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Strange things are happening to Sunset Shimmer. Sudden flashes disturb her throughout the day, she constantly keeps hearing the voices of her pony friends back in Equestria, and the journal she uses to communicate with Princess Twilight isn't functioning properly. When Sunset finds out who's responsible, she has to make a hard decision, or she will have to see the two worlds crumbling before her eyes.

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Sunset Shimmer is having troubles at school again. And, it seems that vicious bullies are making sure nobody can help her. Thinking that even her friends won’t be helpful, who can comfort the former ruffian? Maybe her angelic counterpart can help.

This is my entry for the Sunset Shimmer x Sunset Shimmer contest

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It’s Sunset Shimmer’s birthday and everyone is having a great time! Until, Sunset found out that Demon Shimmer has returned and it’s up to the Mane 7 to stop her! They must become new superheroes to fight Demon Shimmer’s minions and Demon Shimmer! Sunset Shimmer will become the cape crusader, Pony Lass! A Batman-like superhero! They’re going to need some help from Daydream Shimmer! (New Chapter Every 2 Weeks on Saturdays and Pony Lass is based on DC’s Batman!)

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This story is a sequel to Dear Twilight Sparkle

"Legend tells of an ancient land, known as Frootloopia, filled with the long-lost knowledge of the Zoombinis. Food was in abundance, and all paid tribute to Tingle, the fairy-man, and Sam, the toucan. Tingle spread... joy... and could tell you how to get anywhere you needed to go. Sam, well, he had frootloops.

Life was prosperous, and all were happy.

Then everything changed when the fire natio- hold on, that's not quite right. Ah..

No one knows what happened to Frootloopia, but one day it mysteriously vanished. Many have tried to find it, but none have succeeded. Most have forgotten the tale, and of all those who remember, believe it to be nothing more than a child's bedside story.

At least, all who are sane. Unfortunately, Demon's not in that category and so I'm being dragged along with her to try and find it using this map that she got from some random dude in an alley, claiming it to be one of Tingle's. And of course, we recently found out Midnight is chasing after whatever is "hiding away in Frootloopia" too. This is going to be swell."

Note: This story is a collection of one-shots plopped in the midst of... whatever that is above this text. It scares me, but I guess I'm writing it! Zoombini Quest to Frootloopia is not in the same world as Dear Twilight Sparkle, as far as I'm concerned. Don't expect very long chapters or super frequent updates. Also, the oneshots aren't necessarily connected to each other, the main Dear Twilight Sparkle fic, or the Zoombini Quest to Frootloopia.

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Sunset Shimmer has always been influenced by both Daydream Shimmer and Demon Sunset ever since the Friendship Games. But because of a magic mishap, Sunset's brain gets jumbled leaving Daydream and Demon both in complete charge of Sunset, while the two have to make it seem like everything is normal!

...While also trying to find a way to get Sunset back.
This is going to be difficult.

Co-Written by and originated from GamerSunset
Also check out DTS: Anon-a-Miss! Takes place before DTS, set in the same universe.

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The break-up of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle.

Told through the eyes of thier fading Inner Demons.

One willing to change and experience the world.

The other seeking the darkness of routine to fade into.

Growing up, never promised staying together.

Submission For Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest Endings.

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I Disable Ratings, Because I Feel A Story Should Be About The Experience, Not Gratification.

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sunset has been to this dimention before, but it always hunted her becouse of what happened at the fall formal... now, it seemes that it doing something unexpected, for the better...

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Twilight Sparkle has cast loose the magic of Equestria and has been corrupted into a being that craves knowledge, no matter the cost. So, it’s up to Sunset Shimmer to save the day, right?

Yeah, about that…

Thanks to Tired Old Man, Nova Quill/Firimil, and
Steel Resolvefor their edits and suggestions!

Wonderful cover art by shonuff44!

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This story is a sequel to Sunshipped

"Um, Sunburst? Look. I was visiting your sister and... uh... things have gotten kiiiiiinda weird. Like, seriously, get ready to be an ape weird."

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