• Published 16th Jun 2020
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Dear Twilight Sparkle: Zoombini Quest to Frootloopia - Demon Shimmer

Demon Shimmer and Daydream Shimmer journey to find the land of Frootloopia, but uh oh! So is Midnight Sparkle! Who will gain the honour of Zoombinis and arrive first? (AKA Oneshots or similar strange stories from the Dear Twilight Sparkle Universe)

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Chapter 1: It sure is boring around here

Author's Note:

woo first chapter
I literally don't know what I'm writing
like at all
I have one thing planned
that's it

"Day!!! Look what I got!"

A groan of annoyance escaped the angel's lips at the sound of Demon's voice. Couldn't she get just one moment of peace and quiet before the demon would crash things again?

"This better not be more stuff about that... 'froot' place or whatever, because I swear if it is..."

"Uhh..." Daydream caught the nervous grin thrown her way as Dee finally entered the room.

The angel groaned again, facepalming as a book landed on the table in front of her, "Adventure Log to Frootloopia" in bold letters across the front. Her fiery counterpart chuckled awkwardly.

"I already told you, Dee, I'm not helping you go out and die on a pointless quest to find a fairy tale. It's ridiculous!"

"But Daydream-" she whined, "-It's not just a fairy tale! Frootloopia is real, I have proof!" With that, she reached into her bag and carefully unraveled an old parchment. "Tada! This is a map, drawn up by none other than Tingle himself! It leads right to Frootloopia from... er..." she brought the worn paper up to her face, squinting as she tried to make out the word. "...Tuami? I'm.. not quite sure how to read this."

Daydream raised an eyebrow and lowered the map so she could see it too.

"It says Yuancl."


The angel scanned the map briefly, silently noting that it was all written in Iem Script. While she doubted it really was a map to the mythical land of breakfast cereal, she had to admit, she was impressed that it had been kept in readable condition. Of the few fools who believed in Frootloopia, there were even fewer who could accurately read Iem Script. It hadn't been used in almost 2 millenia.

"..wait, where'd you even get this old thing?" She realized, turning her attention back to Demon Shimmer. "You didn't steal it from someone, did you?"

The creature's ears flattened briefly, "What!? No! Seriously, have you no faith in me at all? It took me weeks to track this thing down, and I paid for it!" With a small huff and growl, Dee spoke more calmly, "I got in from this guy in an alley at the Krane Square. He seemed pretty chill to trade it for, y'know, 10 kif."

Daydream Shimmer spat out her tea she'd materialized from... somewhere: "You did WHAT!?"

"I paid him 10 kif fo- GAH!!"

Dee quickly ducked under the chair that flew towards her at breakneck speeds! "Day- wha- you almost hit me!!!"

"Oh, only almost? So sorry, looks like I'll have to try again!" Was the grumbled response.

Dee yelped and dashed under the nearby desk before peeking around the edge of it cheekily, "uhh, please don't?" Daydream rolled her eyes.

"I'm kidding, Dee. I happen to like our furniture and it really shouldn't be wasted anymore on you." She walked over and pulled Demon back to her feet. "But, seriously. You gave some random dude 10 kif for a map that leads who knows where, written in a script no one knows anymore? 10 is more than a lot, Dee, you can't just throw around our money, that was practically all we had! Sunset is not going to be happy to hear about this."

"Yeah, well, when we find Frootloopia, we'll be super rich and she won't care!!" Her fangs beamed. She then fidgeted with her tail as she looked at Day, "And uh... well, I obviously can't read Iem Script, but y'know, you can! So, I was hoping... you'd decide to help me?" The angel opened her mouth but Dee quickly intercepted her, "and don't say 'I already said no!', because now you'll benefit from helping too!"

Daydream looked highly skeptical, but shut her mouth and gestured for her counterpart to continue.

"Not only is there said to be lost and hidden treasure in Frootloopia, but it's also said to have been the capital of the Zoombini people! Imagine: thousands of years of lost knowledge and know-how- all in one place! The library of Frootloopia was said to be huge, and you've heard how the Zoombinis mastered the art of magicks! We could learn so much and bring knowledge to help people!"

The room was silent as Dee caught her breath, waiting eagerly for the angel to respond. She really hoped she'd convinced her this time. "Also, I uh, kinda already paid Shum to watch over the house."

Daydream sighed, "so there's really no getting out of this. .... Alright, I'll come."

"Great!" Demon cheered and pulled her into a one-armed hug, "I promise you, you won't regret it! Now, grab that book, and pack your things! We leave at dawn!"