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In a community this big, it can be easy to overlook quality, so we've decided the best way to make sure we've found the fandom's top stories is to take reading recommendations!

This thread is exactly what it sounds like: a chance to point one or more of the Library's curators at great stories you think we might otherwise overlook. The nomination and judging processes are still internal to the five of us, so we cannot make any promises about the consideration of stories mentioned here, but we wouldn't be asking if we didn't intend to take recommendations seriously. We value the chance to broaden our horizons (so to speak). (12/2014 edit: Over a dozen of these suggestions have ended up as features, so keep 'em coming!)

In order to make recommendations as useful as possible, we'd like to steal wholesale from Seattle's Angels base our system on a proven model. So please observe the following rules:

1) Post recommendations to this thread. Don't litter the forum up.
2) No self-nominations. You know how writing guides say "show, don't tell"? Don't tell us how awesome your own story is (by begging for attention), show us how awesome it is (by winning devoted fans who will give you testimonials without you asking for them). The sad fact is, allowing self-nomination has been shown time and time again to open the floodgates, and with limited personnel we need to be firm on this.
3) To be eligible, a story must be complete (and a few other minor things that shouldn't stop you).
4) Use the following template, to make things easier for us:

Story Name: Princess Harshwhinny and the Quadricorn Games
Link To Story:*
Word Count: 9001**
Tags: [Adventure] [Romance] [Comedy]
What It's About: Miss Harshwhinny's perfect embodiment of judgmentalness earns her wings and a horn, just in time for a Best Princess competition!***
Why It's Awesome: This story has the second-best characterization of Harshwhinny I've ever read, and its depiction of the Princess competition singlehoofedly spawned the athletic fanfiction niche known as "the Quadriverse". Also, the scene with the heavy metal duel atop the flaming sky dinosaur made me weep tears of actual blood.****
Oh, And Also: My doctor says my vision will return someday.*****

* (Or, just link the Story Name to the story itself.)
** (If known. FIMFiction stories will have this listed on the story summary page.)
*** (Describe the story in one sentence, avoiding big spoilers.)
**** (Write a paragraph where you tell us what YOU think sets "Princess Harshwhinny and the Quadricorn Games" apart from the other [Adventure] [Romance] [Comedies] you've read. Why should we be excited to feature it? Character development? Worldbuilding? Comedic timing? A breathtaking plot twist?)
***** (Anything else you'd like to add goes here.)

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing some cool stories we'd have otherwise missed!


we'd like to steal wholesale from Seattle's Angels


In the meantime, I'll just be bookmarking this thread...

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Hey horizon, when u gon finish that story :V

The Mother City
Word Count:55,496
Tags: [Sad][Adventure][Human][Crazy Plot Away!*]
What It's About: On a bus to a city in South Africa, two guys get a bag of ponies from a girl. Then it turns out that they are not at full size, and well... Everything goes crazy.
Why It's Awesome: NOTHING is played straight. Everything has some kind of creative twist to it.
Oh, And Also:
* Not a real tag. Just think it fits.

Ah, yes - never thought the day would come when I'd be using this template a second time. =P one good turn deserves another, and so here's a couple of pennies in return for the ones you guys have collectively dropped into my/our jars:

Story Name: Burning Man Brony: Fear and Loathing of Equestria
Link To Story:
Word Count: 9567
Tags: [Tragedy][Human]
What It's About: A brony goes to Burning Man and experiments with mushrooms. In the harshness of the desert and under the influence of said mushrooms, questions are raised about ponies, friendship, and the meaning of life.
Why It's Awesome: It subverts the brony-meets-ponies idea and gives it real, vivid conflict. It takes an inherently interesting subculture and blends that into the background. It raises striking questions that make you think. All of this is wrapped in skillfully terse prose that further drives the atmosphere of the story - dry and harsh like the desert it's set in and the personality it features. I could gush more, but I already have.

So, yeah. It does the brony-meets-ponies idea very uniquely. That's the main selling point.


Story Name: Roots
Word Count: 10868
Tags: [Adventure][Slice of Life]
What's It About: A retelling through journals of Big Macintosh coming to terms with destiny as well as the story of his lineage and their destiny.
Why It's Awesome: It takes the Big-Mac-is-a-spy idea, twists it a bit, and weaves in a lot of heartwarming sincerity. Like Big Mac himself, it's a very steady-mood story, meant to be read at ease with optional warm drink at side. It does the Apple family shtick with more volume than others at an equally consistent level of plotting - an impressive feat on its own, much less the story itself.


All the best with your endeavors guys! =)

Story Name: Repurcussions
Word Count: 150,997
Tags: [Adventure] [Dark]
What It's About: Twilight Sparkle runs into a roadblock in her research on Princess Celestia when a new face appears in town that may help her overcome it...
Why It's Awesome: Gary is a master of visualization, and his talents are showcased in this story. From the most epic battles, to the most tense conversations, you are there, not just reading about these events, but actually there witnessing them. His character development is also top-notch. You'll feel yourself growing with the characters and truly understanding the ordeals they're going through, as fantastical as they are.
Oh, And Also: Just read the story. Do it. You'll thank me (and Gary) later.

Much like Casca, I figure it's my duty to at least give a few recommendations given you guys have helped us out more than once.

What it's About:
Basically, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo swap bodies because why not?

Why it's Awesome:
As a fan of both comedy fics and, to a lesser extent, random fics, I was pretty much in love with story before it even began. Of course, then it did begin and I loved more than I thought possible. I mean, it's a pretty simple premise, Rainbow and Scootaloo swap bodies so Scootaloo can fly or whatever, and it's played, for the most part, pretty straight. The really great thing is that there's a lot of subtlety going on here. A lot of little things happen that, if you're not paying attention, you'll miss. Making your reader actually pay attention and give a shit about what's happening is something that I don't think enough authors do, so for that alone I'd recommend Switchaloo to anyone, plus it's just really goddamn funny.

Ordem e Progresso
[Slice of Life]
What it's About:
At its most basic level, Ordem is about making choices, and how those choices affect your life, from the past to the future. On a more complex level, Ordem is a look at one pony's, admittedly boring and unfulfilled, life and how it got to be that way. You can criticize her all you want for the decision she makes in the end, but no matter how you feel about it, you have to respect her for not being afraid to make that choice.
Why it's Awesome:
It's an existentialist ponyfic done right. Is there really anything else I need to say? Hell, it made me like batponies and gave them the most interesting origin story I've ever seen, so there's that as well. On top of all that, it also provides us with a complex and interesting OC (something that's sadly quite rare in fanfiction) and makes us actually give a shit about her. I care a hell of a lot more about Summer Sirocco than I ever did about 99% of the canon characters I've seen in most fics.

Because every so often, I tell people to read it.
Outside the Reachin Sky
Word Count: 106,310
Tags: Adventure, Alternate Universe
What It's About: Um, sequel to Dread Chitin. Um. You should probably read that first. ..

The Dread Chitin
Word Count: 63,107
Tags: Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Human (Note: crossover isn't readily apparent, and honestly, doesn't matter)
What It's About: Twi attempts experimental portal. Something causes it to overload, sucking RD and Twi into an alternate universe filled with things trying to kill you. A human stuck there for ~15 years helps them out.
Why It's Awesome: Great example of good sci fi. Characters are great, and you can feel the loss the guy has gone through, and his fraying mental state before they get there.

Plus, it helps you understand the even awesomer followup...

Okay, let's do this in the correct order.
Outside the Reachin Sky
Word Count: 106,310
Tags: Adventure, Alternate Universe
What It's About: Human from Chitin is an engineer of advanced tech. Accelerates Equestrian technology to space-faring within the century. Oh, and the EoH apparently are still alive. First Contact was...not the best impression.
Why Its' Awesome: The one fic I will go to to show you pony space opera. Aliens that are actually aliens and not humans with funny foreheads. Space Combat of awesomeness. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Basically, ponies being badass.

Downside: Author appears to have disappeared from the face of the earth. 22 weeks since last log in. I really hope he isn't dead, and the last paragraph sets your imagination on fire.

Story Name: The Final Quest of Star Swirl the Bearded
Link To Story:
Word Count: 64,492
Tags: [Adventure]
What It's About: Star Swirl goes on an journey with a rag-tag group of ponies, battling creatures and monsters every step of the way.
Why It's Awesome: It really earns the adventure tag as lives are at stake and the rewards are enough to justify the means. All the characters, not just Star Swirl, are fleshed out and you really start to feel for the plight of the ponies and their struggles.
Oh, And Also: There's a Gandalf moment

I'd like to nominate an author who is, I feel, one of the most criminally underrated authors on this site.

Story Name: The Griffon War: A Soldier's Memoirs

Link To Story:

Word Count: 78,440

Tags: [Dark] [Alternate Universe]

What It's About: When Private Fleethoof recognized his dream and joined the Royal Guard, he never thought he would ever experience the might of Equestria's military firsthand. But when Equestria's safety is threatened by an old enemy, he'll find out just what sacrifices war and survival demand, and what it truly means to serve for Princess and country, and just how important some friendships can be. See the war through the eye-witness account of a soldier on the front line, all taken from one enduring journal.

Why It's Awesome: In my humble—and in all honesty, possibly biased—opinion, one of the best war fics on the site. The prose is great, the narrative tight, and the characters real and likable. The journal mechanic is used to great effect, an "After Action Report" focusing on the emotions and feelings, while the actual battle are all about the moment. Yes, it is "ponies with guns," and admittedly the author doesn't really give us a reason why they have guns at all, but the story as a whole is enjoyable enough that you hardly think about it until after, and even then it's not all that jarring.

Oh, And Also: Speaking as a soldier, Dusk Quill does a near-perfect job of capturing the emotions one feels in combat, especially in terms of taking a life and the fear and pseudo-detachment of doing so. It was so real to life that I was honestly surprised to find to that he had never been in the military before.

Also, my full thoughts on the story, as posted on FOB Equestria.

Hope y'all like it!

Story Name: Be Like Her
Word Count: 8,402
Tags: [Slice of Life]
What It's About: Scootaloo tries to follow in Rainbow's hoofsteps, and discovers the wisdom in knowing her own limitations.
Why It's Awesome: They don't make too many of these, but they should. In terms of structure and characterization, it's a lot like an episode, right down to the letter at the end. But it also has a bit of an edge that you wouldn't find in the show, which I feel drives the point home quite effectively.
Oh, And Also: It's true I edited it, but I didn't write any part of it, so I don't believe this counts as self-promotion. If you guys decide that it does, it might be good to add that to the rules.

Group Admin

First of all, a belated thank you all for the recommendations. (I think there was some initial miscommunication about who was going to acknowledge these and how.)

I don't want to compromise the independence of our deliberations by discussing specifics of individual stories — but to give y'all some idea of our appreciation for the suggestions: another curator has already nominated one of these stories; I already plan to nominate a second myself; and I'm currently reading through and enjoying yet another of this batch. It's awesome to get this sort of community feedback and we'll all keep an eye out here!

(Note: Some personal opinions/first impressions follow. Keep in mind I'm just one of the five curators enjoying these recommendations.)

1931924 1932000 oh, you :V

Thanks! It's a nice touch to see a story set outside America (though I wish even more had been done with the travelogue, immersing us in the landscape around the characters); that sense of distinct place is too often missing from human-world fics.

Nice recs. I'd already read one of those two a while back, and I have a suspicion I will enjoy the other one just as much, for diametrically opposite reasons.

Appreciated! OCs can be a tough sell (this isn't a comment on the story, just a general observation), but I see what you mean about the attention to detail.

"Random" and "subtlety" in the same paragraph? What is this madness‽

I should also note that I'm not a stranger to Ordem, as it was one of the major influences on the nature of the batponies in my own comedy Princess Luna Picks Up Hitchhikers. (I do not, however, make an existential point out of it.)

Oh man, I'm a sucker for pony plus sci-fi. (I still hope Eclipse Phase: Dreamcatcher updates again someday.) It's like chocolate plus peanut butter.

Also, I'm a sucker for pony + history/alt-history (chocolate plus cherries). What better way to signal that you're going to have a story chock full of sweet, sweet worldbuilding? It speaks well for this story that it was already on my radar.

Also also, I'm a sucker for pony + war (chocolate plus … um … overextended metaphors). Mostly on the strength of Equestria: Total War being one of my favorite fanfics on the site, and it freaking breaks my heart that it appears to have been abandoned. I hold out fond hope that TGW can fill that void (admittedly a very high standard).

Slice of Life is one of those genres that I find myself instinctively avoiding, because due to my own reading tastes I never expect to appreciate it. So when a SoL story breaks through (as several of our nominated stories have done) and slaps me upside the muzzle with its quality, it's all the more awesome. Recommendations are a good way for me to dip into an unfamiliar genre and I appreciate that.

As far as your editing work: You're on your honor to bring to our attention the best stories you can. We're going to assume good faith here — if you have pre-read this one story, you presumably have pre-read a number of others, and the fact you're speaking up for this one should mean something. That having been said, the disclosure is appreciated, and a sign that you're not just trying to sneak one past us.



A quick question: How many stories are we allowed to post here at one time? I may or may not end up posting a lot of things tomorrow.

To make this post not entirely worthless, have a recommendation.

Story Name: The Song of Syhlex by The Descandent
Word Count: 6439
Tags: [Adventure]
What It's About: Twilight and Spike find a book. They read about Celestia fighting dragons a very long time ago.
Why It's Awesome: As the name might suggest, the majority of the story (the part about Celestia fighting dragons) is told through song (or should that be phrased "through verse"?). That in of itself makes the story stand out. Beyond that, the story does an excellent job of developing Celestia's character and gives her a lot of depth, something a lot of stories starring Celestia don't actually do.
Oh, And Also: Dragons. Dragons are cool.

Group Admin

> dragons
> verse
> developing Celestia's character

You have my attention, x3 combo chain.

To answer your question — let's say that to keep the thread moving, three recommendations per post is the upper limit (of course, we'd be happy to have you speak up again later on, after we've had some reading time and other commenters have gotten their chance to make suggestions). I'd rather not have everyone come and dump their favorites list at us, but we also recognize you (and other folks speaking up here) are in a position to have educated opinions on a large number of stories.

Story Name: Wild Fire
Word Count: 8,871
Tags: [Adventure] [Dark]
What It's About: This is the exciting origin story of Sibsy's OC, Wild Fire.
Why It's Awesome: First off, a Wild Fire story is exceptionally rare. Not only being perhaps the first of its kind, this story explores the strong themes of anger and loss, and is a less-than-typical look at a pony's backstory. With both an atypical setting and an accurate portrayal of Wild Fire (Sibsy herself has admitted to the author that she is an angry person, and was tickled pink at this story's concept), this is a criminally unknown story that warrants consideration for inclusion at the very least.
Oh, And Also: I had a hand in editing this story, so I can honestly attest to its quality and polish. Additionally, a lot of research for accuracy's sake went into this piece, but it is quite utilitarian in its implementation, so it will not bore the reader with needless detail.

Actually, I'd think that the more the recommendations we have, the merrier. I doubt I'm going to be interested in every story people pitch, so there's no harm in having a... shall we say... target-rich environment.

Comment posted by Stellar Fall deleted Nov 8th, 2013
Group Admin

I read and upvoted this when it came out, actually. Thank you for the reminder. :twilightsmile:

Normally Present's the big shipping fan, but any story about Best Princess Best Pony is alright in my book. I'll take a look!

Author Interviewer
Group Admin


Comment posted by Unimpressive Vagaries deleted Nov 8th, 2013

Story Name: The Treaty
Link To Story:
Word Count: 1,234
Tags: [Dark][Human]
What It's About: The war has gone on for far too long. To end it, Celestia just has to sign the treaty.
Why It's Awesome: Totallynotabrony, long known as one of ponydom's great potboiler writers, here makes a bold foray into literary depth with a tightly written science fiction fable.
Oh, And Also: The thing that really ties this one together is the twist at the end, which is elegant in its simplicity. Coming from me, that means a lot.

Group Admin

Excellent! I'll take a look.

Group Admin

You should be happy to note that we will be featuring Horse Voice (although, as it turns out, for a different story) in just a few weeks! :twilightsmile:

Heh, I still remember the day I read the first version, gave some advice regarding sweeping changes, and the current version being produced. The original was nothing like the final draft. Though I have the sinking feeling that this will be the closest I ever come to getting in here...

You guys had to know this was gonna pop up sooner or later.
Title: Austraeho
Link: Click here to go to cover page
Word count: 212,744
Tags: Adventure, Alternate Universe
What it's about.
Rainbow Dash flying east.
Why this story is amazing.
Amazing imagery, chopped up into small bite sized pieces. Easy to relax and enjoy. Dialogue is quick, witty, and intriguing. The characters are unique, as well as the societies they live in. Action scenes are well written. It has mystery underlying the serenity. It feels like you yourself are on an amazing quest. Also it has RD:rainbowkiss:.
Something else...
This story is one of the best epic I've ever read, and honestly that includes actual non pony stories. And though it is over 200,000 words, I've got no regrets reading it. It really is just a wonderful read. And if you read 20,000 words a day, you'll be done in less than two weeks:scootangel:. Also, this story is in a series of twelve, four of which have already been posted. You can find them all on ImplodingColon's author page. There also is relatively prolific group completely for this story. So... yeah... It's like a fandom within the fandom.
Have more links
Austraeho group:
ImplodingColon's page:

Author Interviewer
Group Admin

Been needing an excuse to read that...


You guys had to know this was gonna pop up sooner or later.
Title: Austraeho
Link: Click here to go to cover page
Word count: 212,744
Tags: Adventure, Alternate Universe
What it's about.
Rainbow Dash flying east.

Dude, seriously?

But yes, Austraeoh is an amazing story.

It's funny that you say that, because a few hours after I posted that I realized I had been spelling Austraeoh wrong for the past year.:facehoof::twilightblush::twilightoops:


Story Name: Do Not Serve These Ponies by Thanqol
Link To Story:
Word Count: 21k
Tags: Comedy
What It's About: Lyra knows the truth. Lyra knows that a shadowy conspiracy dating back to the very dawn of Equestria is responsible for manipulating every major event for the past two thousand years. And Lyra does not care how many museums she has to destroy or how many transdimensional rifts she has to open in her quest to inform the public.
Why It's Awesome: It was the summer of the second pony drought, or whatever they were calling it back then.
And one day, on EQD I noticed this fic's post. I usually ignored them but this one caught my eye.
I don't really know why I did, but I clicked on the link and read this story...
And thats how I got into Fanfiction. A year later This remains my favorite story, I keep a copy downloaded on my phone, and have re-read this story thrice. This story really is a thing of beauty.

Story Name: Hostile Takeover by Coconutswallow
Word Count: 45k
Tags: Comedy
What It's About: Trixie and Fluttershy as living together.
Why It's Awesome: See above.

Story Name: The Warm Diary of Twilight Sparkle by Gweat and Powaful Twixie
Word Count: 45k
Tags: Tragedy, Adventure
What It's About: When Twilight finds an unusual diary belonging to a pony only known as "Stella", she goes on a fantastic journey to save the souls of those written in its pages from a fate worse than death.
Why It's Awesome: It's like Spirited Away, but with ponies.

Story Name: What is a Name?

Link To Story: What is a Name?

Word Count: 32,145

Tags: [Sad] [Slice of Life]

What It's About: Pinkie Pie awakens after a magical ailment causes her to lose any memories from before she earned her cutie mark.

Why It's Awesome: It is a rare depiction of Pinkamena without any of the normal trappings that usually come along with the character. Instead, she is forced to come to grips with filling Pinkie Pie's formidable shoes in a story unafraid to pull any emotional punches.

Oh, And Also: Seriously, It's rare for me to find a fic where Pinkamena is used for extended periods without resorting to knives or something.

Full Disclosure: I helped him edit this story! However, I have helped several people edit their stories in the past, and this one with the unique elements it brings to the character of Pinkamena, is the only one I feel comfortable nominating.

Hey RCL, great job with the choices so far. I have a rec:

Story Name: Chess

Word Count: 6k

Tags: Comedy, SoL

What It's About: Twilight and Celestia play a game of chess, but its more than game.

Why It's Awesome: Despite its comedy tag, this story is deeply emotional without being sad or dark. The writing is focused, clear and the story is just as long as it should be while characterization is also spot on for a S1 or S2 Twilight. I think this story is a model of what FiM styled SoL should be. To quote Nadnerb, whose concise comment hit the mark, "This is what FiM is about. Those simple situations that are so interesting just beneath the surface. This is the Green Isn't Your Color of Twilight and Celestia fiction."

Story Name: Under Her Wings

Link To Story:

Word Count: 17,775

Tags: [Slice of Life]

What It's About: It's a more detailed look into the interactions between Celestia and her new protege.

Why It's Awesome: It has filly Twilight doing truly adorable things.

Site Blogger
Group Contributor

We only consider completed stories, so that one is ineligible. Feel free to poke us when it's finished.

Story Name: Sweet Apple Capers
Link To Story: [LINK]
Word Count: 11,755
Tags: [Comedy]

What It's About: Pinkie Pie wants some apple strudel, and by Celestia, she's gonna get it!

Why It's Awesome: Resembles the good ol' Golden Age cartoons with the atmosphere it emanates, and visual/situational gags used in it. The narration is rich, and Pinkie's characterisation is spot-on. Her craziness and unique way of thinking, coupled with the very descriptive language used by the narrator is just hilarious -- but not random for the sake of randomness and not-making-sense. Rule of Funny IS being followed faithfully -- laws of physics/logic broken only if it would make the result funny... and golly does the funny deserve its name!

Oh, And Also: Tom and Jerry reference! The nostalgia! Bonus points if you spot it!

Group Admin

2652048 2669386 2704889 2828856
Sorry to have been so silent here on the rec thread — but you'll be happy to know that two of these suggestions have been nominated. :twilightsmile: I needed a dose of comedy tonight and read a third, which brought some smiles to my face.

We definitely appreciate the pointers — keep 'em coming!

Let's see if I can help this fic gather another accolade. :pinkiehappy:

Story Name: The Firework Lotus
Link To Story:
Word Count: 16,669
Tags: [Slice of Life]
What It's About: Twilight and Spike learn how to deal with change over the years.
Why It's Awesome: Everything about this fic is well-done. It's well-written technically, the characters are all accurate and dynamic, the story is engaging, the imagery is out of this world, and it just makes you feel really good to read it. Really can't recommend it highly enough.
Oh, And Also: I recommended this story to the Seattle's Angels, and they seemed to love it! Once I discovered the RCL here, I decided it'd be worth suggesting it here too. I seriously love this story! :yay:

Group Admin

I will definitely be taking a look at that one!

Author Interviewer
Group Admin

I need to start leaving comments every time I check in here. It's been a month since I actually saw this thread in my updates list. D: The perils of joining dozens of groups in the name of self-promotion, I suspect.

Story Name: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Link To Story:
Word Count: 4461
Tags: [Dark]
What It's About: A traveller tells a story by a fire, but not all is as it seems.
Why It's Awesome: A fantastic little story that captures a much bigger world than the one directly shown, and gives the characters a lot of personality by doing very little. A proper old-fashioned fable - to quote the description, "words have power", and these ones pack a punch.

Group Admin

Thanks. I'll take a look :twilightsmile:

Story Name: Our Voice Carry Through the Hills
Link to Story:
Word Count: 120,244
Tages: [Romance] [Sad] [Adventure]
What it's About: Twilight wakes to find ponyvill being destroyed by somepony who looks exactly like her, she can't speak or use magic and is extremely weak. she only has one pony who know's it's not her who is destroying ponyvill, Rainbow Dash, as they quest to clear Twilight's name they friend ship grow's into something more.
Why It's Awesome: it a great story that pull's on your heart and demands you read on, but still has fluffier moments that you can't help but smile at, it has twists that made me want to scream "No!" at my computer when something sad happened, and was just to hard to put down.

Author Interviewer
Group Admin

Interesting. I read the EFNW entry this author wrote and liked it. Apparently he changed his name somewhat since then, which confused me slightly.

3139419 he dues that a bit, and his EFNW entry had is connected to this one, so you got some spoilers

Group Admin

Oh, hey, I recognize that one! Thanks for the prod — been meaning to read it.

Story Name: Where Have the Stars Gone?
Link To Story:
Word Count: 2871
Tags: [Dark]
What It's About: Princess Celestia has lived for so long, her memories have blurred and she's forgotten whether or not she's dreaming, and proceeds to have a panic attack.
Why It's Awesome: This story takes a very unique look at the princesses' immortality, and placing this idea it sets on Princess Celestia, the author plays her masterfully. This story also has one of the better telling narratives I've seen. There's not much I can actually say about the actual story without spoiling, which is funny considering there's not much to spoil. It's hard to put into words, but the way the story's written makes it one of those that has to be experienced, rather than explained. And at under three-thousand words, I can't think of a better way to burn some minutes.
Oh, And Also: As a member of Seattle's Angels, I reviewed this story recently in Round 38 and fell in love with it. It's certainly one of the best things I've read on this website in quite some time.

I have a story to recommend, but it's not mine and is one of my friends'.

Story Name: 127 Pets
Link To Story:
Word Count: 11,892
Tags: [Tragedy] [Sad] [Dark]
What It's About: Based on the movie "127 Hours", Rainbow Dash becomes trapped in the canyon of Ghastly Gorge. With only a water bottle, a camera and few other scarce supplies, she must survive there, for a long time.
Why It's Awesome: It is an intense, heart-breaking and over all emotional story which constantly surprises. And with a big twist at the end.

The author is taking a break, so expect him to be back in a day or two.

Author Interviewer
Group Admin

Hmm, an audiobook of that just finished the other day.

You serious? If you mean the youtube thing, that wasn't the other day. That was already a while ago. If you mean something else, then I'm not sure what. Besides, the youtube reading and story itself isn't very popular. I encourage you to at least try and read the fic.

Author Interviewer
Group Admin

I'm more likely to read a story if it's in audio format. And anyway, I watch Doom Pie Network, so it's very possible they uploaded the videos a while after they were put out on the reader's channel.

Story name: The Amethyst
Word count: 8,088
Tags: [Romance] [Slice Of Life]
what's it about: Twilight has been away for three weeks, her marefriend, Rainbow Dash, gets a chance to bring her back for a short time.
Why it's awesome: the amount of feels that you get when reading it is quiet high, from my point of view at least, and really it's just a story that make's you smile at all the little things in it.

I suck at saying whats on my mind sometimes.

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