cover by Zutcha.

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Cadance thought it would be a normal quiet day, that is until Anon, the most evil villain Equestria has ever seen, stumbles in her throne room.


Now with a sequel: The After Days

Chapters (1)

Flash Sentry is having a very bad Hearts And Hooves Day.

His date has been cancelled.

He has to work a double shift.

And for some reason, stallions are hitting on him at a bar...

Yeah, really bad Hearts And Hooves Day.

Edited by MythrilMoth.
Special thanks to Weeping Angel for pre-reading and JaquelinDreamz for permission to use her artwork.

This is 100% Approved by Twilight's Library

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This story is a sequel to Rarity Visits Sunset Shimmer at 4 a.m.

After hitting her emotional limit and being pulled back from the brink by Rarity, Sunset Shimmer is slowly recovering from her breakdown. She's not back to her new-old self just yet, but she is making progress. Unfortunately, Flash Sentry heard half the story and is on the warpath to give his ex-girlfriend a piece of his mind. Rarity tries to keep him away, but fails. How much damage can one man scorned do? Does he even care?

This story is part of Sunset's Recovery Arc.

Rated "T" for depiction of self-harm, and a couple of naughty words.

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While on deployment to the Arabian Sea, the crew of a Royal Australian Navy Destroyer begin to notice that one of their helicopter pilots is starting to develop some rather odd quirks, both mentally and physically.
A cutie mark, wings, hooves, and a knack for treasure-hunting, just to name a few...

A recursive fic to TwistedSpectrum's "Five Score, Divided By Four".

Art made by the talented F-NAR.

Chapters (11)

Sunset always knew that she was destined for greatness, but she never dreamed of how great she could become. Not until she had seen it – the mirror had shown her as an alicorn. Ignoring Celestia’s warnings, Sunset goes looking for answers.

When she learns that the mirror is also a portal to another world, well, what else was she supposed to do? But it seems that she hadn’t considered every possibility. She hadn’t, for example, considered that she might get herself trapped on the other side. Nor did she think she’d find herself transformed into a child again.

(Also available in print and as an audiobook)

A story set in the Who We Become series (earliest story, so a great starting point :raritywink:)

Who We Become is a realistic romantic drama series focussing on queer characters. People sensitive to queer issues should take caution before reading.

Many muches of thanks go out to ArchAngelsWings, Dessert, Mind Jack, Pasu-Chan,
CharCharChan, w_brown7, and eton975 for proofreading.
Additionally, thanks to Pasu-Chan for providing the glorious cover art :scootangel:

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My programming or my training did not prepare me for this. I understand completely what I must do to protect the people of my city, but when confronted with these...ponies, I am not sure how my directives work. But I do know that they live like people and feel like people, so I shall carry out my duties to them as if they were my people. And that is to serve their trust. Uphold the law.

Protect the innocent.

Robocop will be the older version and most of the story will be him from the first movie with some of the other two added in. Robocop will still be more machine than man when the story begins, so he won't talk that much or have too much inner monologue, but from there...we'll see.

Chapters (26)

It all started with a simple question. "Can the portal go to other places besides Equestria?

The answer turned out to be "No, but we might be able to make one that can."

When their research is complete, Sunset and Twilight are pulled into an adventure in another world, where they meet even more doppelgängers of themselves. But their alternate counterparts may reveal some things about themselves they never knew.

Chapters (1)
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