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This story is a sequel to Love Conquers All

Anon has surrendered to Cadance because of loneliness. Now it is her duty to reform him, but sadly, she has no idea how. She asks her fellow alicorns for advice. Things go haywire pretty fast.


Story is fully written. Chapters will be released when edited by JBL

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Pull some magic portal b.s. and summon genderbent villians? Like Eris or something?

Huk #2 · 2 weeks ago · · · Day 1 ·

Hmm, come to think of it - Luna WAS a villan, so... :trollestia:

Why do I see Twilight ending up with the villanous Anon? :trollestia:

Point aside, I laughed with this and the prequel. I hope to read more from your hand. :rainbowlaugh:

K. I honestly don't know what to expect. You said that everything in this was a lie, so why should i trust that he will even get a girl to be with???


Tell me this, does he get one or not?

Nilam #5 · 2 weeks ago · · · Day 1 ·

Poor ol' Al may have been dead inside, but at least he had fellow men that were equally dead inside to share the pain and suffering that is....marriage with children :raritydespair:

Plus, there was that annoying chicken next door that he could always poke fun at. For someone that's dead inside he does have it pretty well

PS: considering the princesses' past I'm beginning to wonder if they don't qualify as villains themselves.

wait is it lyra? I feel like its gonna be lyra

My moneys on it being twilight

Place your bets

>sees title

If Virgil was alive he would have burned the Ecologues and killed himself in proper Roman fashion

It continues!!!!:pinkiehappy:

What, Twilight not suggesting the Dazzlings?

For the sake of this story and it's prequel "EQG" is non canon (did't happen), as Hasbro originally promised.

Continue to read when the next chapters are out and you will know.

History is written by the winner. :trollestia:

I'm all for the Tempest train, personally.

She'd probably knock him out and drag him out of a room whenever he started his more villainous rants.

I'm half-expecting him to end up given a mansion-esque house with a whole bunch of villain-grade (or at the very least, potentially villain-grade) beings.

Al had a house, a stable job, and a wife that was always willing. I really don't get how he had it so bad.

“Or a bitch, or a dragoness, or whatever. There has to be a female out there that’s hot for monkey dick.”

There most likely is one in the very room. You just didn't give her enough time~:pinkiecrazy:

It was another time, standards were different. Just like the Simpsons, in the 80's being Homer was synonymous with being a failure. Nowadays having a stable job that gets you a nice home in the suburbs and allows you to support three children and a wife is only for the winners. Times change.


A wife that never cleaned the house, cooked a meal or even bothered to fill the refrigerator. A son that was probably the prototype for the typical 4chan user and a slutty daughter that was as dumb as she was blond. And all they ever wanted was his money. The neighbor was a terrible SJW who claimed he was the source of all evil and he had job were he didn't get any respect at all. Yes, Al had a good life.

I know Al wasn't a good husband either and thats they all were terrible in their own way, that was actually the premise of the show. And while I want a family, I want a loving family.

Gotta agree with you there. No sense in getting together with someone if not to at least try and be happy. That goes triple for having children :pinkiesad2:

You're German. For an American, that still isn't that bad...

Yes! This! I like it! ANOTHER!

I was actually expecting Anon to somehow interrupt the meeting by walking in, drunk as hell, collapsing on the table with ass in the air, and on the way into the room they have to be singing terribly a random song.

All they need to do is wait. I mean, it's Equestria after all and they've had a rather imbalanced male to female ratio of super villains so it shouldn't take too long before one shows up somewhere.

Reykan #25 · 1 week ago · · · Day 1 ·

I watched him sleep in bed at night.
It’s not...creepy.

Friendship is witchcraft for the win

So why not pull some magical crap and summon a female Anon from a parallel universe? It wouldn't damage the timeline of either in any way...or would it?

Also, congrats on 500 followers.

I used to love Married, With Children. Did you know that there was a Psycho Dad spin-off in the works? It never got off the ground, though.

A shame, really. Ed O'Neill also wanted to do a revival episode with the old cast. Never found out why it didn't happen.

Fuck it go find some evil dragoness hiding in a cave or something I guess.

No. No. NONONONONONONONONO. ANon is with pony!!! NOt human!!!!

Adjier #33 · 1 week ago · · · Day 2 ·

What could go wrong?

I hope, everything.

Raven #34 · 1 week ago · · · Day 2 ·

This can't possibly backfire horribly. Nope not at all! :unsuresweetie:

By the power of Jinx

Nothing will go wrong

yes do it this will be very entertaining

Reykan #37 · 1 week ago · · · Day 2 ·

Oh come on guys. What’s the worst that could happen?

I wonder if Twilight considered things like age or health? :pinkiecrazy:

">no hooves fag" says Anon to the newly attractive femanon.
Everyone stares in disbelief. Not at the fact that he rejected her, but at the fact he actually said ">"

It be hilarious if it’s summons the human version of one of them

It would be funny as Hell if the only thing that could find Anon attractive or be summoned was a(nother) demon.

all powerful succubus that tries to eat everyone soul?

Summoning a being so edge their very existance causes the multiverse to bleed and/or cringe?

“You managed to beat him in a glorious battle?” Luna guessed, a tinge of hope in her voice.

Love it. Luna is warrior first and princess second

Summon another neck beard.
Fight fire with fire.

Neece #46 · 1 week ago · · · Day 2 ·

I don't know who I pity more, the Femanon summoned to deal with Anon or Anon for having to deal with whatever thinks an exemplar neckbeard /b/-tard is attractive.

Shenzy #47 · 1 week ago · · · Day 2 ·

How to solve the issue:
Send him back...or... Lyra Heartstrings

Shenzy #48 · 1 week ago · · · Day 2 ·

YouTube. Elements of cringe.
It's a thing and our solution!

YouTube. Elements of cringe.
It's a thing and our solution
(those had to be good for something)

It's gotta be fillyanon.

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