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That took a turn I was not expecting.

Dark but very Twilight to keep a bird in a cage... even if the bird was a human.

I was suspicious with the title, and more so when he bought the crowbar. That is quite the gilded cage he's got there, and I assume that he's long since learned the hard way that reason won't change Twilight's mind and he has no leverage over her beyond his ability to keep her sane(-ish) and content.

One very disturbing implication though- what was that worst case with Twilight that he feared? Kinda getting Misery vibes there, that she is willing to do drastic things to keep him safe from the world (and himself), up to and including clipping her canary's wings to ensure he can't fly away and leave her all alone. Or violently breaking them if that is what it takes to get the message across that he should stop trying to escape. From the little that's implied here, Twilight may be pretty far gone.

Does everyone know Canary's escape attempt preference to "The Shawshank Redemption (1994)", think about it.

I haven't watched it in the full movie, just the "Family Guy" version in YouTube.

Will the bird 🕊️🐦 be free?

If he got the whole castle, he should study magic in the archives.
Blood sacrifice from an immortal should be good right ? Unlimited supply of powerful blood heh.

Or pray to Discord to get him the feck out of this castle.

Thank you for writing !

Might be a few years, or possibly decades, before Twilight mellows out enough to let him out of his room/cage again without constant supervision. And I suspect purging the castle library of anything dangerous, or at least putting such books beyond his reach, was already part of Twilight's earlier efforts to "protect" Canary. Maybe he can find a back-alley merchant able and willing to sell him such forbidden texts, risking bringing Twilight's wrath on themselves in the process, but that'll be a tall order. But if there's one thing Canary has it is time certainly.

I wonder if the reason the ponies of Canterlot are so wary of interacting with Canary is not just because he's the weird alien (after all he has now been a public feature in Equestria for generations), but instead because they all remember what Twilight did to punish, and perhaps make a public example of, the last poor sop who made the mistake of helping him with a previous escape attempt. Or even what Twilight in her growing insanity regarding Canary did to some pony who she felt had hurt, endangered, or even just was mean to him. They all know the consequences of messing with the princess's favorite pet, it's not worth risking their skin interacting with him more than strictly necessary.

As for Discord, I would hope he would be sympathetic to Canary, but it sounds like he also checked out after the original bearers' deaths and hasn't been around for a long time, just like Celestia and Luna I think. Otherwise Twilight might not be so desperate to keep her one constant companion in her life if there were other immortals around.

After reading this and reading other peoples interpretations on how Twilight will deal with Canary I believe that she will double down on the protection and start to cage her more inch by inch. Because Canary is the not only her love interest but the last vestiges of her old life that she can share with and reminisce with. If that were to be taken away, Twilight will have nothing but fading memories.

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Oh wow

This is way past fucked up. Who are you and what did you do with Runic Treetops?

I noticed that the gender of our protagonist is never stated. Which confused the heck out of me when I read Canary as a female and then see comments referring to Canary as he, lol.

Either way, very nice!

Damn, tone shift went hard.:rainbowderp:

Right? I mean where's the romance? There's supposed to be an Equus-Shattering romance!


...the smooch doesn't count...

Hmm, I guess Twilight does this out of love, kinda, so I think we'll let it slide. This time.

This needs a dark tag.

Oh,Boí! This make my blood could :applecry:

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