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Twilight Sparkle discovers that the alternate timelines created by Starlight Glimmer in her misguided attempt at revenge did not, in fact, disappear when the original timeline was restored. Instead, they persisted as separate, parallel universes.

Never one to leave a job unfinished, she decides to employ the magic of friendship to restore those universes to a more harmonious state.

She begins with Nightmare Moon.

This story is the first in a series. The other stories can be found below.

1. For Want of a Horseshoe <-- you are here
2. A Big Brother's Duty
3. Healing

Cover art provided by the excellent Sini.

Chapters (8)

After attempting to impress the judges during her entrance exam for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, something transpires that alters Twilight's life irrevocably, as well as the destiny of all Equestria. In a very literal manner, Twilight metamorphoses into the embodiment of magic, much akin to how Discord embodies chaos. How will this unprecedented transformation shape forthcoming events? And how will Twilight grapple with mastering the newfound god-like abilities that have been unexpectedly thrust upon her?

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to That Isn't Me

Sweetie Belle used to dread looking in her mirror, because she would see so many different monsters. Monsters wearing her face, monsters wearing her friend's faces, monsters that didn't look like anything she'd ever seen before.

Nowadays, she doesn't see all these monsters, and that is so much worse.

Because now, she only sees the one.

This was for silly joke contest among friends where we had to write terrible expansions to each other's fics. Please be aware that this is actively meant to be a stupid and terrible sequel for the purposes of amusement so please adjust your expectations accordingly.

Chapters (2)

When the leaves of the world burst into deep reds, oranges, and yellows, earth pony towns all over Equestria chase the cold winds away with Fall Weather Friends Day festivals. From budding relationships to old flames, relations of all kinds gather from across Equestria to enjoy the season, including a peculiar pair of bitter and sweet stallions.

The dichotomous couple intends to make the most of their visit to the friendship capital of the world, Ponyville, by seeing the sights, savoring the fun and festivities, and ignoring the terrified screams of the locals, all the while deepening their love for one another. As long as they have each other, nothing will be able to stand against their star-crossed love, both figuratively and literally.

Tied for second place in Bicyclette's M/M Shipping Contest III hosted by the M/M Shipping Contests! group
Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian
Preread by: Jymbroni, Alchemik, Falkenlied, and Arkadios
Cover Art: Pop-Rocking OCs by pop @rockin_candies on Twitter
Inspired by Crooked Beetles' Good OC x Bad OC Thread on Twitter

Featured from 11/16/23 to 11/20/23. Thanks so much!

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Night, a name given to himself by himself as he has forgotten the name he was born with. He has been on the moon since the great war for unification of all pony races. He fought under the crown for his cause with his fellow guardsmen. Yet, he ends up alone at the end of the war stranded on the moon by himself for millennia until he gets a visitor. One in a situation different yet similar to his own.
Remember there is always someone for you to talk to keep your head high!

-Former one shot I am turning into a more. The feedback on this motivated me to do more with it!
-11/10/2023, Featured already the heck? Huge thanks to those that enjoy this.
-Sex tag because it will be implied/referenced but not written/shown.

Chapters (6)

After a millennium of imprisonment, Princess Luna has returned, yet not in her entirety. A significant shard of her essence remains lost, shrouded in darkness. The darkness that gains the power to corrupt, to twist the very fabric of reality.

Princess Luna finds herself in an unfamiliar world, her own mind struggling to adapt to the changes around her. Who can she trust and what unseen powers have waited for her to return?

Let the unfolding tale reveal the answers she seeks!


Hi thanks for checking out my story! This story will focus on different characters along the way, but the main focus will be Luna and her struggles. 🌛

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Eyes So Dark

In an attempt to relieve her boredom as a prisoner, Rarity convinces Empress Andromeda to let her tag along on a trip to an abandoned town–a town Rarity will discover is a graveyard in more ways than one.

Takes place in an AU by Maximasmac. Artwork is also by Maxima.

Chapters (1)

Nightlight And Twilight Velvet have always tried to do right by others. So, when they found an orphaned colt had been left at their door, they knew right away to take him in and out of the cold. How could they ever know what dangers that shadowy night would hold? After being adopted by them, Night Shadow is given all the love and care a colt of his age would need, even managing to get into Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, the same school that his elder sister Twilight Sparkle attended. Then one day, he's given the chance to live with his sister again in her new home in Ponyville, witnessing firsthand all the different adventures she and her friends go on. What is in store for this stallion, and how will he react to all the dangers that now await him?

This is a rewrite of The Mage's Brother, using my new writing style and story ideas for this new story.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Djinn Of The Everfree

Whatever you wish of me I’ll grant,
but not without its cost.
In order for something to be gained,
something must be lost.

The life of Damian Price has been complete and utter hell ever since he appeared in Equestria a month after the banishment of Nightmare Moon. Not only was he forced to take on the mantle of a Djinn, a nigh omnipotent being from Saddle Arabian myth who is bound to grant wishes, but he can't even grant the wishes as intended. Instead, he is forced by the curse he is under to twist the wishes so something is taken from the one making the wish.

For one thousand years, he has been trapped in the Castle of the Two Sisters, his curse forcing him to stay sane enough to cast spells. He lives in a bubble of frozen time, unable to see the changing of the seasons, unable to hear the wind blowing against his skin, and unable to interact with anyone unless they want to make a wish.

Then he met Celestia.

The conversation was brief, but it was one of the closest things he'd had to a proper conversation with another sapient being. He'd enjoyed it, but warned her to leave without making a wish or risk the destruction of the world from the consequences of the wish she'd had that subconsciously drew her into his prison.

A year has passed since that day, and Nightmare Moon's return is imminent. Celestia's plans for her faithful student have been altered ever since the day she learned that the Elements might be the key to breaking him out of his prison. As the time for the one thousandth Summer Sun Celebration approaches, Celestia plans for the hopeful, if temporary, release of the tortured soul she met one year ago...

...And inside his perpetual prison of night, Damian Price is none the wiser as forces from without of Equestria move to find him for their own personal agendas...

The idea for this came initially from yakopak, but I have since expanded upon the world. Rated T for the time being, but it might change to M in the future with the development of the story.

Also, if you're reading this and confused by the new names of places, I edited my first story to reflect these changes. I was using a fanmade map as a reference, but even though they said it was okay to use it as long as credit was given, I decided to make my own world instead.

This story won't be updated as much as my main story, A Cloaked Heart.

Chapters (3)

Golden Glass believed in perfection: perfect coiffure, perfect dressing, perfect day, perfect everything. And of all the things that he held to such an impossibly high standard, none surpassed his cup of tea – Black Canterlot Standard, four bags strong, a drop of milk, and some biscuits, to be precise.

All that changes when he meets Starry Night, a thestral mare whose wild mannerisms and unorthodox attitudes undoubtedly clash with his own ideals. As the two discuss and argue about the art of tea-drinking, Golden begins to learn that, sometimes, it's not about the perfection and standard that counts, but the heart that goes into it.

- - -

Cover art is by Chirpy-Chi on Deviantart.

Chapters (1)