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Brian Sheil

Most of my MLP stories feature meetings of G1 and G4.


Sunset Shimmer is having troubles at school again. And, it seems that vicious bullies are making sure nobody can help her. Thinking that even her friends won’t be helpful, who can comfort the former ruffian? Maybe her angelic counterpart can help.

This is my entry for the Sunset Shimmer x Sunset Shimmer contest

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This was interesting.

thank you for the contest entry!

You're welcome. 🌞☀

Short but cute

(Thanks for submitting to the contest!)

a fun role reversal, with Garble and his two lackeys mirroring Sunset's Snips and Snails back when she was a bully. not sure what the meaning of the angelic rope was, but it did add an interesting texture to their interaction.

Thank you. I’m happy you like the story. As far as the rope is concerned, Sunset was so upset after what happened, I figured to have her restrained so she wouldn't hurt herself.

This really brought Sunset down. During lunchtime, she was too afraid to sit with her friends, fearing they believe that trio of brutes. Seeing how upset she was, Principal Celestia believed that she's too upset to carry on the rest of the day. So, Sunset was allowed to go home early.

That was nice of principal celestia to do for sunset. It happened the same to me back in my freshman year of high school after getting punched in the face. It's a long story on what happened but I went home early that day.

Please come to the forest near Sweet Apple Acres. I'll be there to greet you. Suggestion: Wear something different than your usual style.

I find that odd. :rainbowhuh:

Seeing her calm down, Daydream stood up, and used her own magic to remove the ropes binding Sunset. The former baddie stood up, stretched, and rubbed her wrists, knowing she's not tied up anymore.

Sounds like a reference to wonder woman's rope or whatever it was called.

Thanks for liking my story. As for that rope bit, Daydream didn't want Sunset to hurt herself. That's why she had to be restrained.

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