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Today he is known as the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era, the inventor of many a useful spell and the mentor to one of the most important figures in history. But for all his magical and scholarly achievements, there is another side to Star Swirl the Bearded, a political ideology that many of his contemporaries sought to bury and forget. This is the tale of the last journey of one of ponykind’s most unusual figures and the role he played in the events that led to the founding of a nation.

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Comments ( 183 )

Oh sweet Glory, this is amazing!

I... I feel complete now. I feel like going through all the trollfics and abominations has all be worth it now!

Tracked and favorited.

Interesting, tracking! I love these kind of historical and adventure stuff! :twilightsheepish:

That was, I feel, the start of something rather epic. I love your portrayal of Star Swirl, Clover and the politics of the pre-classical era. :twilightsmile:

I've been looking forward to this ever since you teased it on your blog. Now, one chapter in, and I love Star Swirl already. The guy knows how to throw down and suss out in equal measures. I'm looking forward to how this adventure is going to play out.

Heh, Red Tape. I love it. You are really good with coming up with puns for pony names.

This setup is rather neat since it's obvious to us that the unicorns will not head Star Swirl's advice. Depending on how this goes, I can see a bit of tragedy slipping in regarding Star Swirl's ultimate fate. But, now I'm speculating too much and need to just let the story flow naturally.

Looking forward to more!

Really digging the story and the world building. I also like the little touches that call back to The Hobbit, with Star Swirl's Gandalf impression (though still being his own character) and Humble Pie's "unexpected party."

Looks like the plot will be kicked into high gear next time. Looking forward to it!


Me too. The nods to the Hobbit really made me smile. The world building is coming along great. :moustache:

No, I don't need to say anything.

Faved. Tracking.

OMG, I am getting The Hobbit flashbacks so bad, I almost couldn't finish the chapter I was smiling so widely.

Awesome. But it's been a while since I've read the Hobbit, and this story's very nice in its own right. :twilightblush:

This looks good.

Hey, hey! This is looking like it's going to be a really fun ride! The Hobbit homage's are really quite awesome, yet it is managing to stand alone with its own sources of tension building. The chapters are a little on the short side, but hey, at least the pacing is good! Some pretty nice world construction, as well. I am rather enjoying it.

Overall, I am liking where this is going. Keep it up!

I said this before, but I like where this is going. I like that Humble Pie isn't a direct copy of Bilbo and that he's got a better reason to be going on this adventure. He actually has some prejudice (minor but it's still there) of other races, particularly the pegasus. So, I look forward to seeing how he adjusts to being included in a pack of 'em.

Now we have the plot, so ADVENTURE TIME!

Better be careful stepping out that door. It's dangerous business.

I like Star Swirl's reasons for getting this quest together. All the characters reasons and motivations for going all make sense. This is looking like it will be a fun read all the way to the end. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Oh, I do so hope that Humble Pie and the dragon have a brag-off. Humble Pie, barrel rider!

Haha, this is awesome.

This is very interesting, i must say it has a VERY The hobbit feel to it.
btw here some song from the movie inspired by said book.

(This one very fitting if encountering Diamond dogs)
(And this fitting if facing Changeling.)

Now this is good stuff, really i must say its a good start to it.

i like how you introduce star swirls traveling companion (Btw another good song that would be good for chap three is this
The greatest adventure

After reading the first chapter, I feel this is missing a strong hook. But lets see how this continues.

OK, now there is definately a strong hook. But now I am missing the songs from the hobbit. Five pegasi singing about their misty mountain clouds. :raritywink:

It's a really a shame that there exist so few classical fimfics. But, after seeing this, I feel like just one does the trick. Because this is amazing! I expect nothing but the most epic of epic quests in the chapters to come. :pinkiehappy:

And the journey begins! :pinkiehappy:

Humble Pie has got to be one of the best OC ponies EVAR. :rainbowkiss:

And yet he's so modest.:twilightsmile:

I've shared my thoughts on things though I'll comment again in that I looking forward to seeing more!

For the Hoofshire!

OH NOES :pinkiegasp:

Incoming unknown pairs of eyes. GET UP YOU GUYS :raritydespair:

I like how well this story blends what we know of the political climate, and the story of adventure.

Oh dear either thieves, or cutthroats. Either way not good!

Sorry i mean beast for the second one.

This chapter eases us into the danger part of the journey very well. No serious harm is done, but it gives the ponies (and us) the wake-up call needed that danger is on the way.

I think we've all had that moment where emotions get the better of us and we can't hold it in. Humble Pie really comes off as, forgive the analogy, human. When written right, it doesn't matter if the story is about ponies or any other type of creature. Equines might be the shape that these characters take, but they still show all the quibbles that make us who we are. Well done.

Looking forward to how events go from here!

Love the explaination for the bells.

Oh, Swift Cloud and Humble Pie. She really tries, and is just a tad socially awkward. :twilightblush: But hey, at least she's genuinely caring for Humble Pie. (Who is still the best of all OC ponies. :rainbowkiss:)

pretty good interaction with oc and eases us into the danger part of the journey, good work

This story inspired me to re-read The Hobbit, There and Back Again, or the Red Book, depending on which version you pick.
I likes. I likes very much. :yay:

I'm curious to see what these new creatures look like. Given what I know of sirens from Greek mythology, I doubt they're calling the ponies in for a spot of tea.

I also like the growing relationship that Humble Pie is having with Swift Cloud. Though, Humble should realize that you should never start a sentence with, "Don't take this the wrong way." It's always taken the wrong way. Especially when speaking to a woman.:trixieshiftleft:

And it seems that Star Swirl and Humble can get on each others' nerves. I'm wondering if that will lead to anything.

Good goin'! Looking forward to more!

Hmn, and now I am wondering if Pinkie Pie is going to get a little pegasi in her ancestry. :pinkiegasp:

Awesome. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Am I the only one who went back to check if Humble Pie has a wife?

Bilbo meets smaug
love this chap nice to see star swirl and humble interaction very interesting, also now we see Siren in action, not good.

Featured! At least for now.

Ah, a fake out. Or perhaps a team-up of two sets of creatures? Double whammy!

I had to laugh when Swift Cloud hid herself in a cloud, as all I could think of was that picture of Rainbow Dash with most of her body in a cloud and going, "Beep. Beep. I'mma jeep!" At least I thought it was funny.

Oh, and Swift Cloud and Humble Pie seem to be getting closer with each encounter. Interesting...

Till next time!

Humble Pie and Swift Cloud, OTP.

640815 I had that exact same thought about the cloud.


Aw yeah Swift Cloud/ Humble Pie shipping

Another great chapter. This is a lot of fun, haha!

Star Swirl really knows how to throw down when needed. When in doubt, kill it with fire!

Heh, Hurricane's going to be eating her words next time at being saved by an earth and unicorn pony. That won't end well.

And Tempest starts entering the fray! That sword of hers was just itching to bust out and start powning everything in sight.

As always, looking forward to more!

Hurricane is so never going to live it down that she was save by both a unicorn and a earth pony.

but seriously Tempest and Star swirl are badass!

Couldn't resist, sorry. Read the ASOIAF too recently.

Anyways, I really enjoy reading this story and as I have finally found cause to post, I'm going to tell you that you're awesome and should feel awesome.

Excellent chapter. I'm really enjoying this series.

It's going to be tough to read/watch LOTR without imagining Gandalf having little bells on his hat though

Star Swirl the Bearded? More like Star Swirl the Badass! :rainbowdetermined2:

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